Boots & Lisa Bee: Palm Falls (A Peek at the Tropical Getaway Mod)

I have been a fan of the Tropical Mod since Nando released the first on in 2016.  When I saw that there was to be an updated version I was very happy BUT when I saw that two of my fav creators (TheKalino and Waterwoman from Akisima Blog were a part of the collab I was positively GLEEFUL – see site links in credits below).

I will give you my final assessment first 🙂   It is a winner (surprise).  There are a few tweeks yet to be made but this a quality mod and well worth that precious space in your mods folder!

I am so happy to get a copy on early release and give you this sneak peek.  

So let’s get on with it now …

I am going to try to make this as “wordless” as possible .. with the key word being try.  LOL  My dear Bob Pancakes says that the only time I am quiet is when I sleep.


Before we get this Palm Falls ball rolling, please allow me to give you a hasty update on Lisa Bee and Boots.

When last saw them, Lisa had just met Pedro, the fisherman down on the beach.

It was obvious from the very start that they had a mutual fondness for one another.

What began as a spark has been fanned into a flame.

09-11-18_1-56-47 AM

Pedro had a plan a nice dinner at a FAB seafood shack …

AND THEN on the beach …

pop the big question!

Lisabee threw a bit of a clinker into his “plan” and, even tho they both had strong feelings and a wonderful friendship, she denied him two times before saying yes on the third.

Luckily Pedro is a fisherman and is willing to put in the extra effort to catch the “one who got away.”

Finally, she happily agreed.


The romance festival was in town …

AND once again Pedro had a plan for catching his little angelfish!

09-11-18_6-02-59 PMromance festival

Lisa Bee swallowed the bait …

hook  …

line …

and sinker!

Congrats to the happy couple!

09-11-18_10-55-09 PM

(AN:  I did try to do a destination wedding but I find that getting married is not something you can do while on vacation .. *cough  HINT *cough HINT modders that would be fab!  Lucky for me the romance festival was in town … could not afford another fiasco if she decided to bolt.    SIGH this is such a weird game.)


Palm Falls was the perfect destination for their honeymoon!

He loves the fishing and she loves the beach.

A match made in heaven!

09-11-18_3-33-48 PM

As soon as they arrive, the clothes go off and the suits go on!

09-11-18_3-36-58 PM09-11-18_3-39-34 PM09-11-18_3-59-07 PM

A little walking tour for our lovebirds  …

09-11-18_5-12-50 PM09-11-18_5-14-06 PM09-11-18_5-14-07 PM09-11-18_5-14-08 PM09-11-18_5-14-09 PM


For a change of pace, a cozy little houseboat and some relaxation with a rod and reel.

All the fresh air (and mosquitos) you can handle!

09-11-18_11-20-09 PM09-11-18_11-20-10 PM09-11-18_11-20-14 PM09-11-18_11-26-43 PM09-11-18_11-26-46 PM

While Lisa Bee does enjoy fishing and she adores spending time with Pedro, her attention span tends to wane from time to time.

On the way back from the potty bush she gets distracted first by this and then by that.

Pretty soon she has wandered quite far off the path.

Discovering a mysterious cavern, she allows her curiosity to prevail over her good sense and enters to explore.

09-11-18_11-42-34 PM

Dragging Pedro and Boots thru the thicket was no easy task but what awaited them on the other side was amazing.

09-11-18_11-42-35 PM09-12-18_2-29-36 AM

They stumble upon a cute little hut …

No one is home …

09-12-18_2-29-40 AM

So they make themselves QUITE AT HOME!

(As they awaited the return of the occupant of course)

09-12-18_2-29-43 AM09-12-18_2-45-23 AM


The island drums drew them to a sweet (and happening) nightlife hot spot.

09-12-18_3-22-15 AM09-12-18_3-22-16 AM09-12-18_3-22-17 AM09-12-18_3-31-55 AM09-12-18_3-31-56 AM09-12-18_4-09-09 AM09-12-18_4-09-10 AM09-12-18_4-14-55 AM09-12-18_4-21-06 AM

Shh .. I think we should step back and give them some privacy.

09-12-18_4-30-44 AM09-12-18_4-30-46 AM

Hey daddy!

And baby makes four .. wonder how Boots will react to this!


Previous episode of Boots & Lisa Bee in the series

<Previous: Boots & Lisabee  / Next: Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Spooktacular Weekend>

The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current)


** ~~~~My regular story can be found here ~~~~**

(do not fear the click as they are NOT as long as this LOL) 

An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~~ Credits ~~~~**

(Do go check these fine simmers out and follow them in the gallery .. you will not be sorry)

TY to all who made the creations that graced this blog:

The Tropical Getaway Mod link here ) 

The Kalino  The Kalino on Tumblr

Waterwoman1987 Akisima Blog


(The lot with the sailboats)

Bakie’s unlocked & recolored puddles

Severinka’s Sea Yachts

AND a big old TY to Lyhandros (aka Ascanius) who taught me how to use them.

Lisa Bee’s 2 main squeezes

13Vader Pedro is divine .. ty so very much!


And sweet little Boots (what a champ) .. ty SimguruJM!



FAB builds in the blog story:

seafoodmichelle tropicalrow houseboatherm hutjung barflamingo campr

Suggestions for cc clothing:

From the FAB JomSims





Bonus build ideas:

(featuring some of my FAV FAV builders)

There are so many ways to play this FAB mod .. so many stories waiting to be told.

Traditional bungalow like the darling little build by the amazing Waterwoman of the Akisima Blog ❤

09-13-18_2-45-17 AM09-13-18_2-45-18 AMbungalow

Ultra Modern with something like this underwater home … like this from the incredible Simoniona!

Probably the most undersung builder I know of ..  I love her work.

You want to be amazed?  Just go hang out in her gallery for a while.

09-13-18_3-20-29 PM09-13-18_3-20-30 PMdubai

Or this pretty modern  just came out today from one of the mod colabs

new water

Aargh matey .. can create a pirate hideaway … the gallery is FULL of fab pirate builds.

09-13-18_3-31-14 PMpirate ship09-13-18_3-31-15 PMpirate town

You can go all HEART OF THE ISLAND with builders like incomparable Brennachan ❤  This simmer is sooo creative!

09-13-18_3-47-01 PM09-13-18_4-02-07 PM (2)09-13-18_4-02-07 PMbrenna heart 2brenna heart 3brenna heart 1

You can go for exotic far-off destinations.

09-13-18_4-39-10 PMlucky h parkmaldives

Or grab a floating tent and head down the river (bring your bug spray) like this from another of my dearest and most fav creators … Anchesenamon ❤

Her touch in a build is always a breath of fresh air!

09-13-18_4-39-12 PMtents

Well simmers LOL Yes this was like 3 longer than my normal fare but I hope in the end you are inspired!


LOL like this is not long enough .. a cut and paste from Nando to his Patron supporters:

DevLOG – What’s coming with the pack?
Aug 31 at 9:35pm


• climate changes (climate change apparently does exist)

• tropical thunderstorms in winter and spring

• heatwaves in spring and summer • no snow, no cold temperatures

world changes/textures: 

• grass, sand replacement

• new water color

• reduced amount of stars

• changed the toilet house

• switched out foliage changes

• added a tropical swing set to the world

UI changes: 

• new world icon

• new map view

• Outdoor Retreat icon replaced with the TGAMP-version

• changed Granite Falls to ‘Palm Falls’


added a duffel bag: 

• allows to change outfits

• inventoryable

• allows to directly go on vacation

added a beach bag: 

• works like the duffel bag

changed the ceiling fan: 

• added the thermostat feature from TS4 Seasons to it

• tweaked it and removed the warmer option (it’s a fan, duh)

changed the selling shop (ranger station): 

• retextured to suit the tropical environment

• added umbrella picker

• added ability to buy books and medicine

added a portable kiddie pool: 

• a version of the kiddie pool is now inventoryable


• float on the water

• your Sims can take a relaxing nap on them

• added a new swing set (PALM SWINGS!!!)

• new side table hula lamp

• new standing umbrella (can be found in the pools section)

• tiki-bed

• wall-covering plaid

• tiki wallpapers, flooring (bamboo & rattan)

• tiki sliding doors small and medium (bamboo & rattan)

• tiki foundation (rattan)


• two new tattoos

added lifeguard-outfit:

• whistle

• white lifeguard shirt


added full hula outfit set:

• hula skirt

• hula necklace

• hula bracelet

• coconut bra

• added FLOATERS for toddlers and kids

• tropical dress

• tropical tuxedo

• beach bag accessory

• new sunglasses

• new shorts for male and female



If you have never been to my “regular” story before and maybe wonder what it is all about, I invite you to stop by this next link ..

it is an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap.    

If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)


21 thoughts on “Boots & Lisa Bee: Palm Falls (A Peek at the Tropical Getaway Mod)

  1. I was like, Gasp Lisa!…As soon as they arrive their clothes go off…..oh okay to swim. Then they totally made themselves at home….and had to look twice to see the hearts over the bed! And baby makes 4? Ohhh! I thought, yes because of Boots. See this is why you don’t read a chapter in the middle of the night, but I had so much fun trying to make my brain work. LOL Mind you, when I have played, home owner or not they don’t seem to mind if you make yourself at home….even taking time to “watch” if you do so. Yes, watch! lonely perverts they are! Great update!


  2. Well, that was an amazing update, lisabee!
    Not only did you showcase a new mod but you also entertained us with the love story of your simself and the fisherhunk Pedro.
    Is Pedro the inspiration for your upcoming 100 Pedros Challenge? (jk, 100 Babies, I know…)
    Enjoyed your choice of different builds to pull your update together.
    And your Hermit’s Hut creation is wonderful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no no .. Pedro and Lisa bee are only a showcase story .. for pre release mods and game pack and such .. the 100 babies story is part of the new set of stories for my blog .. I wanted a fresh start for folks who have not read or have fallen way behind .. the new ones will only gently reflect back time to time but forward is the motion LOL


  3. Great update! Love the Lisa and Pedro story line. Pedro is a handsome guy — nice tattoo as well. You made him work for it, but I’m glad you made an honest man out of him. I’m excited for the nooboo! Besides all that, you’ve showcased some great builds as well as the new mod. Lots of great screenshots, too. Looks like it was fun to play! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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