Bob n Bee: Love Day?

This is the beginning of a new Bob n Bee story line.

To get a bit more back story (esp about what happened to Eliza) you can visit here:

Bob n Bee Table of Contents

“Good morning. It is Love Day,” Bee purred as she planted a soft kiss on Bob’s cheek.

“My dear Bee,” he responded, his eyes twinkling, “I did not forget.”

Offering her an exquisite red rose, he continued,

“For you it is a Rose,
For me it is my heart.” **

“Everyday with you is love day.

You have taught me to believe in happily ever after!”

It was going to be a fabulous LOVE day.

Bob hurried to the kitchen.

He had great plans for a very flirty grand breakfast meal.

He was excited to try out some new pancake recipe he learned from a wonderful old dusty tome he found in the local library.

(A little Easter Egg for my long time readers).

I think Bee has cooked up a few Love Day plans of her own!

Their breakfast canoodle was rudely interrupted by the doorbell!

Opening the door, Bob exclaimed, “Mother!”

“What are you doing here, Mom?

It is Love Day!

Our first Love Day!”

“OH I am so sorry Bobby,” she said trying hard not to sound hurt.

“I would never interrupt but have something very important to discuss with you and Bee that is urgent.”

Bob sighed, “Very well. Come on in and have a bite to eat first mom.”

Mama Pancake never turned down her son’s fine cooking!

(Poor Bob – seriously awkward!)

“There you are my dear,” Bob’s mom said cheerfully.

“Come sit. I have something important to discuss with you.”

“Bobby, you may remember my good friend Irma.”

Bob looked blank.

“The one who lived over in Britechester?

Near the college?”

Bob shook his head and admonished, “Mom get to the point already.”

“I am son, it is the point.”

With slight exasperation she continued, “Irma owns and runs a University housing building.

She has been the dorm mom there for many years.”

“She is now wanting to retire and move to Oasis Springs to be close to her grandchildren.

That she is so lucky to have to enjoy while she is young enough them.”

She cast a side eye at Bob before moving on.

“Irma is looking for some responsible University students to be dorm parents to the her residents.”

Bob look perplexed and Bee sat wondering in silence.

“You see it could be you two,” she explained.

“Bobby you could study culinary arts and Bee, well I don’t know what you would want to study but University would help you with whatever you wanted to do.”

“In exchange for a few chores, you would have free room and board.”

Then she hastily added, “I would be willing to help with some of the tuition and books cost.”

Bee N Bob sat in stunned silence.

“At least come see the place before you make any decisions,” she urged.

They agreed and soon they found themselves being greed by a very cheerful Irma.

“Welcome,” she chirped. “OH Honey, it is wonderful to see you again!

You look fabulous. Not aged a day!

And Bobby! Look at how much you have grown.

Is this pretty lady your wife?

OH I am sorry!

I do go on!

You are here to see the house not hear me babble.

So lets go in.”

Bob immediately loved the kitchen.

Which was good because he was informed that providing meals to the residents was a part of the agreement.

Bee was amazed at how lovely the house was.

Laundry was on the dorm parent chores list.

The basement had about every amenity a university student would desire.

The 2nd level had a cheerful loft study area and the bedroom for the dorm parents.

The third floor had the resident rooms and facilities.

A quick walk around the ground outside showed impeccably maintained garden and flower beds.

After a few minutes of discussion both realized that they were very excited about this opportunity.

They agreed, they would accept the offer.

Irma is also quite delighted with Bob n Bee.

She will go start packing today!

A very happy Mom Pancakes went home.

Bob decided to attempt to wrap Love day up right by asking his Bee on a date.

They decided to try the the campus pub.

“Well, this is quite a friendly place,” Bob grimaced.

“Yes! Very welcoming,” Bee said haltingly.

The date went well.

A little dancing.

So decent pub food.

Some yummy bar drinks had them feeling warm and toasty.

“Hey there handsome. You come here often?”

I think it is time to end LOVE day at home Bob!

See you soon!

Next time Bob n Bee will be moved in and we meet the residents.

Thank you to Onyeka001 for the Pancake Parents

Gallery Link

I aged her up a bit.

If you like the university house it is in my Gallery (a rare build from me LOL)

Gallery Link

**The full quote:

The sweetest flower that blows,
I give you as we part.
For you it is a Rose,
For me it is my heart.

– Frederick Peterson At Parting

23 thoughts on “Bob n Bee: Love Day?

  1. Oh I love this story. What a fun way to do the uni pack. They are the “den” parents! lol Can’t wait to meet the students. I am sure that there will be lots of drama for Bob and Bee to handle. !! Love the book Bob was reading! Definitely a pre-requisite to read before becoming den parents. This is so great!


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