Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: June 2020 Theme & April/May 2020 Submissions (Winner’s Update)

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Please note:

Part 1 of this blog will present the upcoming monthly theme, banner links and challenge specifics for the current month.

Part 2 will contain links to the previous month’s submissions and a link to vote in each category (veteran or novice).

After the vote closes an update to this blog post will be made to announce the winners in each category.

If you are brand new to this challenge click here for info on starting and posting:

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – Announcement & Info


I have to apologize for my delay in releasing this.  I did not forget.  I had to step back and take a few days off social media and television.  TBH it had me in a dark scary place.   I am feeling better but still sad to have let down those who were counting on me.

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Part One –  New Theme:

The theme this month is LOVE … however, you chose to define it!




Up to 900 max


min 5 to max 12


30 June 2020 @ Midnight PST


Post your story on your blog AND here.

(If you are new to the forum and cannot post a link yet let me know and I will help.)

Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – forum thread link


June 2020 participant banners

(Dropbox Link)

Submit in one of two categories.

Generally …

Novice – blogging for a year or less


Veteran – blogging for more than a year and/or more experienced writer

Place whichever banner you choose at the beginning of your blog to indicate which branch of the challenge you are submitting to (Novice or Veteran).


Part two –

Past month submissions & Vote

& Winner’s Update

Veteran Catagory

1st Place The Predator and the Buffoon

2nd Place  Foul Play by Farceurs

3rd Place  A Zest for Life

Novice Catagory

1st Place  1313 21 Chic Street

Vet Participant april

MSSSC Submissions Veteran –

A Zest for Life

The Predator and the Buffoon

An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Double Trouble

Robina Larker

April/May: The Royal Fool

The Jocose Finance

Foul Play by Farceurs

Please remember to pick your 3 favorites in the poll.

The vote closes on 12 June @ Midnight PST

*Veteran vote link*

Novice Participant april

MSSSC Submissions Novice – April/May

1313 21 Chic Street

Please pick your 2 favorites.

*Novice vote link* 


Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – Table of contents

11 thoughts on “Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: June 2020 Theme & April/May 2020 Submissions (Winner’s Update)

  1. I just wanted to let you know that you didn’t let us down. I hope you’re feeling better. I can’t wait to get started on this month’s topic. 🙂

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