Lisa Bee 100BabyChallenge: SHE-A-HO #2


(NO not talking about Lisa Bee .. well ok we could be).

Winterfest was upon them and Lisa Bee barely got the tree up before she passed out.

(I think more than one or two of us can relate – Winterfest will do that to you.)

The day was an abysmal holiday for the little family.

08-16-19_3-12-54 AM

I guess this means no grand feast 😦

08-16-19_3-14-28 AM

Epic holiday FAIL!

No presents …

no grand feast …

NO holiday cheer

and an unlit tree!


08-16-19_3-16-19 AM

There was one bright spot in the day.

Lisa Bee did get a tiny bit of “love connection” going with Father Winter.

BUT, sadly, he had to go …

something about needing to deliver presents to good boys and girls …

blah blah blah.

Sometimes bad girls need something delivered too ..

LIKE a baby from Father Winter!

However, it does look like she might be moving towards getting Father Winter in the bag.

So is SHE on the naughty list?

08-16-19_3-48-25 AM

The day ended with a special visitor!

Lucky Lucky Lucky Lisa Bee! (ONLY one worse would have been Don).


She is not sure she is ready for a risky baby daddy.

08-17-19_2-55-13 AM


Looks like she got a little Geekcon action going with Zest.

Lisa Bee is very very pregnant with Joaquin’s baby but even that does not stop her relentless prowl for the next baby Daddy!

Looks like Zest took the bait.

She has been working him for a while now.  

They got just a sliver of pink …  but it is ALL GOLDEN for her!

Soon as this baby comes out we will work on getting yours in.


09-15-18_2-38-19 AM09-15-18_2-39-07 AM09-16-18_2-36-29 AM

SMH … she is always scoping the prospects …

Anything good Lisa Bee?

Yeah, I guess nerds will do nicely!

09-16-18_2-38-46 AM


It is baby time and Joaquin does the requisite freak-out and then goes to hang out in the snack bar leaving Lisa bee to go it on her own.

So very un-Joaquin-like.

09-16-18_3-26-24 AM

 Welcome little nooboo #3

I cannot remember its name … I know it is a boy … hmmm.

Neither can she … world’s best mom she is NOT!

09-16-18_3-27-56 AM

At least big sister is paying some attention to it.  Big brother Aaron is having a meltdown because he hates his new brother.


09-16-18_3-37-17 AM


Ramin is a great dad to the kids and when he comes over he always lends a hand with the tots.

09-30-18_1-24-57 AM09-30-18_1-26-54 AM


Little Bubba Bee Le Chien aged up into a sweet toddler.

(I had to go in game to find out his name .. SMH)

09-30-18_12-38-16 AM09-30-18_12-39-44 AM

The apple of his daddy’s eye!

09-30-19_1-15-42 AM09-30-18_3-06-04 AM


OH, Johnny look how sweet they are.

Don’t you want one of your very own?

09-30-19_1-23-49 AM

Even Bubba gets on the convincing.

09-30-19_1-23-48 AM


09-31-18_4-21-08 AM


The CONQUEST of Zest!

09-31-18_11-41-02 PM09-31-18_11-41-03 PM

?? The club ?? A perfect place to be alone ??

I guess!

09-31-18_11-45-05 PM09-31-18_11-51-44 PM

OH Johnny!

Johnny … Johnny … Johnny!

Like a lamb to the slaughter .. smh!



09-31-18_11-54-16 PM09-32-18_11-55-03 PM09-32-18_11-56-51 PM

(Those faces .. lol I die!)

09-32-18_11-57-14 PM09-32-18_11-58-32 PM


He is a happy camper …

until she sings him the we’d be better off as friends song.

09-32-18_11-59-12 PM

They are still at the club but …

You catch the ZZZs where you can I guess.

09-32-18_11-59-13 PM

Time to head home (with not nearly enough sleep).

OHH do not get in her path!

09-32-18_11-59-15 PM09-32-18_11-59-16 PM


Lisabee got big as a house with Zest’s baby!

10-03-18_2-05-26 AM10-03-18_3-40-44 AM


She did not even bother to call Zest to the hospital.

She was having no luck with that … they never stay!

10-03-18_12-36-21 PM

SURPRISE … it was two babies (yes another set of twins)!

10-03-18_12-38-51 PM10-03-18_12-38-52 PM


Nooboos #4 & #5.

Camile and Charles Zest

(I do not remember using Camile .. but I guess  I did .. ty random name finder)

(Don’t be fooled .. I had to go into game (again) to find the names)  🙂

UGH twins!


3 toddlers and 2 infants … not sure how she is going to survive this.

10-03-18_12-46-34 PM


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39 thoughts on “Lisa Bee 100BabyChallenge: SHE-A-HO #2

  1. Congrats (?) on another set of twins! (Usually twins/triplets are a good thing in 100 baby challenge, at least in theory. Perhaps Lisabee doesn’t agree! I used the club system and added a couple of female friends so that helped with half the needs and one or two of them around to help out with the kids (depending on if they were working). Though your way is much more amusing to read about!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol That’s a fabulous idea. You go I could also make a club of the children who will move out and have them come over time to time and maybe they’d help take care of the little sibs too LOL


  2. I have to keep a paper with names on it for my legacy and stuff, otherwise I never remember anyone. HAHA

    Also…gross. 3 toddlers on it’s own is hard, but adding 2 babies (soon to be toddlers)? I hope the eldest twirl in to children soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Almost makes me want to try that 100 baby challenge. Almost … 😉 Maybe to bridge over the time between the update and all the fixes for the mods I cannot live without, cos I AIN’T PLAYING my regularly scheduled programs without my Mods, but for the challenge, perfect. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know LOL .. I just love Joaquin but he is odd looking! TY for stopping in to read in such a busy month … not sure if you are open to it or not but I offered up a little prayer asking God to give you blessings in your NaNoWriMo endeavors 🙂


    1. (I am thinking of giving Joaquin youth potion so he can still be alive when she gets there) When I first got “tricked” into doing this one I thought it would be soooooo easy … a challengeless challenge .. lol nope!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it is, supposed my disconfort in front of this kind of name as francophone and in our version he is as well called Joaquim le Chien ahaha. No I have changed all my townies names . However he is a very handsome guy !

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great update! LMAO at this hilarious Lisabee quote –> “I am not an early bird nor a night owl … I am some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.” Best. Line. Ever. It describes Lisabee to a tee! She seems to spend as much time face-planted as she does upright. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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