Dad Trouble

Aubie could see her standing by the front step of his house from a long way off.

Her foot tapping!

Her arms crossed!

AND a very sour expression on her face that said she could see him coming too!

He swallowed hard as he approached.

It looked like he was in trouble for something.

H did not like being in trouble with her!

Forcing a weak smile on his face,

he greeted his lovely daughter,

“Ahh Annie, my darling,

what brings you to see your old dad on this beautiful summer day?”

Annie’s eyes flashed hot at him.

They seemed to burn holes in his stomach.

“Dad, where have you been all day?

I came early this morning and found the farm a complete mess!

What is going on here?

This is not like you!

The hen house was full of eggs and hungry chickens.

And poor old Bossy.

I won’t even go into how upset she was.”

Truthfully, Aubie was quite glad that she was not going into it!

He began quietly, in the hopes of calming his daughter,

“Sweet girl, I was running some errands in town.”

He patted her arm, “My precious daughter, I’m taking good care of the animals.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it!”

She eyeballed him with a look that made his knees go weak,

“DAAD, Have you been chasing after that old battle ax again?”

Aubie straightened, “Well …


Yes, my dear!

I have been trying to make friends with a lovely lady in town.”

Annie stepped back, aghast,

“Lovely lady?

I would hardly call Agnes Crumplebotton a lovely lady.

She is a menace to this community!”

Aubie shook his head, “Menace is a harsh word my dear one!

I think she is simply misunderstood.”

“Dad, this is enough!

You are going to get hurt!

I am putting my foot down!

No more messing with that nasty old woman!”

As Aubie silently brushed passed, an exasperated Annie whispered under her breath,



Parenting your parents is so difficult!”

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For those who read Dad Trouble .. I forgot to upload Annie (just saw that last night)

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28 thoughts on “Dad Trouble

  1. Aww, I feel bad for the dad 😦 He’s probably lonely and just wants to spend time with someone his own age and her attitude clearly doesn’t bother him. I understand the daughter is worried but I hope she becomes more understanding! Beautiful entry ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry, Aubie, I’m taking your dad’s side here. AGNES!!! The one who wins her hand will become a legend overnight.

    Personally, despite your distaste for him, I’d be happy to see Don Lothario throw his hat into the ring as well.


  3. She is freakin’ adorable. I am such a fan of Aubie too. I am thrilled with this whole development and love that creating him has inspired this storyline to grow. This is so fun. I love the humour in your writing. I also really really love your simtography. This is so full of life. I can’t wait to see how this develops.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor guy. I agree with Annie, though. Agnes doesn’t seem like a particularly friendly person but from the pictures he has had some positive interactions with her. She seems to be a good opponent for chess and like flowers.

    Liked by 1 person

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