An Era of Charming Tales: The Plot

Evella woke up early today.

The birds sang sweeter and the sun shone brighter.

There was a bounce in her step as she surveyed her surroundings.

All this would soon be hers!

05-02-18_12-40-36 AM

Her ecstasy over the death of Prince and Snow could not be measured.

Good riddance, she thought to herself.  With their sappy dappy love story!


It was enough to make one ill!

05-02-18_12-52-12 AM

All of Windenburg was boohooing.

Heads hung low, tear-stained faces looking down as they walked around sooo sad.

BUT  NOT for her.

Her face was dry and things were definitely looking up.

05-02-18_12-55-59 AM

I must move quickly while they are distracted and while the throne is empty.

The plan will be set in place this very evening.

Soon, very soon, I will be their wonderful new Queen, she mused!

They will all love me.

05-02-18_12-58-00 AM

Evella called her minions into action.

First, her boy, the reluctant Korbin, then the slimy Weasel and finally now Mergwhen was called back in from his pursuit of Bruno (temporarily).

“Hullo dahhling Mergwhen,” Evella purred,  “We meet at the Forgotten Grave Yard near my home tonight at Midnight.”

Mergwhen growled at the cheery caller, “Who is this?”

“It is I, you silly, your Queen!”  She declared jovially, “Now be a good little troll and get to the meeting tonight.  We have work to do.”

06-02-18_1-02-36 AM

By the time she arrived, the hotheads had already had a couple of altercations!

07-01-18_2-09-48 AM07-01-18_2-13-36 AM07-01-18_2-11-22 AM

Another brawl was brewing as she approached.

07-01-18_1-50-48 AM

Her shrill voice cut thru the night like a knife, “ENOUGH!”

The boys stopped short and stared at her incredulously.

With a small bobble of his head, Korbin challenged, “What, Mother?”

“We are here to make a plan,” she bellowed, “that will ensure that I get my rightful place on the throne of Windenburg.  We do not have time for such foolishness as this!”

07-01-18_1-58-51 AM

“Ma, what is the rush?  Why are you so obsessed with this vengeance of yours? We have lots of time to …”

Fire flashed in her eyes as she turned to him, “WWWWHAT?”

Then the realization hit her!  “OHHHH, really!  So you have feelings for her do you?”  Her contempt dripped like poison from her words.

“Mother,” Korbin chastised, “stop being ridiculous!  She is only a girl.  A  glorified secretary for crying out loud.  What interest would I have in such a creature?  You are being paranoid!”

She heard the words coming out of his mouth but she knew they did not ring true to her ear.

She had worked long and hard for this moment and now this little accident of hers was going to give her trouble!

It is no small wonder that she had always hated children!

07-01-18_1-58-52 AM

“Boy, you need to get your head in the game!”

Evella continued to assail her son, “Things are going be changing around these parts and you need to choose which side you will land on.

The winners or the LOOOOSERS!

I might remind you that it is not healthy to be on the losing side!”

Her only slightly veiled threat was NOT lost upon Korbin.

07-01-18_1-58-54 AM

Rising up with a fearsome look in his eyes, the gravelly voiced Mergwhen declared, “Never fear my queen, I can take care of this boy!

Give me a few moments with him and his mind will change even if he does not want it to.”

07-01-18_2-04-09 AM07-01-18_2-08-13 AM07-01-18_2-08-51 AM

After everyone reintroduced themselves to Korbin, the bickering resumed.

The plot was hashed out .. rehashed .. chewed up .. chewed on .. recited .. rephrased .. reworked .. repeated .. played back .. played over .. nothing was happening!

07-01-18_2-14-58 AM

Evella was hitting her boiling point (not to mention hitting the Weasel a few times too).

07-01-18_2-14-60 AM

“This is ENOUGH!  Just get it DONE” Evella snarled as she stormed off for home!

07-01-18_2-14-61 AM


Love being stronger than any old alien,  Korbin found himself inexplicably drawn to Melissa.

Like a moth to the flame, he was helpless.

He told himself that it was to gather intel for his Mother, but in his heart knew that was a lie.

He asked her to meet him clandestinely at the fountain on the Windenburg waterfront.

07-01-18_2-34-01 AM

Anything cold that remained in his heart melted at the sight of her darling face.

What did not melt was the fear that washed over his being when he considered the cost of betraying his evil mother.

Conflicted could not begin to describe the state Korbin found himself in as he stood gazing into those eyes.

07-01-18_2-34-13 AM

“Can we sit a while?  We need to talk my beautiful Marissa.”

His eyes looked sad and pleading.

Marissa’s heart quaked with fear.

She had missed him so much and was very excited to see him but THIS did not sound promising!

Bravely she affirmed, “Yes, let us sit and chat.”

07-01-18_2-36-28 AM

And talk they did .. of the moon in the sky .. the stars in her eyes .. of the birds that sing .. of soft kisses sweet .. of pretty yellow sunflowers by a charming pink honeymoon cottage!

In fact, they talked all night.

He never even one time got around to his Mother’s proposed inquisition.

He did not care.

He would risk her wrath!

Certainly, even SHE was not evil enough to harm her own son.

07-01-18_2-41-31 AM

As they stood to part, Marissa offered, “Would you be my escort to the coronation today?”

“Coronation? Today?”  He questioned, “I .. I thought there was a time of mourning and remembrance to be observed before that would happen.”

Marissa explained, ” Yes, that is the tradition that is normally followed when seated Royalty die.

However, Yesterday town Elders approached Rose White and Mike about doing a quiet private ceremony immediately.”

Marissa’s eyes wide with wonder and fear told the hapless Korbin, “The rumors are flying that something nasty is happening right here in our midst and the elders did not want to leave the throne empty that long.”

She leaned in to whisper, “They are fearful of a coup d’état.

Can you imagine?

Mike and Rose White wanted word sent to Bruno and Rose Red before it happened,” she went on, “but it was quickly decided that getting word to them would be too dangerous.”

Korbin stood frozen in place.

The thought that if she knew who he was she would hate him gripped his heart with anguish!

“Well, dear boy,” Marissa’s words jerked him out of his contemplations,

“are you going just stand there or are you going to accept my invitation?”

07-01-18_2-50-24 AM

This must be yes she thought.

07-01-18_2-51-53 AM


The birds sang sweeter and the sun shone brighter that morning.

There was a bounce in his step as he surveyed his surroundings.

He was in love!

He was hers (hook, line, and sinker) and she would soon be his!

Everything was looking up for him …

07-01-18_2-51-58 AM


“Hello, Mother?”

07-01-18_2-51-59 AM

Evella listened, horrified, as all of her beautiful plans melted and dripped thru her fingers.

07-02-18_1-09-20 AM07-02-18_1-11-38 AM

Shaking her fist at the fates she declared, “THIS IS NOT OVER!”

07-02-18_1-12-14 AM07-02-18_1-12-38 AM07-02-18_1-15-41 AM

Seems like the fates are raining on her parade!

07-02-18_1-15-42 AM


Mike and Rose White arrived at the palace without fanfare.   Lily and Alexander had ensured that all was made ready for the private event.

Surrounded by family and a few special friends, Rose White and Mike donned their crowns and assumed the governing of the kingdom.

The notable void left by the missing Rose Red and Bruno coupled with the still fresh grief coming from the loss of Prince and Snow caused a somber mood to hang over the ceremony.

(The raging thunderstorm outside did not help … most seemed to find it quite distracting.)

07-02-18_11-30-16 PM07-02-18_11-31-13 PM

(Tagging dear friends Brenda, Barb, Diana, Charlii mai, CathyTea, Elke

the second pic Jennifer, Maria & Salome)

07-02-18_11-32-30 PM07-02-18_11-32-31 PM

Little did any of them know, but there were even some unseen guests.   Prince and Snow made an “appearance” … they were so proud.

07-02-18_11-34-06 PM

LONG LIVE the Queen and King ❤

07-02-18_11-35-35 PM07-02-18_11-36-23 PM07-02-18_11-46-42 PM


Much later that night, after most in the palace had gone to sleep, a dark figure slinks up to the rear palace garden entrance …

07-03-18_8-45-46 PM

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If you have never been to my “regular” story before and maybe wonder what it is all about, I invite you to stop by this next link .. it is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap.   If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  

**~~~~ EXTRAS ~~~~~~**

Some EXTRA fun for you (outtakes) I accidentally killed Evella AGAIN!

This is like the 7th time .. she gets so ANGRY and then KABOOM!

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (1)079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (2)079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (3)

The boys were so busy arguing that they did not even notice her lying there dead til Grimmy showed up.

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (4)

The weasel tried to fight death for her but LOST (I quit without saving).

079-01-18_2-01-17 AM (5)

I let her come in out of the rain but left to her own devices she gets into so much trouble.

Blooper 1

Both CathyTea and Maria kept their noses out of it.

Do you think they were secretly hoping they would get to see Clara kick her behind??

Blooper 2

**~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~**

Even tho we did not get to see much of it this is a FAB build

grave yard

35 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Plot

  1. Long live the King and Queen! My favorite part was cut out, lol. I hope Korbin commits to love and goodness, that will anger Evella to the point of another death, #8, lol. Only one left after that.

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  2. for every fairy tale, there must be an evil queen waiting in the wings…LOL I loved that prince and snow were there in spirit.
    Thank you for showing us the bloopers. that was very funny.

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  3. Dun dun dunnnnnn….. Haha! I loved this. It was so funny to see them fighting and was the weasel threatening Korbin by shining a flashlight in his eyes? That’s what it looked like. Soooo funny.

    But a very sad day in the kingdom as Rose and Mike were crowned. Well it was bound to happen. I am glad the unseen guests were there to witness it. Sniff

    I hope Korbin loves her so much he can’t betray her and figures out a way to thwart his evil mother.


  4. Loved it ‘ I got a bit panicked for a while thinking she was going to get the throne ‘ phew such a relief 😌 ‘ I feel a little sorry for her son ‘ goodness if she finds out the truth ‘ loved all photos as always 💗


  5. I do love some plotting. So many questions left! Who is Korbin’s father? What do these people get from helping Evella? Will Korbin switch sides? Will I ever marry the Weasel and make HIM switch sides (Since I can’t get Frost or that cute royal boy xD) ? Will Evella really not hurt her son ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OHH you have given me wonderful food for thought.

      Korbin is there at his Momma’s bidding … and no matter how bad they are a boy still loves his mom. She has known Mergwhen a very long time and in my mind she has “the goods” on him. Now the Weasel is the most evil of all of them and he is self serving with an agenda for power .. even if it means having a puppet on the throne. Merghwhen and Evella tend to be a bit bumbling and have more failures than successes. The weasel (he is in disguise for a very good reason .. only Evella knows his identity) is truly evil and he only tolerates the other 3. He may have more success than the others.

      As for Evella not hurting her son .. I really do not know how deep her hate run and if there is any love there at all .. I will have to explore that in thought. Is there some hint of good that causes all her plans to fail .. or is she just dumb LOL

      The thought of WHO IS Korbin’s father is wonderful! I will muse upon that .. I am certain there is a dark twist there somewhere. From the back story we KNOW why she hates Bruno BUT maybe this will finally answer why she hates snow white.

      We will see if the heart of a boy for his mom (plus fearing her wrath) or the soft brown eyes of darling Marissa will win .. I have my ideas but they are not set in stone.

      As for the Weasel .. he will need a queen .. and I doubt Evella will fit the bill! BTW the cute Royal boy hovers around your simmy like a moth to a flame (NOT my doing .. all autonomous).

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  6. Lovely pictures! I see you took full advantage of seasons. 😉 I also see that love will win the day! At least I hope it does. I knew Korbin was a big softy!

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  7. Awesome chapter, so glad Evella’s plans were spoiled once more!! I do hope that Korbin can withstand his mother’s evil ways, he and Marissa seem too cute together!!

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  8. Evella should take some relaxing plants because Anger always killed her. xD I am very very surprised there is no lightning strike that hit her such she is a rain and sadness carrier.
    If I were her, I would be angry to death to know my own son is betraying me .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Evella still did not understand it’s not good for her blood tension and for her heart to be nerveous too much. She died 7 times because of it and she is still in nerves ahahah.
        lol thank you for telling us some behind the scene story.

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      2. She is back soon for her adventures in the main story too ahaha I needed time because I have placed her family in town and I don’t finish all the stuffs yet. So now that’s sims 4 miss V version who is a little bit highlighted for now. No worried I’ll reblog on my bsides .

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  9. I’m so glad that they didn’t leave room for Evella to swoop in and take the throne! But I have a bad feeling about what she might to do Korbin. She’s already demonstrated she’ll manipulate his mind to get him to do as he’s told I have no doubt she’ll do worse if she thinks he’ll betray her. I hope he’s strong enough to stand up to his mother if he’s truly in love.

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