Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge: Banshee Trouble

Submitted for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge –

The theme this month is

“Wow, this is a dark creepy neighborhood,” Don muttered to himself, feeling a bit uneasy as he looked around.

The note from Trixie, given to him by the bartender at the Blue Note, had directed him an address near here and asked him to “please please please” come meet her.

Now, Don did not remember who Trixie was.

But then again he did not remember who many of “them” were.

OH, so many ladies and so little time.

Who had time for names?

His face wrinkled into a lecherous grin as he chuckled to himself, “Well, my little Trixie, I will remember you tonight. For tonight the Don of Love has eyes for only you, my little minx.”

He sighed a very deep self-satisfied sigh.

He could not …

NO he would not …

deny this sweet thing the pleasure of his company.

After checking his GPS again he moved in the direction the cell phone indicated.

Suddenly something caught is eye.

What is that?

He thought he saw a ghastly figure in the shadows.

And that sound!

What on earth was that?

A guttural low rumble.

Almost like a growl.

Made his skin crawl!

He gave a shudder and mustering courage he leaned to peer closer at the spot where he thought he saw the figure.

To his surprise there was nothing there!

His mouth agape, he shook his head in astonishment,

He was certainly letting his imagination run wild!

Trying to calm himself he whispered aloud, “Good grief! I must be hallucinating!”

None the less he quickened his step.

Suddenly to his right ..


There it was again!

A white face flashed in the darkness and that low eerie voice.

Was it saying his name?

Turning quickly in its direction he barked, “Who is there?”

But again, upon looking closer, he saw nothing.

“Man, you are losing it Don.

Seeing the bogeyman everywhere!

Get it together,” he ordered himself.

Finally arriving to the house, he was rather surprised.

The place looks abandoned.

Perplexed, he slowly pushed the door open.

The resulting loud CREEEAAK startled him and seemed to echo thru the place.


“Trixie, where are you?

“It is your boy Dooon …”

“Anybody home?”

He was trying to make his voice sound playful but he was already beginning to worry that he had been pranked.

Something rustled the the next room.

Don laughed and called out, ” Oh you like to play hide and seek eh?

Aha! I got you my pretty.”

Don move in and entered the room only to see the figure quickly leaving the room thru another door.

“OH what a little minx you are!”

“Playing hard to get with the Don.”

Still laughing, Don pursued her into the next room.

He was stopped dead in his tracks as he came face to face with his hallucination.

The white face glared at him from under the hood.

His heart beat so fast that he feared it would fly out of his chest.

He made a mad dash for front door but,

grabbing the handle,

he found it was locked.

He was sealed in with this louring phantom.

Don turned to run for the back door but IT appeared in the doorway in front of him.

Blocking him from passing.

Don panicked.

He implored of the wraith,

“Trixie what are you doing?”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

The glowering haunt gave no response.

“Trixie” was obviously not in a chatty mood.

Don raced thru the rooms ..

one after another …

after another …

and in room each the revenant would appear and block his path.

It seemed to guide him deeper and deeper into the house.

Don gasped a loud cry when he found himself trapped.

There was NO WAY OUT.

His pursuer blocked the ONLY doorway.

A menacing sneer crossed its face as it moved towards him.

Then to Don’s sheer terror it was joined by others.

Don froze in terror as seven terrifying apparitions began to surround him.

They advanced on him.

Their white rage-filled faces snarled into grimaces.

Their eyes seem to flash fire.

Their vexed voices screaming damnation.

They were upon him now.

He could feel their hot breath in his face as their heavy angry breathing cause waves of dread to pass over him.

From the depths of his being he heard himself scream,

“Who are you?”

“What do you want from me”

No response came from these banshees.

Then one by one the dreadful specters dropped their cloaks and masks revealing the abominations within.

Don shrieked in terror!





His heart melted in fear!

Beseeching mercy,

he fell to his knees with hands clasped …

as he looked up into the faces of his seven wives.

A banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member, usually by wailing or shrieking,

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Much love and a BIG ole TY to my dear friend RO who jumped right in and gave me a FAB recolor of the robe (some how blue just did not do it) .. HUGS!!

A huge TY to my dear friend Simoniona for her incredible build. It is stunning so be sure to go check it out!

If you are interested in my 7 Banshees (and Don – sorry) they are in the gallery too.

Gallery Link

31 thoughts on “Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge: Banshee Trouble

  1. Don’s been busy. Seven wives? I’m not surprised but also wondering how come he hasn’t been arrested for bigamy yet. I doubt he’ll make it out of that house in one piece. You know what they say about a woman scorned…and there’s seven of them!


  2. Whitechapel, yikes, Jack the Ripper’s haunt. The pictures of the “phantom” on the streets of Whitechapel were chilling because she blends in with her surroundings. I was not expecting the twist at the end. Don’s going to be dead seven times over!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Who does have time for names? Ugh. Story of my life, Don. Story. Of. My. Life.

    Had an inkling that the banshee would turn out to be a jolted lover, but not SEVEN. What a group project. Yeesh.

    I’m intrigued by the gallery entry implying all seven women are in the same household. So many questions. For example, how many mimosas were consumed before they made the coordinated decision to hide in an old house dressed as banshees and scare the scat out of him? And can humans be invited to the next brainstorming session they have? They sound like a hoot.

    Liked by 1 person

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