Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – May 2019 Submissions & Vote

It is time to read and cast your votes.

You pick the challenge winners!

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Another wonderful month for MSSSC.

I am always amazed at the creativity of the submissions! 

Def not a predictable lot!

From the deeply insightful to the wonderfully adorable .. plot twists to UNUSUAL mothers … this batch has it all!

Again, I have NO idea how I am going to choose!

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮


Read the stories and then be sure to vote  (at the vote link) for your 3 choices in both categories.

Please let your support base know about this … inform your twitter, FB Groups, pages, and Tumblr. 

All of the participants have worked hard so please be kind and read all of them.  

Let’s make this a blessing for all who submitted.  

Voting closes 7 June at midnight PST …

I will publish the winners on June 8th ❤ 

Good luck to all!

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May 2019 Simlit Short Story Challenge Submissions:


Mother … motherhood … mothering


Up to 800 max


min 5 to max 8

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Veteran Participant May

Finding Mama Veteran @Charliimai

Reflections on Motherhood Veteran @venusdemilosims

Will You Be My Mother Veteran @Minraed

May 2019 Simlit Challenge Cherish the Moment Veteran @QueeniePie

The Faceless Mother Veteran @Dollyllama108

Visiting Mom Veteran @Zachsims

The Mother’s Day Tea Veteran @SoulGal7

Echoes: A Johnny Zest Story Veteran @katrinasforest

A Little Seed Veteran @Sylentwhysper

Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge- May 2019/ Veteran @CathyTea

A Mother’s Fight Veteran @sweetnightingale

The Ever Expanding Mother Veteran @InfraGreen

Missing Peace Veteran @Qnshr5

A Short Story: Mama  Veteran  Lisabeesims

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MSSSC Submissions Veteran –

Please remember to pick your 3 favorites in the poll.


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Novice Participant may

Let Me Tell You About My Mama novice @divanthesimmer 

Mother May I (Don’t You Say it!) novice @chluke75

A Letter to Mom novice @MenaBuchner

Ward novice @breckenridge

A Broken Mother novice @MummaSimma

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

MSSSC Submissions novice –  

Please remember to pick your 3 favorites.


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Looking forward to June’s Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – June 2019 Theme

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Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge Table of Contents


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