Bob n Bee: Their Story (or aka Why That Hussy Eliza is Never Getting Her Man Back) Part 2

If you missed part 1 here is the link:

Bob n Bee: Their Story (or aka Why That Hussy Eliza is Never Getting Her Man Back) Part 1

They were at Brindleton Bay.

High atop the lighthouse, Bee and Bob watched the magnificent sunset in silence.

She could see the last embers of day dance in his mink brown eyes.

The moment was perfection!

04-14-20_11-54-07 PM

Bee knew what was coming.

She had known for a while that he had a desire to move forward in this relationship.

The past six months with Bob had been wonderful

She had never been happier in her whole life.

It was a happiness she did not deserve.

As he began to speak, she stopped him, “Bob wait.  Please wait.”

The anxious look on her face stopped Bob and he looked at her intently.

“Bob, please, I have to something to tell you.

Something very hard for me to say.

I am not who you think I am.”

She continued, “You know me as Bee but I am also known as

04-14-20_1-57-58 AM

The Bee.

You may have heard in the news of my notorious crime spree.

For a long time, I stole priceless artifacts from museum collections around the world.

I am ashamed to say that acted without thought for my victims or remose for my actions.

My boldness grew along with my collection.

I was never satisfied.

Always hungry for more.”


“It was not long before I became more known to proprietors of these collections.

Because of this, nabbing the loot in public became very difficult and quite dangerous.

I had more and more near-misses,” she explained,


“and on a few occasions, I fled the crime scene with nothing but the good fortune to still have my freedom.”


Tears of shame leaked from her eyes as she went on, “So I turned to the private sector.  I took advantage of nice people who trusted and liked me.

The only thing that mattered to me was filching their belongings.

I took not thought of the hurt I delt them with my actions.

The obsession to add to my collection of ill-gotten gain was my only concern.”


Along the way, I made some very bad enemies.

But at the time, I did not care.

I was blinded my insatiable desire for more and more.


Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with a Vampire named Caleb.

05-14-19_2-17-45 PM

At least I thought I was in love.

I am not really sure how it all happened.

05-14-19_2-17-44 PM09-13-19_2-43-21 AM

Before I knew it I was married to him.


We had a beautiful little home.


But my past kept finding me.

05-14-20_3-23-43 PM

I did not take long before it was too much for even a vampire to handle.

Caleb left me and my shameful ways behind.

I guess you might say it was a good thing.

It woke me up to who I was.

I have returned the artifacts and made what restitution I can to those I harmed.

Truely, I am not sure I can ever repay for all of my betrayals.”

Then with a sigh, she finished, “you see Bob, I don’t deserve you or the happiness you bring me.

You are a good man and I am far from being a good woman.”

05-14-20_3-23-44 PM

Bob was quiet for what seemed to Bee to be an eternity.

In her mind she plead with him, “Please Bob,  just say good-bye and be done with me.”

Then he spoke with a little laugh, “I will not say that your story does not surprise me because it truly does.

I knew you were different from other women but I had no idea how different.

Oh my silly Bee, you should know me by now.

I would never reject you for past mistakes.

I could never …

I love you!

My love has no conditon.

It is given freely!

Everyone deserves a do over … even The Bee.”

Bob paused breifly, looking done he took in a breath. Looking back up at her he whispered, “If you would have me. I would like to spend the rest of my life with you.”

06-44-20_2-00-33 AM06-44-20_2-00-34 AM

I think she said yes!

06-44-20_2-12-17 AM

They married on a secluded beach in Sulani.

Bob and his Bee together forever!

07-13-20_10-38-53 PM07-13-20_10-39-46 PM07-13-20_10-43-40 PM07-13-20_10-53-33 PM07-13-20_10-53-48 PM07-13-20_10-54-41 PM07-13-20_10-56-00 PM07-13-20_10-57-12 PM07-13-20_10-58-18 PM07-13-20_11-01-17 PM07-16-20_2-45-42 AM07-16-20_2-51-55 AM08-13-20_11-44-42 PM

More adventures soon …


Bob n Bee: Table of Contents


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37 thoughts on “Bob n Bee: Their Story (or aka Why That Hussy Eliza is Never Getting Her Man Back) Part 2

  1. Aaw . dearest Bob and his naughty Bee ^^
    Funny that you have a Bee and Bob Pancakes in your game and I have Honey Pancakes in mine (She’s Bob’s mother) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do – She is part of my Early Years save (all premades aged down) so she’s a YA and comes with a husband and kid version of Bob Pancakes so you might have to age her up etc but if you’re up to the task please go ahead. I’d be delighted to see her appear in your game 😀
        They are on the gallery as Pancakes

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Bee coming clean with Bob was a nice (and unexpected!) surprise. It warms my heart knowing he sees past her flaws to her core and loves her … without judging her for her past. It will be interesting to see if she can maintain the straight and narrow now that she has found true love. Lovely chapter!


      1. I can’t tell about Nancy Landgraab I kept her, rename as her Nancy Riche ( Nancy Wealthy/Rich) I saw her walking on Willow Creek’s streets but nothing to say about her. In your story she seems behind the Bee indeed, but Bee is searching for her robbery at the MPPD.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I didn’t know Miss V never caught nobody I only can play her as level 3 of police, with no result because she is often tired, often with her family or other invited this or that, or each time I lost my progress so I am not very involved, I am a very lazy ts4 player really compared to the sims 3.
        Thank you for sharing this secret with me. I kept Nancy I renamed her Nancy Riche (means Wealthy/Rich) because I do not like Plènozas the French version of Landgraab’s name and nothing happens voilà except she is often out, in parties. I am no more fancy to write something about Miss V’s story in this game such it’s instable about the story progression itself. This game runs 200 km/h too quick ahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Woe, I was not expecting that. Looks like little Miss Bee has been a busy Bee, lol (Sorry, I had to) It tickled me so much that she was taking a selfie with Judith, say cheese, Judith, while I steal your jewelry, lol. Bob is a keeper, he still loves her regardless of her past life. ❤
    Congrats to those two!!!


  4. Really enjoyed this! I didn’t know about Bee’s past – & I’m so pleased there was a happy ending, or should I say happy end of the beginning! Wonderful pics as always, brought the story to life. Super endearing. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that .. Happy end of the beginning .. it is indeed. I was just laughing with another reader .. Poor bob is about to have his love day plans dashed (& their first as hubs and wife)


  5. So glad “The Bee” came clean with Bob and he still loved and wanted to be with her. However, with all the love and joy they have together, the ominous Nancy Landgraab is still after “The Bee”. Love all the shots in Sulani – I so love the Island Living pack. And Bee’s outfit at the luau reception dinner is wonderful. I have a feeling, though, that happily ever after will be strained due to stalker Nancy.

    Liked by 1 person

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