An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Double Trouble

A month or so back I ask you, the readers, to choose the direction for, and thank you,  you all spoke.

The vote was close, ending up a mere 5 points between 1st place Mike & Rose and 2nd place Lisa Bee in Murkland.  I promise to get some murky stories going soon!

It took a little while to rebuild the Sulani world that they live in BUT I do think we are ready to roll!

Let’s go see what our little castaway royalty is up to …

00 art line

In our last visit with the family, Mike had just recovered from a sketchy encounter with the island menehune.

These mischievous little miscreants had him feeling a little green around the gills (and everywhere else too).

01-03-19_3-27-43 AM

Our pregnant Rose thought his plant sim self looked delicious (she kept trying to nibble his ears).

Mike found it rather worrisome!

01-07-19_4-09-24 AM

It was a happy morning when his tanned face looked back at him in the mirror.

01-01-19_9-34-49 PM

A couple of weeks later the twins arrived!

They welcomed, little Ala’ula!

The red rose named after Rose White’s sister

and little Kachina.

Named for the dancing blue spirits who blessed them with this gift.

Keeping twins happy was a daunting task.

In true island ohana (family) spirit,  friends and neighbors often gathered lend a hand to the happy little brood.

01-09-19_9-31-39 PM01-29-19_8-42-14 PM

As he is with Houkea, Mike is an exemplary papa!

01-29-19_8-45-23 PM

Originally Houkea had not been too happy at the thought of not being the baby anymore:

01-09-19_3-20-06 AM

One look at the babies changed her mind!

No more distress over not being the family baby.

In fact, just the opposite!

01-30-19_7-31-53 PM

Mike and Rose laugh at how attentive she’s to “her” babies.

She is an ever-present and doting big sister.

01-30-19_7-31-54 PM

She spends much time watching over them and waiting for them to grow up so that she can play with them.

01-30-19_8-13-19 PM

When they finally do get old enough, she freely shares her toys and

good advice on living their best life!

The twins seem to listen to every word of her toddler wisdom.

As though they are certain Houkea is the coolest big sister in the world!

01-30-19_9-45-40 PM

Sadly the toddler posse did not ride for long.

Houkea was growing up and soon the business of going to school, of learning and socializing with school mates would break up this merry trio!

Today is Houkea’s birthday.

Rose, excited to have an opportunity to show off her baking skills, is whipping up a perfectly scrumptious coconut cake for the party.

An exhausted Mike is on his 3rd cup of coffee.

The twins had been up frequently in the night calling on their gallant knight to fight the monsters under the bed.

01-32-18_9-53-44 PM

♫Ooboo Vroose Baa Dooo ♬

♫Ooboo Vroose Baa Dooo ♬

♫Ooboo Vroose, my dearest Houkea ♬

♫Ooboo Vroooooose Baaa Dooooooooo ♬

Mike crooned his birthday wish to his darling firstborn as he carried her down to her party.

How quickly the time has passed, he thought!

01-32-19_10-23-41 PM01-32-19_10-29-38 PM

Ahh yes, papa, she has grown up well indeed!

You have every right to be proud!

01-32-19_11-15-16 PM

More coffee Mike?

From the look of things, you are going to need it!

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)

“I just don’t know, Mama,” Mike confided over his 5th cup of coffee,

“I feel like I am the worst dad in the world.

The twins are such a handful.

They are always two steps ahead of me.

I am worried that Rose and I are doing something terribly wrong.

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)0

They are into everything!

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)102-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)202-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)302-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)402-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)5

OH and let’s not even talk about the tantrums!”

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (6)6

Mama laughed a kindly laugh, her words soft and comforting,

“It is okay!

It is all normal behavior, Mike.

They are just being Keiki, very clever Keiki.

Clever and curious children are often very opinionated and get into mischief.

AND let’s not forget that there are two of them!

They have each other to instigate waggishness.

Compadres in crime.

Trust me, your girls are going to be just fine.”

Then, ever the wisecracker, Mama added with a wave of her hand,

“Now you and Rose … well … ”  with a twinkle in her eye she left the rest unsaid.

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (9)

Feeling assured the grateful papa gave Mama a big hug, “What would Rose and I do without you!”

Mama, who was not only the trusted island midwife but had the largest brood of happy little Keiki on the island and was considered an unrivaled authority on raising children, just laughed again.

Mike knew if Mama said it was going to be alright, then it was going to be alright!

02-18-23_11-16-01 PM (10)

UHHH .. Mike?

02-18-25_11-16-01 PM (7)


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Table of contents for Mike and Rose:

An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Table of Contents

00 art line

Even though these credits have been shared long ago .. I would like to reiterate them now …

King Mike – Lyhandros

mike and auntie

Mama & her babies – Charlii – Mai

charlii family

Their beautiful Island home – Anchesenamon

island living anchesenamon

Auntie Healani – Elocine


Uncle Amu – sacred70 (he did not appear in this update but did not want to forget him because he is a frequently occurring character)


Also not appearing in this update is DAGON the terrible – a frequently reoccurring character

12-07-18_2-18-30 AM

He and his island were created by Simoniona



00 art line

Vet Participant april

This story was submitted as a JUST FOR FUN entry (I could not give up any of my screenshots) in the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge

The current world situation looms large.

People are hurting and people are fearful.

It is a time like no one has ever seen before.

We wanted to bring a tiny bit of light.

So my scribbling friends and I, are digging into our bag of tricks and pulling out one of our best weapons this month.


We were to pick one of these “funny” words and use it in a humorous story.

Jocose            Waggish            Wisecracker            Farceur            Buffoon            Larker

Mine comes in at 726 words and 26 screenshots (babies are too hard to throw in the Recycle Bin)


18 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Double Trouble

  1. Those girls are a mess and a half! No wonder Mike was doubting his fatherly abilities. Lol. But they cute as pie! I’m glad he’s not green anymore, although he looks good regardless of what color he is! 🥰😍❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No wild child but one is independent and the other is inquisitive and I think that the combo just really makes for craziness … They are the first kids iPad in the Sims it didn’t seem to need their parents either

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Interesting. I’ve never had the inquisitive trait (I’ve had independent though). Hmm…that might be a fun combo one day if my sims ever have twins.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It was a dirty roll from EA lol .. Houkea had the charmer trait and was easy .. if not a bit emotional LOL .. we will see if she keeps that going but with the child of the islands prob not – fingers crossed

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I am so excited to see a new chapter of Mike and Rose White and family! The twins are so adorable, even when they are throwing a tantrum. ❤ ❤ ❤
    The real money on the island is in coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww, they had twins! Houkea is so cute and sweet, I am sure she will continue the be the best big sister ever! It’s so good to see them! They have gotten pretty comfortable on the Island, it is going to be hard for them to leave if they ever get the chance to. I loveee, Mama, such a sweet and gentle spirit. Don’t worry Mike, you are doing great, those girls are going to adore you just as we do. ❤ Great update! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore Mama and Auntie Healani has not gotten much blog time but she is sweet too .. eventually yes we will go back to windenburg and deal with the issues that remain there .. you will love the next one ❤


    2. It is strange but Mike is very much of a homebody and hands on with the family and not as connected as Rose seems to be (in game play that is) I am sure that Rose will leave a big part of her life on the island


  4. What adorable twins (albeit a bit naughty!). Glad Houkea was excited about their arrival and keen to teach them how to ‘live their best life’ (how cute!). Maybe she will teach them to be good too 😉


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