Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: March 2020 Theme & February 2020 Submissions (Winner’s Update)

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Please note:

Part 1 of this blog will present the upcoming monthly theme, banner links and challenge specifics for the current month.

Part 2 will contain links to the previous month’s submissions and a link to vote in each category (veteran or novice).

After the vote closes an update to this blog post will be made to announce the winners in each category.

If you are brand new to this challenge click here for info on starting and posting:

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – Announcement & Info


Part One –  New Theme:

To celebrate the new year and the new decade, in January 2020 we started a NEW thing.

A little exercise in cooperative creativity.

A writing collab of sorts, if you will.

A new story for all of us that will cross blog-lines and if we allow it, will jog us past the comfort of our well worn predictable creative paths.

* The first month (Jan 2020) we created a protagonist.

* In the second month (Feb 2020) we created an antagonist and introduced an issue between them in our short story.

* This month, March 2020,  choose a supporting character (from the characters submitted in this small collab series) to help resolve the conflict between your protagonist and their antagonist.

(You should be able to find them for DL in the gallery.

Please be kind and link the blog of your support character choice to your story so that the originator will get recognized too. 

ANY questions please ask me.)

** Second chance **

If you missed the deadline to submit your protagonist for the monthly vote IT IS NOT TOO LATE to join the fun.

Muse on and create your protagonist.

Chose your antagonist.

Chose your supporting character

Start AND wrap up your story from here.

Again, I have given more breathing room in the word count for March so that it will allow you to flesh out your protagonist a bit as you address their relationship with their antagonist and how the support character brought a resolution to the conflict.





Up to 1200 max (giving you more elbow room)


min 4 to max 12


31 March 2020 @ Midnight PST


Post your story on your blog AND here.

(If you are new to the forum and cannot post a link yet let me know and I will help.)

Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – forum thread link


March 2020 participant banners

(Dropbox Link)

Submit in one of two categories.

Generally …

Novice – blogging for a year or less


Veteran – blogging for more than a year and/or more experienced writer

Place whichever banner you choose at the beginning of your blog to indicate which branch of the challenge you are submitting to (Novice or Veteran).



Part two – Past month submissions

Vote & Winner’s Update

By reader’s vote the winners for February 2020 are:

Veteran Catagory

1st Place The Book of Love and Death Part II

2nd Place Uri’s Tale

3rd Place Part 2: Backstabber


Novice Catagory

1st Place Her people

2nd Place Valley of Angels- Part 2

3rd Place Matilda: The encounter

February 2020 Submissions:

This month the challenge was to create a conflict between the writer’s original protagonist and a newly added antagonist.

Who did it best?

The choice is yours, the reader.

You pick the challenge winners!

Voting closes 7 March 2020 at midnight PST


GL everyone!

Vet Participant

MSSSC Submissions Veteran –

The Book of Love and Death Part II

Part 2: Backstabber

February: CJ

Castaway Todd Part 2 A Grey Day in Paradise

The Life of Veronica Grey: Part 2

Dawn and the Antagonistic Book Club

Light and Darkness

New Moon

Uri’s Tale

Short Story: Lucian 2

Please remember to pick your 3 favorites in the poll.

*Veteran vote link* Closed


Novice Participant

MSSSC Submissions novice –

Matilda: The encounter

Valley of Angels- Part 2

Her people

Please pick your 2 favorites.

*Novice vote link*  Closed


Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – Table of contents

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