SimGuru Graham & his Dev Team Spill the Tea on Snowy Escape (Part 2) Snowy Fun

EP 10 Snowy Escape will be released Nov 13th to all platforms; PC, Mac, Steam, PS & Xbox

The information contained in this blog was provided by and made possible by EA Game changers.

Thank you so very much for this opportunity to have early access and to preview EP10.

Again, I am both grateful and humbled to have been a part of such a talented group of creators that EA assembled to provide this early peek! 

I was very excited to be invited to participate in a special livestream about this pack.  My attempt here is to relate some of the info we obtained from the dev team in that livestream to you.

This is part 2.

Part 1 can be found hereSimGuru Graham & his Dev Team Spill the Tea on Snowy Escape (Part 1)

In each blog release you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway one time for 3 snowy codes to be given on the 14th of Nov.

YES you can enter one time on every blog. (If you missed entering on blog 1 .. it is not too late … go do it.)

Details at the end of the blog.

One of the things that we were not allowed to do during the Livestream was capture any footage or screenshots. So to help me show you some of these wonderful features I enlisted the help of Bob n (Snowy) Bee.

For those who read my blog regularly, yes, they are just as goofy here as they are in any other place.

And for those that are new .. that is NOT Eliza! That hussy lost him a long time ago and Bee is going to make sure she NEVER gets him back!

Since I had a good amount of feedback that wished to see snow sports, I am going to veer off from the Livestream script here for a tiny bit.

Let’s hop on and ride the gondola to the top.

I will get started on what was, quite honestly, one of my fav parts of the preview experience.

Winter sports! Sledding, skiing, snowboarding and climbing.

If you all indulge me, I will do less talking and more showing this episode. BUT if you have questions please ask!

One of the most important things you can do before you hit the slopes, take a hike, or decide to attempt the mountain climb is to check the info board. They are great sources of information. you can find them in various locations throughout Mt Komorebi.

There are two new weather conditions (without seasons).

At this time, they only occur in Yukimatsu.

Thunder snowstorm (blizzard).

You can get hit by lightning

Icy conditions.

A little rough going there for Bee

It is dangerous because it can cause injuries which compound and can lead to death from a mishap.

A little 411 here .. found this in MCCC already .. so we have had it in game (Seasons?) for a bit … will this mean that we will have it in all worlds that get snow?

Headed to the bunny slopes …

There are 3 activities to choose from:


I HAD to make a Baby Bee for this one.

It is just too too cute!

Well that did not go so well!

But she is her mama’s girl!

Adults have fun with it too!

Another one that does not look like it will end well!

Hurry little Yamachan this thing has no brakes.

A little first person action – Bob N Bee sledding on the bunny hill.

Skiing (skill)

Bee started off raggedy on the bunny slopes

but it was not long before she was zipping down the intermediate slopes like a boss.

Soon it was nothing but big air for her!

Gave her great moodlets!

Bob was not as crazy about the skiing.

Bob on skis – first person!

He was happy to land it!

Snowboarding (skill)

Bee took a couple runs but walked away from it.

Bob stuck it out!

He suffered self doubt (he kept getting a poor performance moodlet and questioned what he was doing wrong).

Not to worry tho .. despite the bad day on the slopes, Bob (who is quite sentimental) is still having a grand time!

A few talking points that I can remember from the livestream are:

At a certain level of snowboarding you can record a snowboarding video.

You can gain money and fame from it.

There is such a thing as snow bros .. I have NO idea what it is but it is real.

Clothing rewards and customizable boards (I think this is for Skiing too).

Greater intensity = tricks = greater chance of failure or injury = faster skill gain. Now you know why Bob fell down so much LOL.

You can be employed as a ski instructor.

You get sore feet from using rental equipment (so buy your own <3).

Climbing (skill)

I really loved this skill and the mountain climb event!

First of all yes, it DOES cross over with Fitness pack. You can gain skill on that climbing wall.

Climbing gives us a new death .. fall to death.

Climbing is esp risky if you are injured.

To begin you purchase climbing gear thru a computer.

You have to put it on (from your inventory) and take it off .. or you will end up in strange places with your gear on.

The beginning rock wall is in Yukimatsu near the bunny slopes.

It is slow going at first!

(a little sidetrack here) not sure if it is the sentiments BUT I love how they interact when they walk together (not all the time but enough to get some good shots for your story.)

It is so cute ..

Soon you can move on to other lovely climbing spots!

Once they have increased their skill, they are ready to go climb Mt Komorebi.

It is a social event booked on your phone!

Although most of the time there was supportive gear left behind to help but I found a tent was a wise thing to purchase ahead of time.

Also be sure to bring food with you. packing lunches ahead, fresh produce and healthy protein bars (you can make at home – I did not because I didn’t get that far.

I will remind you fruitcake never spoils – disgusting perhaps but it staves off those hunger pangs!

The weather can change drastically on the way up.

Climbing becomes perilous in blizzard conditions. Sometimes it will abate if you wait it out but more often I found I had to risk it.

I am lucky I did not encounter any wildlife in my mountain ascents.

At the top they set up base camp.

It is so romantic with the sunsetting on one side and the moon rising on the other.

Well, you have to do something to pass the time and stay warm.

They woke to see the sunrise.

Wet their pants and went home.

This is such a strange game!

I have to confess that one of the multiple times I went up was just for one reason!

Tricky Gurus .. I spent HOW long looking for a way into that cave!

Cave woohoo (The bats crack me up).

There are other rabbit hole things you can do to explore the cave too.

Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for 3 EP10 Snowy Escape game codes.   

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 13 November 2020 and the winner announced 14 November 2020 on twitter and FB (individuals will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

You can enter one time on every blog. There will be at least 3 to 4 chances to enter to win.

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be found in today’s blog):

Where do you find the beginner’s climbing rock wall?

This is open to both PC and console – so please indicate which type of code you are entering for in your answer (please even if you have given it to me on a prior entry – they may be far apart on the spread sheet).

DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram. It will not count for entry.

Question is subject to change.

You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways … 

On FB Messenger

Lisabee on FB

On Twitter DM

Lisabeesims1 on twitter

By email

lisabee on yahoo

GL to all of you.

Mountain scenery as promised ❤

I recorded a little bit on the summit for you to get a feel of it in “motion.” I am not so great with filming yet! So sorry about the quality.

Next watch for Build/Buy & CAS overview

18 thoughts on “SimGuru Graham & his Dev Team Spill the Tea on Snowy Escape (Part 2) Snowy Fun

  1. Just awesome! I’m so excited for this pack – you’ve really done it justice with this brilliant review. Love all the pics and I laughed out loud at the 2 first person videos – poor Bob. Looking forward to the next instalment, your blogs are such a highlight! x


  2. Love your reviews! Great screenshots and really enjoyed the videos. So happy to hear you can work as a ski instructor! Cool!
    What do you call a baby Bee? A Bumble Bee 😂 toddlers are too adorable!


  3. Omg, I love this!! You should have seen my grin when Bee and baby Bee was sledding together <3. I didn't know that you could become a ski instructor, cool! You made me chuckles several times in this. I loved how baby Bee looked at Bee when they finished, lmbo!! And poor Bob holding his back after a fall, lol. Thanks for the tips, I will keep fruitcake in mind and making some healthy snacks before leaving. And also the tent. The photos are beautiful and the little skits are funny, lol. I keep forgetting about the first-person view. Thank you for the update again, I love it! ❤


    1. TY sweet Maria .. I loved that baby bee shot too and she was mad .. then I have no idea (because it was in simlish) what bee said but then she was happy. I bet I know someone who will be going sledding with his mom and dad ❤


  4. I love all of this. The sledding part with little Bee was super cute! Love that you can actually do something with another sim. And skiing and snowboarding. I laughed at one shot of Snowy Bee because I thought she had landed in a tree. And Bob looked pretty rad on that snowboard. Beautiful shots of the summit. Really, really, loved your review on this 🙂


    1. TY you are so sweet ❤ .. and I love the tree shot too .. with the animation she actually seemed to knock snow off the branches … I got brought u in the bugs chat so they will prob take it from us BUT I hope not

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really looks like an exciting pack. I am super hyped! It might be a Christmas gift for me, though, so we’ll have to see. It might be better that way because I get rather obsessed with the new packs and then my story goes on the wayside. lol

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Great look at the outdoor activities, it’s making me really want to try it for myself. I’ve not been this interested in a pack for a while! It seems to be a pack that’s great for family play! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love that you used Bob and Bee for this. They are cute together and I loved the romantic pictures of them on top of the mountain. lol at the cave woohoo. And aww they have a baby! The toddler is so cute and I love the mad face when they fell of the sledge. Wonderful pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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