Mama Llama’s Peek at Snowy Escape’s B/B & CAS

It is coming soon!

EP 10 Snowy Escape will be released Nov 13th to all platforms; PC, Mac, Steam, PS & Xbox

The information contained in this blog was provided by and made possible by EA Game changers.

Thank you so very much for this opportunity to have early access and to preview EP10.

Again, I am both grateful and humbled to have been a part of such a talented group of creators that EA assembled to provide this early peek! 

I was very excited to be invited to participate in a special livestream about this pack.  My attempt here is to relate some of the info we obtained from the dev team in that livestream to you.

This is part 3

Part 2 can be found here … SimGuru Graham & his Dev Team Spill the Tea on Snowy Escape (Part 2) Snowy Fun

Part 1 can be found here … SimGuru Graham & his Dev Team Spill the Tea on Snowy Escape (Part 1)

In each blog release you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway one time for 3 snowy codes to be given on the 14th of Nov.

YES you can enter one time on every blog. (If you missed entering on blog 1 .. it is not too late … go do it.)

Details at the end of the blog.

Build/ Buy

I will not aggravate you by commenting on every pic. ❤

I played around with a little garden gazebo build …

This is a brief look at platforms but I honestly did not get enough time with them to fully address this feature.

These are not coming with the pack but with the update.

I did play around with it some. I cannot wait to see what the builders will do with this.

Note the new half wall sizes and platform patterns (many similar to existing foundation patterns).

So many cute new objects!

I think I got most of the debug .. fingers crossed!

I am not much of a builder but thought to play around a bit with the build buy for a little bit.

The Kio pond, Zen Garden and a sunken conversation pit.


The new nasolabial folds and a set of very fun new teeth will come in the update … LOVE them!

Adult Female:


Hats and accessories:

Boots, shoes, & slippers:


Adult Male:

Hair (MMM I am loving Bob in that bald look):

Hats & Accessories:

Boots, shoes, & slippers:


Rewards for mountain climb success:

They pulled together lots of cute style looks:



Hats & accessories:

Boots & slippers:





shoes & boots


Of course I did some CAS work .. it is my fav! I will share them up in th gallery later.

But I will show my FAV CAS .. Baby Bee!

Of course she is angelic – we all already knew that!

Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for 3 EP10 Snowy Escape game codes.   

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 13 November 2020 and the winner announced 14 November 2020 on twitter and FB (individuals will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

You can enter one time on every blog. There will be at least 3 to 4 chances to enter to win.

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be found in today’s blog):

My question is what is your FAV CAS item and Build/Buy item?

This is open to both PC and console – so please indicate which type of code you are entering for in your answer (please even if you have given it to me on a prior entry – they may be far apart on the spread sheet).

DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram. It will not count for entry.

Question is subject to change.

You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways … 

On FB Messenger

Lisabee on FB

On Twitter DM

Lisabeesims1 on twitter

By email

lisabee on yahoo

GL to all of you.

13 thoughts on “Mama Llama’s Peek at Snowy Escape’s B/B & CAS

  1. I am loving this pack more and more. It took me a long time to scroll through the pictures. I can’t even imagine how late you were up going through this new EP. Thank you for showing us. Amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks so much for another awesome glimpse of this new pack. I’m loving it more & more – there’s something for everyone, builders, sim makers & gameplayers too. Looks like they’ve really spoiled us for choice with all the new items – so excited now! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I looveee everything about this pack… I didn’t know we could get those houses and buildings in the debug mode. Thank you, so much, you showed me sooo much that I missed! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So far I’m loving the new update! I can FINALLY create my Throne rooms TS3 style lol I’m really excited for the new pack! I didn’t think I would be bc I like to play in historical eras. Now if they bring back the color wheel, add more life forms, farming pack, and a medieval pack, I’ll be good to go.

    Liked by 1 person

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