The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Overgrown Library Side Challenge

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It has been a long time since we heard from Murky Lisabee.  When we last heard from her she was newly engaged to Ridge and she had just finished …

The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge by Brennachan

earning the coveted badge …


Without further ado, I will turn this over to her.


Hey my Murky Pals,

So glad to reconnect.  I am still alive and kicking here in Murkland. 🙂

I was so excited to complete my survival challenges but TBH not having something to work towards left a bit of a void.

Normally I would have Ridge around to help “pass the time” .. *wink

Sadly, that is not happening 😦

Some of you might remember that we lost Ridge’s parents near the end of the first challenge and it has been so hard on him!

He is having quite an adjustment.

I do love him and I am being patient!

05-09-17_1-47-51 AM

He and his sisters have been working non stop on some sort of plan to bring them back.

I don’t ask ANY questions!

01-14-17_2-25-23 AM

I spend a good amount of time visiting with them out in the wilderness where we placed them for their rest.

01-26-17_3-29-05 AM

It was on one of these treks that I bumped into my pal Brennachan.

Brennachan gently admonished me, “You know everyone has been worried about you spending so much time out here alone.”

“I know Brennachan.”  I tried to explain, “I just hate the thought of leaving them here by themselves and I do miss them.”

Brennachan was firm, “They will be fine.  You have to let go a bit.  Maybe find something to do to occupy yourself.  I have heard there is a “Better Murkland Program” being run by the Overgrown Library.  They are seeking authors to come in and fill the shelves with quality books.   Have you ever considered something like that?”

I had to confess that no I had not but to be honest the idea stuck with me.  Maybe I should try!

01-26-17_3-30-31 AM

I am not going to lie to you, standing outside of the library was a bit daunting!    Self-doubt crept into my heart but I could not let that beat me.  I had to enter and give it a try.

If I fail then I fail .. at least I tried!

01-31-18_1-00-03 AM

The work was not easy.

I started with a children’s book because I felt that I could relate to their innocent way of seeing the world.

06-05-17_1-23-39 AM

It was not long before the bug BIT big time.

There was something so very satisfying about bringing words to life on that old computer!

06-09-17_2-40-38 AM

As satisfying as it was, the work did take a toll on my body and mind!

07-03-17_12-32-52 PM

I spent many long hours in the pushing to get “just one more” chapter out.

It was exhausting and many times I suffered the consequence of my ambition.

08-11-17_1-37-12 PM08-15-17_3-19-25 AM08-15-17_3-36-04 AM08-15-17_11-56-23 AM

OHH so close Lisabee .. sooo close!

08-16-17_12-47-23 PM

MMM Coffee!  My wonderful warm dark addiction!

It kept me GROUNDed and allowed me to freely ESPRESSO myself …

YEAH OK, that was lame .. so sorry .. I lost my head there for a moment!  It could have been worse ya know .. I did consider adding in something about DeJaBrew!

Anyway, out of necessity, I became a pretty good Barista.  It is a very handy skill to have.  If you turn out a good cup o joe you will have lots of murky pals LOL

08-16-17_12-47-25 PM08-16-17_12-47-26 PM08-16-17_12-47-27 PM

I drank so much espresso during this time that I swear if you cut me I would have bled brown!

08-16-17_12-47-28 PM

There were hiatus’ … both forced by stipulations in the program or, for my own sanity, ones I opted to take.

Touching base at home was crucial! I needed to get my “whole” person back together with a bit of proper nutrition, personal hygiene and REST.

07-03-17_12-55-46 PM07-03-17_12-55-47 PM

But mostly, I just needed a bit of fun to get the old SPARK back …

07-03-17_12-55-48 PM07-03-17_12-55-50 PM

Eeee sometimes there was TOOOOOO much spark … good to know some things never change huh?

07-03-17_12-55-51 PM

Even on my tiny sabbaticals I never stopped musing.

The blank page was always in front of me waiting to be filled.

My stories consumed my mind and even my dreams!

At first, I thought I would just remember them BUT nope!  I finally wised up and began to write them down.

My tiny notebook was ever with me, holding my random ruminations for later use.

The more I used it the better my stories became!

07-31-17_11-55-42 AM07-31-17_11-56-57 AM07-03-17_12-55-45 PM

The work at the library was not as solitary as you might think.

I did make some good friends there.

09-03-17_2-54-15 AM09-03-17_2-55-36 AM09-03-17_8-31-48 PM

Not all were as open to my attempts to befriend.

09-03-17_2-54-01 AM09-03-17_2-54-02 AM

OKAY then!

09-03-17_2-54-03 AM

Maybe bribery?

09-03-17_2-54-05 AM09-03-17_2-54-06 AM

I even got to befriend the elusive Pookiechan!

09-04-17_3-41-00 AM

We got on famously!

09-04-17_3-44-59 AM

Until the librarian shut us down for being too noisy.

09-04-17_3-45-10 AM


09-04-17_3-45-11 AM

This one is a hard egg to crack .. he just does not like me!

09-04-17_3-45-12 AM

Sometimes Ridge would sneak away and we would meet clandestinely in a secret room deep under the Overgrown Library.

14-13-17_10-50-15 PM14-13-17_10-50-30 PM

I miss him so much.

14-13-17_10-51-55 PM

He would update me on the progress in bringing his parents back.

Apparently, it is going very well.

14-13-17_10-56-42 PM

He always brings me lovely gifts from the home garden … such a thoughtful guy!

14-13-17_10-58-39 PM

Busted by sis!  Ahh well, it is time for both of us to get back to work.

14-13-17_11-02-31 PM

My dear Murky friends were the BEST!

Whether we were …

Hot tubbing …

10-17-17_11-23-56 PM10-17-17_11-29-58 PM10-18-17_12-46-24 AM

Clubbing …

10-31-17_2-56-14 AM10-31-17_3-02-56 AM10-31-17_3-04-27 AM

Or grubbing … these ladies kept my spirits high and my days filled with fun and laughter!

10-32-17_2-27-37 AM10-32-17_2-28-43 AM

Always a ray of sunshine, Brennachan would often stop to check on me and encourage me to keep moving forward.

09-09-17_3-18-08 AM

OH, what about Don you ask?



(again some things never change)

24-15-17_2-49-20 AM24-15-17_2-49-22 AM

Even when you ASK him NOT to be there!

24-15-17_2-49-24 AM

The days moved happily on.  My time at the library was delightful.

My writing improved dramatically and I was putting out best sellers right and left!

09-05-17_1-17-17 AM09-06-17_12-28-33 PM09-15-17_12-01-24 PM

Soon all my hard work paid off.

I had hit the 10 best sellers requirement established by the “Better Murkland Over Grown Library Project.”

I was elated when the library dedicated a special basement room to old my work.


I would wear my new badge proudly!


I was excited to find out that even Mrs Mayor is a fan of my books! (AND we all know she is a SNOB).

09-18-17_2-21-21 AM

Now that I am done with this leg of the journey thru Murkland I will take some time to recover physically.

My diet at the library consisted mostly of coffee, Tofu Dogs and Trash fruit.

Not the best for one’s digestion …

19-15-17_11-58-44 AM

Nor the old waistline!

19-18-17_10-29-39 PM

I have heard tell of a secret gym project … sounds like exactly what I might need!

I will ask Brennachan the next time I see her 🙂

19-18-17_10-30-08 PM

❤ ❤ Til later!




My short 11 update story on Challenge #1 can be found here:

Murkland (current) Table of Contents

************************ credits *******************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and Murky townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread. 

If you are interested in learning more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us! 

Murky friends featured are:




27 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Overgrown Library Side Challenge

      1. lol you’re so funny because I never completed that one myself. Just last night I was thinking of going back to Murkland and continuing Kate’s saga. lol But I have enough stories for right now.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh that was so delightful!❤ Super to see everyone back and needless to say I got to have those bestsellers! Congrats on finishing this challenge! Glad we were there to cheer you up at times needed 😎

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I adored your Murky update! The library challenge was difficult, but, for me, the gym challenge was worse trying to earn the fifteen thousand, lol. I did it but can’t go further, so sad.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Brennachan was right to push you to occupy yourself at writting books instead of crying your in-laws Lisa Simself.
    But do not neglect your health.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 😥 Every sims are mad face to death even unknown sims are crying over your body when an other sim just died. A thing rare mankind does. I understand you. I hate to see my sims die too.


  4. ❤ Loved this! Congrats on getting the Library challenge done!

    I need to acquire the Vampire pack, and then I'm totally starting this challenge. I think I'm far enough along with The Underwood Decision, that I can handle playing and writing two stories at the same time. Well, not at the *same* time, but you know what I mean. 😀


  5. Oooooh, lisabee returned to Murkland for the Overgrown Library Challenge!
    I wonder if the Seasons’ updates/nerfs to gardening will make the additional Murkland challenges harder?
    The Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration bit me in the butt recently–I arrived in Granite Falls in autumn, only to realize that I can’t harvest all 10 herb types until summer. *cries
    Anyway, great to see your simself back in Murkland. Wild to see how her weight fluctuated.
    Congrats on another job well done! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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