CAS Look Book: Lovely June Bride

June, the month favored by brides.

Lovely June Taylor has chosen her namesake month to wed.

For the nuptials, she has favored an elegant ivory satin gown with understated gold accents, gold shoes, & pearl accessories.

Her signature red lippy and nails complete the chic look!

Not fond of this look? 

You will find 3 other elegant bridal looks to choose in Everyday.

Her traveling outfit is also found in Everyday.

The clothing from her trousseau that will outfit her Sulani honeymoon is found in the other clothing categories.

And just in case things change …

#lisabeesims for the #GlovelysQCC Calendar month challenge.

Gallery link – Lovely June Bride

Even if you don’t DL or fav be sure to stop by and say hi. I am a bit of a gallery rat and love to connect in there!

For more info on this fun challenge, you can visit her 48th Week Challenge at


I hope you like this attempt at using the ole blog for more than storytelling.

Love to hear your opinions ❤

A shout out and TY to @inamac for the inspiration to expand the blog’s focus ❤

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