Taking a Mini Murky Moment

This is for #meansofproduction by @BrennachanSims Remembering fondly my time in Murkland. Al Dunn stood and surveyed the new house. It was finished and ready for them to move in now. He had been keeping this a secret from his daughters for many weeks now. He had been fortunate enough to purchase a few shipping … Continue reading Taking a Mini Murky Moment

Annie’s Dilemma

Written for the February 2022 Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge "Oh, excuse me," Annie exclaimed, "I’m sorry I didn’t see you!" "Hello, no harm done," the handsome stranger said laughing as he took ahold of her arms to prevent her fall. "Nice bumping into you!" He added with a big grin, "My name is Nestor, … Continue reading Annie’s Dilemma

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: February 2022 Theme & Submissions

Please note – a little info to get you started: This blog is updated in 3 parts: Part 1 of this blog will present the current monthly theme, banner links, and challenge specifics for the current month. Part 2 after the close of the monthly challenge this blog will be updated to add links to that month’s … Continue reading Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: February 2022 Theme & Submissions