Nope, I am not dead! 2022 Hopes & Goals

Where have I been?

Did anyone notice my absence?

I had a “fall from the story writing horse” and took a quick 2 month hiatus to get my head straight.

I let myself be overwhelmed by perceived criticism and rejection.

That cannot happen!

No one can live up to everyone’s expectations or be liked by everyone!

Ironically I got this from a dumb FB game … I am keeping it cause it FITS!

I have not gotten back on the beast yet BUT have some content to share and I will soon!

I am looking forward to 2022.

So what are your Sims game-related (or NSR too) resolutions for 2022?


Not worry about what everyone thinks and get back on the horse.

To learn more about streaming and to give it a good try! Even tho the thought of rejection and the general atmosphere of hate out there is daunting!

Seriously up my build skills. I stink.

Learn to make poses – esp Gallery poses.

FINISH my 100 baby challenge.

Revisit Murkland!

Go see Mike & Rose in Sulani.

Play & blog the scenarios (I really like them).

Publish more content to the blog. Both story and creations.

Give the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge another good push (need YOUR help on this one)!

My NSR is to continue to lose weight (I am down 80 pounds now). For me, the answer is simple YET so Difficult! Move more and eat less!

Wishing all of you many blessings in 2022!

BIG hugs and love to all!

Watch for the new MSSSC theme soon!

43 thoughts on “Nope, I am not dead! 2022 Hopes & Goals

  1. Yes, you were missed. Glad to have you back 🤗.
    I’m sorry you were in a position where you felt the need to withdraw from us. People can be so ugly. It’s unnecessary.

    I hadn’t thought about any ‘resolutions’ until now. This year was so crazy for me with my illness and I did very little playing, creating or writing. I hope to change that in 2022. To that end, I started my YouTube channel (11/12 days ago!) and have been posting my challenge, and other content, on there.

    I wish you well with your goals for the new year and will try to support where I can! Thank you for your friendship, Lisa. ❤️

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    1. I think simlit writers don’t understand. They see the support pie is being too small and maybe they fear it will run out if they share and support others work. A few people have shown that to be untrue. You create a taste and a hunger for it. The mothers have known that for a long time and they help each other and support each other. In doing so they create a powerful creative community. I think of even people like G lovely who not only supports creators but creates a growing space for herself too. Writers like Kimber writes Also show how powerful support can be. The more she gives away the more she seems to get in return. I don’t know if any of this makes sense but again I just feel like we need to have a different view to receive we have to give away.

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  2. Perceived criticism and rejection? Ugh. I have a close friend who is going through the same thing, and have had to handle similar issues myself. Are there any creatives who don’t?

    If it helps dam the tide of negativity, you have my support!

    “Stop caring about what other people think” is a GREAT resolution, and I’m biased because it’s one of mine as well. Lol!

    Mostly I’ve been quiet in my little corner because it’s so difficult for me to stay on top of weekly updates. Now that I have a buffer, my most important resolution is to spend far more time leaving thoughtful comments on other peoples’ stories. Because you’re right: the support we give each other is just as important as what we create ourselves.

    There are even writers I would promote ahead of myself because I think their work is more accessible. Shout-out to Ferosh and Cathy Tea! Can’t be part of the mom group, but where the academics/STEM people at?

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  3. I’m sorry you were dealing with that. Anyone that puts themselves out there has to eventually deal with it. It’s a shame when you’ve been so supportive of other simlit authors. I do feel like simlit is slowly dying. 😭 Most of the people, I used to read have gone on hiatus. Thank goodness for the few that still write. We used to support each other. I miss that. It just seems like the community is moving to streaming and YouTube in favor of written stories. I don’t watch very much YouTube and never watch live streams. I simply prefer to read on my time. I agree to that Cathy Tea and Kymber shout out! ❤️

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    1. You’re one of my favorite stories! Well storyteller I guess it’s a better way to say that lol I love following adventures you scribble down. Sometimes I want to punch some of them but that’s all in good rating LOL

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  4. I had no idea people were criticizing/rejecting your work. I’m so sorry to hear that. If it means anything, I (and many others) absolutely love your stories and appreciate everything you do for the SimLit community.

    I’m happy to hear you’re doing better and I absolutely agree with your resolutions for the new year. There will always be trolls/haters, but we shouldn’t let them get us down. Happy New Year, BTW! Excited to see all the awesome things you’ll come up with this year.

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      1. Yeah, I had my computer hacked and all my files encrypted (lost them all). They also disabled my Discord account and took over the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge server, kicking me everytime I tried to re-join on my new account. I think it would be best for everyone to leave that server and join the new one. ❤️

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  5. Happy New Year lisabeesims 🥰

    I’m surprised to hear you’ve been criticized. Personally, I think you’re doing a great job. I have noticed that you have been absent. Unfortunately, along with so many other writers.
    The only reason I do not participate in the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge is that I am not that good at writing lyrics. I love the wealth of ideas in the stories.
    I find that stories are underprioritized in relation to YouTube Streamers. Not least from the official side.
    Yesterday I saw a thread in the Forum: ‘The Sims4 – 2021 Community Awards’. I really welcome the initiative and give no blame to the one who created the thread, but unfortunately not a single Simlit author was mentioned. Simlit does not exist in the consciousness of many. Maybe because it requires a little more work to perform and to consume.
    One should never give up in advance. It would be great if we could together shed more light on the Simlit genre in 2022.

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    1. As we go forward in this new year that is exactly my agenda. I’ve been knocking on their doors in regards to simlit for so long. Maybe this year will have a breakthrough! And by the way I think you’re good at writing stories! I have always liked your stories!

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  6. Happy new year! Of course I missed you, and I’m such a proponent of needed and well-timed breaks that I was happy to be patient! My writing goals are to participate in at least six of the short story challenges, to finish gen 2 of Another Legacy, and to find a comfortable way to incorporate Simming in my life again. Love your little 2022, and looking forward to a great new year!

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    1. Happy new year ct … I hope to see more of your girls journey. I forgotten now exactly what her name is but you were following her along a trail. I really enjoyed her adventurous


      1. Oh! That story! I forgot her name, too! I’m not sure when I’ll continue it because I have it set in spring 2020, in some fictional region on earth, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to write about the pandemic. I was going to return to it after the pandemic… but we see how that goes. I have lots to process before I return to it.

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  7. Lisa, we all get wrapped up in our stories and then when criticism hits or something is misunderstood, we take it personally. Especially if the story is one close to our heart and we’ve been writing it forever! lol But you know what? Don’t change. It is because you are YOU that make your stories unique. From the first moment I read your Murkland stories, I loved them, and I have loved everything else you have written. With each story we put out there, we are putting out a piece of ourselves. I have to admit that I got very attached…okay, I always get attached to my sim characters…lol, but I have a hard time letting go. And the other day when I was writing my ending chapter…not yet published…I was crying. Yep. It reminded me of the opening scene of the movie “Romancing The Stone”, where she is a writer finishing her book and she is crying at her own story. My husband laughed at me when I was writing Simlit and crying about some pixel characters. But it’s the story, and how we weave these sims lives that makes it so good. If we don’t believe these stories, who else will? Right? So, please don’t let the nay-sayers and the negative people get you down, because there are always people like us who are rooting for you. Lisa you are great!

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    1. And you know how I feel about your stories too! I fully understand getting attached. My husband has learned not to make fun of me because I get my feelings hurt about it lol now and she wants to get rid of me he says don’t you have a story to go write or something. I need to catch up on yours I’m not sure how far behind I am but the holidays were just a blur of activity. I finally have the house to myself this week and it’s such an atrocious mess. But it sure was fun!

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