Destination Honeymoon Trousseau

If you have not heard about the Spark’d Destination Wedding Challenge in the sims community by now, well, TBH, you must be living under a simmie rock.

The buzz is everywhere.

With the thought of a destination wedding in mind, I decided to have a bit of fun doing a bit cc shopping of course!

No, not for the wedding dress (that is another blog altogether)!

I am interested in the HOT destination honeymoon to follow.

Hopped into the TSR (The Sims Resource) cc “closet” of FAB creator and friend Birba32 to do a little browsing and clicking.

I hope you all enjoy this little romantic lookbook venture!

All links will be given at the very end of this blog.

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So what does the bride need to pack for a fabulous tropical honeymoon?  

Travel outfits are first on the list.  Something soft and comfortable for those long flights.  Chose easy-care fabrics.  Rumpled is not a good look. No white. Don’t need any coffee drips to spoil the day.  Some comfortable little red ballet flats to complete the outfit.  They will look classy and fashionable while allowing your toes wiggle room on the flight.

07-24-20_2-25-02 PM

A couple of sweet sundresses suitable for going out to a nice lunch with the new hubs would definitely be in order.  Keep the accessories light and again the shoes comfortable for walking.  Those little red ballet flats are cute and will do the job nicely.

07-24-20_2-30-32 PM07-24-20_2-36-16 PM

The mainstay of any tropical vacation is the short set.  Essential for sightseeing, shopping, or just a nice stroll thru town holding the arm of your love.  Good sturdy walking sandals are a must-have!

07-24-20_3-13-15 PM07-24-20_3-19-45 PM07-24-20_3-38-33 PM

If you and your groom have included a Luau in your itinerary, you might want to include a fun little set with a tropical flair on your packing list.
07-24-20_3-38-34 PM

You will need two swimsuits.  One for turning heads on the beach and one a bit more sporty for when you are attempting to stand up on the paddleboard or snorkeling with the sea turtles.

07-24-20_3-57-58 PM07-24-20_4-01-01 PM

Don’t forget one warm outfit that you can keep rolled up in the bottom of your beach bag for those nights when a beach bonfire and the stars keep you on the sand later than usual.

07-24-20_4-03-53 PM

Speaking of late nights!  If a little tropical clubbing is something on your hotlist, then you certainly will need to remember the indispensable little black dress. Here again, keep the accessories light.  Chose pieces that make a statement without weighing you down.  Don’t forget those spikey heels to heat up the look.  Forget the comfortable shoes this time.  You can always pack a pair of flip flops in your bag for the walk back to the hotel.

07-24-20_4-03-54 PM

Wrap up the list with intimate wear.  They do not take up much luggage room so have fun and splurge.  It is a honeymoon after all!

07-24-20_4-03-55 PM07-24-20_4-03-56 PM07-24-20_4-09-37 PM

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One thing I like to do when I feature a modder, cc creator, builder, or CAS artist is to take a few minutes to get to know them a bit better.

I posed a few simple questions to Birba32:

Tell us a bit about yourself …

I am a proud mama of a boy and a girl.  I work in my own business that it’s about new technologies, and I love to play The Sims (of course).

I try to be a positive person and I keep a distance from those who say that everything is bad.

I love every kind of art and details always catch my eyes. I could stare for hours something artistic but also a beautiful landscape. (Birba32 lives in Tuscany so she has a lot of wonderful scenery to look at).

During summer I love to go to the mountain, and take long walks with my husband and some friends, and sometimes also free climbing.

How long have you played the sims?

I played The Sims since 2005, starting with The Sims 2 and I will never abandon it.

When did you decide to be a cc creator?

As soon as I discovered The Sims 2 was customizable, almost immediately. The problem was I had no idea how to use a graphic program. But if an idea comes into my mind, I have to do it, no matter what. So I downloaded Gimp and started to learn

What challenges did you have to overcome?

There is a challenge every day. It was hard to learn about graphic programs, and improve my skills without someone telling me how to do it. I always try to learn new things, because always doing the same is boring, so I tried to make new meshes, with all the difficulties there are in learning everything by myself. My luck (but not only mine) is that there are tons of tutorials online, so I learned thanks to other artists, but for the most they are in English, so I had to increase my English skills too. You can see, The Sims enriched me of many things.

What advice would you have for new artists?

Start from the base, the top will arrive faster and will be better.

Thank you Birba32 for sharing your creations and your wisdom and insight!  You are a gem in our simmer community and I for one am thankful for all that you do.

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Now to that list of links …


Travel outfit links –




Sundresses links –

Polka dots

Stripped long


Short set links –

Bottoms (used in 2 looks)

Crocheted  Top

Pink flamingo top

Gold tank top

For the link to the bottoms see the Luau set


Luau wear link –


Bottoms (used in 2 looks)


Swimsuits links –

Smexy one piece



Warm outfit links –

Pants (one of my fav fav favs)

Cropped pullover


Little black dress link –


Evening shoes link –


Undies link – 




Sleepwear link –

For those of you who like my simmie, she is in the gallery.  My OID is Lisabeesims



Gallery Link –

9 thoughts on “Destination Honeymoon Trousseau

  1. I’m constantly downloading Birba’s cc off TSR! There’s nothing of hers I don’t LOVE!!! (sorry)
    I did miss that cute little gold colored top & black floral shorts. How I don’t know, but I’m making
    up for that Right Now! (Thanks for the link, Lisa!) TSR is probably so tired of me!


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