Pursued – A Short Story

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Oh no!



Not again!

Not again!

This can’t be happening again.”

Olivia stood in her dorm room crying out and sobbing.

At her feet lay her roommate.

Pale …

cold …


Her blood drained from her body.

Gracie, her other roommate, hearing her screams, came running in.

She gasped as she saw the scene in front of her, “OHHH! What happened here?”

Olivia cried, “this is all my fault!

I never should’ve come here.

Another one dead!

OHHH will this nightmare ever end.”

Soon the police had come and gone.

The girls were shaken!

Gracie took Olivia into the kitchen and set her down with a cup of coffee.

“You need to calm down and think things thru clearly Olivia.

Your rambling there in front of the police was not good!

Now why do you say this is your fault?

This is obviously the work of a monster and not your doing,” Gracie assured.

Taking a deep breath, Olivia began to speak.

He voice trembled with terror as she recounted her horrific tale while Gracie listened on patiently.

Olivia sobbed, “I have been haunted by strange deaths for a long time now.

I feel pursued by something.

It is like it wants to consume me.

She went on to explain, “I grew up in a mysterious place called Forgotten Hollow.

It was a very strange place and quite honestly I never felt like I fit in with the sims who lived there.

I felt watched and I often wondered why I was there and how I got there.

But it was home.

The only one I ever remember.

I had friends and was carefully guarded by my very peculiar cousin Vlad.

I even happily fell in love with my childhood friend Caleb.

But soon horrific things began to happen around me.

People who visited us were found dead.

Always pale and drained of blood.

I no longer felt safe.

It frightened me so much.

I was afraid I was next!

I knew I had to leave there.

I told my friends that I had to leave.

They urged me. ‘No, No you have to stay! don’t go!’

They were upset with me but I knew I had to get away.

So I ran.

But every where I ran,

death found me!

From SanMyShuno ..

to Windenburg …

to Sulani …

it found me!

I didn’t know what to do I just kept moving.

And now I’ve been here a few months and it seemed like the curse was gone.

Like the threat of death had left me.

Nothing had happened.

But once again here it comes and my own roommate too.

I don’t know what to do.”

Her sobs came again.

Gracie said, “I think this is all in your imagination.

You’ve just had some very bad luck.

I know it must feel like it just follows you but this is not death following you this is all coincidence!

A very strange coincidence, true!

But just crazy coincidence!

You’re going to be fine now!

Come on, let’s go back to our studies and just go on with life.

The police will investigate this and I’m sure they will find out what happened.”

They went back to life.

Olivia tried hard to put it away from her thoughts.

A few weeks later Olivia came out of the rest room at the Foxbury Pub to find Gracie on the floor.

Pale …

cold ..

and dead!

Her body drained of blood!

Her heart wanted to burst inside of her.

Fear tingled along every nerve in her body.

In an instant Caleb was there beside her.

She stood to face him.

His eyes flashed an intense fury as he said, “you need to come NOW!

It is time!

I am sent to bring you!”

Olivia was frightened!

“No I can’t go,” she cried,


No, I won’t go!”

His eyes locked onto her and suddenly she was helpless and unable to resist.

He led her from the pub to a quiet place near by.

She found herself surrounded by those she knew before.

Frightened she tried to scream but no sound came out.

Caleb was preventing her screams from sounding.

Her cousin Vlad growled sternly, “it is time for you to come with us.”

She sobbed, “why?”

Anticipating the impeding attack and cowering fear,

she plead, “Don’t kill me!

Don’t kill me!

Please don’t kill me!”

Lilith groaned loudly,

“What are you talking about Olivia?

We’re not here to kill you!”

Vlad interjected kindly, “we are here to help you!”

Caleb chimed in, his voice thick with emotion, “we are here to take you home and keep you safe!”

Confused, Olivia looked up into their faces.

Each showing a deep concern …

for her!


As she looked into thier faces,

something in their eyes spoke deep within her.

It was then she realized the truth.

It had been her all along!

She was the monster!

This story was created for

The Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge for March 2021

the theme was

I hope you enjoyed it and were surprised but it. I had lots of fun writing it.

Be sure to stop by the challenge blog to read other wonderful stories. (after April 1st)


Most everything used was maxis or created by me .. the one exception was a fab build from the amazing Gothkittymimi be sure to check her out in the gallery

32 thoughts on “Pursued – A Short Story

  1. Poor Olivia 😦 I really thought it was Vlad doing it to try and get her to come back home, I didn’t expect that it was her. And she has to live with knowing what she did for the rest of her life, poor girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Poor thing, no wonder they were trying to keep her from leaving. I can’t imagine the pain that she feels knowing that it was her all along. 😦 Great story! ❤ Lawd, she is related to Vlad, that is also sad, lmbo!!


  3. I liked that you had hidden vampires in shots along the story, leading to think maybe they were the cause of the deaths, but later it turns out they were perhaps observing? Really well planned story!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. oooh. Fun. Great job. I like how you write in short bursts here, it draws out the feeling of suspense as we scroll downward. I don’t know how much of this was on purpose, but I enjoyed the contrast of her current world being so colourful and bright then it gets darker and less colourful as she slips into the reality of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TY so much. I have been doing that for a good while now .. I find that people can follow the thought more clearly when there is lots of white space .. eps on a blog narrative


      1. I think many of us have too many creative distractions. I find it difficult to focus when my mind is wandering, and being inspired with new ideas from what I am seeing and reading.


  5. Poor Olivia, I hope she gets better. I love how you included the Vamps of FH and I can’t wait to learn more about Olivia’s connection to them.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A moment to reflect on Olivia’s outfits and how disco-fabulous they are. One sec while I listen to “I Will Survive” on repeat.

    If—and I know this is impossible for several reasons—if I ever find myself in a classic horror scenario with someone else, I hope it’s Gracie. Monsters have a good sense of dramatic irony and like to go after the person who is suuuuure it will be fiiiiine first. When it comes to small incremental negative changes over time, though, that’s when we need the observant skeptics like Olivia.

    Speaking of changes over time, any theoretical ecologist or population dynamicist could tell Gracie that flat-out killing her victims rather than draining them partway and letting them regenerate is a Bad Idea. But it doesn’t seem like she has control over her monster form until she realizes it. How’d she eat before? Did she just think she was allergic to everything? Did she go on a lactose-free, gluten-free, nightshade-free, low FODMAP diet? We may never know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OHH you gave me what I was grasping for .. dramatic irony! Have you ever seen the horror spoof for Geico insurance .. to me Gracie would be in the gaggle of the college students who thought it was best to avoid the running car and hide behind the wall of chainsaws .. totally oblivious. Now all the finer points of Olivia remain to be grappled with.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. oh noooooo, my poor heart was not ready for that 😱
    and what tastefully chosen screenshots! each one is just ~perfect~ at making its point and nothing’s gratuitous. and whatever mods you’re using for poses are fantastic (i am a mod noob pls enlighten me with your wonderful methods)

    Liked by 1 person

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