Bob n Bee: A Haunted Interlude

I am so happy to be a part of a fabulous collab with my dear friend Anchesenamon.

This blog will feature one of my small parts of the HUGE collab project.

Although, it is primarily supposed to be a build tour,

I believe every house has a story.

This one is no exception!

I will of attempt to weave that story thru the build tour.

I hope you all will enjoy it.

All of the sims and the builds are a part of the collab Ghost Town worlds.

It was 1972.

Bob was just home from ‘nam.

The war was drawing to a close and all were hoping for happier times!

Bob and his new bride were no different.

They yearned for adventure and excitement in a world at peace.

They packed up his old pick-up truck and pointed the nose toward the west.

Seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And maybe some free hot dogs along the way too.

Life on the road was not as easy as it seemed it might be.

Sure, they made a few friends along the way and had some good times.

But soon they found that the “Turn on, tune in, drop out” counter-culture life style was wearing a bit thin.

They wanted more.

Something of their very own.

They did not look long before they found a tiny old farm house.

A real fixer upper!

It was perfect for them!

With help from his VA loan they were soon proud home owners.

Neither of them had ever done anything like run a farm before!

But they were a quick study.

Well, Bee probably could have approached the study a bit more seriously!

They were willing to work hard.

Slowly the little farm took shape

Bob was quite the DIY handy man, building almost all of their furniture!

Not everything was learned the easy way though!

It is never free cake Bob!




That is a rough way to get a glass of milk!

Life was sweet!

They even made a few friends.

They were happy in their little home.

Bee was excited to grow their own food.

She felt good knowing they were eating healthy meals.

Perhaps she should have read that chapter on mushroom identification a bit more thoroughly.


Now you really did not think that the story was over with “Home Sweet Home” did you?

This is GHOST story …

Hello …

We needed GHOSTS!

Lets jump forward and see what the sweet homestead looks like today.

Yep, here they lay …

BUT maybe not so RIP as you might imagine.

Bee has learned a way to keep in touch with a lot of their old friends.

This method of communication has opened up some strange activity on the farm.

Very odd guests just wander in and out.

Some are downright rude and have to be sent packing.

UHH, Mila honey, I do not think that is the best posture for you to take at the moment.

They do have one visitor that they invited to stay.

His name is Patches.

He is such a good boy!

They love him so much.

He loves them too!

They have all found their happily ever after!

Even though in the story Bob n Bee found Patches –

or actually Patches found them –

after they became ghosts

I thought you might enjoy an interlude to the interlude.

Bob n Bee n Patches on the beach in Sulani!

Yep you will be seeing more of him!

Thanks for reading!

Look for more on that collab coming!

Gallery Links:

All are in the gallery – Lisabeesims

And do not forget that collab hash tag.

#Anchesenamon #AnchGhostTown

You can search that in the gallery and see other work on this project

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Haunted Old Farm House

Groovy Bob N Bee

Ghostly Groovy Bob n Bee

Patches the Good Boy

Ghostly Patches the Good Boy

Bob n Bee: Table of Contents

26 thoughts on “Bob n Bee: A Haunted Interlude

  1. What an entertaining and surprising tale. I love it! 🤍

    I’m impressed with the details of your Haunted Old Farmhouse.
    Anchesemon is very inspiring and her latest idea with a ghost world has led a lot of exciting Sims and buildings.
    Your contribution is no exception 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh she is so inspiring indeed! Are you in on it? I don’t know who’s all in because I am not a pro in discord. I hope so because I think there’s lots of room left. Thank you so much for your kind words. It took me forever to re-create the house in shabby form … Well I guess that should be shabbier form because it was pretty shabby before LOLI am not the best builder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do not participate but I enjoy following from the sidelines.
        I’m not that patient a builder and I have not installed T.O.OL and the necessary Mods to make ghosts … although of course I can poison them with some mushrooms 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I had a difficult time with my granddaughter who was not happy with me when Bob died! But never fear this is the Sims and the next time but he will be just fine LOL we can do what we want to kill him one time and have them alive and well the next time

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries, Lisa, there’s no pressure or expectation to have any comments replied to 😊 (though I do love interacting with you). I know how busy you are.
        I’m only sorry that lately I haven’t felt inspired to write for SimLit. 😞

        Liked by 1 person

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