Mama Llama’s Twisted Yarn

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eagc orange

00 art line

Bob n Bee have taken up knitting.

07-23-20_3-14-52 PM

Bob appears to be a bit more challenged by it but he is also quite diligent in his attempts.

Slow and steady Bob!

Slow and steady.

07-23-20_3-20-51 PM

Bee on the other hand, true to her nature, flits from project to project.

07-23-20_3-20-52 PM07-23-20_4-11-48 PM

Despite her careless attitude toward the craft, she made significant headway early on.

She was thrilled to start her own plopsy business.

07-26-20_1-37-53 AM07-26-20_1-37-54 AM

It is very slow but quite lucrative when an item sells.

(I have read that the profit margin is 150%)

07-26-20_1-37-56 AM

Bob soon got his Plopsy started too.

(The message was so cute I had to share)

07-26-20_1-37-57 AM

Up to this point, Bob had continued to pursue his dream of a culinary career.

A poorly thought out decision pulled that plug!

07-26-20_2-38-30 AM

It is all ok Bob!

You will come back!

I believe!

07-26-20_2-38-29 AM

For now, the Plopsy business is paying the bills!

07-26-20_2-47-27 AM

Thanks to that wonderful focus music …

07-26-20_2-53-45 AM

Bee was able to stay on task long enough to hit level 10 in knitting.

07-27-20_2-03-29 AM07-27-20_2-03-30 AM

It did not take long for old slow and steady Bob to catch her!

07-27-20_2-03-31 AM

Bob’s vile new friend Judith Ward called and needed a favor.

She urgently needed to learn how to knit.

She did not mention why.

Bee was up for the job and soon had nasty old Judith clicking away with those finely honed sharp instruments (who on earth entrusted her with those anyway).

07-27-20_2-03-32 AM07-27-20_2-03-33 AM

With that, the aspiration was complete for Bee!

07-27-20_2-03-40 AM

Bee could not resist the draw to create such a monstrosity.

07-27-20_2-03-41 AM07-27-20_2-03-42 AM



07-27-20_2-03-44 AM07-27-20_2-03-45 AM07-27-20_2-05-57 AM

Poor Bob!  Duped by a Bee!

I just did not have the heart to do that to him!

(I quit without saving – not taking any chances)

(I do have a plan B)

You remember that despicable old Judith wanted knitting lessons?

She had a good reason!

She is married to DON!

(Blech .. blech .. blech .. DON! 

Even she does not deserve that –

I think!)

07-23-20_10-22-14 PM

They have a baby together.

He is a cutie.

07-23-20_10-22-15 PM

Marriage has not changed Don.

He simply cannot leave little Willie at home!


That is NOT the name of their child.

07-23-20_10-22-16 PM07-23-20_10-22-17 PM07-23-20_10-22-18 PM

I stand corrected.

Sometimes he & Willie are at home.

07-23-20_10-22-19 PM07-23-20_10-22-20 PM

OH, Judith!

Such diligence!

Such dedication!

I had no idea you were so crafty!

07-29-20_11-28-02 PM07-29-20_11-29-56 PM07-29-20_11-34-35 PM

Oh, she is crafty alright!

07-29-20_11-44-36 PM

You see Judith learned a little secret …

sweater curse

07-29-20_11-44-37 PM07-29-20_11-44-38 PM07-30-20_1-03-11 AM07-30-20_1-03-12 AM07-30-20_1-03-13 AM

Too little .. too late!

07-30-20_1-03-14 AM

BUT wait!

Before you go feeling too sorry for unpleasant old Judith …

she has been stepping out too!

You see she heard that vampires possess the secret to long life and youth and she is determined to learn it.

Any way she can.

Even from VLAD!


08-30-20_11-47-49 PM

Vlad appears to be living his best life.

08-30-20_11-47-50 PM07-31-20_12-00-21 AM

That “happy” only lasted so long and then …


I mean, after all, it is beastly old Judith Ward we are talking about here.

08-30-20_11-47-55 PM08-30-20_11-47-54 PM08-30-20_11-47-56 PM


well now!

Looks like Vlad has taken up a new hobby!

08-30-20_11-47-57 PM

Bye Felicia!

08-30-20_11-47-58 PM

For more on Bob n Bee go here:

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13 thoughts on “Mama Llama’s Twisted Yarn

  1. OMG Lisa, I laughed through this entire thing. I really do love your little stories. Not only because I enjoy your wit, but I love how you showcase things in the game that I didn’t know about before. This one has given me a few ideas. I have a list of things to add to Murkland storylines, and this reminded me that I have not gotten around to bikes yet. (I am going off on a tangent here).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My my! What a story to read & enjoy on a Monday morning 🙂
    Mr Addy happened to glance over during the moment with Vlad and his comments made me chuckle … something along the lines of “that sure took a turn” and “because vampires are s-e-x-y” at which point, I made sure he took a good look at Vlad, lol

    Liked by 1 person

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