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Assignment to new permanent quarters had not come thru yet and the stress of living in such tiny crude living space had tempers on edge for the rebel team.

HQ (Headquarters) had sent over some exercise equipment to help blow off steam.

02-22-19_3-49-39 AM

At first, it looked like it might do the trick …

UNTIL Robert got into it with the fighting bot then things quickly went south!

02-24-19_10-38-27 PM02-24-19_10-37-19 PM

The combination of the poor living conditions and constant complaining was wearing on Aster’s normally sunny disposition.

02-24-19_11-16-07 PM

The reality was that eventually, they were going to have to learn to endure worse.

That being understood by all, it still was a welcome phone call when they got word from HQ that their new quarters were ready.

02-24-19_11-17-41 PM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

It was impressive and most were looking forward to a little elbow room!

It was only going to be comfortable for a few days because they were scheduled for their first bivouac training early next week.

02-24-19_11-30-25 PM

Although the first day had been set aside on the training schedule for settling in and R&R (rest & relaxation), a few had to get right to work.

Jake had a tasking from HQ and spent a few hours in the ComSec (communications section) initiating the commo gear.

He and NoNo will run communications for their platoon.

02-24-20_2-42-19 AM

Down in the underground bunker, Tia did a check on lab equipment while Robert ensured the weaponry was secure.

02-24-20_2-42-20 AM

Molly set about work in the Mess (kitchen) preparing the midday meal.

She was serving her famous Beanie Weenies.

With a little mustard and brown sugar, they will be a hit.

She loved being in charge of rations for this crew.

They eagerly consumed all she made for them and were full of compliments for the Mess Sergeant afterward.

Not surprising that  Molly is a fab cook.  Afterall she learned from Mama Orsini growing up.

Mama Bear was the best!

02-25-19_11-38-30 PM

Soon work was done everyone was kicking back and enjoying the new place.

02-25-19_11-38-32 PM02-26-19_11-35-51 PM03-11-19_2-42-49 AM

Tia and NoNo squared off over the chess board …

03-11-19_2-47-06 AM

while Seiji pondered a few moves (he has winner).

03-24-19_11-36-29 PM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Aster did a bit of area recon (reconnaissance).  He knew HQ had surveyed the AO (Area of Operations) and provided them safe quarters but he felt better seeing things with his own eyes.

He spotted something odd in the distance.

From his vantage point, he could see what appeared to be an abandoned depot of some sort hidden in a large crater.

Could what appears benign actually be an enemy listening post?

He set out to check things out.

He had to know.

The safety of his platoon was in his hands.

04-19-19_3-17-49 AM04-20-19_3-01-15 AM04-23-19_3-09-54 AM04-23-19_3-12-04 AM04-23-19_3-12-37 AM04-23-19_3-13-09 AM04-23-19_3-13-41 AM04-23-19_3-15-15 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Quite perplexing!

On the surface, it looked legit.

An abandoned science facility dusty and eerie.

No threat whatsoever.

Investigaitng deeper in he found that lower part of the facility was locked up tighter than a drum.

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

At first, he thought to ask a few locals about this BUT

that got a bit weird.

Well, actually it got REAL weird!

05-23-19_3-21-59 AM05-23-19_3-36-03 AM05-23-19_3-36-51 AM05-23-19_3-37-25 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Something smelled of fish here!

Things were not right!

He thought of the little dive bar in town.

That would be a perfect place to get info.

A few drinks and some of the tight lips might relax enough to get a few tongues wagging.

He invited Molly to come along.

She was very excited to go with him.

06-11-19_2-33-16 AM06-11-19_2-35-47 AM06-11-19_2-36-16 AM (2)

Molly glared at the interloper!

Hmmmmmm … eyes right chicka.

IF you know what is good for you!

06-11-19_2-37-43 AM

Another one?

Molly sincerely wonders if she is going to have to kick anyone’s behind tonight.

They had best stay off her man!

06-11-19_2-38-17 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Things were rather silent on the walk home.

Oblivious to his dating disaster, Aster quipped, “Wasn’t that fun? Did you have a good time? That is a cute little place.”

“Harumpf!” Molly retorted with a sharp turn away from him.

07-11-19_2-48-12 AM

The bewildered fella tried a little flirtatious charm and at first, she seemed a bit warm to it.

That has always worked on her before.

07-11-19_2-48-52 AM

NOT this time.

Her face quickly hardened and she snapped him a salute, “Yes sir! I did sir!”

Aster stared at her, quite perplexed.

“What?  Oh, Molly come on,” Aster pleaded.  “What is up? Talk to me. Why are you mad at me?”

This was not going anywhere!

She was a stone wall and he was hungry.

07-11-19_2-50-16 AM

Once inside, Aster grabbed himself a bite to eat but the atmosphere in the mess seemed a bit chilly so he gave that up …

07-11-19_3-03-02 AM

and took a nice hot bath instead.

07-11-19_3-03-03 AM

I wonder if his ears were burning?

Molly sobbed, “It was awful, all he did all night was talk to other people about some locked science lab he found.

I don’t know when he even asked me to go along!”

The rest was incoherent sniffles and blubbering.

“Girl,” Tia patted her hands as she counseled, “you know he likes you.

We all do.

Even on my planet, boys are just so dull about this kind of thing.

They don’t get it.

Be patient, he will figure it out.”

Tia continued with a laugh, “I mean if they didn’t eventually get it all of our species would be nil. ”

Both girls guffawed at that …

YES!  How true!

07-11-19_3-05-25 AM

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  1. Oh my lama, Aster is not , not intoxicated I hope ^^. But to be a future king or have high responsibilities in the kingdom he has to be enrolled in the Army forces.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ouf i was scaredof seeing the heir of the thrown will be crazy an other Charming in pain that’s enough. He will realise later for Molly. She has to wait for.

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      2. LOL yes, lets hope she will not beat up some other girls in the meantime .. she was not happy with them talking to Aster (I have a fun one coming out today … I tried something new.

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      3. Oh poor her and both are not together yet, how cruel !!

        and first miss v mission as cop was occured in Strangerville ahahah !


  2. Oh their new base looks great. Yes, something weird is going on in Strangerville, I wonder what happened at that science facility. Aster and Molly look cute together. Maybe Molly could spy around the neighborhood herself and find out some things, too. Great chapter.

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