Bob n Bee: Dressed to Kill

Sometimes a story doesn’t need any words.

Bob n Bee are invited to a wedding event.

They definitely clean up good.

Let’s peek in and see how the photo shoot goes.

You do the captioning!

(Extra kudos to the person who finds the Easter egg I accidentally left behind LOL)

01-11-20_4-14-33 PM05-11-20_4-08-07 PM05-11-20_4-08-08 PM05-11-20_4-36-00 PM05-11-20_4-36-38 PM05-11-20_4-38-28 PM05-11-20_4-39-20 PM05-11-20_4-39-21 PM05-11-20_4-41-17 PM05-11-20_4-41-51 PM05-11-20_4-41-52 PM05-11-20_4-43-50 PM05-11-20_4-43-57 PM05-11-20_4-44-29 PM05-11-20_4-45-02 PM06-11-20_4-13-31 PM06-11-20_4-13-32 PM07-11-20_4-28-44 PM07-11-20_4-28-45 PM

I hope you enjoyed this little interlude .. I did not have the heart to leave the shots on the cutting room floor!

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For more on Bob n Bee go here:

Bob n Bee: Table of Contents


00 art line

If you like the lot you can find out more about it and get the link here (I used the cc free version and added a few trees  behind to block all the townies who kept photobombing)

SpringCollab: The Egg Hunt CAS & Build

CC links:

Dress … Duchess of Dress III by Rusty

shoes … SLYD’s Charlene Heels – Recolor by Aveira

Her hair … Rachel Hair by Liliilil

Earrings … Rose Earrings by Toksik

Bob’s hat … BA’s Jaunty Fedora

Bob’s suit … Louis Tomlinson Suits Set No. 2 – City Living needed

Poses Links:

Let’s Walk Together by ClumsyAlienn


Jane Austin Inspired Poses by Atashi77

13 thoughts on “Bob n Bee: Dressed to Kill

    1. I love doing wordless stories .. the nuances of body language and facial expression to relate a succession of events .. so much fun but I am certain if I did that in the challenge there would be a munitiny LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Your lovely couple and beautiful surroundings certainly evoke feelings of love, the kind that lasts forever. There might be bumps in the road but both are willing to continue traveling it together.


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