Short Story: Lucian 3

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The summer seemed to drag on forever.

Lucian was at his wit’s end.

It seemed every time he turned around the boy was right there.

03-28-20_1-41-36 AM

Even at his own home.

Talking … talking … talking

Always talking to him!

This was driving him crazy.

03-28-20_1-13-37 AM

There was no reprieve!

Not even at work.

CJ would stop in to see Gracie and the next thing you know he was sitting back by Lucius’ desk going on and on about some nonsense.

It was on one such a day, Lucian was suffering through a particularly long discourse from CJ, when the phone call came.

Lucian snatched up the phone cutting the boy off midsentence.

“Hello,” he said a bit too quickly and a bit too loudly.

“Lucian Belanger?” The brusk voice responded,  “This is Harold Smith, I am the editor in chief for The Newcrest Observer. ”

“Hello sir,” the perplexed Lucian replied, “what can I do for you?”

Lucian knew his online competitor.  While they both shared a passion for the news, Lucian preferred paper and Harold preferred Pixels.

Harold began, “Well, Lucian.  I need a favor. I don’t know if you saw the article that I ran on the inhabitants of Windy Isle a few months back.”

Lucian said sadly he had not but the mere mention of Windy Isle had his interest peaked.

Harold related the story of a girl named Moon who lived on the mysterious island. 

Life on the isle was getting harder and harder to manage, she desperately needed people to come to help with the land and to find a home in the place they called serenity.  ***

“The story,”  Harold said, “was intended to draw new settlers to the island.

We were certain it had helped, but months later we found out that a castaway who had washed up on the shores had run all of the new people off as soon as they landed on the island.

What we need is someone to go and interview her again.

We thought perhaps you and your news crew might be a good fit for this.

Confused, Lucian asked, “But how? Windy Isle has for many years has been deemed off-limits to non-natives.”

After hearing assurance from Harold, Lucian was very excited to accept the invitation to interview Moon.

As he hung up CJ excitedly exclaimed, “Windy Isle!  I have always wanted to go there.

Can I go, please?

Please please please can I go?”

Lucian was calculating how to say no BUT Gracie had walked up and looked excited about the prospect of visiting the isle too.

Lucian Sighed.

He knew he was going to regret it, but he said yes.

03-28-20_2-39-31 AM

A furious Gracie stopped up the Windy Isle beach.

Both boys walk sheepishly up the hill behind her.

She was furious with them.

They had bickered the entire ferry trip over to the isle.

They were always ruining her excursions with bickering!

Despite her many pleas, CJ just would not leave Mr. Lucien alone.

She often wondered to herself, does CJ like me or is he dating me only to hang out with Lucian?

03-29-20_2-16-48 AM

While CJ and Gracie stopped to have a few sharp words, Lucian slipped past them and into the compound where he encountered the beautiful Moon who was preparing a delectable feast for them to enjoy later.

03-29-20_2-34-34 AM

With the meal tucked into the ground under the hot coals, Moon and Lucian sat down to chat.

Moon freely shared Serenity’s history and her hopes for the future.

03-29-20_2-35-52 AM

They both soon became aware that CJ was standing awkwardly in front of them

Lucian tried his best to ignore him and continue his conversation with Moon.

03-29-20_2-39-41 AM

But CJ was not going anywhere.




Moon just rolled her eyes and waited patiently for the conversation to come back to her.

03-29-20_2-39-42 AM

All through the feast Moon appeared to be deep in thought and very sad.

03-29-20_2-48-30 AM

That night at the campfire Moon found herself seated between Lucian and CJ.
The barbs flew back-and-forth across her.
Finally, having enough, she turned to CJ and asked, “Why are you bugging this poor man the way you do?
You have pestered him all day long!”
CJ turned bright red and looked as of he would cry.
“I .. don’t know.
I guess I just wanted him to like me.”
Lucien sat with a smug smile on his face.
Until Moon turned to him and said, “AND you sir.  Why are you so grumpy with him?
There seems to be no reason for it”
Lucian was taken aback but she was right.
Moon continued, “family is so important!  
CJ you’ve lost your grandfather and you’ve been rejected by your parents.
To me, it is obvious that you seek somebody stable in your life to look up to.
And you Mr Lucian,  you have nobody in yours!
Your wife has passed.
You had no children and no grandchildren.
You spend all of your days at work.
You need people in your life Mr Lucian.”

03-29-20_3-00-15 AM

Suddenly, the “boys” seemed to see each other in a different light.


They could be family if they tried.

03-29-20_3-00-16 AM

A few weeks later Lucian took CJ on his first fishing trip.

03-29-20_3-28-57 AM

Fishing was fun,

but it was also time to talk to the boy about the future.

He was not getting younger and he wanted a grandchild.

03-29-20_3-28-58 AM

Gracie wrote a wonderful story about Moon and Windy Isle.

Soon many came to make their homes in Serenity.

03-30-20_3-15-14 AM

CJ, Gracie, and Lucian were among the new residents.

They had pledged themselves to Serenity.

Their handprints on the rock were testimony to that!

03-30-20_3-24-14 AM

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** To read the FAB story of The Girl from WIndy Island visit SimLife Stories by the wonderful Rainbow Plumbob

Moon Beam and Serenity Isle are available to download on the Gallery:


CJ. is the creation of Flawsome Sims and his story can be found here

CJ Bonnaview (A Sims 4 Short Story) #MSSSC


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12 thoughts on “Short Story: Lucian 3

  1. Aw, what a sweet ending! I love how Moon was able to voice everyone’s feelings and help them find a way to bond with each other. And I loved the final screenshot with the handprints! Really nicely done! 🙂


  2. What a sweet ending! So happy they could move past the bickering and find a way to unite with each other. Good on Moon for making that happen!


  3. I really enjoyed this, and the whole storyline leading to it. It was a great combination of characters to bring together and I love how you really brought out their personalities, this is added to by the great photos too. I hope this is not the end of seeing Lucien


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