Dazzle Build Review Tour Part 2: LisaBee & Pedro

This is  the second of 2 companion pieces created to support my build reviews written for DazzleS4Mag, Issue #7

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01-03-19_12-09-18 PM

Pedro has been working so hard on completing “A Fish Tale.”

His publisher has been pushing for more … more … more!

While Pedro desperately wants this book finished, he is keenly aware of the pressures this has placed on his family.

LisaBee has been taking up slack around the home and she does it without grumbling (much).

Add in trouble on little feet …

AND taking care of him …

02-14-19_4-12-50 AM

she puts in a very long day!

Pedro does take breaks and attempts to give a hand with Baby Bea.

UGH, potty training AND naps.

How can something THAT cute be THAT stubborn?

03-02-19_11-15-40 PM03-14-19_11-40-34 PM

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Between his publisher screaming for more …

05-02-19_11-03-37 PM

and the family hovering near him as he pecked away …

05-02-19_11-03-38 PM

Pedro knew the day was going to be a wash if he did not come up with a plan.

05-02-19_11-07-40 PM

“I need to get some work done and I know I am not fun to be around,” Pedro began, “so I thought you might need a day away.  Maybe do a bit of shopping and sightseeing in Del Sol Valley.  I called the water taxi and made arrangements to have you picked up in 45 minutes.”

Lisa began a weak protest, “but what about Bea?”

“Toddle Tyme is already expecting her,” Pedro explained,  “so I will take her over there for a few hours.”

Lisa Bee was glad for the thought of a day away!

05-17-19_4-19-44 AM

LisaBee laughed, “that does sound like a lot more fun than hearing you tip tap all day.  I have been dying to see the new Art Center.”

Pedro grinned and thought to himself this is a win-win.

Not only does he get time alone to work but he doesn’t have to go to the art center either.

What good fortune!

05-17-19_4-20-55 AM

Pedro gave his sweet wife a warm embrace, “You have fun dear. When you get back tonight I promise to take you two out for a nice evening.”

05-17-19_4-21-30 AM

Pedro leaned down to his sweet progeny, “How would you like to spend the day playing with your little friends at Toddle Tyme?  When you get home Daddy will take you and Mommy to the Kitty Cat Cafe.”

I think Baby Bea likes the plan.

Look at that sad puppy.

I think Boots thinks the plan is cr*p. 

His little partner in crime gone all day and he has to stay home with the tip tap?

05-17-19_4-29-45 AM

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The quiet day was lovely and the art center truly as wonderful as LisaBee imagined it would be.

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Pedro kept true to his word and that evening he took some time away to enjoy his family.

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A few weeks later, once the book was published the family went on an amazing getaway to relax and reconnect!

A little travelogue for your enjoyment:

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toku art wave center

Art Wave Center Gallery link

old japan

Old Japanese Village Gallery Link

michelle cat cafe

Valentines Kitty Cat Cafe gallery Link

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Chan Wai Fat  

(I confess to being totally enchanted by this artist)

Dream (Tokulee)

Shang (Simoniona)



AND I know I have mentioned these before but TY so much for

Pedro 13Vader


For Boots Simgurujm


And Roxxysims

roxxy cabin

21 thoughts on “Dazzle Build Review Tour Part 2: LisaBee & Pedro

  1. Oh that Pedra a tip tapping away. I love that museum reno by the way. The original in Del Sol needs benches. This one is so nice. And the cafe of the second build is so cute, and that poor little Bea got all tired and fell asleep. At least they brought along Boots with them. The Japanese Village was wonderful and I love the dress and kerchief around her neck that LisaBee wore. So cute. The builds fit in nicely with the story. Great job. And Pedro is a hunk! hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I miss to comment you but I read you haha.. yes the toddlers are cute except they do tantrums a lot.
    Boots is awesome I love him.

    oooh and the cat building xD I LOVE IT !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. As playing a simself it’s funny too so if you could play with your own puppy in sims that’s awesome I love the idea. I don’t own pets in rl .

        Liked by 1 person

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