Mama Llama Gets to work & ANY Pack Giveaway

ANY pack giveaway in this blog PLUS ADDED BONUS – 2 stuff packs.

Last in this series of giveaways.

As always, details are at the bottom of the blog.

Congrats to the previous ANY pack giveaway winner – hope you are enjoying Cats & Dogs!blank for banner creation (3)

00 art line

**** Grims Quarry ****

(starts at green)

Having spent some time off the grid, Bob n Bee are ready step back into ‘connected” life.

01-06-20_3-49-37 AM

They found a sweet little home on RockRidge in Grims Quarry.

It needed work.

Bob n Bee have a decent savings and hired a reno team.

It comes in at just over 42K so not horrible.

01-10-20_12-39-02 AM

They are in love with the results.

02-10-20_2-29-49 AM02-10-20_2-31-02 AM02-10-20_2-33-57 AM

It is located next to an abandoned rock quarry where the air is clean and crisp.  It has the most wonderful calm and peaceful view.

03-09-20_2-49-44 AM03-09-20_2-49-45 AM

The interior is bright and light.

The kitchen is a dream for Bob.

Who BTW has returned to his dream job as a chef.

03-11-20_2-45-31 AM03-11-20_2-51-04 AM

Mmm pancakes.

Bee’s fav indeed!

She loves pancakes!

03-11-20_2-52-50 AM03-11-20_3-06-08 AM03-11-20_12-27-10 AM03-11-20_12-28-25 AM03-11-20_12-53-56 AM03-11-20_13-59-43 AM03-11-20_13-60-35 AM03-11-20_13-60-36 AM

They got right to work on supporting the Green initiatives NAP.

Their NAP lost the community vote.

Fun-loving community won.

03-18-20_6-35-04 PM

That is not that hard to get behind.

Some fizzy drinks …

03-18-20_6-35-05 PM

and a few rounds of Party Frenzy with Bee is enough to gain a few influence points!

03-19-20_5-49-12 PM

Beekeeping is NOT on the fun list.

(For whatever reason the bees have taken a serious DISLIKE to Bee this time – she is stung every time she get near them.)

03-19-20_14-55-16 PM

All this NAP shenanigans has Bee convinced – she needs a job!

Something has to be done to improve the community footprint!

04-09-20_4-49-21 PM04-09-20_4-49-22 PM

She attempts a little jocularity – trying to get a few more influence points.

04-09-20_5-06-28 PM

Wow was that a BIG NO GO!

Do you think he remembers all the times you have been on the naughty list, Bee?

04-09-20_5-08-25 PM

First day on the job (that look is sure not the best for her – too many of Bob’s pancakes perhaps).

04-09-20_6-36-32 PM

Looks like Bee has some overtime activities planned for after work.

04-10-20_1-02-22 PM

So this was originally the end of their segment of the blog.

But …

I needed a few shots of the exterior that I had missed ,,,

and when I went back in it was BUNNY DAY!

Who can resist playing out Bunny day?

Certainly not me!  (I have only had one Bunny Day in game once before).

Bee makes Bob a special breakfast.

Quite a treat for Bob since he usually does all the cooking.

07-09-20_10-03-31 PM

It was a lovely meal.

Nice and quiet  …

07-09-20_10-04-13 PM

Until ..


The bunny arrives to liven up this party!

07-09-20_10-10-52 PM

They had a great time finding the eggs (even if they did not find that many – 3 is not exactly record setting).

11-11-20_12-48-55 AM

They ended the day by attending Easter Service.

07-09-20_10-45-02 PM

All that singing must have inspired Bob cause he springs a sweet serenade on Bee.

(He really sings well – I was to slow of brain to record but I sure will the next time).

07-09-20_10-47-48 PM

Well, I thought I was done again BUT as I was closing I saw this …


09-10-20_12-57-36 AM09-10-20_12-59-01 AM

SOOOO rude!

(I quit without saving).

So I got good advice and went back in.

Locked the doors …

09-11-20_9-42-38 PM

and he busted right thru!

09-11-20_9-42-39 PM

He came for Bee this time.

09-11-20_9-42-40 PM09-11-20_9-42-52 PM (2)09-11-20_9-42-52 PM09-11-20_9-43-34 PM

At least he is practicing good social distancing!

09-11-20_9-43-37 PM09-11-20_9-43-38 PM09-11-20_9-45-29 PM

On this note I was done …

so was Bee …

and Vlad too!

09-11-20_10-04-42 PM

**** Conifer Station ****

(starts at neutral)

Meet Kurt and Scarlett …





Well, this is certainly awkward.

00-09-20_3-41-41 PM00-09-20_3-42-44 PM00-09-20_3-43-44 PM00-09-20_3-44-22 PM00-09-20_3-45-05 PM00-09-20_3-45-31 PM00-09-20_3-46-12 PM

Oh, they are just so cute!

00-09-20_3-46-52 PM

Newlyweds, Kurt and Scarlett, just moved to Canal Corner in Conifer Station from Portland.

It seems a perfect fit for them.

He is a master gardener.

She is still unemployed, although she has been looking at doing some odd jobs. (an – That is something new I would love to explore.)

The house underwent a recent reno that took it from a rather dull and drab regular house …

01-00-20_12-08-54 AM

To a bright and fab tiny house.

Quite an affordable starter at just over 15K.

01-09-20_4-03-26 PM01-09-20_4-37-58 PM02-09-20_4-00-21 PM

It is small but has a decent garden space for Kurt.

02-09-20_4-01-39 PM

Scarlett, true to her name, loves warm vibrant colors so the reno suits her to a tee!

She especially loves the kitchen, the warm spice colors inspire her as she learns more dishes to fit the vegetarian lifestyle they have opted for.

07-09-20_3-54-46 PM07-09-20_3-56-12 PM07-09-20_3-56-11 PM07-09-20_4-11-41 PM07-09-20_4-12-10 PM09-09-20_2-24-16 AM

They hope to make a difference in their community and are open to guidance and direction.

They are eager to hear what is already happening in Conifer Station from their new friend Knox.

11-09-20_4-17-09 PM (2)11-09-20_4-17-09 PM (3)

After discussing it (that’s is what newlyweds do) they decided to back the NAP for modern development in their community.

11-09-20_4-17-09 PM (4)12-09-20_4-17-09 PM (1)

The NAP of their choice did not fare so well.

They will work towards their NAP but in the meantime, this is not too bad!

kurt scarlett nap won


**** Port Promise ****

(starts at industrial)

Angelina and Meghan met in college.  Because they share the same passion for the environment they were not only roommates but good friends too.

After college, they made the decision to adopt a freegan lifestyle and spend a few years living off the grid.

They have both gotten jobs as civil engineers.  Not sure which branch they will go off into yet.

They wanted to do something significant to reduce their footprint.

They chose Port Promise even tho the pollution made it a difficult place to live.

01-08-20_2-53-04 AM01-09-20_12-16-51 AM

Going in together they purchasing some rusty old shipping containers and a small parcel of land called Shipping Views in Port Promise they set up a simple off the grid home.

They did most of the work themselves.

With all the recycle materials used they brought the entire build in for under 12K.

An astoundingly affordable off the grid home.

02-10-20_5-34-25 PM02-10-20_5-34-52 PM02-10-20_5-35-27 PM02-10-20_5-35-59 PM03-01-20_12-27-43 AM

Meghan is especially proud of her repurposed pallet fencing and furniture.

02-10-20_12-16-24 AM02-10-20_12-18-24 AM03-09-20_12-18-52 AM03-09-20_12-19-18 AM03-09-20_12-19-19 AM03-09-20_12-19-20 AM03-09-20_12-19-21 AM03-09-20_12-20-11 AM03-09-20_12-24-33 AM

Off the grid living does have its many challenges!

03-09-20_12-24-34 AM

They eventually did get to eat that night.

03-09-20_12-24-35 AM

Meghan has started doing her part to improve the Eco Footprint.

Getting plants to grow here will not be easy.

03-01-20_12-25-38 AM

A nice guy named Knox came by and gave them some information on what was being done in Port Promise.

He explained NAPS and encouraged the girls to find out more and vote for their choice.

06-09-20_12-36-58 AM

Angelina talked to a few more people and got some good info.

06-12-20_1-23-01 AM

She knew the right option was the modern development NAP.

The environment needed to be cleaned up.

06-12-20_12-15-26 AM

She went to make her vote count …

06-12-20_12-36-15 AM

but it did not work.

06-12-20_12-36-16 AM (2)

Knox explained that she needed to vote in her own community.

06-12-20_12-36-18 AM

He was so nice to let her know.

He even took her over there.

06-12-20_12-36-36 AM

Too early to tell, but Knox seems a bit taken with Angelina.

Meghan is seriously annoyed because he seems to be hanging around all the time.

06-30-20_2-18-33 PM

Her annoyance at his interruptions is cause for a little bit of friction between the friends.

06-30-20_2-18-34 PM

Their NAP did not win the vote BUT like with the one in Conifer Station and Grims Quarry .. it could be worse!


For more on Bob n Bee go here:

Bob n Bee: Table of Contents


EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents

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Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for a code for ANY pack.   🙂

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 16 July 2020 and the winner announced  17 July 2020 on twitter and FB (plus individual will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be taken from today’s blog):

Due to a cheater website that publishes cut and paste pic answers to giveaway blogs – this question will change frequently.

Please do not cheat legit entries out of a good chance to win by flooding me with fakes.

I will also NOT accept cut and paste Pic answers.

What is Kurt’s job?


You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways …

(DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram.)

On FB Messenger:

Lisabee on FB

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By email @

lisabee on yahoo

Good luck all!

00 art line

**** Gallery ****

First off a BIG TY to Mushilda for the upload of the pallets that she manipulated suing tool mod.


Debug Pallet Kit


Rockridge Springs Reno


Canal corner Reno






Shipping views cheap reno





b n b

Bob n Bee

11 thoughts on “Mama Llama Gets to work & ANY Pack Giveaway

  1. I love your sims! And the builds were so cool. Thanks for sharing. And good luck to everyone that enters the giveaway!

    P.S. Vlad and social distancing cracked me up. Seriously. He is borked!

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  2. Vlad should bring in jail for being so much a nuisance . In Willow Creek the vote were for the Gourmand Club lol. Yes I fixed my game yeah wrong cc.

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      1. I got a secret , one day Miss V was sent at Vlad because a crime was commited sadly I cannot continue the investigations, I had very hard time with ts4. I had to do a new save.

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