Journey to Batuu Giveaway & Golden Age Spark’d Sub Stories

Hey Simmers, finally got my Journey to Batuu Giveaway up.

A BIG TY to EA, The Sims 4, & the Game Changers Network.

This blog has a giveaway for 2 JTB codes.

One from EA and one from yours truly

At the bottom of this blog, you will find entry instructions.

(Not trying to be mean here but please do not message me about the giveaway if you have not read the instructions AND do not share or publish the answer. 

(I will change the question daily if necessary.  So please play fair!)

eagc orange

Forgiveness please, I come pandering for your Spark’d challenge support ❤

I have 4 CAS entries in for Golden Age style and, if you like them, I would love a heart or two (FAV) in the gallery vote.

I have given a brief description of each of them and a few screenies that may help you get to know them better. I hope you get a giggle or two ❤

There is a pop up gallery link (will not close this window) to make voting easier. Of course you can always visit me in the gallery at Lisabeesims.

IF YOU have an entry (or a few) up in the Golden Age Spark’d Challenge do not be shy, let me know and I will gladly go vote for you too.

ALSO, if anyone uses any of them in their game/story I would love to be tagged and enjoy their adventures with you.

Apologies for the new layout – WP “fixed” it and I hate it.

Forrest & Myrtle Glenn (spellcasters)

Forrest & Myrtle have a deep affinity for nature. They once moved in powerful spellcaster circles but now after retirement, they prefer to use their witchy talents to help nurture & protect the forest. There’s so much to be done too. Shake the snow from the tree branches, coax the crocus to waken, give the new baby birds their spring tonic, ripen berries for the bears, paint the leaves in colorful hues & then drop them in a happy tumble. Mother Nature deeply values their volunteerism!

Gallery Link:

The Crumps

Hello, the Crumps here at your service. Both well-seasoned (if not a little worn) staff in service to the finest households in England. Mrs. is a wonderful cook & sets a fine meal before you, but stay out of her kitchen. Her skill at near misses with flying pots & pans is legendary. Mr. smells like he has been sipping the nectar most of the time but he does an adequate job as butler when required. A fun little homage to my favorite murder mystery author Agatha Christie.

Gallery Link:

The Grand Family

The golden years were going to be sweet. With the kids all grown, Memaw & Pepaw were getting the RV ready to hit the road. Gonna do a little traveling. But life can change quickly. Now Memaw & Pepaw find themselves parenting their grands Charlie & Paula.* Report cards, soccer games, PTA meetings & bedtime routines. It is challenging but everyone is doing the best they can.

* The children are not abandoned. The story is that their parents are on military deployment for one year.

Gallery Link:

Sten & Ulf

After moving back in together, these two very different twin brothers spend most of their time just trying to along. While they indeed irritate one another, the boys do have one passion in common (besides love of the lady folk), music. Once a week they don their matching (like mama used to make them wear) Hawaiian shirts & hit the retirement homes. Sten smoothly sways & strums his Ukulele while Ulf makes the ladies swoon as he croons out Don Ho hits. Retirement home mac daddies

Gallery Link:

Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for 2 Journey to Batuu game codes.   

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 27 September 2020 and the winner announced  28 September 2020 on twitter and FB (plus individual will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be found in today’s blog):

Who is your fav from my Spark’d entries and why?

You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways …  GL to all of you.

This is open to both PC and console – so please indicate which type of code you are entering for in your answer.

(DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram. It will not count for entry. Question is subject to change.)

On FB Messenger:

Lisabee on FB

On Twitter DM @

Lisabeesims1 on twitter

By email @

lisabee on yahoo

15 thoughts on “Journey to Batuu Giveaway & Golden Age Spark’d Sub Stories

  1. I love your entries and their stories! I’ll make sure to go show them some love on the gallery.
    I’ve entered 2 builds, Time’s Ripple and The Blue House on the Hill and a household, The Goldsmith and his Gem, who are fashioned after my parents. 😍 My EA ID is MenaBuchner.
    Not entering for the pack as I was lucky enough to win it, but I will share on Twitter! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great entries! 4 very different stories. Love them all. 🥰 I had already Fav’d 2 of them. Just had the chance to jump on the Gallery again and Fav’d the other 2. 😊 I was working on a entry for this challenge, but didn’t get to finish it in time. Maybe next time. Good luck to anyone that enters the giveaway. 🍀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely love the Grand Family!! They are so cute and I adore how the kids come to visit every now and again! Im currently doing something similar for my newest game. My sim, Arian, visits his grandparents oftens and they play chess and knit together! Absolutely adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, great entries, all of them, tho I have a clear fav. You’ve been so creative with these entries, great to see them come alive here 🙂 I was happy to get just one entry in before the due date hah. Big hugs and ty for organising the giveaway x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The funny thing is is that they are actually much closer to being what it’s really like in senior housing versus granny in a rocking chair with her knitting! I know my mother was in one of those. They call them Sustainable housing for ageless generations … And with good reason they use the acronym SHAG … no lie! When we were going to help my mother move into one my friend who’s a nurse took me aside and said are you aware that the number one health issues in senior living homes is sexually transmitted diseases. I was stunned but it is true statistically. Mom wanted to move in anyway. It was her kind of place LOL So that the story was a tribute to mom and her friends.


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