Bob n Bee: A Murky Interlude

Since Bob and Bee have decided to go off the grid for a while I thought they might be just the candidates to show you a little story/house tour.

Their realtor showed them a darling little fixer-upper listed on the Murkland MLS.

The price was right (cheap)  so …

05-16-20_2-03-47 PM

they made the jump to homeownership.

Here they are.

Murky home sweet home.

Does not look so sweet …


I think Bob thinks Bee looks sweet in that outfit.

“Hello, Momma!”

Bee doesn’t mind one little bit …

she is sweet on Bob too!

04-13-20_7-58-31 PM

Deep in the ground of their new abode is a fully equipped small off the grid bunker.

Bob and Bee have everything they need to have a happy quiet life.

First a nice little breakfast …

sorry, Bob no pancakes today.

04-13-20_7-58-32 PM04-13-20_7-58-33 PM04-13-20_7-58-34 PM

Then a little strategy meeting before tackling chores that need to be done to make this place into a home.

Their home!

04-13-20_8-00-13 PM

They both agree that it is really a lovely place.

Good neighbors, like that nice Zest fella, leave them alone to get settled in.

No annoying fruitcake toting welcome wagons.

04-13-20_8-03-20 PM

Bee tends her beloved hive.

Sooooo many babies, Bee!

04-13-20_8-06-13 PM

Tending the beginnings of a garden is a daunting task that falls to both.

04-13-20_8-07-58 PM04-13-20_8-09-25 PM

Good work Bob, making good use of all that scrap wood!

04-13-20_9-32-46 PM

It will be a lot of work but teamwork will make the dream work. (Sorry I had to do it.)

04-13-20_8-09-27 PM

Yep, Bob is still liking the look of that outfit!

04-13-20_8-09-30 PM

Ekk! Someone forgot to feed Bessie.

04-13-20_9-31-38 PM

Noooo Bob!

Not the cake.

Don’t take the caaaaake!

05-15-20_2-59-53 AM05-15-20_3-01-15 AM


04-13-20_9-31-39 PM04-13-20_9-31-40 PM

I guess Bessie is not a fan of pancakes!

04-13-20_9-31-41 PM

Get that beast some chow, Bob!

04-13-20_9-31-43 PM

Bee got to work to washing up his smelly mucky clothing.

The odor of cowplant slime is not something you want scenting your tight quarters.

04-13-20_9-24-10 PM04-13-20_9-27-21 PM04-13-20_9-29-22 PM04-13-20_9-30-11 PM

After a quick shower, Bob and Bessie settle their differences.

04-13-20_9-31-44 PM

It has been a long day and a little rest and relaxation is well deserved!

04-13-20_9-31-45 PM04-13-20_9-31-48 PM04-13-20_9-32-30 PM


No computer …

what on earth will they do with all that free time?

04-13-20_9-32-57 PM04-13-20_9-32-58 PM04-13-20_9-32-47 PM04-13-20_9-32-43 PM04-13-20_9-32-45 PM

Good night lovebirds.

Tomorrow is another long day in Murkland.

04-13-20_9-32-59 PM04-13-20_9-32-60 PM

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04-13-20_9-32-61 PM04-13-20_9-32-62 PM04-13-20_9-32-63 PM

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Murky Doomsday Bunker by Lisabeesims 

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17 thoughts on “Bob n Bee: A Murky Interlude

  1. That was sweet! I read it together with my bf he said its awesoem, he likes he was amazed with everything lol i love ur build too so murky from the inside to outside, its amazing well done! Oh n thank u for the links of the objects looks cool to have ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That was super funny and it looks like a lot of fun to play!! I am not brave enough to play with that plant so I think anyone who does is so brave! Thankfully Bob didn’t die and end all your fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did not see it til he was already looking at it normally I have them feed it right as soon as I see it .. but if Bob had died I wold have exited without saving NO MATTER how much I lost in the build.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Very cute and creative build! That mean old cowplant; I’m very grateful sims don’t die the first time they take the cake, only the second time if the sim is still uncomfortable from the first time they took it!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. You know I love anything Murkland, but I never saw this one before. It came out during a time I was not around in my Sims. I love it. They are so adorable, and I LOVE this lot. As always I enjoy your photos, how you use the game’s silliness and build it into the story, and the time you obviously take with the details in the photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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