SpringCollab: The Egg Hunt CAS & Build

This lookbook project was created for the #Springcollab

I am so honored to be a part of this fab 52 member collab.

Check out this Google Doc with the member list (AND LINKS)!

If there is an amazing builder (and some CAS) they are on here!

Sims 4 Spring Collab Member List

Be sure to click that hashtag … #springcollab … in the gallery.

Thank you SatiSim for the hard work you put into pulling this off and for including me.

LOVE you tons.

00 art line

Most of you all know I love CAS and I am not the most FAB builder out there.

So choosing a CAS project was a no-brainer for me.

I thought it would be fun to do an Easter/spring themed CC lookbook.

As I was working on it, I realized I needed a photoshoot backdrop and created a simple park for that purpose.

For a little more fun, I hid quite a few eggs there. How many can you find?

CC links are shared below for both the CAS and the build.  I did try to mix it up some with old and new favs.

If you are a vanilla game fan there are no cc versions created just for you!

00 art line

I hope you all enjoy this peek at the Woodward family as they visit the park for an egg hunt.<3

03-20-20_3-25-44 PM03-20-20_3-25-05 PM03-20-20_3-28-16 PM03-20-20_3-28-40 PM03-20-20_3-27-01 PM03-20-20_3-23-26 PM03-20-20_3-34-07 PM03-20-20_3-42-31 PM03-20-20_3-47-49 PM03-20-20_3-49-44 PM03-20-20_3-32-20 PM03-20-20_3-32-22 PM03-20-20_3-58-55 PM03-20-20_3-59-44 PM03-20-20_4-05-09 PM03-20-20_4-12-42 PM03-20-20_4-04-01 PM03-20-20_4-25-16 PM

Most of the poses came from PlumbBob Tea Society –poses & other garden stuff 

00 art line

CAS Egg Hunt LookBook

CC used on all sims:

RemusSirion Eyeshadow 26

RemusSirion Blush 06

RemusSirion Residue Lipstick

Kijiko 3D Lashes Ver 2

Ms Blue Skintone set V2

Meteor Eyes (non default)

Spring Fling Bunny Earsnot for Toddlers

Watercolor Cas Background By Katverse  – That great CAS background 

Nelson Woodward

03-19-20_9-08-15 PM03-19-20_9-09-09 PM

Rusty Eyeglasses N37

S-Club WM TS4 Eyelashes M 201704

Band Collar EP07 shirt by Simstrouble

Luumia Body Hair V5

Pants by MarvinSims

Hair – Ernesto

Adult CAS pose pack 

Payton Woodward

03-19-20_9-28-42 PM03-19-20_9-29-13 PM

Hair – Riley

RemusSirion Eyeline 13

Aveira’s Flower Necklace  – This is an oldie but I have used it since I first DL’d it

Nails by SimLaughLove You will note that they do not conflict with lashes

Aveira Celebration Shoes

Spring Fling Stuff (stockings)

Halterneck Jumpsuit SS19 by Rusty 

Adult CAS pose pack

Kolby Woodward

03-19-20_9-56-23 PM03-19-20_10-01-48 PM

Dee-vious Fauxhawk Hair

Sweater & Shirt with Bow Tie

Child CAS pose pack

Raegan Woodward

03-19-20_10-07-03 PM03-19-20_10-07-51 PM

SFS Flower Crown

Emily Bun for Kids



Cardi by PTS

Child CAS pose pack

Melina Woodward

04-19-20_9-40-15 PM

Hair – Ines

Toddler Bloomer Dress PTS

Toddler onesie

Toddler Sneakers

Granny Basket

Toddler CAS Pose


Cocoa Woodward (yes, a chocolate Lab <3) 

05-19-20_9-02-45 PM

Freezer Bunny hat for pets


The Bunny  (Guest appearance by yours truly in simmie form)

06-19-20_9-05-25 PM

No CC on the bunny ❤


CAS Gallery links:

CC version: DropBox Link – Tray files only* –The Egg Hunters


No cc version: Gallery Link


00 art line

Build CC links:

Turtle by JenniSims

Spring Fling stuff Nolan-sims & Dee-tron (bunnies, basket, signs, wreath)

Animated Pigeons By Bakie Gaming

Easter Basket (mod) by Icemunmun

Petals on ground 

Build Links:

Pictures by Roseymow:  Spring & Life quotes


CC version: DropBox Link – Tray files only* – The Egg Hunt Park


No cc version: Gallery Link


00 art line

I hope you all enjoyed my offering to this FAB collab.

BE SURE to check out some of the other offerings.

The ones I have seen are incredible (I will end with a few screen grabs from our collab chat).

Some already have Maxis favs ❤

I also hope in these difficult days you will hold on to your faith and be courageous as we face a very uncertain time.

Stay strong and safe!

Just a small small small taste –


*out of respect for our cc artists and their TOUS I have not included a mods file .. please give the artist some love and DL from them.

7 thoughts on “SpringCollab: The Egg Hunt CAS & Build

    1. Seattle where I live is very dire. W are hit hard and all is closed but I am well danke! Ihope it is the same for you ❤ I am honored that you read my blog! You are so very welcome. I am always pleased to use your beautiful work. I have been a fan for a long time.


      1. yes i know, you are a faithful fan…LOL…i’m fine too, all shops are closed in germany too , I didnt see/ saw? my grandchildren since a few weeks… i move in another flat on friday, my son in law and I, we the only person do that since 2 weeks evry day we work hard… only on friday comes help for kitchen and so on

        i wish you good health and evry thing♥


  1. Really cute project and gorgeous Sims! What a nice way to celebrate Easter and Spring (it’s autumn/fall where I live, though)!


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