The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”

EDIT – adding the link to the Table of contents for the rotations:

An Era of Charming Tales – Rotations – (current) table of contents

The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current)

As most of you are keenly aware,  I have upset the apple basket!

apples 9

The Charming Family is in the wind!

I know that, at the moment, things seem very grim for our beloved Charming’s.

But things are not always as they seem.


Honestly, I am so excited to finally reach this point in my story. I have been planning this “basket flip” for over a year.

The stage has been set and we are fully ready to “start” generation two of the Charming Family legacy.

I’m going to attempt something a little different.  I hope to follow all of them using a rotation story format.

This is the BIG picture:


The Island: Mike & Rose White

An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White)

After threats and an attempt on their lives by the Weasel, the King and Queen make a hasty departure by boat to visit Mike’s home kingdom.

10-03-18_1-55-39 AM

In a heavy storm, the ship and crew were lost.

Mike and Rose white find themselves shipwrecked on what appears to be a deserted island.

15-03-18_3-28-22 AM

They will have to learn how to survive in a very primitive situation.

Mike has had some experience with mysterious islands before so not all is hopeless.

AND as we can all guess .. the lost world is not uninhabited.

We will have lots of fun meeting all of the new lost world characters that many of you created for my casting call.  If you want a sneak peek go to #ectislandfolk or #lisabeesims in the gallery.

TY so much for the love!

BTW there is still “time” to get your mystical lost world folks in.


**This rotation will feature a beta test of a challenge that I’m attempting to write. The challenge will be called Neptunes Price.  You will be hearing more about it in the rotation updates for Mike and Rose.

Please feel free to dream with me about Neptune’s Price challenge.  I am open to any suggestions. Right now it is a simple challenge and one that should be relatively easy to accomplish in a single generation.**


Exiled: Bruno & Rose Red

An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red)

Bruno and Rose Red left Windenburg a little while ago (also under threat of death – but this time it came from Evella).

They are going to Bruno’s family home. Their journey is somber because they have just suffered the loss of Papa Orsini (BEAR) and most feel that Mama will not be far behind him.

04-15-18_3-13-25 AM

While in the drylands they met the mystical alien Q and they took adoptive (protective) custody of her daughter Magenta.

04-20-18_6-22-70 PM

She is a special infant and she is sought after by an evil scientist, Dr. Zest who has enlisted the services of our wicked Bramblewise.

08-14-18_12-22-42 AM

Bramblwise tries his trickery on Betty but lucky for our family Betty is a good judge of character.

08-14-18_12-24-34 AM

Although Evella has had her setbacks (I guess nearly being murdered by the Weasel can be considered a setback),

9-01-01_12-41-52 AM (9)

she will resume her (un)rightful place on the throne in Bruno’s family homeland and still seek to eliminate the rightful heir, Bruno and his family.

Some of you might recall that when Bruno and Rose broke the enchantment that kept them captive in Bear bodies, his Papa became heir to “her” throne.  Her hatred of the Orsini family run deep.

Bruno and the Red Rose

This is a world that will be so much fun. I have been collecting magical creatures, builds and wonderful sim’s for a long time. I cannot wait to showcase these amazing creations.


** Bruno and Rose will attempt to bring up Magneta well.  The story will be following the Alien Adoption Challenge  **


Evella (coming)

05-02-18_12-55-59 AM

OHH don’t we love to hate Evella!

We are going to have a little fun with Evella.  She will get her own mini-rotation.

You see she will “reestablish” her throne and attempt to “go straight” (NO not to hell my dearest Maria)  but there is JUST ONE thing she lacks …………………


AND who is going to pick her KING?

YOU, my dear readers! You will pick her KING!

There are “candidates” waiting in the wings.  They are all deliciously evil .. I cannot wait to see who you saddle her with.


A good while back I did a casting call for this special KING-TO-BE (you all thought I forgot didn’t ya … nope I just move slowly) and we will follow her as she goes on speed dates these fellas.  Then the vote will go to you and you will decide.   It will be a HIGHLY modified version of the Bachelor Challenge.


Frozen:  Jack & Violet + Aster (update – Aster is on his own now)

An Era of Charming Tales: Frozen (Jack & Violet)

I know that quite a few of you missed my funny little hint at the end of the Wedding episode ..  hello?

Pickle and peanut butter sandwiches … I know Snow was a bad cook but this is odd even for the Charming girls.

Yes, Violet is expecting the first (born in game) of the next generation of Charming’s!

10-22-18_3-42-16 AM

In the last episode, they got finally married and are on their way to Jack’s (remember he is Jack Frost) very chilly home.

09-23-18_3-46-02 AM

Aster is still with them (he is not all that thrilled) but it is temporary. Once he graduates and becomes a young adult he will have his own adventure.

09-21-18_1-06-00 AM

I am excited to introduce you to some of the new locals in his world and we might have need of another casting call. I’ll keep you posted.


During rotation, Jack and Violet will be attempting the wonder child challenge with their sweet little nooboo.

Wonder Child Challenge


The Rebellion: Aster Charming

An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming)

Summoned to Strangerville by Q

02-25-19_12-53-53 AM

Aster finds himself in charge of a team of alien scientist from Sixam as he trains to become commander of the Rebel faction.  A small army of humans and aliens who want to bring freedom back to Sixam.

02-22-19_2-54-43 AM

He is soon joined by Molly and Caiden, his old HS pals (and Bruno’s siblings)  from Windenburg.

02-24-19_10-47-04 PM

Their first assignment has just come thru .. they will pack up and head deep into the jungle …

Their marching orders come from Commander SimDoughnut …

Return to the Jungle – SimDoughnut

Windenburg (coming)

Back in Windenburg we find Alexander contentedly sitting on the throne. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Alexander on that throne that he doesn’t screw anything up.  I am not hopeful, 02-04-18_3-18-47 PMare you?

Our beloved Cheif Theis and his crew are working hard to uncover clues as to the identity of the weasel and find the murder of Lily and Alina.

All of our favs will stay working hard to bring their dear royals back.

08-30-18_7-01-26 PM

I will stop by Korbin and Melissa a few times … he sure turned out to be a hero huh?  What a guy!

06-28-18_2-40-21 AM

AND not to worry we will check in on little Devi every once and while too … with parents like Claudia and Walter she will grow up fierce!

03-05-18_12-22-29 AM

FINALLY … Of course, the Weasel will be searching high and low for the exiled royalty.  He is on his own since he pretty much burned his bridges with his partners.

Trying to kill them will do that.

He is not above summoning dark forces and he will need them now.

04-08-18_11-09-01 PM

The forces of darkness have their own worrisome foes ❤  These two are a dynamic team.

08-22-18_2-35-15 AM

The many adventures of Lisa Bee:

The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current)

These are just some fun blog extras that you will be seeing time to time. ❤

06-23-18_9-03-58 PM

Boots, Lisa Bee & Pedro

LisaBee, Pedro & Boots (Baby Bee too) Table of Contents

09-11-18_3-59-07 PM

Boots, Lisa Bee & Pedro is a side story that I use to either feature mods or preview stuff packs or game packs. I would really like to do monthly updates showcasing some fun builds or holiday specials.

(Yes Lisa bee is having a nooboo)

Lisa Bee’s 100 Baby Challenge

Lisa Bee – 100 Baby Challenge Table of Contents

10-10-18_4-09-06 AM

(Lisa bee is having a BUNCH of Nooboos here.)

Somehow I got conned into doing the 100 baby challenge with my FB group. This is one that I never thought that I would do.

I am taking it extremely slowly.

I will from time to time just pop in and give you a quick update on where I am.

Got certain folks (Mortimer) on my hit list that are proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought they would be LOL.

If you have baby daddy candidates come on with them .. I need 100 🙂 (UNLESS I keep having twins). Sub to the gallery with #lisabeesims #LBbabydaddy

Lisa Bee in Murkland

Lisa Bee in Murkland

lisa murky

Lisa B is nearly finished with the “what’s left of the gym side challenge.”  She and Ridge are still very much in item and they will get to have many more Murky adventures!

03-28-17_12-56-48 PM



Short Stories & “Other Stuff” (current) Table of Contents


<< Previous An Era of Charming Tales: Betrayed  /   Next>>

Charming Tales Table of contents (current)


So there is lots on the old plate .. let’s get this party started!


What do you want to see first?  This poll will determine the rotation sequence.
(While I prepare for whatever you choose I will be giving you your first hundred baby update.)  
Reading all of the past  stories is not necessary to read forward from here but JUST in case you want to:

This is a link to an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap. 

If you are a new reader this will give you enough story background to follow.

If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

If you are a regular reader you can look for something I missed.

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)



gypsy brenn

backwoods betty family

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      1. No. I’ve been taking a break and playing ESO . But I’m so tired of nearly every quest ending in killing ! Geez ! I think I’ll write an S-Boys chapter today ! Take a break from massacreing and getting massacred !

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    1. oh no lol trust me .. lots of folks you did not get ot know .. my fav the Windenburg PD and a few crazy new folk like the Shaman and gyspy .. the adventures in the jungle to find the source of the poision that killed the reverend .. I have had 3 murders .. sent my readers reeling with the last one .. oh no lots of fun back there but hope more on the way ❤

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      1. LOL. If only you could write one very lame story we can easy put aside lol (I am jocking) but that’s not possible all your stories are too good !

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  1. All of this, except the 100 Baby Challenge, is getting me excited, and saddened, to play my Sims again. I haven’t for about a month or so as my little girl has “turned the tide” by becoming very hands-on since 9 months of age came around. She is now 10 months of age and has only ADDED onto that hands on. Goodness! Parentings/mothering is wonderful, just now trying to find time for myself again.

    Wow, Lisa, you’re busy!

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    1. Parenting is the best adventure ever .. but it can be so exhausting because the more mobile they become the more wary you need to become .. each stage has tis challenges (even the parent of adult children is a challenge) As a game changer they look for very active community members .. my blog takes so much time to prepare I often worry that I am not publishing frequently enough.


      1. I actually did a 20 baby challenge, but I kept in between a husband and wife…basically the Sims version of the Duggar “19 Kids and Counting” Family. That was Sims 3, haven’t tried Sims 4 yet. Personally, I would keep it between husband and wife and do 100 babies with them, but that’s just because I don’t like my Sims having multiple bed partners…

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      1. it is horrible .. NOT all are as “easy” as Ramin was .. I was deluded by the ease of that first pregnancy .. plus as you will all find out later my game HATES me and has (without any help from anything (I dont use MCC or fert mods ..not traits nothing) .. thrown me 3 sets of twins)

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  2. Wow — you’ve got a LOT going on! I’ve cast my vote. A couple of the new challenges you’ll be taking on have piqued my interest enough that they’re on my to-do list now, too. I’ve bookmarked the rules and am excited to give the challenges a try.

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      1. I think it was the Alien Adoption and Wonder Child challenges. I’m about to go to bed, so I can’t check to see if I got the names right. (I’m on my WP app.) With the experience I had with Fussy Fiona, my alien toddler, not being able to control her would be quite the challenge! I’d have to hope for an easier trait! Could be fun, though.

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