LisaBee: Stung – Episode 1

This is a 2 part series. Link to part 2 LisaBee: Stung – Episode 2

Welcome to my new tiny mini-series .. Stung.

Before I get to an explanation of the story/challenge,

allow me to give you some info on a giftable EP giveaway.

Some of my dear readers already know (but for those that don’t)

I am married to the RL Bob Pancakes (for like 100 years now)!

True to his sims form, my RL Bob can be a picky eater and a tiny bit grumbly (especially if the Seahawks are losing).

But don’t be mistaken, he has a seriously sweet side too.

On Black Friday SantaBob bought 2 expansion packs (Seasons and Get Together) at Target for me to use as a giveaway to you my readers.

This blog … we give away Seasons!

Because I will be giving you a code from the box, this expansion pack is also giftable.

See entry instructions and more information at the bottom of this blog.

(Not trying to be mean here but please do not message me about the giveaway if you have not read the instructions)

00 art line

The challenge:

While scrolling in a FB group I found this fun little challenge by Jay_Bird the nerd.

It really intrigued me.

It is s big step outside of my normal play-style.

I  have never played the mischief aspiration or a  Kepto.

What a fun experience!

It was totally new ground and, despite my earlier thinking,  it was not so easy.

I made a few errors along the way ❤

These are the challenge rules:

001 Challenge

00 art lineDusted off old Lisa Bee and gave her style befitting her new occupation …

001 lisa klepto bee

And so it begins …

Lisa Bee, aka the Bee, is desperately BROKE but has happy high hopes for quick easy simoleans.

THAT did not last long!

002 klepto start

After purchasing a prime bit of real estate, she lands right smack in the middle of gloomy old Forgotten Hollow.

Not the happiest place for a sun-loving bee but she will make do.

10-06-19_1-31-41 AM

True to simmie form, the welcome wagon rushes over to get to know their new neighbor.

The folks that greet her are so very odd.

AND she was NOT sure what was in that FRUIT(?) cake.

When she inquired of the giver, he told her it was an OLD family recipe.

She is of the opinion that perhaps it is a recipe best left in the past.

10-06-19_1-32-49 AM

The Bee makes friends easily and this strange fella seems a pleasant enough sort.

Peculiar …

but pleasant.

10-06-19_2-03-49 AM

Well now, who is this joining their little yak session?

She could smell an easy mark here.

Turning to her new neighbor, the Bee crooned, “Why it has been lovely getting to know you … uhhh … Caleb was it?

If you will excuse me for just a moment or two,

I am just going to slide on over here and have a chat with this niiiice gentleman for a while.”

Turning to the new arrival, the bee flashed her most charming smile on the unwitting dupe, and purred, “oh hello there, sir.”

This one will not be hard to bamboozle.

10-06-19_2-09-54 AM

Back at her home lot that night she reflected upon day one, it was a sad bust!

She did not know you could not just start stealing stuff.

Mischief skill was required and the Bee had none at all!

So the take from day one was .. ZIPPO .. NADA .. NOTHING!

She has to get her mischief up.

On day two she will take some time to make a call on that nice (gullible) Mr. Mortimer.

10-05-19_1-16-02 PM

The Bee insinuated herself into the Goth home and soon had the family captivated by her wily charms.

Mortimer especially seems mesmerized by her razzle-dazzle.

10-05-19_2-36-13 AM

No matter how many times she pranks him, like a yoyo, he keeps coming back for more.

10-05-19_2-37-10 AM

“Whoa there sonny,” the startled Bee exclaimed,

“you gave me quite a start.

What am I doing?

Well UUHMM …


Thinking quickly the busted Bee conjured up a lie, “I was checking to see if the maid had dusted this properly.

I know how hard it is to get good help these days.”

The child grinned in grateful response.

This was just too easy.

10-05-19_3-06-18 AM

She did manage to get her skill up enough to allow her to be able to pinch a few small things.

Her victims were none the wiser … maybe .. she hoped!

The Goths were her first STING!

10-05-19_3-08-16 AM

With all three daily nabs done she had time to attend to her needs …

10-06-18_2-10-33 AM10-06-19_01-06-56 PM10-06-19_01-06-58 PM

and to do a bit of studying.

Gaining mischief skill was more challenging than she thought it would be.

10-06-19_01-29-44 PM10-06-19_01-29-46 PM10-06-19_01-29-47 PM

It was a paltry take BUT it was a start!

day 2 takeday 2

Day 3 finds Bee on the on the hunt in Oasis Springs.

Keep your eye on the prize… girl!

She admonishes herself,

KEEP your eye on the prize!

She wonders how long will it be before she is able to steal something this valuable?

She does manage to grab a couple of small things from the museum before she heads out.

10-06-19_1-04-47 AM

Oasis Springs brings fresh pickings in the easy mark department!

10-06-19_2-50-00 PM10-07-19_1-00-30 AM10-07-19_12-54-44 AM.jpg

As the day draws to a close she has to make a final “selection” …

this is the first time she got busted.

By the Bartender!


After her brief period of mortification passes, as midnight draws nigh, she gets desperate and nabs what she hopes is an expensive chair.

It wasn’t!

10-07-19_12-58-09 AM

During a potty stop at the park on the way home, the watcher looks away for a few seconds and the Bee takes full advantage of the situation to drop a few of those hard-earned simoleans on a plate of burgers.

11-06-19_12-58-55 PMday 3 takeday 3

It is now technically day four.

The night is still young, and having rested earlier,  she hopes to get a jump start on the day.

Bee heads out to the town square to see what she could see.

As she contemplates snatching something of this size …

10-06-19_2-10-16 PM

she spies a grumpy one just hanging around outside of his own gate.

He does not look like a soft cuddly type but the Bee is not concerned …

she can smell the simoleans on him.

That trumps all!

She hurries to become acquainted with her surly neighbor.

10-06-19_2-19-35 PM10-06-19_2-19-36 PM10-06-19_2-19-37 PM

Despite his churlish manner, Bee stays undaunted.

We get a small glimpse of her motivation behind them.

10-06-19_2-26-54 PM (3)

The Bee hates to grab and dash …

but …

well, no …

actually, she loves it.

10-06-19_2-42-08 PM (2)

With her daily pilfering quota out of the way, she has plenty of time to develop those important ties with her “easy” marks.

10-01-19_1-40-12 AM

Some leisurely mischief practice …

10-06-19_1-37-57 PM10-14-19_1-37-54 AM10-14-19_1-38-54 AM10-14-19_1-39-07 AM10-14-19_2-07-14 AM

and even some extracurricular activities.

Hey, she said he was peculiar…

she did not say he was not cute.

10-14-19_2-19-46 AM10-14-19_2-21-58 AM

aday 4

I learned a rough lesson here … never go live after placing the daily take for pictures.  The items devalue instantly.

I have NO idea how much I have lost in the past 4 days …


Her grand total at the end of day 4 is $3,337 …

yikes, this is slow.

day 4 take

00 art line

Next  LisaBee: Stung – Episode 2 >>

00 art line

Giveaway entry details:

(Please read carefully)

This entry information is for a Seasons code   If you already own this feel free to enter and regift them or even use them in a giveaway of your own 🙂

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 9 December and the winner announced  10th December on twitter and FB (plus individual will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be found in today’s blog):


What family got stung by the Bee first?

You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways …


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I will add all entrant names to a spreadsheet and then selection will be made via Random number . com

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      1. And I just popped episode two up last night … No time to put it up in Facebook we are on baby watch big time here. Head back to the hospital with my daughter today as they try to keep her stable for at least another week. Had a big scare yesterday.


      2. Oh my dear, I’m so sorry to know that you had a big scare yesterday. Hope the attempt to stabilize works and is a comfort to mother-to-be and baby too. BIG Hugs and lots of positive vibes being sent your way!!

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