Daisy – A Short Story

Jynx glance contentedly around her new bedroom.

She had just moved to SanMyshuno and she was so excited to experience life in the big city!

Her new apartment was a dream.

She felt so lucky to have found it.

It was not in the most upscale area for SanMyShuno but

she was crazy about it.

The bright colors energized her and lifted her spirits.

One of the happiest things about the apartment was its many big windows.

They let in an abundance of natural which seemed to set the colors on her paint palate dancing.

Two months ago she had landed her dream job as a Museum curator which necessitated the big move here.

The pay was low and the hours long …

BUT she loved every minute of it.

It was everything she hoped for!

Back in her building, she had good neighbors but they all were so busy with their lives.

No one seemed to have time for more than just a quick hello in the hallway.

Even Agnes, who kept her supplied in fruit cake, was always on the fly going somewhere or another.

Her coworkers were lovely and she enjoyed connecting with them at work.

But they all had families and the end of the day was the end of the conversations.

Everyone went their own way.

Off onto lives that did not connect with hers.

Life was a tiny bit lonesome for her.

So many people in this city and yet she felt all alone.

She was not afraid of being by herself and she was not sure she technically felt lonely

but life was just so quiet here.

She was the oldest in a large noisy family and

there was never a dull moment growing up with all those crazies!

She thought she might try to get herself out there a bit.

She found, for the most part,

the bar scene was so very boring!



One of her coworkers told her to try the gym.

Lots of fine fellas there you know!

Well girlie, we can all tell you that are barking up the wrong tree on these two!

They are cuties



OH and

speaking of barking …


Guess who showed up!

Good call Jynx!

Ain’t nobody THAT desperate for company!

Eventually she made peace with the way it was

and settled into a very contented quiet lifestyle.

Most of her nights were spent In front of the fireplace, watching a movie while she worked on her latest Plopsy offering,

Her job still filled most of her days with many happy hours.

On her days off she explored the lovely things the city had to offer.

She would discover the theaters, restaurants coffee shops and small shops with unique art.

Her favorite were the open air markets,

with their odd flea market finds,

bright fresh organic produce,

and bundles of freshy cut fragrant flowers.

It was a delight that soother her spirit.

Standing in front of a newly discovered vendor table

her eyes delighted in the colors that arrayed the table.

She breathed in deeply the fragrance of the blossoms that mingled with the warm summer air and

with a soft sigh let it flow through her being.

Her serenity was interrupted.

“Excuse me miss… ” the voice came.

She turned to see the flower vendor,

a very handsome young guy,

holding out to her a pretty little daisy.

“I do believe this little one wants to go home with you,” he said with a sweet smile.

Her heart melted at such a lovely gesture.

So small and yet so thoughtful

and very romantic.

Maybe …

just maybe …

she thought to herself …

things in the big city are starting to look up!

Submitted as a “just for fun” entry to the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: May 2021 Theme

While I did meet the word count qualifications I am over on screenshots and I could not decide which to cut.

I appreciate your love and support but I won’t be added to the ballot again this month.

I will try to behave better next month.

The blog with other entries (always so much fun) will go up on 1 June.

IF you are a story teller we would love to have you join us!

Be on the look out later today or early tomorrow for my first Home Decorator GP giveaway blog.


TY Woods Fairy for the flowers

And although you cannot see much of it – one of my FAB builds from one of my FAV builders

TY Roxxysims

As for Jynx, the handsome flower vendor, the bright Culpepper apartment, and the crazy family see my gallery at Lisabeesims

Be sure to say HI while you are there.

14 thoughts on “Daisy – A Short Story

  1. Ooh – that was very sweet! A daisy for Jynx for some reason that seem to really fit her. Even if this particular guy doesn’t turn out forever, it’s nice to have a friend as well.


  2. So cute and sweet. I am not a romance type, though oddly enough I seem to write a lot of relationship based stories so maybe I am lying to myself because this made my heart smile a bit when he gave her the flower.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reading this, I completely forgot about the theme until the end. It was such a sweet story and I felt bad for her, struggling to find her place in the big city. I’m so glad she finally found it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really enjoyed it ,i love how she loves bright color and how she embraces life and her work and even though she feel a bit lonely she’s an optimist and got her self out there to try and meet someone ,but ended up meeting someone when she wasn’t looking ,even if nothing comes of it ,how sweet was that offering of a daisy ,it certainly brighten her day 😊 loved it

    Liked by 1 person

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