An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Evella) BUSTED!

So is everybody ready for Discover University?

It is coming real soon!

AND YES I will be doing a giveaway (look for a chance to win 2 codes in my second Uni blog).

cray cray2

BUT while we wait let’s check in with Evella and see how her ROM adventure is going.


Donning her old hag Agnes disguise, Evella has been making frequent trips into the Magic Realm.

She has not learned any of their deep secrets yet but she is diligent in her quest.

She is not certain but she feels like lately there are many who seem to eye her skeptically.

“Stop with the paranoia”, she coaches herself.

She knows her disguise perfectly coaks her true identity.

OR she hopes so anyway.

10-06-19_3-08-10 PM

Strange encounters with local spellcasters have put her on edge.

She was minding her own business, waiting on her beverage, when glancing up she noted a young spellcaster eyeballing her quizzically.

Eyes squinting menacingly,  Agnes (Evella) returned his hard stare.

“What on earth is wrong with these people,” she uttered under her breath to herself.

Then slightly louder she groused, “Move on sonny, there is nothing to see here.”

10-24-19_2-31-35 PM

OH and let’s not forget the “cheerful” ones.

All with bright smiles, gushing their nosy concern at her, allowing all of us to bask in their brilliance.


Agnes (Evella) thought to herself, “If I wanted friends. I sure would not pick you sunshine.”

10-24-19_2-31-37 PM

Agnes (Evella) pretends not to see them snooping around …

always watching her.

10-24-19_2-31-36 PM10-24-19_2-31-38 PM10-24-19_2-47-57 PM

“Hello, can I help you with something,”  Agnes (Evella) turned sharply to face the prying eyes.

“OH yeasss, hello Agatha,” L. Faba chirped in surprise.

“Agnes,” growled Agnes (Evella).

L. Faba purred deceptively, “Oh .. of course, it is Agnes.”

Adding with a wry smile, “… isn’t it?”

10-24-19_2-49-43 PM

L. Faba continued,  “We …

UH …

I just wanted to get to know you a bit better so that I …

umm …

we could help you …

hhmmmm …

shall we say to find your …

uuuuh “fit” here the realm?

It has been noticed that you do not seem to have made any connections.”

L. Faba leaned forward with feigned sincerity, “What can I do to help, hon?”

10-24-19_11-48-01 PM

Employing her best deadpan stare, Agnes (Evella) said nothing in return.

10-24-19_9-53-13 PM

Worst of all them was that busy-body-do-gooder neighbor of hers.


‘Berto the annoying.

“Agnes,” Berto crooned, “there you are neighbor!

How are you doing?

We have ALL been so concerned over you.

The welcome wagon has been unable to reach you at home this entire week.

And Aleha has made her special fruitcake too.”

10-25-19_1-33-02 AM

With a slight eye-roll, Agnes (Evella) stifled a groan and stammered, “I have been quite busy

and besides that,”

she dismissed, “I am allergic to fruitcake.”

‘Berto persisted, “We just want to be a good neighbor to you and toooo …”

10-25-19_1-35-10 AM

Agnes (Evella) cut him short with a roar, “I am not interested in being a good neighbor SIR …

with you or any of the rest of …”

10-25-19_1-36-43 AM

The look on ‘Berto’s face caused her to realize that her outburst was a serious blunder.

Agnes (Evella) retreated quickly with some vague mutterings about being under stress lately.

‘Berto, not being the brightest bulb in the string, bought it and much to her dismay was even MORE concerned now than he had been at first.

10-25-19_2-35-57 AM

Apparently, the denizens of Glimmer Brook, agreeing that there is an issue,  have had some sort of meeting regarding her.

“I have spoken to her and I can tell you that my gut tells me that she is not to be trusted,” L. Faba informed her companions.

“I always trust my gut!

Someone has to do something about it!”

The lot was cast …

10-26-19_1-26-08 AM

and so the deed fell to Simon.

He approached Agnes (Evella)  with trepidation.

He could not put his finger on it but there was something ominous about her.

He could sense a deep evil and had heretofore given her a wide berth.

“My dear Agnes,” he began with a slight polite bow, “Forgive me, please.

There has been some concern in the community that you are not as you appear to be.

I am sent as an emissary to speak with you and to ascertain the truth of your identity.

We have our ways of finding out,” he reminded, “but would prefer not to use them.”

10-28-19_2-26-58 AM

Realizing that she had been busted, Agnes (Evella) issued low guttural utterance that made Simon cringe, “Very well then.”

With a snap of her fingers, the old hag was instantly enveloped in a thick cloud.

10-28-19_2-28-59 AM10-28-19_2-36-28 AM

“It is YOU!  Queen Evella,” Simon was enraged, “what are you doing here in our peaceful community?”

10-28-19_2-37-24 AM

“OH darling, do allow me to explain,” crooned the wicked queen.

Be careful Simon she lies as easily as she breathes.

10-28-19_2-48-54 AM

Later, back at home, Evella reflected on how easy it all was.

e07-24-19_11-29-37 AM

The fools played into her hands as easily as a lump of clay.


Simon seems a bit smitten by her charms.

e09-26-19_3-33-01 AM

Even that “idiot” Berto is falling for her cajoling.

e09-26-19_2-57-54 PMe09-26-19_3-01-29 PMe09-26-19_3-01-30 PM

There was one significant snafu.

An over-eager novice spellcaster made a small boo-boo.

e09-26-19_3-17-47 AM

Simon assured her it was an accident.

But was it really?

Many were snickering in their sleeves over her predicament.

e09-26-19_3-33-03 AM

Evella found NO humor at all in the situation …

and soon …

she was able to “convince” Simon to see her point of view.

e09-26-19_3-33-05 AMe09-26-19_3-33-04 AMe09-26-19_3-33-07 AMe09-26-19_3-33-08 AMe09-26-19_3-33-10 AMe09-26-19_3-33-02 AM

She is back to her heinous self and even has found a new friend to hang around with.

e10-04-19_4-24-13 AM

Magic learning is going great!

The same cannot be said about flying learning!

e10-24-19_11-34-52 AMe10-24-19_11-35-45 AMe10-24-19_11-36-30 AMe10-24-19_11-37-15 AMe11-04-19_3-11-10 AMe11-04-19_3-12-09 AMe11-16-19_2-00-32 AM

With Discover Uni rapidly approaching we must let Evella slip back into the SLOW moving story rotation.

(Be sure to watch for the coming posts.  I will be doing a giveaway of 2 Uni codes.)

We will be back later to see how she is doing with learning the deep secret magic she seeks.

Sweet dreams Evella …

e11-26-19_1-41-00 AM

for now anyway …

but be wary …

for we know he is still searching for you …

04-06-18_9-26-22 PM04-08-18_10-09-34 PM

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13 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Evella) BUSTED!

  1. Evella was in the wrong place trying to trick them. She forgot that they were spellcasters and could use magic too. She tried it, lol. I was extremely tickled watching her fall of that broom, lol. Oh boy, she better put on her A-game, ole boy is still looking for her (I can’t think of his name 😦 ) . I wonder if he is still interested in killing her? It would be a real shame if he decided to seek out some magic powers of his own. Focus Evella, focus! Lol


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