250k Celebration Challenge: Mini Bachelor Dad Date Winner

This is part 3 of the 250K celebration Mini Bachelor challenge.

Part one took place in the galley .

Part two can be read here https://lisabeesims.com/2020/09/03/250k-celebration-challenge-mini-bachelor-dad-date/

Thank you so much to those who took the time to read the through dates and vote.

While we had no landslides we did have one sim that rose to the top.

Here is her reveal and her second date with Ashley.

00 art line

Ashley had made up his mind. Although the dates were all lovely, and he enjoyed them very much, there was one who he could not get out of his mind.

Before he would consider asking her on a second date, he felt he needed to talk it over with Jenny. If anything came of this relationship it would impact her life too. Jenny had been his whole world since his wife left them. He wanted her to be ok with it all.

They had a nice long chat after dinner that night. Jenny, being a wise little woman for her age, encouraged her dad to go out with “her” again.

“Don’t worry daddy,” she assured, “I promise not to think you don’t love me anymore. That is what babies would think.” She quickly added, “do I have to have a babysitter since I am getting older?”

Ashley gave her a look and after a huff, Jenny asked it it could at least be Granny Crenshaw.

“That can be arranged, ” Ashley agreed.

Later that evening he made the call.

They would meet up at the brindleton Bay Yacht club for dinner.

She was right on time.

“It is lovely to see you again Alexa,” Ashley said with a soft smile as he gave her a sweet red rose.

Alexa was very excited to see him again too!

Not sure if it was the posh venue, seeing Ashley again or the sweet night air that had Alexa feeling flirty but poor ole Ashley felt a little bit like he was melting!

The venue was perfect!

The food was perfect!

The company was perfect.

All that perfection led to a whole lot of flirting (and WHOLE lot done autonomously).

They were a flirty mess!

The nectar was heady and Alexa was feeling the need for a breath of fresh air.

The autumn night was so beautiful.

The air cool and crisp, smelled of fallen leaves and a hint of the snow soon to come.

They stood in silence listening to the waves hit the wood pilings beneath them.

So hushed and romantic, Ashley could not resist.

Then there was a terrible award moment that always follow those impulsive moments..

What was her reaction going to be?

Then Alexa whips out her spare bit of mistletoe (yes. it is only the fall but she is prepared) and and goes in for kiss number two

She was not letting that one get away from her!

The night passed quickly as they chated and snuggled.

Before they knew it was daybreak and they were watching the sunrise.

Granny Crenshaw was going to be making BANK after this date.

It was definitely a love connection.

Yes, she did agree to be his girlfriend!

In case you wonder … Jenny and Dorito wholeheartedly approve!

Congrats Illusie for winning the Mini Bachelor challenge and for winning the pack of your choice. We will connect “out” there somewhere. Lusie message me on twitter ❤

The incredible dinner venue created by the amazing Simlicy

23 thoughts on “250k Celebration Challenge: Mini Bachelor Dad Date Winner

  1. Firstly, huge congratulations to illusie!! A wonderful winner (got my vote, a little girl should always grow up with a pupper as a best friend!). Secondly, what a wonderful Challenge LisaBee! I’ve enjoyed it from start to finish & this second date was just perfect … love how you strung us along for as long as possible for the reveal, a lovely build up & so much fun. Thirdly, all the entries were fabulous, any of them would have been a great match – perhaps Ashley could get to work on cloning so there’s more of him to go round? x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry I’m late! Congrats to Alexa & Dorito (@illusiesims). This challenge was loads of fun and I’m so glad Ashley & Alexa found one another, they look perfect together! Great story, @lisabeesims… those pics are fabulous and nearly brought tears to my eyes.


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