Aubie’s Grand Idea

My entry to the October 2021 Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge.

Our theme was

Aubie remains undaunted in his quest to woo and win the elusive Agnes Crumplebottom.

So far it has not been going so great! *

Mrs. C seems to be equally determined to NOT be won over by the charming elder!

However, Aubie is not worried!

He believes that the very best things in life come from hard work and perseverance.

The harder the fruit is to reach the sweeter it will taste!

Aubie has come up with a good idea to reach the sweet peach he desires.

NO, he thinks to himself.

It is not a good idea!

It is a grand idea!

Harvestfest would be coming soon.

Harvestfest was a time of celebrating with family and friends and that included eating a grand meal.

He would invite Agnes to dine with him and Annie.

It was the right neighborly thing to do!

Later that afternoon Aubie mustered up his courage and approached the formidable grande dame.

Stuttering and stammering a very flustered Aubie managed to get his invitation out.

Was that a smile that crossed Agnes’ face?

Aubie could hardly believe his good fortune.

Agnes had accepted his invitation.

Back on the farm, there was much work that needed to be done.

Annie would come help!

Together they tended the garden and the animals.

They scrubbed the house till it shone like a new penny!

Finally the meal!

Carefully and expertly prepared from the finest bounty the farm had produced!

Everything was perfect.

Which was very good because …

Agnes was on the way!

“Ciao Bella signora,” Aubie happily quipped

Welcome to Fox Run Cottage.

We are so pleased to have you as our guest.”

Suddenly Agnes was indignant!

Fire flashed in her eyes!

Aubie’s blood ran cold!

“Are you getting frrresh with me young man?”

Aubie recounted his gaffe to Annie.

She reassured him that not all was lost.

Things would be better tomorrow.

They should enjoy this fine meal and

be thankful that they were celebrating another wonderful year together!

Aubie agreed!

Everything was perfect with his dear Annie



tomorrow was a new day!

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28 thoughts on “Aubie’s Grand Idea

  1. I enjoyed this. I wonder what he sees in Agnes. I can’t blame her for getting frustrated with him, though. Sometimes people just want to be left alone and not relentlessly pursued or thought of as a challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aubie has some lofty goals if he’s trying to woo Ms. Crumplebottom. That pursuit might be the death of him, especially if he should meet the bottom-half of her purse. Best wishes to Aubie! 😅 Good thing he has Annie in his life

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He has met the bottom half of that purse more than once. But he’s unsinkable I swear he never seems to get down about it. He’s probably one of the more fun Sims I’ve ever had to play. He’s just such an amicable guy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg WP is being a cowplant 😩
        I live in Seattle (downtown’ish near Climate Pledge Arena). Never thought I’d enjoy living in a city, as I’m not much of a people-person. However I AM a food-person, and having the convenience of yummy food within walking distance was all it took to convert me 😅 Probably didn’t hurt that Macrina Bakery was VERY close… Nope… Didn’t hurt at all 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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