An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Haukea Too

Momma says that I am a child of the islands.

She tells me that I was given that blessing by her friend, the fabulous old Shaman who made my mother the healthy tea that helped her have me.

Momma calls him a wonderful old dear and says he gave me the special blessing to keep me safe, just before he left on his mystical journey.

11-18-18_2-06-19 AM

I can often feel his blessing around me.

It makes me feel happy and very safe.

04-26-20_8-10-25 PM

Quite often I get special messengers who visit me.

Island Elementals, ancient wise ones who tell me stories of the past.

They say that I must know the past so I can be wise in the future.

Like my Daddy, they believe in my education too.

They tell me I am very special.

I listen well and hope one day that I can be as special as they say I am.

04-26-20_8-35-39 PM

Their stories are always wonderful.

Soon they leave me fast asleep, snug in my bed with visions of their stories dancing in my dreams.

04-26-20_8-38-00 PMa

Last night was very differnt.

It was very strange.

They came after I was asleep.

They took me on an amazing journey.

I had the most wonderful visions.

When I woke I called loudly. “Mommma Moooooomma, MOOOOOOOMMA!”

I could not help it!

I was so excited by what I had seen.

I had to tell her!

Momma came running quickly.

05-05-20_12-51-35 AM

“Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed as she hushed me,  “Houkea what on earth is the matter?

You are going to wake the babies with all this fuss.

What is wrong with you!”

“OH Momma,” I said, “I had the most wonderful journey  last night.”

I could tell by the twinkling in her eye she did not believe I had been away on a journey.

BUT I had!

I told her how one of the ancient messengers came to me last night after I was asleep.

04-26-20_8-49-38 PM

How he woke and told me I had to come.

He told me, “It is time for you to learn something important about yourself.

You must come with me now.”

“I was a little afraid Momma …

04-26-20_8-50-20 PM

but then the blessing came and surrounded me so I knew I was going to be okay.”

Momma looked puzzled but she said nothing and just listened quietly, so I went on.

“I agreed and then fell sound asleep, right away!”

04-26-20_8-51-30 PMaa04-27-20_4-08-11 PM

“When I woke up I was in a pretty, small, blue room.

I was wearing a pink silk dress and a crown like a princess.

My messengers were there, but  they said they did not have any stories for me to learn from this time.

That this time I would need to learn it on my own.

I was not scared Momma, I was brave.”

04-27-20_4-23-56 PM

Momma smiled.  I still didn’t think she believed me.

I smiled back and went on, “The messengers told me that they were only there to escort me to the place I needed to go to learn something important about myself.

They got up, told me to follow and left the small blue room.

04-27-20_24-14-57 PM04-28-20_2-21-29 AM

As I stepped out of the blue room, I saw it was not a room but a magical carriage and my escorts were now handsome footmen.

I looked around and Momma,  there were no palm trees, or ocean, or salty breezes, or sand.

Only mountains and tall pointy trees that smelled  so good.

One of the footman told me they were called conifers.

That sure is a strange name for something that smells so good.

04-28-20_2-22-17 AM

They walked me down a path towards a beautiful castle.

04-28-20_2-46-01 AM(1)

There were red roses all around it;

OH Momma it was so  pretty.

They smelled so good that I thought I could float up in the air.”

04-28-20_2-46-00 AM

There was a bright golden sun over the doors and shiny swords with dragons on the sheilds.

It was just like in some of the stories teacher read to us in school.

As I came to the doors they opened wide just like they knew I was coming.”

Momma’s face looked more serious now.

I stopped.

I was kind of afraid.

I did not want to be in trouble.

Momma said softly, “Go on sweetheart.  Finish your story. I am listening.”

“The room was beautiful that I held my breath.

The floor was a white stone so shiny it looked like glass.

The walls were purple, white and gold.

04-28-20_2-46-02 AM

It was so fancy.

05-05-20_12-51-35 AM

There was a long red rug and at the end of it were lots of people all looking at me

and waiting for me.

The escorts took me down to the end of the rug.

04-28-20_2-46-03 PM

Momma, you and Daddy were there with big crowns on your heads.

And the twins were dancing in front of you.

04-28-20_2-46-04 AM a

Daddy and you came to me and told me that you were glad that I had finally arrived.

I did not know I was supposed to come.”

Momma’s eyes twinked a bit as she smiled at me.

04-28-20_2-46-04 AM b

“I looked at the pretty people all standing beside you and Daddy.

Princesses all with sparkly tiara’s and wearing pretty long dresses.

One of the messengers said, ‘Haukea, this is your ohana.

These are your Aunts and Uncles.”

I did not know what he was talking about.

My ohana lives here on the island.

He told me that this ohana was my birthright.

That I was a princess and hair to the throne.

He said that all my Aunts and Uncles are in danger and are not together like they are supposed to be.

‘They will need someone brave to bring them home,’ the other messenger said, ‘If you grow wise you can do it.’

I do not know what hair to the throne means but it sounds scary and I don’t think I can do that.”

05-05-20_12-52-45 AM

Momma corrected me, “honey I think he meant heir to the throne.  The next royal ruler.”

“ohhhh.  That is very different.

He leaned down to whisper to me, ‘These three are your mother’s sisters and their husbands.

Your uncle Alexander and Aunt Lily.”

“She is a spirit.”

Momma nodded.  She knew.

” ‘Uncle Alexander sits on the throne now but he is not such a great King.’

He said Uncle Jack and Aunt Violet are going to be having a baby soon. They are very happy.

Uncle Bruno and Aunt Rose Red have adopted a baby.

She is not like us.

The messenger said that their baby,  Magenta was in even more danger than her parents because she is a princess from her world too.”

04-28-20_2-46-05 AM a

Momma was looking so surprised now.

“Auntie Rose Red looked like me Momma.

Her hair is black and her eyes blue.

She is so beautiful.”

Momma smiled softly, “she and you both look like my Mother.”

04-28-20_2-46-05 AM b

“On the other side was your brother.

So handsome in his uniform.

The messenger said that he is very brave and is learning how to help fight against an evil queen from another planet.  I think it is the same one that wants to hurt Magenta.

He had a pretty red-headed friend with him.

I asked why she was not wearing a crown and the footman said with a big smile, “she will.  Soon!”

04-28-20_2-46-06 AM a04-28-20_2-46-06 AM b

Mama laughed,  “That would be Molly.

She is Bruno’s adopted sister.

That is a delightful story ** that I will tell you another time.”

05-05-20_12-48-58 AM

On the other side stood a brave guard.

He was a police officer.

He said he and his wife loved you and Daddy very much.

Their little girl was so cute.

She had lots of ringlets.

Her name was Devon Lea.

04-28-20_2-46-07 AM

Her mom and dad were so gross.

They kissed a lot.

So embarrassing.

04-28-20_2-46-08 AM

Devon made very silly faces when they kissed.”

Momma laughed, “She was always such a funny little girl.”

05-05-20_12-50-29 AM

“We had lots of fun together.

She told me stories about where she lived.

I want to go there some day.

Her daddy is a brave policeman and she wants to do that too when she grows up.

04-28-20_2-46-09 AM

And Momma, I met Grandma and Grandpa.

OH boy were they lots of fun!

We danced and sang.

Grandma told me silly stories of dwarfs and trolls.

And of an Evil Queen.

She told me that she would make me special pancakes when she comes to visit.

I hope they can come visit soon because even the twins were not afraid of them.

04-28-20_2-46-10 AM04-28-20_2-46-12 AM04-28-20_2-46-15 AM

At Midnight the footmen told me it was time to …”

04-35-20_11-48-54 PM

I looked up and saw Momma was crying.

“Oh Momma, are you okay?”

“Yes, my precious Haukea, I am fine.

I agree with the messengers.

It is time for you to learn who you are.”

Momma held me tight as she spoke thru her tears, “I will tell you your story and

as with all good stories, it begins with

once upon a time … ”

05-28-20_3-16-34 PM

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Table of contents for castaway/Sulani storyline

An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Table of Contents

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18 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Haukea Too

  1. That was lovely! Haukea is definitely special. Maybe one day they will all be together again! Haukea has two families. She will always love the Islanders. Mike is gonna have to find the gems so they can go back soon.

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      1. TY so much ❤ I have followed and have enjoyed reading some of your work. I loved and agree with the thought that "Gratitude turns what we have into enough" I always make my student draw in a deep breath and then tell them there it is .. something to be thankful for .. at the very least and the very most . your breath ,, your life

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      1. I am okay, since I was diagnosed autistic I am quiet I have no force to read every of my friends here. I still in the shadow of the simlit community. I reopened my simblr I am more quiet now. I only post once in my dreamwidth I had a cute scene at Miss V’s house. I wanted to come back here with my nickname this is impossible . Sometimes I wander at the official forum. My sims 3 works terribly at the moment so I am not able to play so no stories to tell, and I don’t want to write all the juicy stuffs that happened in my sims 4 since I installed SOL and some other mods my game is MAD lol. I miss you too.

        I know she’s so little now to be a queen, the path will be long , however the truth is important to be told.

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      2. ❤ SOL is so crazy … I bet MS V has quite a time in game thanks to that. mod! I am glad you are well ❤ .. Yes she has to find her way back to Ms V and Windenburg


  2. She lives with her parents and with her pets, this pretty interesting , she had two time a fight at Sulani for her work. xD In the sims 3 she’s at home I tried to play a bit but only the chores I did nothing yet except she had the visit of Poupon one of the three dogs of Efia and this was cute this is the only writing I have posted .Especially I changed her two traits to paste with my own personality. I was lol when Nibiru (yes I brought him to Lucky Palm) called her ahahah her face was cute. But with the current troubles worldwide I fear to post anything about the cops and the caucasian people, now the sims became too much politics. I am so sad really.
    I hope my simself will help the Charmings to get their life safe at Windenburg, she is called everywhere to find crimes so don’t hesitate.

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