A Tiny Fairy Tale

“Adelina,” Queen Mum admonished, “the world is not always a safe place for tiny fairies.

You simply must be more cautious!

All this exploring that you do.

It can be so very dangerous!

Don’t you remember the crow last month?”

Adelina’s eyes widened as her mom continued,

“Can’t you find some nice tiny fairy friends …

or maybe even a nice tiny fairy boy to spend time with here in the village? “

“Mother! Really?” Adelina exclaimed loudly.

“I cannot believe you just said something like that!”

Her father chimed in firmly, “Adelina, be careful how you address your mother.

She is only trying to look out for your best interest.”

“My best interest?

What is my best interest?

Am I not allowed to pursue my own heart?”

Oh Adelina,” her father groaned, “what are we to do with you little fae?”

Seeing the stunned look on her parents face, Adelina suddenly felt terrible for shouting at them.

She loved them so much and she knew they loved her too!

“I am so sorry Mum.

Sorry dad.

I promise to be careful.

I really do!”

She knew they did not understand how connected she felt to nature.

When she was outside she could feel its vibrancy and it made her feel energized!

Although, she had already vowed to herself to be more careful.

Nearly becoming lunch for a crow will cause you to do that!

A bit farther down the road she found her grandmother coming along with her mobile home.

She was always excited to see her grandmother.

Grandmother seemed to understand her better than most did.

She shared the falling out she had just had with her parents …

and how awful she felt about being so curt with them.

Grandmother, as always, listened carefully nodding her understanding as her granddaughter told the account of the row.

“They love you very much dear Adelina.”

They only want for you what they have

and what your grandfather and I had,” Grandmother counseled.

Adelina smiled, her parents and grandparents had always been deeply in love.

Her grandmother continued, “And they are right.

The world can be a very scary place for a tiny fairy.

Why just last week your cousin Herman nearly got eaten by a cat.”

Adelina shuddered.

She was afraid of cats.

Adelina smiled and reminded her grandma of her special power

that would allow her to enlarge herself to the size of a full grown human.

“It is how I got away from the crow,” she laughed.

“he was quite surprised.”

Grandmother cautioned her to use it carefully and wisely.

“That one can get you into a pickle if you are not careful!”

“I will be careful!

I promise,”

she vowed as she gave her grandmother an exuberant kiss on the cheek.

And she was off.

The meadow, with all of its pretty flowers sparkling in the bright blue sky, was dazzling!

It made her feel like dancing!

And so she did!

Suddenly she froze in her tracks ..

what was that?

It was a gray tabby cat sunning herself.

Adelina’s heart pounded.

Without even a second thought she folded her gossamer wings in and transformed herself into a human sized fairy.

“Hello nice kitty,” she said nervously as she looked into its green eyes.

That was odd.

She did not feel afraid.

There was something comforting in those eyes.

She reached down to pat it on the head.

A voice from behind her startled her.


A charming looking young man strode over and picked up the kitty.

“OH h-h-hello,” she stammered.

“I am so sorry.

Is this your kitty?’

“Well, sort of …

Ummm, I guess,” was his unusual reply.

He went on to explain, ” she found me a few days ago

and I have been trying to take care of her by bringing her food.

I guess she likes me.”

These kind actions made Adelina feel warm and happy inside!

They sat and talked for hours that afternoon.

She had never met a human boy before ..

and he was so cute!

They agreed to meet up the next day …

and they met every day that summer.

Just the two of them and their faithful kitty companion.

She was falling hard for this boy!

How was she ever going to explain this to her parents.

AND maybe even more importantly how was she going to explain this to him!

She knew it had to be done!

Today would be the day!

She woudl tell him today!

Bracing herself for the worst, Adelina faced her beloved.

What would he think?

How would he react?

“I have something I need to tell you.

Something that I should have told you a long time ago.

I have been keeping a big big secret,” she confessed.

She closed her eyes tightly …

and with great trepidation …

transformed into her tiny-winged self.

She slowly opened her tear rimmed eyes …

There standing before her smiling

was the most beautiful

tiny boy fairy she had ever seen.

Unseen by them their faithful kitty companion had slipped off.

She had a transformation herself.

“Silly little fairies,” Grandmother smiled and gazed at them fondly.

“You are not the only one who has few tricks my dears.”

She slipped away and left the little love birds alone.

While is am great on word count I am def over on screenshot numbers (and I left lots of great stuff “on the cutting room floor” too – sniff). So this is a for fun only entry!

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27 thoughts on “A Tiny Fairy Tale

  1. Oh my! That was such a beautiful story! Halfway through I was like “yep she’s going to fall in love with a human” but I was not expecting him to be a fairy as well! And her grandmother was the cat? What a great ending, well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a sweet story! I love the twist ending.

    Oh, Grandma, you are a naughty fairy! I wish I could use that trick on my own daughter. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a cute story! I knew that grandma Fae had a sweet story behind her. I love the little twist at the end. Adelina found herself a real cutie pie.


  4. Beautiful story! I love a good twist and the fact that the grandma was the cat, was brilliant! I also love how you enlarged the objects to make them seem small and the screenshots are gorgeous. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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