An Era of Charming Tales: The Search Begins

When we last left our brave adventurers (Nick and Ms. V) they had just arrived in Selvadorado and were planning their investigative strategy while enjoying the sights and sounds of jungle life from the veranda of their lodging.

They have come to search for the source of a deadly toxin that is believed to come from the rare yellow morph tree frog found deep in the jungles of Selvadorada.

It is thought to have caused cause the death of Windenburg’s Reverend Knupp but it is also believed that the poison was originally intended for Queen Rose White and King Mike.   They both feel a strong sense of urgency to solve this case.

06-05-18_3-14-27 AM

The first order of business was to meet up with local law enforcement.  The duo connected with Cheif Tomas Molina.  He expressed genuine concern but was quite perplexed by the situation and had no insight to offer.

“If you need anything from us,” He offered, ” please do not hesitate to ask.  What resources we have are at your disposal.”

07-26-18_9-23-01 PM

With no new info coming from local law enforcement, it was decided they would hit the cantina and snoop around a bit.

“Nothing like a cup or two of nectar to loosen up the old tongues,” Nick observed.

01-25-18_11-29-07 PM

“Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention, please … over here, please …”

OH, Ms V. you do not launch an investigation by announcing it loudly in a bar!

01-25-18_11-30-12 PM

I think Nick’s spidey senses were tingling!  Sos suspicious!

01-25-18_11-32-20 PM

OR maybe … it was Nick that was tingling!

“Nick it is time to head back to the house.”  Ms. V admonished, “We have learned nothing new.  UGH! One more sip of that jungle juice and I will have to carry you back!”

“Shorry,” Nick managed.

01-25-18_11-34-39 PM

The next morning the twosome hit the small village seeking information.

Chatting with some of the townfolks brought no new insight.

02-25-18_12-20-40 AM02-25-18_12-25-08 AM

(I did not know he could do that)

03-25-18_12-34-57 AM

Even the merchants could offer no clarity.

They did, however, offer their wares.

Ms V was delighted to take the offered wares off their hands.

03-25-18_12-38-57 AM03-25-18_12-39-58 AM

While Ms. V did some supply shopping Nick grabbed a bite to eat.  He had been dying to try some Selvadoradan cuisine.

After last night’s Jungle Juice experience maybe dying was an appropriate word.  The spicy little nuggets hit his stomach like a ton of tiny bricks!

03-25-18_12-41-10 AM

While Nick was resting, Ms. V continued her quest for information.

She was quite surprised to meet up with Father Winter and (what we suppose is) the latest Mrs. Winter.  (That Nina gets around doesn’t she).

Father Winter mused, “Yasss, You know, I do believe we had someone one on the naughty list that might know a thing or two about such an appalling brew.”

03-25-18_12-46-19 AM

“He is a bit nefarious.  A shaman who has much knowledge in the dark art of alchemy.  He lives very deep in the darkest part of the jungle.  It is an arduous journey to reach him for sure.”

“Can you show me the way?”  Ms. V was hopeful.

Santa’s eyes went wide, “OH NO NO my dear!  Out of the question.  The reindeer will not go near his home and I trust their judgment.”

03-25-18_12-46-20 AM

Father Winter turned to me with a wink, “Now you stay on the nice list Ms V!  I will see you in December!”

(This Game!  Meeting up with Father Winter and Nina Caliente dressed garishly as tourists and having Nina randomly snap your pic .. somethings you just cannot make up LOL)

03-25-18_12-46-44 AM


Looks like Nick is feeling better!

Ms. V excitedly relates the information she got from Father Winter to him.

Nick is feeling energized by the news.  He feels that in addition to the supplies they already have, that it would be wise to hire a guide.

They would inquire at the cantina.

04-24-18_1-55-02 AM


“Hello,” Nick called out to the thin woman watering her garden.  “are you Nita Carlton?”

The woman looked at him and gave an apprehensive nod.

“We were sent here by Gustov, the bartender at the Cantina.  He said you might be able to help us.”

04-25-18_1-01-31 AM

Showing her the report on his phone, “We are looking for clues as to the origin of this toxin.  We have been told that there is an old man who lives deep in the jungle who might be able to give us some info but we need a guide to bring us to him.”

04-25-18_1-16-59 AM

Nita responded with a laugh, “OH dear yes, I have heard tell of him.  He is only a fable.  A boogeyman made up to scare children and tourists.”

Nita eyed him with a quizzical glance, “And you learned this from Father Winter who was vacationing here?”  (I don’t think Nita is a believer)

Nick, feeling a bit silly but encouraged by the vigorously nodding Ms. V, responded with a weak nod, “Yes.”

Nina contemplated the situation for a moment.  It certainly would not hurt to spend some time with this handsome stranger AND get paid for it.

“Well, sir if you want to hire me to go looking for him, I am your girl.

I will get some supplies together and meet you two down on the boat dock tomorrow am.  We will shove off bright and early.”

04-25-18_1-18-12 AM


“Good Morning, ” their cheerful guide sang out.

07-24-18_2-00-18 AM

“You are looking quite fetching this morning,” Nita purred at Nick.

Nick was extremely uncomfortable with her attention and began to hem and haw.

Ms. V, who disapproves of such shenanigans,  nipped that in the bud with a stinky stare and a curt, “Shall we go now!”

07-24-18_2-01-34 AM

Even tho, honestly, she was quite unsure that she wanted to get in the rickety old boat!  It did not look water worthy!

07-26-18_9-26-38 PM


The spot Nita chose to set up base camp was stunning!

07-25-18_4-41-46 PM

With camp set up, it was time for Nita to get some grub going.  Cooking was not her forte but she had offered it up with the “package” deal.  She could use the extra simoleans and these two did not seem to be the culinary type.  Would not do to starve the paying guests.

07-25-18_3-59-35 PM

She was getting the job done but it sure was hard to concentrate with such a pretty man around!

07-25-18_4-20-28 PM

The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach perhaps?

07-25-18_4-21-34 PM

MMM musical fruit!

07-25-18_4-37-36 PM

Both Ms V and Nick did not note (he he he) the concert.

They are lost in deep thought, considering and reconsidering the facts so far.   Both wonder what they will find as they venture into the jungle tomorrow.

07-25-18_4-38-22 PM

Nick wandered about for a while gathering some fresh fruits for the journey.

07-25-18_4-45-40 PM

He stumbled upon a pile of debris.  Might be some clue in here he thought as he carefully sifted thru the pile, gathering and cataloging bits for the forensic folks.

07-25-18_4-48-49 PM

As the sun set the jungle sky turned a magnificent deep amethyst color.   It was their first night in the jungle and as the light faded apprehensive thoughts badgered them.

What lurked just beyond sight?

Are those eyes glimmering in the bush?

07-25-18_4-58-35 PM

A nice warm fire and some sweet musical stylings from Nick and soon the anxious thoughts just slipped away.

07-25-18_5-19-55 PM07-25-18_5-23-11 PM

NO PETS Nick .. NO pets!

07-25-18_5-31-23 PM

Time for a final “pit” stop before bed (well technically before TENT).

07-25-18_5-35-40 PM

Nita stops on her way back to the camp to look over the large bramble that will have to be cut thru in the am.

It is a formidable foe but one she is sure they can best!

07-25-18_5-35-41 PM

Good night intrepid adventurers … see you in the AM!

07-25-18_5-35-44 PM07-25-18_5-35-58 PM

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(Who wrote this story anyway??)

and both new simmies are mine

(geesh what the heck happened here .. I dunno)

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49 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Search Begins

  1. Santa Klaus who is in vacation in the jungle with Nina who takes a picture of Miss V -she is now a celebrity so it falls totally right- and he helped Miss V , that’ s so great ! Ha Miss V could help Nita for the food, she’s a very good cooker.

    hmm this shaman I hope he is a friend of Evella ahaha.

    other conversation : I created a robot family in my game lol I can’t believe ahaha

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So the shaman will have charcoal as gift ahaha . So Nita and Miss V doesn’t really appreciate each other? ahaha
        Nita is falling in love with Nick and make sure Miss V won’t care of her feelings, she surely will become red as a tomato if Nita makes the things slow, Miss V is able to continue the adventure without her lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Girl I have such a mess in the game .. last night the unflirty Nick tried to flirty with the unflirty Ms V and she cussed him OUT! AND guess what he still wants to flirt (I am dong NOTHING to cause anything like that) he stopped chopping thru a large bramble to flirt ugh .. I am afraid that one will die of embarrassment out there

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No panic Lisa. I know you are like me you play a lot with gameplay so I trust you.

        In fact, in the sims 3 story, Miss V feels attraction because she doesn’t have the cold trait but she doesn’t care of this feelings. She does not follow it.
        Plenty of men are attracted by her but she is indifferent to what she feels. I am not surprised Nick pinches for her, he is not the sole man who is not indifferent to her Sixamian I spell lol. In reality, she is very ugly compared to the beauty standard.
        Woah I am talking about my 2016 story version ahaha ! Those the saves turns corrupted.
        But that’s still reccurent now.

        In the sims 4, she is in couple with Jason (for the purpose of my short story) who is flirty and she sometimes autonomously kiss him or be affective with him. She never refused anything from him. She is just disgusted when she sees people flirty around her.

        I really can’t help there, except probably write about that feelings, that would be very interesting .

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I hope I reassured you. Indeed her physical appearance is far from the beauty standard but she is loved. Because perhaps it’s because of her personality.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I have just seen it, that’s cool Target allows you to do that. I only heard they often does monster discount sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Jason in the sims 4 masters the guitar,(I cheated ok) Mistigriff loves Guitar so ahaha in the sims 3 she wants to learn.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. yes he is def candy … but he only loves his job (he was originally a suitor in the Search for a King (bachelor challenge) and he ended up taking himself out because he was needed at work UGH

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Things sure are getting interesting. Nick has a secret admirer and I finally know what Father Winter does on his Summer vacation. I do question his choice in women, though. At least he could have tried for Cassandra! I’m sure she’s an adult by now in game. Come on, Winter man! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved this update of Ms V’s investigation and Nick getting tipsy in the cantina. And now Nick seems to have attracted someone. I love both the sims you made. They are great! Loved seeing Father Winter with Katrina of all sims! The story thickens…in the lush jungle. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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