Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: January 2021 Theme, Submissions & Top Choices

Please note – a little info:

This blog is updated in 3 parts:

Part 1 of this blog will present the current monthly theme, banner links and challenge specifics for the current month.

Part 2 after the close of the monthly challenge this blog will be updated to add links to the that month’s submissions and a link to vote in each category (veteran or novice) will be provided.

Part 3 After the vote closes an update to this blog post will be made to announce the top three Reader’s Choice in each category.

If you are brand new to this challenge click here for info on starting and posting:

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge – Announcement & Info


Part three

January 2021 submissions & Vote (Reader’s Choice Update)


Top three Readers Choice:

We had an interesting month this month. It was quite a funny situation. We technically had 5 top reader choices.

there were the top 2 that tied for most votes and the next two tied for second most votes.

So technically we had 5 top reader choices.

Congrats to all for a wonderful month!

I am awarding the top 4 Reader’s Choice banners.

They are (in no particular order):

Tears of a Clown

MSSSC: Expectations

Sea Change

New Residents

DropBox Link for Reader’s Top Choices Banner

Again congrats for a job well done!


Top three reader’s Choice:

No Novice entries


Part two

January submissions & Vote

Veteran Submissions:

Tears of a Clown

MSSSC: Expectations

Sea Change

New Residents

Xto’s EarthSuit – A short Story

MonthlySimlitShortStory Challenge: New day, Newcrest (Jan 21)

Novice Submissions:

There are no novice entries this month

Please be kind and read all of the entries before you make your vote;

Please remember to pick your 3 favorites in the poll.

The vote closes on 7 Feb 2021 @ Midnight PST

*Veteran Vote Link*

Thank you for your support ❤

Watch for Feb’s theme soon!

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Part 1 New theme for January 2021:




Up to 800 max


min 5 to max 12


31 January 2021 @ Midnight PST


Post your story on your blog AND give me a link in the MSSSC Forum:

(If you are new to the forum and cannot post a link yet let me know and I will help.)

Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – forum thread link


January 2021 participant banners

Select the banner you feel best represents you.

Submit in one of two categories:

Novice – blogging for a year or less

Veteran – blogging for more than a year and/or more experienced writer

Get your banner here:

(Dropbox Link)

Place whichever banner you choose at the beginning of your blog to indicate which branch of the challenge you are submitting to (Novice or Veteran).

MSSSC Table of contents

16 thoughts on “Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: January 2021 Theme, Submissions & Top Choices

      1. No worries – You do it as you see fit with your story, though personally, I think it deserves to be on the list just like any other story submitted 💗
        I mentioned two stories because I thought I saw a story by J2J on Twitter – but maybe I’m imagining things or it wasn’t submitted correctly.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think it would be fair for me to put myself in there. But I am grateful for the support and love you guys show it by reading and commenting and encouraging! The thing goes out to all my readers so I just don’t think it would be fair

      Liked by 1 person

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