A Quick Pre-release Peek at Seasons CAS


Before I begin this fast peek into the CS portion of Seasons, I would like to take this moment to thank EA Games for allowing this old scribbler to be a part of such an amazing group of creatives ( #EAgamechangers ) and for an early access peek at Seasons.  I will just say that FOR ME it totally lived up to the hype! It is FAB FAB FAB!

Being a major CAS fan, I spent long happy hours dressing and redressing my sims with the new Seasons CAS items.

I will spare you my many screenies of my many CAS experiments and I will attempt to give you a good look at what highlights I see.


I Literally gasped for joy when I saw this AMAZING beard!


I am also GAGA over the rain slickers and rubber boots!

06-20-18_10-14-18 PMslicker

Here my handsome hipster styling the rain slicker ❤  Be still my heart!




The first CAS that I fell in love with was the toddler girl hair!   How adorable is this?


Female teen to elder:

hair female


collage child

Male teen to elder:

guys hairI honestly did not find anything I did not like in the Season’s hair offerings.  The long curly half up and down for guys was perhaps a tiny bit iffy but I can see it in use so it gets a pass.

Major kudos for the wonderful job on the ethnic hair … toddlers thru adults! Wonderful job.

CAS Clothing & accessories  (not a complete look at every item available):

Adult male teen to elder


Adult female teen to elder:






❤ Just some fun.

tod fav

Even my old Lisabee got a style makeover:

These hats slay!  So cute!


Tomorrow she will give you a little tour of the seasons 🙂

HUGS .. and be sure to take a nap this afternoon so you will be ready for the all-night marathon ❤

EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents


16 thoughts on “A Quick Pre-release Peek at Seasons CAS

  1. All those cute rain-outfits for children makes me wish I was 8 years old and about to storm out and jump in puddles, sing in the rain and roar with the thunder… ❤

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  2. I loved the hair….They have made much improvements in the hair in recent updates. And I’m always up for new clothing options! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow you made some really great looking Sims! When I saw the hair and stuff before on a different website it didn’t look great, but your Sims make me excited! And more beardssssss are always welcome. My preciousssss!

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      1. I found my trouble with sims 4 cas, I got the mod for extended the column and it’s wrong to have it. Now it works awesomely great !
        I don’t like much sims 4 because the poor gameplay compared to other sims game and the sims who are not very deep as the sims 3 . I have to life their life I am too used to play how I want you know lol. But thankfully sims 4 has facts for my story that never ever change… Mi and Si still adore each others, uncle Mars is always jocking even in sims 3. Sirius is still the same attention seeker lol (for the best)
        My alien Talina I love her doesn’t need to hide herself in compagny of Jason and my simself.
        That’s why I don’t care of seasons. 95% of the things I do it in sims 3. At the end I don’t want to spend days before going the crack lol.

        I just want to add more traits because I downloaded the fairy trait and I have the mod to become a witch.

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  4. They did seem to have done well with it. I just love the Toddler bowl cut hair. I would be perfect for anyone that know Amish or creating Amish Families as their children hair for boys are bowl cut and nice to see that for Toddlers.

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