An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion – #EAGC StrangerVille Special Edition Part 1

This is the first of a two part of a StrangerVille special update.

Today, in part 1, I will bring you a quick look at the aesthetic of StrangerVille,

the buy/build and CAS.


TY EA for this awesome opportunity!

eagc orange

It is my intent to keep commentary to a minimum and let you enjoy this first look BUT before I do let me just say that I really love this Game Pack.

It’s a little bit gritty,

little bit grungy,

little bit rusty,

little bit freaky …

and a whole lot of awesome!

This amazing GP is a story teller’s dream.

Without further ado, I will begin.

I apologize .. this is screenshot heavy (nature of the beast).

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

EA captured the desertscape beautifully.  They transport us to a place of barren beauty that to a casual observer is desolate and unproductive.  Just as in real life there is much more to this wasteland than meets the eye.

There are 3 regions:

The mysterious crater:

(I will not show the inside of the science facility until after the GP is released .. don’t want to be a spoiler)

CRATER 01-23-19_9-29-34 PMCrater 02-23-19_3-01-28 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-02-53 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-03-06 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-03-26 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-03-45 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-04-33 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-06-46 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-07-56 AMCrater 02-23-19_3-08-30 AM

Shady Acres – a high plateau where the (shady) rich folks live:

(Money always flows uphill).

cliffs 02-23-19_3-17-19 AMcliffs 02-23-19_3-17-48 AMcliffs 02-23-19_3-17-50 AMcliffs 02-23-19_3-19-43 AMcliffs 02-23-19_3-19-48 AMcliffs 04-23-19_3-20-31 AMcliffs 04-23-19_3-24-39 AMcliffs 04-23-19_9-12-37 PM

StrangerVille Plaza – some cool hang out spots and lots of folks to meet and greet:

tOWN 01-23-19_9-24-19 PMtOWN 02-22-19_3-00-26 AMtOWN 02-22-19_3-01-01 AMtOWN 02-23-19_3-41-22 AMtOWN 02-23-19_3-42-55 AMtOWN 02-23-19_3-43-26 AMtOWN 03-22-19_2-01-34 AMtOWN 03-23-19_3-42-30 AMtOWN 03-23-19_3-45-46 AMtOWN 03-23-19_3-47-20 AM

It is a stunning world.  I would only have one minor issue, I would have loved a remote off the grid lot that would be big enough for a military base

or a cray cray crackpot hiding from the end of the world.

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮


I am going to take you on a tour of a StrangeVille “reno” of this FAB Military base by this amazing builder (it is in the gallery).

My regular readers know I do not build.  If I did we would NEVER get an update

AND besides with all the FAB builders in the gallery that make my stories SHINE why would I insult you with my builds. LOL


TY KaiXdemoness for sharing your talent with us!

xfort build

I placed the build on this fab spot up on the plateau with the rick folk ..

welp, there goes the neighborhood.

xfort 02-22-19_12-39-57 PMxfort 02-22-19_12-39-47 PMxfort 02-22-19_12-39-38 PMxfort 02-22-19_12-39-31 PM

I am sure you will agree that our Human/Alien Rebel faction will have a wonderful view!

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Obviously, not everything in these screenies is new.

I am using this opportunity to not only give you a peek at StrangeVille B/B but also to introduce the rebel base (more on that tomorrow with the gameplay blog).

02-24-19_1-14-31 AM02-22-19_1-44-18 PM02-22-19_1-52-27 PM02-22-19_1-58-48 PM

LOVE both of these!

02-22-19_1-59-37 PM02-22-19_12-38-09 PM02-22-19_12-47-13 PMbath 02-22-19_12-45-18 PMbath 02-24-19_12-06-11 AMdorm 02-22-19_12-42-35 PMdorm 02-22-19_12-44-45 PMgym 02-22-19_10-23-00 AMgym 02-22-19_12-59-39 PMLaudry 02-23-19_11-53-37 PMliv 02-22-19_1-53-57 PMliv 02-22-19_1-56-01 PMliv 02-22-19_12-43-44 PMmess 02-22-19_12-48-56 PMmess 02-22-19_12-50-52 PMmess 02-22-19_12-52-17 PMOffice 02-22-19_1-53-21 PMOffice 02-22-19_1-54-28 PMOffice 02-22-19_12-35-23 PM

UGH TYPO .. Chair

Office 02-22-19_12-36-42 PMskill 02-22-19_12-54-51 PM

Awesome planet lights and book poster cc from the wonderful Akisima (one of my FAVs)


skill 02-23-19_11-37-24 PMSkill 02-24-19_12-12-25 AM

*underground secret laboratory features a StrangerVille reno of 2 fab rooms:

TY BrittJones and Carewren123 for sharing your talent!

secret labsixam

The sci-fi-ish lab stuff is awesome ❤

I had a blast creating a secret underground testing facility (alien uprisings require secret labs).

green house 02-23-19_11-44-21 PMgreen house 02-23-19_11-45-50 PMHall 02-23-19_11-06-21 PMhall 02-23-19_11-47-40 PMsci 02-24-19_1-25-25 AMsci 02-24-19_1-19-36 AMsci 02-24-19_1-20-01 AMsci 02-24-19_1-20-39 AMsci 02-24-19_1-21-20 AMsci 02-24-19_1-30-38 AM

Extraneous stuff …

z 02-23-19_3-30-16 AMz 02-23-19_3-34-07 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮


I am not going to go overboard here .. you will see more in gameplay blog.

I just want to post a few of my FAVs and give a face to my rebel faction.

You will meet them in the next update.

There is a new trait and a new aspiration:

New hair:

02-22-19_12-05-52 AM

New hats:

New clothing:

(my fav outfit)

02-21-19_11-29-28 PM blue

There is my first look at StrangerVille.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I know it was a behemoth .. LOL 4 times the # of screenies of my regular blog.

I will be putting the gameplay blog out tomorrow. (No worries .. NO spoilers).

Again TY EA for giving me this opportunity ❤

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

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EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents


This update begins the rotation of Aster Charming

Build credits listed within the blog.

CAS is mine and will be available on Tuesday.







27 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion – #EAGC StrangerVille Special Edition Part 1

      1. If someone does can you please let me know. I’ve decided not to buy it. The whole built-up town center won’t work at all for an apocalypse type situation. I’m so disappointed.


    1. I sort of want spoilers. Does anyone know where I can find spoilers so that I can know what to expect. As a completionist player, it wont change that I will buy the pack – I buy them all. Even ones I dont really care about. Mainly for no issues with CC downloads. I still want to know what to expect and I want spoilers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am working thru the story now … I will post a blog on it afterwards .. so far all of us who have early access have not put out spoilers .. tomorrow that will change I am certain.


  1. The scenery looks great! Not enthused about the hair–seems like a ton of things we already have only slightly redone. The grungy build things could be useful though. Well done on showing us the exciting parts of the pack.

    Liked by 1 person

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