An Era of Charming Tales: It’s Not Goodbye

Chosen for the task because of their compassionate natures and good people skills, Officers Galligher and MacNamara were assigned to deliver the news of Lily’s death to Violet and Aster.  This was not a task neither of them had any desire to do!

They were also to do a thorough safety check of the premises while on site.  Officer MacNamara had finished the perimeter sweep as Officer Galligher was attempting to console the bereaved family.

Her heart broke to see the Prince and Princess in such a state.  What kind of monster would want to harm such sweet people?

Finding nothing amiss outside, she would check the inside of the house to ensure there was no danger to the family within.  With the nature of Lily’s murder in mind, her first stop was the kitchen.

06-05-18_1-38-57 AM

How stunned she was to find some apples and a box of the apple spice tea set out on the countertop.

Calling Violet in, Officer MacNamara asked, “Princess, where did this tea and fruit come from?  This is the same type that contained the poison that was used to murder your sister.”

“OH NO,” gasped Violet.  “It came by courier yesterday evening. I was going to brew a pot to drink as we watched a movie last night but Aster was so tired from school and we retired early.  I did not put it away because forgot about the tea.”

“Do you know who the courier was?  What company did they work for?”  Officer MacNamara pushed Violet for more information.

“No,” the shaken princess replied, “I did not pay attention to that and I had never seen him before.”

Gathering the apples and tea, Officer MacNamara calmly assured Violet, “I will take these in for testing.  You don’t worry now!  I am sure it will all be ok Princess.”

06-05-18_1-47-00 AM

Officer Gallagher gave a call to Chief Theis, who was on his way to inform the King and Queen of Lily’s murder.  He reported, “Yes sir, questionable apples and tea were found on the premises.  Delivered by an unknown courier yesterday.  Lauren has collected it all and is taking them to the lab in SanMyshuno now.  I will stay with the family until relieved.”

06-05-18_1-56-59 AM


Telling his dear friends that a family member has been murdered was the most difficult thing Walter had ever done.

With it happening on his “watch” as Cheif he felt an overwhelming personal responsibly.

He could not shake the feeling that he had failed the family he was sworn to protect.

The questions assailed his mind.

How on earth could something like this have happened?

Who was this cold and calculating?

How did they get so close to the family?

Was there anything or anyone he had overlooked?

Rose and Mike were stunned at the news.  Mind-numbing grief struck them mute.  It was so unreal.

Finally Rose asked, “What?  What about Alexander?  Is he ok?”

“He is fine.  He slept through it all.  He had gone to bed early.”

Officer Theis went on to tell them the rest of the details that he had learned while investigating the incident.

07-05-18_2-13-24 AM

Feeling like she was being invasive, Officer V cautiously continued her sweep of Mike and Rose’s living quarters.

Her anger rose like bile in her throat as she progressed room to room.

She choked it back and kept her cool professional exterior even though her insides were in a fury at what had been done to this family.

07-06-18_4-02-17 AM

In the kitchen, she spotted something very troubling.

Apparently, the courier had dropped a gift off here as well.

Apples and a box of tea set near a freshly brewed steaming pot.

She and the chief had interrupted breakfast preparations

and profound tragedy had been averted!

07-06-18_2-30-21 AM (2)

Carefully gathering up all the evidence, she would be headed to the lab in SanMyShuno very soon!

07-06-18_11-16-27 AM

Poor Rose was still feeling numb as her mind grappled with the news.

Her darling sister .. DEAD and Alina who had been in the family’s employ for many years also DEAD!

A double homicide!

She could not even begin to wrap her head around it.

Mike, however, was quick to jump to action.  Something needed to be done to ensure the safety of family members …

and done QUICKLY!

After a brief discussion of the situation and brainstorming various solutions, Mike and the chief concocted a plan.  It was deemed “THE ONLY WAY!”

A confused Rose, when pressed, agreed to the idea.

They would need Jack to agree.

Mike called him and invited him to coffee.

07-05-18_2-19-28 AM


Meeting up with Jack, Mike relayed the morning’s grim news.

Jack was shaken and obviously, his concern was multiplied when he heard about the items found in the private quarters of both households.

His precious Violet in such danger!  He would agree to anything to keep her safe!

07-07-18_3-55-37 AM

Mike began, “Safety of family members is our primary concern now, We need your help Jack …”

He then went on to inform Jack of a plan he, the Cheif and Rose had come up with to keep Violet and Aster protected.

After hearing Mike out, Jack was in eager agreement.

07-07-18_3-55-59 AM


Later that afternoon the woeful little trio (accompanied by the Cheif & Gallagher of course) presented their plan to Violet and Aster.

09-01-18_11-49-18 AM

As Cheif Theis looked on he noted that he was not sure they were buying into it.

This was not going exactly the way they had envisioned!

09-01-18_11-49-50 AM

Seriously NOT at all the way they had thought it would!

With hands thrown up, Violet stormed off in one direction and Aster, indignantly stomped off in another.

09-01-18_11-52-18 AM

Leaving Mike, Rose, and Jack standing there looking like codfish with mouths agape!


And the officers feeling seriously awkward.


09-02-18_7-26-29 PM

Mike entered Aster’s bedroom.

Aster was in a fury.

“So you just want us to leave?” he shouted.

“This is my home and our Kingdom.

Please don’t make me go!

I want to stay and fight for it.

I want to stay with you!”

09-02-18_7-26-30 PM

“There is nothing I would value more than having you by my side, Aster!

You are my baby brother and I love you.

I would never take any action that would hurt you in any way.

The honest truth is that we cannot keep you safe here.”

09-02-18_7-26-31 PM

Aster paused in thought for a very long time.

Looking at the deeply forlorn Mike, he knew that this plan had been made out of loving concern for he and his sister.

But how could he leave Mike and Rose here to contend with this danger alone?

He had already lost Lily.

Bruno and Rose were gone and no one knew where.

Now to lose Mike and Rose too?

Mike waited patiently for his decision.

09-02-18_7-26-35 PM

Finally, Aster spoke, “I love you too big brother.

I am not happy about the decision but I will trust you and go with Jack.

Promise me that you will send for me as soon as it is safe to return.”

Tears flowed as they embraced one another.

Mike gave his word!

09-02-18_7-26-36 PM

Jack finally found Violet weeping in the attic among the relics and remembrances of yesterdays gone by.

09-02-18_7-26-46 PM

Jack watched helplessly as her tears fell.

He understood her pain and he waited quietly for her wash of grief to pass.

09-02-18_7-27-19 PM

A deeply grieved Jack pleaded, “My heart is broken too my treasure.

You know I love Windenburg.

I had always hoped we would raise our children here.

I have dreams of LOTS of beautiful children playing on the beaches of this very island.

But it is not safe for you here now my love.

If anything happened to you I could not go on.

My home is a beautiful place and we can all be happy there until it is safe to return.”

09-02-18_7-29-23 PM

Jack rose and kissed her tears away as she agreed to go with him.

09-02-18_7-45-38 PM

Gathering back in the living room, the decision was made final.

Jack would return to his icy homeland, taking Aster and Violet with him.

Violet hugged the necks of her beloved Jack and her dear baby brother, “At least we will all be together!”

09-09-18_8-16-04 PM09-09-18_8-17-00 PM

Their travel would have to be postponed until tomorrow because a terrible storm had suddenly hit Windenburg.

Officer Galligher volunteered to stay and ensure the families safety until then.

10-06-18_7-44-24 PM

Bright and early the next am the trio of travelers quietly slipped out of Windenburg.  (Violet looks a bit skeptical LOL)

10-07-18_1-00-31 AM

Aster plugged in the coordinates Jack had given him and took to the air.

10-07-18_1-07-34 AMHe turned to wave to his home, “This is not goodbye,

I will be back dear Windenburg.

I will be back.”

10-07-18_1-03-54 AM10-07-18_1-09-08 AM

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      1. I re-looked at the last update. Maybe I misread it. My brain’s been foggy lately and so much is going on right now. So Lily isn’t one of the triplets?

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  1. Oh how cool that you found a way to fit in the Red (and green) Baron to your story.
    it’s so sad to see them all leave Windenburg – let’s hope it really isn’t goodbye!


  2. haha for sure Miss V is furious she hates Negativity and she almost die because of being hated in her turn. So she totally feels revengeful for the crime of Lily.
    That’s so shameful for the Charmings to leave their roots land but she knows that, her family had to migrate too so far away from Sunset Valley for the same reasons as the Charming excepts there was a destructive war.

    No worries the Charmings will be back home.

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      1. As if she knows her heart is already taken even both are not together except in my sims 4 story I have to rewrite. I am finally finish to have a clean save for my short sims 4 I wrote to thanks my readers and I got other ideas lol.

        You know I am not surprised but I would love to see the pictures as off-story if you got them. Just to laugh. I don’t know my simself in sims 4 enough but one day she was at a café and a townie looked at her, she was angry ahaha. Sounds like the true me ahaha. and I don’t relate you a thing I was omg in sims 3 from my 2016 version.
        I swear in my 2016 version of Miss V, Stanislas asked her to work with (that was a game opportunity I wish it back) she is attract by Stanislas of course he is also attract with her but both were so friendly and yet both are still just good friends. I supposed their attraction as strong as it is defined as BBF not more. It’s not the same with Jason that both flees them ahaha.

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      2. do you know she was upset to see others woohoo in public? lol , she has a grumpy faced I wrote a chapter which make a reference to Mrs. Crumplebottom that she wished her coming back (the adult mod I downloaded makes everybody woohoo naked everywhere)
        All she wanted is to talk with Martin but he woohooed Justine ahaha.

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