Boots & Lisabee

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Author’s Note:  I am so excited to have been chosen as an #EAgamechanger.  I am so glad to take this opportunity to celebrate with you! 

I thank you for your sweet support, my dear readers.  I owe it all to you!

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**~~~~~ Now on to the story 🙂 ~~~~~ **

Author’s Note (Yes, number 2 LOL)

Now I am going to confess to you right up front that I am having serious reservations about starting this story.

It is one I want to tell but …


I have never written a “regular” story.

One that did not have …

Pretty royals:

collage royals

Enchanted bears:

collage bears

An evil queen and her minions:

collage evil

Dreamy policeman:


Apocalypse survivors:


Insane asylum denizens:

collage crazy

or even a few fairies:

collage fae


This one has NONE of that!

It is just about a Lisabee and her funny little doggo, Boots (so far anyway, but the story is still young).  🙂

07-08-18_10-02-09 PM

OH yes, and I should not forget her bees.  Lisabee loves her bees!

06-21-18_11-21-16 AM06-21-18_11-22-18 AM

She watches over them ever so carefully…

06-22-18_10-50-25 PM

and as a result, she is rewarded handsomely!

06-24-18_9-00-22 AM

OHH NO!  I don’t think they like the yellow rain slicker, Lisabee!

06-24-18_10-38-54 PM

She lives in a sweet little tiny house.

06-21-18_4-02-06 PM06-21-18_4-53-01 PM06-21-18_4-56-21 PM

Just big enough for her and Boots.

07-30-18_1-54-24 PM07-30-18_1-59-10 PM

She loves her tiny house but even she will admit that it has a few disadvantages.  Especially when it comes to the location of your Dining Room and Laundry room in the winter.

06-21-18_4-07-10 PM06-21-18_4-50-25 PM

She lives in beautiful Windenburg.

The winter weather is a bit more severe here …

06-21-18_4-57-56 PM

but she makes the best of it and tries to have fun.

06-21-18_3-50-58 PMcollage ice skat

She has made a lot of good friends here.

collage snow man06-21-18_4-17-59 PM

(OK, I admit it, that was a tad lame BUT I am going with it ok?)

Life is sweet for the little duo!

05-23-18_9-16-54 PM06-23-18_9-03-58 PM06-23-18_10-09-07 PM06-23-18_10-09-46 PM06-23-18_10-12-02 PM06-23-18_10-13-07 PM

It is just Lisabee and her doggy, Boots!

06-24-18_12-47-37 PM

That is … UNTIL Yesterday.

07-08-18_2-47-00 PM

Well, HELLO there!

07-09-18_1-49-53 AM07-09-18_2-02-46 AM


Well, there you have it, the start of my new story. 

I do worry that it might be about as interesting as watching paint dry!

I am open to suggestions for challenges or situations.

I have strongly considered Tiny Living Challenge

Hit me up with your ideas .. I am on FB, Tumblr, Twitter, in the forum and of course here on WP.


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31 thoughts on “Boots & Lisabee

  1. I’ve been wanting to place Boots into one of my households but I keep forgetting! – He’s so cute 🙂
    Sometimes a story about nothing much at all can be a good story – maybe Lisabee and Boots will guide you and come up with stuff on their own – you know Sims tens to do crazy stuff 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lisabeesims – whatever you write will be wonderful! Congrats socallucyfan on winning! Your tiny house build is super cute. I don’t know much about the tiny living challenge…but that might be what you will do. Who is the mystery man? lol


  3. Love your I tried to this story. I think most stories are a bit slow in the beginning, meeting all the characters but I’m sure you will make it awesome. Love your comical outlook ❤️


  4. There is something so charming about this story already. Her little house is so cute. And I love the idea of Lisabee and Boots being content until Mr. Hottie showed up! I love it already and excited for more!

    Liked by 1 person

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