250k Celebration Challenge: Mini Bachelor Dad Date

This is part 2 of a mini Bachelor challenge.

Part 1 was held in the gallery as a CAS challenge.

You can visit all of these entries in the gallery by using #lisabeesims250K

First let me say we had 30 wonderful entries to this challenge.  I was in a quandary because I could not choose. I am so not good at this kind of thing. A 30 date mini challenge would not have been so mini. A few friends (& family) stepped up to the plate and helped me with the judging.

TY to my daughter Pinkgroovylucy, FB pal Hivequeen75, Twitter pals – RavenAngel888, dv3rgntfr33lncr, and MinraedArzhel.  I could not have done it without you guys!!

In this, the second part of the challenge I will introduce each girl (alphabetically) with a pic and the intro/description of the sim that was written by the creator.

Then the mini date screenshots.  I have attempted to capture the essence of the date in 4 screenshots each. I will keep my words/input to a minimum so as not to sway the readers.

In the poll link at the end, the reader will be asked to vote on who Ashley will ask on a second date. I cannot wait to see who you pick.

Again let me say TY to those who participated. Honestly there was not a bad simmie in the bunch! I truly loved them all. I wish I could have picked them all – I could have gotten a story from everyone of them.

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The Challenge:

Ashley, a brilliant Scientist, has been single father to his daughter Jenny since her mom took off with Don (UGH) 6 years ago. He has decided to try to date again. Your job is to make him a match. Your entry will be judged on both appearance & story. Who she is & why she is a perfect match for him.

The dates:


Alexa and her dog Dorito just moved next to Ashley and Jenny. Dorito escaped and found his way into the garden of the neighbors. When Ashley and his daughter brought the dog home, they were cheerfully greeted by Alexa. She offered them her bakings and they chatted the whole afternoon away and they didn’t notice the time fly. She makes him smile and is the positive vibe to his seriousness.

Their date:

Alexa was feeling a bit sheepish as she came running to get Dorito AGAIN. Dorito was not coming back this time, he had plans of his own. His new friend Jenny was waiting for him.

Ashley laughed as he saw the pair play and the slightly embarrassed face of his owner. Thinking fast on his feet, he suggested a play date in the park. Alexa was quick to say yes to her cute new neighbor’s plan. A play date was a perfect idea.

They ended the date chats over hot cocoa and tea. Jenny had ice cream even tho it was quite chilly out.


Carmen has been a fan of Dr. Ashley Barber’s Flat Strangerville Theory for years. She read all his books and followed him on SimTube. Last year, she overcame her fears and attended his conference. They met, dated, and married. Carman’s love of family and her intelligence made her the right partner for Ashley. Also, Jenny, Ashley’s daughter, liked Carmen’s goofball nature and the crack in her teeth.

Their date:

Since they both had an interest in the odd happenings in their world, the couple had decided to take a hike thru some of the more remote areas of Stangerville to see what was out there.

Carmen was quite excited to share her discoveries and they enjoyed a day of finding and investigating the mysterious wonders.

After the hike they were a bit parched and worn from the day so they hit the little local bar for some libations and a bit of fun NOT in the sun.


Coral has always loved gardening & when the local school contacted her to create a community garden with their students, Coral was happy to oblige. That’s where she met Jenny, who was her most avid helper. So when Jenny’s Dad came to pick Jenny up, Jenny naturally wanted to show him the garden & to meet Coral. Of course, at that precise moment, Coral was pulling a rather stubborn weed & sprayed dirt all over herself & Jenny’s Dad. Ugh! Poor Coral, no wonder she never goes on dates.

Their date:

Oops Coral had gotten so carried away in her work that she had let the time slip up on her. Ashley arrived on time and she had not stopped to clean up.

No biggie, Ashley is patient and that she is cute even with dirt on her face did not hurt.

Both were starving by the time she was ready. They were excited to try the new Eco Bistro that had just opened last month. All the stars ate there (and yes it was annoying they were all there).

The day was beautiful so they opted to dine alfresco.

Dinner was relaxed and unrushed. The conversation, as sweet as the sweet potato pie, lasted well into the evening!


Jeanette is a Conservationist providing solutions to the world’s pollution problems. Her caring nature extends to the vulnerable – children, animals & sea life. Her life revolves around nurturing of everything & everyone, except herself. It’s time to rectify that. Starting with the cute scientist she met on a trip recently. They really hit it off, exchanging ideas & talking ‘science’ & had so much in common. Knowing he was a single Dad only made him more attractive to her.

Their date:

Ashley and Jeanette laughed at their good fortune. It had started to snow during their alfresco lunch. Coffee and Apple pie in the snow! It was delightful!

The falling snow made it the perfect time for a walk on the beach.

Jeanette’s favorite place to be. She has a passion for conservation and Ashley loved hearing her enthuse about her work.

But Jeanette is not all stodgy and facts spouting, She showed her playful side by joining Ashley in a little sand castle build.


Mia was so close to figuring out the age of the vase, she tried out a very experimental technique. What happened next wasn’t intentional, but that day she almost burned down the entire lab. People were furious, but Ashley understood her. The passion for her job – her research? He admired it. Some months later, the university decided to offer Mia a teaching position. She loved it, but sometimes… she just had to sneak back into the labs.

Their date:

Mia was so excited it was lab day. That was already special enough BUT to have Ashley as her escort scientist for the day was beyond wonderful.

They spent all day side by side, even break time. Ashley had ordered some sweet coffee drinks for them .. But Mia thought they did not compare to the sweet Ashley.

She was over the moon when ashley asked her out for a glass of nectar after work. Although normally more reserved, she found him easy to be around and so easy to talk to. The nectar may have helped some.


Shelby Will has spunk, wit, energy, and natural beauty that glows. She is devoted to knowledge wants to try everything! Shelby always imagined herself teaching her daughter all the wonders she’s discovered, but alas, Shelby never made much time for a relationship. None of her “boyfriends” could appreciate her for her brains. None of them had what it takes to challenge her spirit. Shelby’s motto is, “I am not Shelby Can, I am Shelby WILL” Is Mr. Right out there for Shelby?

Their date:

A stroll thru downtown Windenburg ended at a bookstore & cafe. Seeing the subjects that seemed to capture her interest as they wandered thru the shelves, Ashley just could not resist making some of his science-guy-dad-jokes. Shelby not only laughed at his jokes but he knew she understood them too.

A game of chess ensued upstairs in the reading room. She was a tough opponent. Somehow, Ashley thought Shelby even managed to look cute while beating him.

The evening concluded with a long stroll thru the windenburg chess park.

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Vote here:

250k Mini Bachelor challenge – 

Closes 6 Sept at midnight PDT – winner’s story posted Monday!

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The dates:


17 thoughts on “250k Celebration Challenge: Mini Bachelor Dad Date

  1. Ahhh…thank you so much for choosing my sim to head off on a date with Ashley. And dear Coral, with dirt on her face! lol Looking at all of the dates, it looks like all of them were a success. I do hope, though, that Coral will be able to go on another date. Crossing my fingers. Good luck everyone! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats to all 6 ladies for getting a 1st date with Ashley! 🎉 Kudos to you, Lisa, for orchestrating those dates in such a short time frame. 👏 Lovely mini stories. It wasn’t easy to vote on. They’re all amazing candidates. Good luck to the creators. 🍀😊

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Congratulations to all the wonderful ladies! Really enjoyed their dates with Ashley & had a really hard time making a choice. I’ll honestly be delighted whoever gets a 2nd chance. Bonne chance ladies x

    Liked by 2 people

  4. How glad am I that I did not have the task of choosing from 30 entries! It was difficult enough selecting from these lovely ladies!
    Jeanette’s date with Ashley was very cute, and fitting that they ended up on the beach since she loves the ocean and works as a Conservationist! I hope she manages to get a second date and maybe meet Jenny too!
    I made Jeanette using the ‘Story’ mode in CAS so she ended up with a job and some skills, which is really nice. Thanks again for choosing her.
    Good luck ladies!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Wow, I’m super excited for Shelby to be chosen for a date with Ashley! I know she probably side-eyed Jenny, thinking how cool it would be to have a daughter all her own! Really amazing entries! I love the all.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ashley is very gifted to have met these 6 awesome ladies . I hope he’ll find love.

    (by the way will you send your sims to Batuu ? Nobody likes the pack I do like it a lot because that match my own way to play the sims with alien human world)


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