Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Spooktacular Weekend

The gallery is positively brimming with amazing fall builds!  It seems like every time I go in there are new ones that I am DYING to put into game and even as I sit here and type, they are still coming!

I cannot wait to share these now and more of them with you next month!


In this edition, I am pleased to bring you a peek into the lives of Lisabee, Pedro & Boots as they spend a spooktacular weekend!


As I opened their post-tropical honeymoon game I noted that the tiny house was just NOT going to work…  With the nooboo coming soon and seasons impacting gameplay like it has … was just not what I wanted to deal with in this save.

SOO the search began!  I probably downloaded a good 50 different houses and placed them in at least 4 fav locations before I settled upon this one.

The house style is much more attuned to Pedro.  As we head forward to Get Famous you will get a better picture of why I chose this one in this place.

However, do not fret, Lisabee likes it a lot and will probably bring a bit of her boho style to the place as time goes on. 🙂

It is a fab house and you will be seeing lots more of it in coming episodes.

TY RoxxySims it is a beauty.

I am certain the little family will be quite happy here for a while.

8-21-18_1-05-51 AM8-21-18_2-22-17 AM8-21-18_3-28-49 AM8-21-18_3-29-02 AM8-21-18_3-29-13 AM

**~~~~ On to the story ~~~~**

Friday evening Pedro suggested that they visit Magnolia Promenade.  The community there was hosting a Fright Fest.

Lisabee was glad for the distraction.   Their nooboo had been using her insides as a punching bag all day.   Maybe the walking would jostle this little one into compliance.

Although she had a little more time yet and she did love the idea of the sweet nooboo growing inside of her. She was at the point where the end could not come soon enough!

They arrived just in time to catch the sun as it slipped slowly into the water, sending out its last fingers of golden light to bid the day adieu.

It was one of those quiet moments of great contentment.  A breath in time that declared a day well done all was right in the world!

8-24-18_3-48-53 AM

Frightfest was hopping!

The excited hustle and bustle was infectious!

Despite the heaviness in her body even Lisabee had a spring in her step.

8-25-18_4-02-37 AM

The little farmer’s market stand was filled with pumpkins of every size, shape and pumpkiny color.

Lisabee wanted a pumpkin .. or two .. or three .. pumpkin pie sounded sooo good about now.

Choosing took them a bit longer than maybe it should have.

Pumpkin picking is serious business!

8-24-18_3-52-54 AM

The crisp night air was filled with the sights and sounds of Frightfest.

8-25-18_4-13-54 AM8-25-18_4-14-58 AM

The lines to enter the haunted house were sooo long.

Undaunted, the duo toughed the wait out.

8-26-18_3-32-00 AM

Poor Lisabee had her first scare before she even entered the front door.

All she wanted was to score a trick or treat goodie and the candy bowl pranked her.

8-26-18_3-33-49 AM

The long wait to enter the house was well rewarded .. the house was a delightful scream fest!

8-26-18_3-35-11 AM8-26-18_3-44-52 AM8-26-18_3-47-39 AM8-26-18_3-48-51 AM8-26-18_3-55-27 AM8-26-18_3-56-02 AM


The family slept in on Saturday.

Boots happily greeted his mommy.  He had missed her last night.

“Oh Boots, it is simply going to be a divine day.”  LisaBee coo’d and purr’d at the pup, “I cannot wait for the party this evening!”

Boots peered back at her intently, as tho he hung on her every word.

10-22-18_2-11-00 AM

“Kisses for the mommy.”

I am not sure Boots is open to that Lisabee.

Maybe after you brush your teeth.

10-22-18_2-13-05 AM

“Hmm Boots,” thinks Pedro. “you and I will have to have a chat later today about who gets the hugs and kisses around this joint.”

10-22-18_2-17-51 AM


The days’ festivities kick off with an early supper with friends at a local watering hole.

10-25-18_10-21-20 PM10-25-18_10-26-25 PM


Then costume shopping …

10-26-18_9-39-10 PM10-26-18_9-42-31 PM10-26-18_9-43-16 PM

Pedro is thrilled at the costumes they chose .. seems so fitting for his bride and himself!

10-26-18_9-43-19 PM10-26-18_9-56-38 PM


Celebrations in local homes were already well underway.

Trick or treaters were out in full force.

Pedro enjoyed seeing their eager little faces and wondered what next year would look for them.

Truth be told, although it scared the heck out of him, he knew they were ready for this parenting thing.

10-26-18_10-02-26 PM10-26-18_10-09-47 PM

Time to head for the party venue you two!

10-26-18_10-11-42 PM

The guests are already on their way.

10-26-18_11-14-37 PM


Ohh how AWKWARD!

Maeve and Franziska show up in the same costume.

So who wore it better?

( I enjoyed these two together and I am quite certain we will see them again in another story)

10-26-18_11-18-18 PM

The party was lit!

Even stuffy old Frigg let down his hair a bit.

(Yes, of course, Lisa Bee and Pedro picked Snow White and Prince Charming costumes!   It is a fitting tribute don’t you think?)

10-26-18_11-20-29 PM

The food was to die for!

(The blue dead guy .. yasss .. a party crasher)

10-26-18_11-33-36 PM

All agreed that the caterer did a marvelous job with the meal.

Gore’nda did feel that there could have been a bit of RED meat on the menu, but she was polite and did not throw any shade on the party!

10-26-18_11-37-20 PM

Mariana enjoyed the fine house wine that flowed freely.

Despite the amount she drank, it had a very little effect on her.

It seemed to go right thru her.

10-26-18_11-34-46 PM10-26-18_11-36-03 PM

“So you come here often?”

10-26-18_11-44-01 PM

Sky notes that LisaBee is not feeling so well.

She suggests that perhaps she should take a quick rest and have a bite to eat.

10-26-18_11-44-05 PM

At first, the advice falls on deaf ears, Lisabee insists she is fine.

I am not so sure Sky is accustomed to having her suggestions dismissed.

10-26-18_11-45-29 PM10-26-18_11-45-38 PM10-26-18_11-46-22 PM10-26-18_11-49-54 PM

So you know the party is over when:

The mess is getting on your nerves!

10-26-18_11-54-33 PM

Boredom starts to set in.

10-26-18_11-55-19 PM

Your host has had WAY too much Cupid juice.

10-26-18_11-56-39 PM

The distant rumble of a fight grows louder.

Why so salty Mavis?

10-26-18_11-58-51 PM

Ugh SOMEONE is going to GET IT!

10-26-18_11-59-00 PM

Poor old Frankie!

10-27-18_12-01-23 AM

And someone falls asleep on the couch!

Good night … sweet dreams Hayes (<3 that is a great name for a scarecrow)!

10-28-18_11-14-37 PM


Sunday afternoon, and although there is a NIP in the air, these two get to the work of creating their jack-o-lantern visions.

11-24-18_3-30-52 AM11-24-18_3-31-47 AM


While taking another baby jostling walk, their noses are met with the most amazing aroma that is emanating from a rather peculiar little bake shop.

Meat pies the menu board declared.

Pedro was feeling a bit peckish and little baby Bee is always has momma up for a bite.

11-25-18_2-45-05 AM

“Welcome to my shop,”  the odd little man declared.

With a slight bow and sweeping wave of his arm, he ushered the wary twosome into his shabby shop.

“Might I interest you in some pie?”

Pedro and Lisabee looked at each other .. mmm pie is good.

11-25-18_2-47-53 AM

“For you sir,  I would recommend my famous meat pie.  Fresh from the oven”

He directed Pedro around the counter toward some tins filled with a steaming delectable looking pie.

The savory aroma filled Pedro’s nostrils and cause his mouth to water in anticipation of a taste.

11-25-18_2-51-34 AM

He explained, “I use a secret recipe that has been in my family for generations.”

11-25-18_2-52-03 AM

“They are the finest meat pies in all the land!”

11-25-18_2-52-13 AM

Pedro took the bait .. hook .. line .. and sinker.

11-25-18_2-53-24 AM

“How unusual,” Pedro exclaimed.  “quite delicious!  Indeed one of the best meat pies I have ever tasted.”

11-25-18_2-57-04 AM

Lisabee took his word for it.

Although, for whatever reason, she was glad she has chosen the quiche.

11-25-18_2-58-11 AM

“Uh sir.  Uh Ex.. Excuse me.  We need to pay for our meal.”

11-25-18_3-05-13 AM


Good night for now sweet #simmersquad  .. next time lots to be thankful for .. including a NOOBOO!

11-25-18_3-36-33 AM

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The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current)


As I go forward here are a couple of reads that will help you connect the dots without having to go back a read the whole thing 🙂

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An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

**~~~~ a little 411 ~~~~**

Before I get to the credits let me give you a little blog 411.  I have purposely tabled An Era of Charming tales  UNTIL after our big update.  Too much time and work has gone into those stories to risk them.

I will give you a small teaser .. Our Evella Search for a King Speed Date Challenge got QUITE a boost from KawaiiStacie .. she is going to do a special mod edit for Evella in her newest Speed Date Mod.

If you ever want some little fun adds to your gameplay be sure to visit her at Kawaiistacie

I am also tickled to share that Evella has a new fantastic “horrible abode” from Simoniona.

elke nun

**~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~**

❤ TY to the following CAS creators and builders.

LOL SQUEEZED in a lot of them in this blog and quite honestly, I could have done soo many more!

Be sure to go exploring in the gallery and get to know some of these FAB creators!  You will NOT regret it!

roxxy cabin

alleged simmer haunted carnivalbetty maeve witchbrenda trick or treatbrenda weddingdevildiana swamp housediane kot haunted houseflubs marketfrankenstjenni ghostlady l eyeslonny mavisnw gillpink flam vampraboosky mean hoserhisk darnessroxxy sweeny toddsky simwooldrop shookkslaidasim franzambox costume retail


35 thoughts on “Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Spooktacular Weekend

  1. Fabulous story! Loved all of the pictures and recognized several celebrities.Also I had just watched the speed build for the Sweeney Todd Bakery. Amazing job. I look forward to being as Adept at doing this story business as you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did not go with an actual attempt at Depp .. his face is so unique and my time was very short when I decided to add that little bit so I just made a version of the character. BTW I adore Mavis .. she did all her own “stunts” in the story. I think one of the rotations NEEDS a school marm! Maybe for my wonder child .. do you think she would mind the cold LOL!


  2. What a great story update that was. And so many wonderful builds and characters adorned your story, too. I just love the Halloween bash idea. Makes me want to do one for my current story, but, darn, it’s spring there. Yes, can’t wait to see the nooboo, too. And just wanted to say that shot fo the sunset – marvelous. Great, as always 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well I wouldn’t want you to mess up your current game but there is a way to make it fall in your game. You could “save as “ and not impact your regular game … then use the cheat code seasons.advance_season … You just keep advancing to you get to fall. I had other cheat but they did not work

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that is good to know! It’s funny, I remember the story you wrote last Halloween, and I was working on the Retail Challenge last year at Halloween. lol Great memories.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes and no ! In fact people is free to celebrate it or not, myself I do not celebrate it. But I heard that in some areas they celebrate something that reminds me Halloween with the jack o lantern but myself I never took part, my granny did.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Spooky Special!
    Lisa and Pedro have me all exhausted with all the stuff they participated in but if I had such marvelous places to go and such interesting Sims.. erhmn people to meet I would probably have done the same.
    Good Luck with the little nooboo – or is there more than one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! Poor guy didn’t even know and what was interesting is that there were fish pie is right there and he loves to fish ..every time He is served fish he loves it. How weird is that LOL


  4. I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but you made it look like a blast. So many great builds out there to make a town seem alive with the magic of All Hallow’s Eve! Awesome characters, too. Thanks for sharing. As for the nooboo, well, it’s bound to be a cutie. I just have a feeling. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TBH in real life I am not a Halloween fan either. But the good thing about the Sims is that you can explore sometimes somethings that you don’t do in real life. Within limits and bounds (for me) of course I don’t go too far down that road. The builders and the artist were so amazing that I thought to give them a nice showcase. Some of the artists never get seen because people don’t go into the gallery and look around. I’m excited for the new blue and I am going to go in to game tonight to play until she has the baby and then I’ll get to see what it is yippee. Fingers crossed for a little girl (a baby Bea) but I’ll take a little boy too (Pedro might enjoy mini me)

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