An Era of Charming Tales: Magic Mike Part Deux

A famous froggie philosopher once said, “It’s not easy being green.”

Mike certainly agrees!

01-03-19_3-27-43 AM

The life of a plant sim is difficult.

Staying hydrated was a serious challenge.

He had never been so thirsty in his life.

01-04-19_3-25-52 AM

And then there was Rose!

Mike was a tiny bit distressed at Rose’s reaction to his new self.

She seemed to like it a lot.

A whole lot!

Maybe even a whole whole lot!

It was disconcerting when she tried to nibble his ears or fingers.

She claimed they looked delicious.

Geesh,, this pregnancy was doing strange things to her.

01-07-19_4-09-24 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

He had a little respite when he made the trek to the center of the island to deliver the gems that would be added to the tribute to Dagon.

(Yes, the gems stayed too)

02-08-19_3-41-27 AM

One look at Mike and Dagon roared with delight.

“So,” he thundered, “I see you have had a little run-in with the Menehune?”

“Yes, I did.” Mike came back sheepishly.

His response brought more guffaws from Dagon.

Mike was irked that Dagon was a little less than sympathetic to his plight.

“OHH They are a tricky bunch!” Dagon continued gleefully,

“I don’t think that I, myself could have pulled a better prank.”

02-08-19_3-44-06 AM

Mike’s response was …

Well …

um we cannot print it here because this is a family-friendly blog.

Suffice it to say, Mike was not amused with old stonie face.

02-08-19_3-55-55 AM

It always comes down to this between these two!

Mike pushes and Dagon pushes back …


02-08-19_3-57-39 AM

Well Mike, it sure could have been worse.

And at least he accepted the gems toward his demanded tribute.

You only have eighty-one left to go.

02-08-19_3-59-12 AM

Mike decided to prolong his visit to the island’s center for a little while.

He needed some downtime.

A mud bath is a perfect treatment for a stressed plant sim!

02-08-19_4-01-35 AM

A little exploration to get the senses tingling!

(Isn’t that how you ended up like this Mike?)

02-08-19_4-06-24 AM02-08-19_4-12-03 AM

He wanted to be home with Rose.

Really he did.

It was just too hard to face those hungry eyes.

Every time he was near her she got such a strange distant look on her face.

It made him quite uncomfortable.

02-08-19_4-12-04 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

What a happy day it was when he looked into the mirror and found his “old” self starring back at him.

He was glad to be back!

He hoped Rose would feel the same way.

04-01-19_9-34-49 PM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

She seemed fine with it.

Her “nesting” instinct had begun to settle in and she had started making preparations for the arrival of the nooboo.

Now it is just a waiting game.

Rose also returned to her other distractions.

She has become a fruitful hobby farmer.

Local’s beg for her eggs, honey, and fine produce.

04-07-19_3-25-50 AM04-08-19_3-28-33 AM04-08-19_3-29-12 AM04-09-19_3-25-49 AM04-09-19_3-25-51 AM

Uncle Amu has even started his own little food stand featuring the bounty from her garden.

04-09-19_3-25-52 AM

Between the sale of her produce and Mike’s fish, they are doing quite well.

Mike has recently discovered the lucrative business of frog breeding.

They are the best bait!

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Rose can tell it will not be long before the baby will arrive.

07-09-19_2-29-18 AM

She is more than ready for it to come out!

07-09-19_3-07-07 AM

They are having a small problem with Houkea.

She has regressed to babyish actions.

Rose is trying not to be annoyed but this cannot go on.

08-09-19_3-09-07 AM

Rose knows it is time for “THE chat” with her dear daughter.

“In just a little while you will have a new brother or sister.

You will be a very good big sister and teach them things

and you will help mommy and daddy with looking after her or him.

Mommy and daddy will love you just as much as they always have but my sweet Houkea, you cannot be the baby anymore.”

08-09-19_3-19-42 AM08-09-19_3-21-58 AM✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

“Goodnight princess.”  Mike tucked Houkea in and kissed her soft little cheek.

“Off to sleep with you now.  Tomorrow is a big day.”

08-09-19_3-40-02 AM

It is nearly GO time.

Mama has been called in and

Mike and Auntie Healani are standing by to be a support.

08-09-19_3-46-27 AM

Auntie is so nervous.

It is her first time witnessing a birth.

She tries to distract her self by tidying up but it is no use she cannot think of anything but the new baby on the way.

08-09-19_3-47-37 AM08-09-19_3-50-18 AM

It’s a girl!

Welcome, little Ala’ula!

The red rose named after her sister.

08-09-19_3-58-34 AM


It is another girl!

Welcome, little Kachina.

Named for the dancing spirits who blessed them with this gift.

Four sweet ladies in his life!

Mike could not be happier as he jumped in to help calm …. uhhhmmm … which one is this??

Mike is such a natural!

08-09-19_9-31-39 PM

Look who slept thru it all.

Life will be very different in the morning my little princess!

09-09-19_4-06-37 AM

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To celebrate passing 57K reads &  to thank my readers  I thought it would be fun to play a little game.
Followers on FB, Twitter and Tumblr were asked:
What is her name?
Who is she (by traits, aspiration & career)?
Entry suggestions posted below her PIC.
I need you to help choose a winner.
Below the pic are identity suggestions submitted by readers.
She will come to life in my sneak peek at the new Moschino pack.
Blog shout out to the winner.
Winner will get a copy of the new stuff pack too.
Winner announced on Monday.

08-04-19_1-23-50 PM (2)

Remy Stone, she is a jazz lover (music lover), she also loves a nice well-cooked meal (foodie) She is a bit ambitious and her family means more to her than anything. If she could, she would spend most of her days on the deck of a shabby but chic restaurant deck by the ocean, listening to the sweet sounds of music while having a grand meal. But her true passion is to be a famous singer/actress/writer.

Yolanda True – She’s a music lover, a little hot-headed, and a tiny bit materialistic. She was an only child and never learned to share much but she’s trying to overcome that… She’s got a real head for business and has a reputation as a skilled Start-Up Entrepreneur. Her people skills need some work, but investors seek her out because she gets results.

Esmeralda Rivers. Shes a child of the sea, loner, loves the sea. Her aspiration is writer because she lived on a island with her family because her father was a Marine biologist who wrote about the animals and plants so she wants to take after her father. She hopes to move to the city and become a writer for something like animal planet or discovery magazine.

Aurora Fields.  She is a romantic, cheerful and family-oriented. Her aspiration is big family as she lost her parents young and was raised in the foster care system. Her parents had wanted a big family but was never able to achieve their dreams so she wants to continue the legacy that they left behind. She is hoping to become a doctor, specializing in ob-gyn and pediatrics.

Brooke Derek, her traits are creative, ambitious, and neat. Her aspiration is Renaissance, she wants to be great at many things. Her job is a secret agent.

Azure Johnson, she wants to complete the music aspiration, she is a creative music lover who is also outgoing and she wants to save the world by being a conservationist.

Cassandra Loveless, loves nature and is a avid gardner. She likes to swim and help to clean up the ocean.

Vivian Crowley. She grew up in Sulani and always dreamed of becoming a world-renowned fashion photographer. Will she live out her dream or stay behind an easel and paint?  Creative, ambitious, neat.

Josephine Baker and she is a dancer, and activist, and member of the French Resistance. She is creative, ambitious, eccentric and a risk-taker.

Jasmine Rosewood Aspiration: Freelance Botanist.  Traits: She loves Outdoors, Creative & Cheerful … Career: Botanist

Vivian Lancaster, she’s a TV host and she wants to be famous (aspiration) and make the world a better place, she’s ambitious, good, a child of the island and she loves cats (traits). She uses her TV show to spread awareness.

Amira Saint Claire. Once a young professional, living the city life in a big metropolitan town, something happened which she never speaks of, but ever since she left her old life behind from one day to the next and went to live on the beach she fell in love with while running away from reality. Now she made it her life goal to help the sea creatures … especially those she has only managed to catch glimpses of in the distance. If only she could be like them, one of them, free to roam the deep seas without a care.

Hallee Sampson. She was born to a working-class mother who worked three jobs to get her to where she is. She wants to be a singer – her dream is to be world-famous (so she can buy her now elderly mother a home). Her traits are creative, family-oriented and a perfectionist!  She wants to max out singing, piano playing & dancing in order to be a world-famous singer!

Pheobe James is a 1920 flapper dress-wearing sim.  She is an active, romantic, good, jealous.  She wants to love but has been hurt so many times she doesn’t trust.

Nalani Mahi’ai is wise, hospitable, energetic, and perhaps a little too controlling. This is to be expected from somebody with her charm, and supernatural abilities.  She was born in an ordinary family, deep below the sea. She lived comfortably until she was about 18 years old, but at that point life began to change. She found her way onto dry land through various methods, and was very successful. With determination and some luck, she met and interacted with populations of people by transforming into a human form.  Now, with her diligence and persistence, there’s nothing to stop her from doing anything. She could quickly become a force to be reckoned with.


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22 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Magic Mike Part Deux

  1. Lol…Mike always gets himself in trouble! This is so hilarious and three little girls? What a challenge! That pic of Houkea crying was heartbreaking – at least she’ll always be their little princess. You have such interesting and unique Sims and I’m looking forward to what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I was hoping for a boy but I couldn’t bring myself to have her eat and carrots I thought I just leave it to chance. Perhaps I should have it in the carrots it might’ve bumped those twins out of the way. My game seems to love multiples

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Voted and good luck with twins! I agree with the previous comment that the picture of Houkea was heartbreaking! I hope she wakes up happy to meet her twin siblings! At least Mike is back to normal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow twin girls congratulations on you Queen. I am glad Mike is back , he was cute in Plantsims but that’s not suitable for a King to be cursed for too long.

    Liked by 1 person

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