An Era of Charming Tales: Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day

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**~~~~~ Now on to the story 🙂 ~~~~~ **

“Baby girl, it is 5am!  What are you doing out of bed?”

A bleary-eyed Claudia looked down into the sad-face of her toddler.

“I go Dada.  Go working!”

The strong-willed tot was tearfully determined to go to work with her father, Walter Theis, Windenburg’s Cheif of Police!

05-30-18_2-23-14 AM

Claudia’s heart was moved.

“Aww baby, I know you miss daddy when he is at work. Mommy misses him too.  But daddy has a very important job.  He and his officers keep us all safe.  We have to share him with the people who need him.”

05-30-18_2-24-19 AM

“Come now!  Back to bed with you.”

Claudia scooped the mournful tot up, “We will have fun later.  Just Mommy and Devvie. OK?”

05-30-18_2-24-20 AM


“TaDa!  I wredy dada.”

Walter’s stoic “go to work face” broke into a wide smile when he looked down and saw his baby girl fully decked out in her police officer playset.

Well, he noted, all decked out except her shoes.

He inquired, “Ready for what Princess?”

06-13-18_2-56-16 AM

Her little face wrinkled up earnestly, “I do working dada. I keep ewey body safe!”

06-13-18_3-04-00 AM

Walter’s insides just seemed to melt, “Oh sweet baby!  Thank you for your brave heart but dada has to go to work by himself today.  I know it is hard but I have to go.”

Stooping to hold her tight he whispered, “Besides, brave officer Devvie, someone has to stay here and keep your dear Momma safe.  I will be home later.  Be a good girl ok?”

06-13-18_04-55-48 AM


“So where ya going Punkin?”

Claudia’s gentle voice called out to the little as she struggled with the empty case.

07-01-18_2-50-18 AM07-01-18_2-50-19 AM07-01-18_2-50-20 AM07-01-18_2-50-24AM

“Are you and Boobear still running away?  You two must be getting hungry.  I’ll bring you a snack.”

07-01-18_2-50-25 AM


“Yes, dear, she has been like this all day,” Claudia explained.  “I know eventually she will get used to you being gone but today was hard.”

Walter gave Claudia a wink and grin, “let me see if I can talk her out of running away.  I am highly trained in crisis intervention,” he teased.

07-01-18_2-50-27 AM


07-01-18_2-50-28 AM07-01-18_2-50-30AM

“I have to leave you two for about an hour.  Officer V is supposed to call in from Selvadorado with an update on the investigation.  See you soon, my lovies.”

“Bye Dada,” Devvie said with a big splash.

“Bye dear,” Claudia echoed as she jumped back from the splash.

07-01-18_2-50-34 AM

“Ahhh Officer V how nice to hear your voice.  How are you two doing down there?  Is the new guide working out?”


“Hi Sir, so glad to hear from you?   H .. H .. How are we doing?  UMMM …”

08-01-18_1-09-30 PM

“Weeeeellll … Officer Amaro has had a little run of bad luck …”

08-01-18_1-11-30 PM

“Uhh … Yes sir …  Bad luck, sir! ”


“Yesterday morning, the day started out great.  We were working together so well getting ready for the trek into an area we heard the Shaman might be living.

07-25-18_11-54-54 aPM07-25-18_11-57-08 aPM07-25-18_11-58-02 aPM

We began our trek.

It is a gorgeous place, sir.

Everything was going great …

Till we got to Narada Falls.

07-26-18_12-07-45 aAM

It is like something got broken in their brains, sir.

Nina made a pass at Officer Amaro.

07-26-18_12-20-39 aAM

He did not receive it well.

07-26-18_12-20-40 aAM

Then right after that .. UGH this is a little embarrassing .. I do not know what got into him, Sir!    His conduct was totally unbecoming a WPD officer!

07-28-18_1-38-05 aAM07-28-18_1-38-06 aAM

Rest assured, I took corrective action, sir!

07-28-18_1-40-05 aAM

(Author’s note:  Officer Nick and Ms V are both unflirty and Nita is just awkward LOL)

07-28-18_1-56-35 aAM

Our guide Nita tried to intervene.

07-28-18_1-58-14 aAM

I informed her that we have a job to do here and there is no room for such shenanigans!

07-28-18_1-59-44 aAM

Officer Amaro went to work with a fury.

When he broke thru he ran in ahead of us …

07-28-18_2-06-27 aAM

with unfortunate results.

07-28-18_2-11-01 aAM

Despite his obvious illness, we pushed on, eager to make something good from the day.

He found a large stone box and decided to examine it for clues.

07-28-18_2-14-07 aAM

This was not a good decision.

The box was rigged with some sort of curse.

07-28-18_2-14-52 aAM07-28-18_2-16-19 aAM

I assured him we would find the Shaman and he would certainly know what to do.

07-28-18_2-21-49 aAM

I did get some snapshots ..  because no one would believe this.  It is not good at all.  We need to find the Shaman and get him some help.

07-28-18_2-39-19 aAM

The day was a wash.

We just wrapped it up and went back to camp.

07-28-18_2-29-02 aAM07-28-18_2-49-42 aAM07-28-18_2-53-35 aAM

Nita is taking the whole Nick as skeleton thing very hard.

She mopes around muttering about his lost beauty.

08-29-18_11-43-06 aAM

He is not Taking it so well either!

08-30-18_1-07-07 aPM08-30-18_1-08-11 aPM

I have had to step up and take over some of her duties.

But never worry sir, we are taking a days rest and then back in to continue our investigation. ”

08-30-18_1-00-08 aPM

“Keep me posted, Officer V.  I will do some research on my end about the skeleton curse.  I know just who to talk to!”

After relaying a quick greeting to Nick,  they bid each other farewell.

Walter returned home to the lights of his life!

09-30-18_1-24-17 PM

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30 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day

  1. That girl is just too cute for words! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Lesson learned: distract her with the pool.
    And that does seem like a terrible horrible no good very bad day for our explorers. I hope they find the shaman soon.
    I entered the drawing. I don't have Sims4, so whether I win or not just thank you for giving me an opportunity to win the game that I couldn't otherwise afford.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear poor Nick to 0is not having fun in the jungle is he LOL I do have to agree….he is much cuter when he’s not a skeleton.

    Little Devvie is sooooooo adorable!


  3. Skeleton helps Miss V to stay focused on her quest and do not fall in love with Nick. So it turns Nick into a skeleton . Nita might be very disgusted ahaha.
    Probably Destiny wanted it.
    She already makes Jason very very patient both in sims 3 are not together , Nick deserves better.

    And Devvie ahahah I love her she so precious. I want to work with daddy ahaha.


  4. I am not sure how I missed this up-date! And what an up-date it was! Hola! lol I love that cute little police office outfit….she is such a cutie! And now we get to the investigation…oh my…well, it looks like Nick is just skin and bones in Selvadorada! lol I haven’t played there enough to get the skeleton curse. And he got poisoned, too? Poor Nick. Thank goodness Ms V is there or all would be lost.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Devie is too cute! Love the way she wanted to go to work with Daddy! Then running away afterwards! Glad that got settled.
    I hope they find the Shaman wouldn’t want that cutie to stay a skeleton forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. hahahahaha, this was as funny as I thought it would be! The picture of three rejected people was hilarious!! Everything terrible you can get into makes this pack worth buying for sure and for some great story laughs. Hilarious the traits they have and yet…..! But I am glad it stayed all business and saved them even worse awkward moments afterwards. There is a job to do people, get er done!

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