Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #4 Sunday Funday


I remind you again that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode:

  • She gave out roses to the fellas and found it was not quite as easy as we had assumed.
  • Said a sad goodbye to Darren.
  • Had a rocky outing with Jack (that ended well).
  • Looked stunning on a lovely evening outing with Pace.


Today is a day just to relax.  No stress, no challenges, and NO eliminations.

Just a day for friendship and fun … dare we HOPE for a bit of ROMANCE too?

Rose has set the itinerary for their group outing … the first stop is Lisa’s Garden.  It is her FAV coffee shop for a quick cup of joe and some lively conversation.

07-31-17_10-11-31 PM

Some of you may recall this was a fav haunt of her parents, Prince Charming and Snow White too.

Mike must be very fond of coffee cause he is there and gets his order in well ahead of the rest.

07-31-17_10-12-11 PM

The little shop is lively with their cheerful banter.  Everyone is glad for a relaxed day/

07-31-17_10-13-07 PM

So where is Rose?  YEP!  No cheerful banter but it does seem that she is enjoying the lovely sunshine.

07-31-17_10-14-01 PM

She must have gotten tired of sitting alone because got up from her solitude and crashed the bro party.

I think they were alright with it.

07-31-17_10-25-08 PM

Hmm maybe?  Looks like Jack might still be having an issue with the way things went yesterday.

Not sure what Pace is waiting for … maybe he fears there might be some more fireworks between these two.

Hugo appears oblivious to any of it …

07-31-17_10-29-09 PM

and Prince … uhhh … yeah … It is always the right time for pushups???

07-31-17_10-29-58 PM

Coffee enjoyed and bickering avoided,  Rose and the crew decide to take in a matinee at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

They arrive a bit early so that they can take some time to explore this wonderful landmark!

Such a romantic place .. FINGERS crossed??

What fun it was to find the names of their fav celebrities that adorned the stars the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

06-02-17_1-54-02 AM

The boys and Rose are a bit in awe of the showcase of Oscar statuettes on loan to the theatre.  All of their very favorite movies were well represented in the awards on display.  06-02-17_1-56-21 AM

Every nook and cranny of the amazing place had something wonderful to see or hear.

06-02-17_1-58-17 AM06-02-17_2-02-34 AM

Matinee time!  They are here to see “Domino Finds His Way Home.”  Rose has ensured she has a pocketful of tissues because it is said not many can keep a dry eye during this delightful tale.

07-31-17_10-46-12 PM

The boys munched their popped-corn.

Hugo jaunted in and sat down next to Rose but seeing the “kitten” who had taken a seat near them … he promptly sprang up and moved WAY down the row.

(really … he took one look at Jade and it was as though he had a spring in his behind)

With a cute little wave, the kitten purred hello in Rose’s direction.

Rose stared straight ahead, wondering who is she and who is she talking to.

Glancing around she thought ME??   This is awkward.

07-31-17_10-48-21 PM

The boys showed no sign of life.  I think Jack and Mike had gone to the next state to get their snacks.

Rose tried to blow it off by playing with her popped-corn.

Maybe this stranger would get a clue that she was definitely not available.

07-31-17_10-56-16 PM


UH fellas?  Any help here?


The “kitten” was not easily dissuaded.

(I will let you make up your own dialog for the next few shots … I was rolling as this was happening .. NO POSES .. what a goofy game).

07-31-17_10-59-39 PM07-31-17_11-00-38 PM07-31-17_11-01-13 PM07-31-17_11-01-21 PM07-31-17_11-01-26 PM07-31-17_11-04-09 PM

The movie was over … they had wiped their tears and blown their noses.  A quick pause for the cause in the adult lounge had them smiling again.

The drinks were quite expensive but totally delightful.

With everyone a bit warmed up from the round of cocktails, it was time to go get ready to hit the club.

08-01-17_12-40-38 AM

The joint was jumping when they arrived!

08-01-17_1-25-30 AM

OHHH looking GOOD Rose but still not sure you have their attention (well except for that guy glaring at you)!

08-01-17_1-19-35 AM

UH OH .. uh fancy meeting you here …

08-01-17_1-30-40 AM

The girl got moves …

08-01-17_1-32-33 AM08-01-17_1-32-38 AM

Kitten got moves too …

08-01-17_1-33-04 AM08-01-17_1-33-08 AM08-01-17_1-33-34 AM

Hmm .. no clue what this exchange between Mike and Pace was all about but Rose was still waiting to be noticed.

08-01-17_1-39-57 AM

WELL looks like someone noticed!

08-01-17_1-40-21 AM08-01-17_1-40-38 AM08-01-17_1-41-09 AM

The hour was LATE and everyone was feeling quite peckish.  Finding a restaurant open at this hour was proving to be quite a challenge.

08-01-17_2-22-16 AM

Upper crust it is not, but it will feed some very hungry boys and a famished Princess!

08-01-17_2-27-46 AM

Most of the fellas are seated a table outdoors to dine al fresco.

08-01-17_2-27-47 AM

In that, there was no room at the boy’s table when they got there these two opted for indoor eating.

(Mike gets an advantage – one on one time with Rose –  from a very annoying Dine Out difficulty .. not all diners who arrive to eat together are seated together).

08-01-17_2-37-36 AM08-01-17_2-39-17 AM

A flirty drink for Rose?

08-01-17_2-40-45 AM08-01-17_2-41-44 AM

Rose does not handle drink well.  Come on Princess time to take you home … you are bit woozy!

Mike, ever the gentleman does not press his advantage!

08-01-17_2-44-08 AM

Did not bother to show you the relationship info because, sadly, there was no noticeable increase in anyone’s pink or green.

This story will be on a brief hiatus.  I tried to tell my niece that I was in the middle of my story but she planned her wedding for this time anyway (Love you Roxy ❤ ) … 🙂   Things will heat up a bit with a challenge when I return.  

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

************************ Credits ***********************

The newest from the amazing Simoniona


These builds have been featured before but well worth “mentioning” again!

Lisa's Garden




Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #3 First ROSE


I remind you again that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode:

We said Goodbye to Junior who lost the Fishing Derby

Jack and Mike got the solo outings that they won in the first challenge (one outing ended with a TINY bit of pink).

The second challenge was made to the fellas and Mike and Darren came in last and went up for voter elimination.

I can tell you it was a tough battle but we did end with a clear winner …

SO let’s get into the house and find out who stays and who goes 🙂

THE ROSE CEREMONY (btw it is a lot harder to do than you think it would be)

07-29-17_12-25-51 AM

Here we go …


07-25-17_1-55-02 AM07-25-17_1-55-03 AM


07-25-17_1-55-09 AM07-25-17_1-55-46 AM


07-25-17_1-57-22 AM07-25-17_1-58-29 AM


07-25-17_1-58-30 AM07-25-17_1-58-31 AM


07-25-17_2-06-04 AM07-25-17_2-10-41 AM

Sul Sul Darren 😦  SNIFF

07-25-17_2-18-40 AM07-25-17_2-19-08 AM07-25-17_2-21-34 AM07-25-17_2-23-58 AM

Rose Ceremony outtakes (just offer each one a rose they said .. it would be easy they said) :

outtake 1outtake 2outtake 3outtake 4outtake 5

Early the next am I caught a quick embrace between Rose and Mike.  Unfortunately, Prince caught it too.


07-26-17_3-32-34 AM

He handled it in his own way!  ❤

07-26-17_3-33-02 AM

Jack’s solo outing:

Jack chose to get out and experience the sights and sounds of San Myshuno with a city walk …


Things did not seem to be going well at first.  I do not know what happened along the way to here but this outing was a near disaster.

07-26-17_3-57-00 AM

Why he ran over and sat with strangers I cannot say but he left an unhappy Rose hanging out alone.

07-26-17_4-03-37 AM

Maybe she was a bit HANGRY … a bite to eat might help rescue this outing.

07-26-17_4-05-39 AM

Hey, aren’t you the bar tender from the other night?

07-26-17_4-07-23 AM

Chopsticks DO NOT make the grumpy situation better!

07-26-17_4-07-49 AM

Still exchanging words?

EEEEUWW … seriously awkward … right, Mr brown leather Jacket?

07-26-17_4-09-18 AM07-26-17_4-11-32 AM

UH OH, drawn-on eyebrows has two-cents worth to share … apparently Rose does not care to hear it.

07-26-17_4-11-33 AM

Looks like “SORT OF” an apology … is Rose buying it?

07-26-17_4-11-34 AM

Since things seem to be going bad to worse, they head out to the water front.

Jack def hopes to “spice” things up a bit down there 🙂

LOOK who shows up while he is attempting a little artistic expression .. Blondie beanie girl from the park a few days ago!

07-27-17_1-32-04 AM

I will say she is persistent!

07-27-17_1-32-14 AM

Rose is like, “UHH Ciao baby … I am outta here!”

07-27-17_1-32-28 AM07-27-17_1-32-48 AM

Catching up to her, Jack finally is able to make amends and the rest of the outing was a pleasant day between good friends.

07-27-17_1-47-55 AM07-27-17_1-49-05 AM07-27-17_1-50-37 AM07-27-17_1-52-05 AM07-27-17_1-53-46 AM07-27-17_1-54-31 AM

Well, until they were joined by a third party.  That shut the trip down QUICKLY!

07-27-17_1-55-57 AM

Meanwhile, back at the house, the boys do what they can to pass the time and NOT think about what MIGHT be happening between Jack and Rose.

07-27-17_1-36-30 AM07-27-17_1-36-34 AM

Hugo, I am thinking that the bubbler is prob NOT the best way to pass time!

07-27-17_2-21-41 AM07-27-17_2-35-53 AM

I think we can all see ahead of time how this one turned out!  A broken nose would NOT help your chances in the competition.

Prince, a broken nose would NOT help your chances in the competition.

We can hope that there is no diving challenge ❤

07-27-17_2-36-23 AM07-27-17_2-36-34 AM

MMM Mike that is not a wise snack choice.

07-27-17_2-40-43 AM

What a sad waste of flirty!

07-27-17_2-41-31 AM

Pace is readying himself for his evening with Rose.   Good move Pace … get them pearly whites shining!

07-27-17_2-41-32 AM

Directly upon her return to the house Rose bolts for the roof to see Mike and give us a sweet impromptu romantic moment (autonomous).

07-27-17_2-11-31 AM

The sunset was too pretty to waste so I gave them a quiet minute or two to chat and enjoy the view.

07-27-17_2-12-48 AM07-27-17_2-16-45 AM

Yep!  Looks like Mike is enjoying the view alright.

07-27-17_2-17-14 AM

Pace won the evening outing (which is good because he has the lowest relationship with Rose … because he spent too much time with his brother they are still at acquaintances).

Pace’s Solo Outing:

Pace chose an evening stroll in a Newcrest park.  The sunny walk was perfection.

07-29-17_11-11-05 PM07-29-17_11-12-12 PM07-29-17_11-16-44 PM07-29-17_11-19-20 PM

It was followed up by a lovely dinner at the very chic Pasta ala Penguin.

07-29-17_11-39-08 PM07-29-17_11-40-00 PM07-29-17_11-48-51 PM

The fare was simple but masterfully prepared.

07-29-17_11-49-37 PM

The wine list was first-rate.  She was very pleased to find they even served a fine selection from her father’s vineyard.

07-29-17_11-57-15 PM07-29-17_11-59-00 PM

Rose insisted upon speaking with the chef to pass along kudos for a job well done.

07-30-17_12-00-05 AM

The evening ended with a moonlight chat  …

07-30-17_12-00-06 AM07-30-17_12-00-07 AM

Time to go home!

07-30-17_12-00-08 AM

This session ended with all suitors making nice headway in the friendship department .. and 3 smallish pink bars.  No torrid lovers yet .. LOL



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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

************************* Credits *********************************

Pasta ala Penguin

pasta ala penguin

Just found this online .. this is the CAS Video of Junior and Pace done by Virtualee ❤   If you have never seen any of Lee’s videos you are missing out!  (I especially love her Disney Bachelor Challenge)  …

TS4 | Cursed Beauty| Kaliberto’s Kids!!

Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Augh Broships


I remind you again that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode:

Pace freely chatted up a townie and fricken HUGO went all the way down stairs to flirt with a random townie … even tho in both cases the Princess was right there!

When Prince is not in the gym he is just staring at her lovingly but NEVER a word to her!

The Flores brothers and Jack/Mike (we need a good broship name for them) are so tight that Rose cannot edge her way in!

This brofest is getting on my last nerve!

Today will see our first ELIMINATION (from the fishing derby) … so sorry I left you hanging the last time

(well ok I might not really BE sorry but I will be nice and say it LOL)

and will end with a rather shocking reader elimination vote   😦

Enough of that … let’s check in on the house …

Day 4

Rose is up early making a delish breakfast …

07-23-17_1-11-47 AM

and spicing it up with just a pinch of LOVE (well at least I think that is what it is).

07-23-17_1-11-48 AM

QOD:  Will they leave her hanging again this am?

07-23-17_1-11-49 AM

Well .. sort of yes and sort of no .. at least they are sitting with her. THAT is some improvement.

YO to the bros!

07-23-17_1-13-02 AM


Hi guys …


Hmmm … I guess it is difficult to get attention when Hugo is regaling his “crew” with stories of his pirate adventures.

07-23-17_1-14-36 AM

QUICKLY … he is taking a bite  …


07-23-17_1-15-10 AM07-23-17_1-15-19 AM07-23-17_1-15-47 AM

It is high NOON .. time to break a heart.  SIGH!  😦

07-23-17_1-18-51 AM07-23-17_1-23-05 AM07-23-17_1-24-54 AM07-23-17_1-25-43 AM

Sul sul Junior.

07-23-17_1-27-18 AM

Just FYI …

Fishing Derby scores:

Darren 202

Prince 136

Junior 87

Mike 538

Hugo 204

Pace 356

Jack 448

Jack gets wins the day time outing.  He chose the sunny San Myshuno city park.

(UM Jack Frost in the sun?? OK? I guess.)

07-23-17_1-44-43 AM07-23-17_2-27-05 AM07-23-17_2-27-25 AM07-23-17_2-27-46 AM07-23-17_2-32-47 AM07-23-17_2-34-17 AM07-23-17_2-35-09 AM07-23-17_2-36-38 AM07-23-17_2-37-23 AM07-23-17_2-37-30 AM07-23-17_2-38-22 AM

What a sweet afternoon .. their friendship bar INCREASED significantly!

Jack now has the most green (with Rose) in the house.

07-23-17_2-41-30 AM

Mike won the evening outing and he chose the Roof Top Karaoke Bar in San Myshuno.

I am thinking he is not too happy about the length of that little dress.

07-23-17_3-32-18 AM

BUT I am also thinking he is smart enough NOT to say it!

07-23-17_3-33-00 AM

A little alone time up on the roof … ???    ???

07-23-17_3-44-46 AM07-23-17_3-47-08 AM07-23-17_3-47-17 AM

I can hear her thinking … I am here under the full moon dressed like this and you have your hands in your pockets … huh hello??

Maybe he is just trying not to press his advantage!

07-23-17_3-47-23 AM

Rose rolls a romantic whim (give someone a rose) and takes some action!

(This is the ONLY romantic whim rolled at all during this challenge .. thus far.

Well if you don’t count Hugo flirting with a random townie.)

07-23-17_3-49-42 AM07-23-17_3-56-33 AM

I think he likes it!

AAAND finally we have a TINY bit of PINK!  VERY TINY BUT STILL PINK!

(This is not the rose ceremony .. the first rose ceremony will take place after the vote called for by this blog update)

07-23-17_3-57-18 AM

A little karaoke … BTW they were awful!   They did have fun with it tho.

(I have heard Mike can sing BUT together .. oh my .. eeeek)

07-23-17_4-04-08 AM07-23-17_4-04-13 AM07-23-17_4-15-21 AM

Wrapping it up with a couple of drinks and chats high above the city.

07-23-17_4-20-12 AM

I think it was a great outing … looks like Mike just might have had a good time!

07-23-17_4-27-31 AM

Da boyz had been waiting up … Mike did not stick around for any Q & A.

07-23-17_2-52-47 PM07-23-17_2-54-19 PM

UH got a dramatic turn of events going on here.   Is there a rift in the broship?  Perhaps a little sleep would help ease the tension!  Good night boys!

07-23-17_2-55-17 PM

Day 5

LOL UH really Rose?  Flirty cookies for breakfast?  Getting a little desperate are we?

(I put the cookies away in the fridge and quickly got her started on a real breakfast .. today is challenge day and they will not get far on cookies.)

07-23-17_3-02-21 PM

Well, I think we know the way to this man’s heart!

07-23-17_3-04-47 PM

A little hunky helper in the kitchen?  OH sure!  I know I would not turn it down 🙂

07-23-17_3-07-06 PM

OH PRINCE .. oh no .. you do not need ANYTHING to make you even more mooney.


07-23-17_3-11-50 PM

Hugo to the rescue.

UH BRUH .. no man .. don’t do it!  Put it back .. trust me!

07-23-17_3-13-15 PM

Flirty cookies??  EPIC FAIL!  NOT even one flirt.

Earth to Jack and Prince.

07-23-17_3-16-45 PM

I have NO idea what is going on here .. I found him like this.  I will let YOU speculate .. yours would be just as good as mine.

(This game is so weird)

07-23-17_3-18-40 PM07-23-17_3-19-05 PM

Mike is either reliving last night or practicing for a possible future opportunity to do it again.

07-23-17_9-18-01 PM

Challenge time.

The Clear Out the Collectibles challenge:

The objective is simple.  Each suitor will collect the contents from 6 dig spots … all spots assigned at random.  The two with the highest points get solo outings

(I am not calling them dates because I do not want the forced actions that come with the game version of dates)

and the bottom two will go out for a reader elimination vote

(Only every other elimination will be reader vote .. if we did them all this challenge would NEVER end).

First stop Willow Creek …

07-23-17_9-24-46 PM07-23-17_9-26-56 PM

What??  Rose??

07-23-17_9-59-06 PM

I fear Rose is quickly becoming one of the Bruhs.

I guess if you can’t beat them join them!

07-23-17_10-00-12 PM

OH hello .. maybe not totally one of the guys yet!  (Interaction NOT prompted by me)

07-23-17_10-03-32 PM

Jack .. watch out for the bees!  He is a motivated digger!

07-23-17_10-39-21 PM

I do not know who this chick is .. all chatting up the Bros while Rose is outside cooking BUT she had best step off!!

07-23-17_10-42-10 PM

SIGH!  Challenge results:

(I post pics to keep me from “creatively adjusting” the out come)


07-24-17_12-02-10 AM


Mike:07-24-17_12-05-48 AM


07-24-17_12-10-07 AM


07-24-17_12-12-42 AM


07-24-17_12-18-27 AM

Jack ended up with $325 (somehow the pic did not take)

NOW dear reader it is up to you … which one says sul sul to the Princess and which one gets the rose from Rose.  The winner of this challenge will be exempt from the next elimination challenge.  

07-24-17_12-42-20 AM



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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

******* Credits ******

TY to my FAB friend Tokulee for the WONDERFUL build

roof top

This is a very cute little park 🙂






Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #1 It Begins

Challenge Update #1 

I will remind you from the beginning that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

You can be assured of this for a few reasons .. 1st off it would be a whole lot better story (I fear a snooze fest coming) LOL … 2nd some of the stuff that happened would NOT have happened AND 3rd I do not want the responsibility to pick one!

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.  I do not want my dramatic speculation to sway the votes 🙂


Rose arrives after the boys are settled in.

06-20-17_11-49-36 PM

Frankly, they do not seem to have their heads in the game.  Some are watching TV and Mike is playing video games .. not sure what the heck Darren is talking about but it does not seem like sweet nothings LOL

06-20-17_11-49-38 PM

Mike is the first to break under the stress .. work it out Mike!

06-20-17_11-54-07 PM

They seem obvious to Rose’s attempts to engage .. Prince even walks away!

06-20-17_11-54-08 PM

I guess Rose figures the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach so she heads off to the kitchen to prepare a bite of lunch.

06-21-17_12-16-53 AM

First kudos goes out to Darren for offering to help.

06-21-17_12-18-03 AM

The fellas enjoyed the lunch BUT (sorry I missed the pic) they let Rose eat at the table BY HERSELF!

Maybe a few well-made drinks would lure them out …

06-21-17_12-32-19 AM06-21-17_12-32-58 AM06-21-17_12-33-18 AM

Well since that milk shake did not bring anyone to the yard …

06-21-17_12-39-54 AM

Some brownie points to these two for bettering themselves by watching the cooking channel.  BUT hello .. ???

06-21-17_12-39-55 AM07-21-17_1-30-26 AM

LOL she finally gets some attention from one of the boys … SMH  Apparently he does not approve!

07-21-17_2-30-57 AM

His disdain did not last long.  Rose caught up to him and his brother playing horseshoes .. these two are inseparable.

07-21-17_2-37-36 AM

Speaking of inseparable friendships and relationships .. these two are thick as thieves!  HMMM an alliance maybe?

07-21-17_2-40-19 AM07-21-17_2-40-23 AM

It is dinner and NO one was sitting with her until Mike came in (was it Rose or the fact that there were no more stools … ??? …lol)

07-21-17_2-40-24 AM

Prince joined them .. not sure if Mike seems all that happy about it!  I swear I can hear him saying GO AWAY BOY in his mind!

07-21-17_2-40-25 AM

Tidy points to Pace for cleaning up!

07-21-17_2-40-26 AM

Darren seems a bit stressed.  Rose gives him a drink and some relaxation tips but he still is a bit jittery.

07-21-17_2-42-27 AM07-21-17_2-42-50 AM

Prince has found his stress release.

07-21-17_12-39-55 AM

With everyone in bed and sleep still alluding him, Darren quietly occupies himself thru to the wee hours of the morning.

07-21-17_12-39-57 AM07-21-17_12-39-59 AM07-21-17_12-39-61 AM

Recap .. day 1 was a bust.  NO significant relationship increase for any of them (outside of Jack and Mike that is).

Day 2

Hello! Again?? THIS time she tries the counter …

07-21-17_3-01-51 AM

Mike to the rescue again .. but Mike less chatting with your buddy and more with the princess.

07-21-17_3-02-53 AM

Good glad you heard me!

07-21-17_3-08-42 AM

The boys were up playing basket ball … Hugo gets a strange look on his face … AUGH then THIS happened.

07-21-17_3-19-45 AM

He left the building to go flirt with a random passer by.  Luckily the princess did not catch wind of it!

07-21-17_3-31-05 AM07-21-17_3-32-08 AM

Not only is Rose bored out of her gourd …

07-22-17_2-16-44 AM

There is DRAMA in the house (first off note Hugo’s posture .. wonder if he is feeling guilty?).  She has gotten word that Mike and Junior have exchanged words.

07-22-17_2-16-44a AM

She and Mike sit for a sweet convo about the situation (since Junior is in his bed crying it out).

07-22-17_2-16-45 AM

It happened early this am

Not sure what was the issue but hmm … Junior is def not a happy camper.

07-22-17_2-16-52 AM

They exchange words …

07-22-17_2-16-53 AM

Not sure what Junior is telling the Princess BUT Jack looks quite unhappy (sweet Prince always oblivious to it all)

07-22-17_2-16-54 AM

Feathers are a little ruffled and Rose does her best to calm things down.

07-22-17_2-16-46 AM

Later on, Mike found time to chat with Junior and it looks like they have worked it all out.

07-22-17_2-16-58 AM

Prince still working out things his own way.

07-22-17_2-16-59 AM

Darren NOT so successful with it. ❤ ❤ Darren LOL

07-22-17_2-16-60 AM

A little action on the B Ball court.

07-22-17_2-16-61 AM07-22-17_2-16-62 AM

As the sun sets they head out on the town (down on the waterfront).  Such a cute build!

07-22-17_2-32-12 AM

Does Mike like what he sees?

07-22-17_2-53-37 AM

The boys are so cute and they can dance too!

07-22-17_2-57-14 AM

WHAT is with this game??  Pace decided to chat up a local with the princess right there.

07-22-17_3-01-21 AM

The boys have a protective circle around Rose .. good thing too because Paolo is trying to converse with her and beardy guy just keeps getting closer and closer LOL

Mike’s face is priceless!

Jack looks ready to take someone out!

07-22-17_3-09-58 AM

I love this shot … even the bartended looks lovestruck!

07-22-17_3-19-42 AM

Day 3

It is challenge day.  The boys will participate in a fishing derby.  The objective is easy.  Whom ever catches fish (only) with a lowest combined value is out of the house.  The two with the highest combined fish value will each get a solo outing with the princess.

The boys are all up and at ’em early.

Positive thoughts boys! I took a shot of the others but it is gone 😦

07-22-17_1-55-20 AM07-22-17_1-55-21 AM

Poor Prince .. what a day to be sick!

07-22-17_1-55-38 AM07-22-17_1-59-39 AM07-22-17_1-59-57 AM

These two are conspiring over something .. maybe exchanging fishing tips??

07-22-17_2-27-41 AM

First stop Oasis Springs.

07-22-17_3-45-30 AM

Next lovely Willow Creek …

07-22-17_3-55-32 AM07-22-17_3-55-49 AM07-22-17_3-57-43 AM07-22-17_3-58-20 AM

Finally a bit of night fishing in Windenburg.

The contest stopped at precisely midnight.

I did not get a whole bunch of fishing shots … zzzz (thought I would spare you that).

The boys enjoy an al fresco dinner of hotdogs … I wonder what they are thinking right now!  Who is it? Is it me?

07-22-17_4-31-32 AM

This was a lot for a Princess and tomorrow she will have the difficult job of saying goodbye to one of the guys … so for now sleep well dear Princess ❤

07-22-17_4-31-33 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents


**************** credits ***************


Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) The Reveal

First off I would like to thank all of you who voted and who have patiently followed my scribblings.  Thanks to you all my WP is just shy of 20,500 reads (maybe not super blogger status but I am happy).  17 months ago when I started this venture I had NO idea anyone would come read my story! I cannot tell you how much your support means to me!  I am so very blessed by you all!!

NOW on to the business at hand …

The results are in …

WHO made it into the penthouse …

Who will go forward in the challenge and win the hand of Princess Rose and the crown that accompanies her …

Here they are …


The fellas … one of these guys will be hubby for sweet Rose and King for Windenburg.

Please NOTE that all of the relationships have been reset back to acquaintance.   All the boy’s skills are at the start too.  Right now they are totally reliant upon the traits chosen by their creators and their own personalities (not to mention the devotion of you … the readers … to your favs … yes there will be more opportunities to vote coming LOL).

07-20-17_12-18-05 AM

There was quite the battle for the top between these two.  Mike held his own throughout but not for a lack of trying from Hugo!  Mike ended up with 60 votes and Hugo with 52.

These two sea lovers made quite a splash with the readers (yes .. sorry .. I know that was LAME).

07-20-17_12-20-23 AM

Prince quietly came in 3rd (quiet for a rock musician ??) with 33 votes.  He never budged off 3rd.

07-20-17_12-20-46 AM

These two were my surprises!  Jack held on to a solid 4th throughout the vote garnering a respectable 28 (I had no idea how much this frosty fella had warmed the hearts of the readers).

Darren also held on to 5th in the end with 24 votes (but he did make a BIG jump in the final days of the vote).

07-20-17_12-21-12 AM

Pace came in at 6th with 19 votes.  He is a sweetie and should do well in the competition.

The last slot was filled by Junior.  Junior actually came in LAST in the vote (only had 11 votes) BUT I needed him to balance out my plan B … so I gave him one last shot.  He stayed the course thru the battle (did not head off to the dance floor)  .. I guess he really wanted it.

07-20-17_12-21-52 AM

Five of these fellas came in within a vote of each other … 3 were tied at 15 and 2 at 14!  How that happened with nearly 300 votes I have NO IDEA but …

We desperately needed a Plan B!

So our first competition (TY George T from the SimsPlayhouse for the awesome idea) … the one who remains standing will take the last slot in the penthouse.

07-19-17_5-05-49 PM

It was on .. their faces stony with determination!   One would stay the course and the rest would walk away!

LOL I was worried that Stephen would walk away at the very start but he did not.

07-19-17_5-18-28 PM

David and Jesse are pitted against each other.

The rocker against the pianist.

Jesse is showing his fierce rock star heart … a lot of determination!

07-19-17_5-23-05 PM

OHH Junior .. something not so good is happening and Darien seems quite happy with it.

07-19-17_5-23-21 PM

Preston is on fire and Stephen seem to be on the receiving end of it!

07-19-17_5-23-33 PM

First to walk … David (he went to play basket ball).

07-19-17_5-25-09 PM

Darien is the second walker (he was going to do some star searching in the observatory … what else for a nature loving fella).

07-19-17_5-26-48 PM

Preston walks 3rd .. the guitar called to him.

07-19-17_5-29-24 PM

Junior and Jesse go head to head and a patient Stephen awaits the victor.

07-19-17_5-29-56 PM

Jesse walks .. wanted to check out Preston on that guitar (maybe he is worried that there will be a band opening soon).

07-19-17_5-30-54 PM

In the end stephen had enough and went to go dance!

07-19-17_5-31-53 PM

Leaving our lowest vote getter (with only 11 votes) a spot in the house!

07-19-17_5-32-15 PM

A quick look at the Penthouse … TY dear Abby K for this amazing build.  Will NOT be difficult to shoot great shots here!!

TY dear Abby K for this amazing build.  Will NOT be difficult to shoot great shots here!!

06-20-17_1-00-08 AM06-20-17_1-05-33 AM06-20-17_12-49-20 AM06-20-17_12-59-02 AM06-20-17_12-59-16 AM06-21-17_12-57-29 AM06-21-17_12-57-30 AM06-21-17_12-57-31 AM

Rose’s quarters …

07-20-17_1-01-02 AM07-20-17_1-01-31 AM07-20-17_1-02-49 AM07-20-17_1-03-58 AM

The living area …

07-20-17_1-11-12 AM07-20-17_1-11-13 AM07-20-17_1-11-14 AM07-20-17_12-46-22 AM07-20-17_12-46-45 AM

Boy’s rooms …

07-20-17_12-54-10 AM07-20-17_12-54-40 AM07-20-17_12-56-06 AM

So there you have it .. let’s let the shenanigans begin 🙂

07-20-17_12-45-47 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

************************* Credits *****************************************

(None of these will be repeated in subsquent updates)

The penthouse


The sims ..

Surviving suitors:







The other boys:









Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) The Vote

The time to vote has finally arrived!

First off let me thank all of the wonderful creators who answered my casting call.  Each and every one of them was amazing (and I am glad I do not have a vote LOL) .

Each suitor was given a very nice story and while all 15 were very nice … ONLY 7 can go into the challenge.

At the bottom of this blog is a poll … please SELECT YOUR TOP 3 choices.   If you do not select 3 I will not be able to fairly consider your vote.

But before the vote lets recap the FAB fellas and give you a chance to refresh your memories (stories are linked):

Mike  – a creation of Lovenovavita (Ascanius)


David – a creation of Marialein


Preston – a creation of Tiffybeesims


Ezra  DISQUALIFIED – a creation of Cayrees


Stephen – A creation of Maladi

03-09-17_3-00-41 PM

Jack – a creation of gothkittymimi

04-06-17_12-30-33 AM

Nick WITHDRAWN – a creation of Viltor87

04-30-17_2-21-08 AM

Noel DISQUALIFIED – a creation of Gothkittymimi

05-15-17_1-32-04 AM

Pace – a creation of Virtualee

05-17-17_3-10-55 AM

Junior – a creation of Virtualee

05-22-17_11-32-26 PM

Darien – a creation of Skylarose

07-03-17_3-26-16 AM

Prince – a creation of Nessanewby

06-14-17_3-31-25 PM

Jesse – a creation of Bmit04

06-14-17_3-29-37 PM

Darren – a creation of Spottydog714

06-21-17_3-08-34 AM

Hugo – a creation of Munterbacon

07-06-17_3-08-09 AM

There they are …  all wonderful candidates to vie for the Princess’s hand and to one day sit as King.

Let’s get this party started shall we 🙂

BTW .. you may share this blog and recruit votes from where ever you want to share .. shoot if you can talk your granny into voting for your choices, by all means, do it 🙂  The more the merrier I say!

POLL (you must select three for your vote to be valid)  … 

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents



Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #15 Meet Hugo

THIS IS IT!  The LAST suitor .. give me a few a few days and the poll will be up 🙂  You will choose the 7 who go forward into the challenge.  I am sooo excited!

PLUS this is blog post #100 .. wow I cannot believe that! 

Enough of that ON with the story 🙂 

“Father, I just don’t know about this!”  Hugo ranted, “I mean what kind of a lady has to find a husband by meeting unknown random men.  Then they are to compete for her?  Really?  Like she is a prize to be had?  She must be some sort of hag why else would the King allow this.”  Hugo had strongly protested the idea of competing when his father had presented it but his father had insisted.

Is father had a long-standing allegiance with King Charming and they were very fond of one another.  When many of the surrounding countries had declared war against his father it was King Charming who sought and won a peace accord.  The kings of the other countries viewed Hugo’s father with fear and prejudice but King Charming refused to judge a man based on prejudice and presupposition.  He believed that you judged a man based upon the content of his character.   After the accord, Hugo’s father had sworn his life to protect Kim charming and his country.

Hugo finally gave in and agreed to meet Rose.  What possible harm could come from it. They would meet in Windenburg over lunch and then go to Privateer Island by train to attend the biennial Isla De Muerta Carnivale.

Every 2 years the citizens would don old-time clothing and pirate garb to celebrate their Buccaneer history.   Isla De Muerta Carnivale was always a lot of fun.  He would meet her and they would have a few laughs and be done. Father would be satisfied and he would be off the “hook” (he he he … sorry for the lame one there .. you will see).

As he watched her approach he mentally kicked himself for saying such unkind things about her. She was not a hag at all, in fact, she was quite lovely.  Even wearing at the cumbersome period clothing that was customary during the festival she carried herself with grace.  Unaccustomed to the weight of the garb, most of the local ladies seem to clump and wobble around in them.

Now it might be fair to mention at this point that Rose was equally skeptical. A pirate? Really? Her dad seemed very fond of this young man’s father and was excited to have them meet so she reluctantly let her skepticism pass (but she had saved him for last).

Looking down the path her skipped a little beat when she saw the dashing young man in his pirate costume.  Well, this might be kind of fun after all she thought.

07-03-17_2-47-48 AM

Rose was a bit shocked to see that the sun was setting. They had met for a late lunch and had somehow chatted the afternoon away.  The time had passed so quickly.  Conversation with Hugo was effortless.  It was as tho they had known each other for a very long time.

07-03-17_3-05-44 AM

Hugo wanted a better vantage point to see the sunset so he quickly ushered Rose forward to the stern.

07-02-17_2-14-49 AM

As they stood on the bow the motion of the sea, as it lay before her, made Rose feel a bit unsteady on her feet.  Even tho he teased by calling her a landlubber, he was not in the least bit disappointed to help steady her as they watched the sun sink into the sea.

Nope, no hag he thought to himself .. not at all!

07-02-17_2-26-09 AM07-02-17_2-31-02 AM

After the sunset, they both changed into traveling clothing and headed to meet a train to Privateer Island.  It was quite late when they arrived at the Salty Sands Inn.  A quaint little place with LOTS of ambiances … most of it creepy.

07-02-17_2-44-59 AM

Both were feeling rather peckish and so a late night repast was in order.

07-02-17_2-46-48 AM07-02-17_2-53-49 AM

The hour it was quite late but neither were sleepy.  They met in the nicely appointed sitting room that was between their two chambers.  Hugo started a fire while Rose prepared a nice pot of tea.

07-02-17_3-18-10 AM07-02-17_3-18-11 AM

The next morning they were off to explore Privateer Island. Isla De Muerta Carnivale was in full swing. Their first stop was a ship museum that his father donated to the harbor.

For Rose, it was a fascinating place filled with artifacts and glittering pirate booty.  For Hugo, it was dusty old stuff that he had seen a million times.

06-30-17_2-54-40 AM07-01-17_2-50-31 AM07-01-17_2-56-53 AM07-01-17_3-09-02 AM07-01-17_3-11-45 AM07-01-17_3-21-00 AM07-01-17_3-22-23 AM07-01-17_3-23-46 AM

The best by far was the Captain’s quarters they had stored all of the travel journals.  Rose was fascinated by the recorded escapades of his father.  One very special book recorded the meeting between her father and his father.

Between the pages of the journal was a worn photo.  Rose looked lovingly at her brave and wonderful father as he struck the accord with Hugo’s father .. who BTW was none other than the famous Captain Hook!


As Rose read the words written about her father by the ship’s captain she was so proud of her dad.

Hugo smiled.  “Why don’t you take that journal with you?  I am certain my father will not mind and if it would ease your mind you can ask him about it yourself at the gathering tonight.  If you do not we shall never get to the rest of the island today!”  The twinkle in his eye caused Rose to blush as she slipped the book into her frock.

07-01-17_3-29-08 AM

The rest of Privateer Island was so much fun to explore and her handsome tour guide brought it to life at every turn.

07-01-17_3-51-17 AM07-01-17_3-55-15 AM07-01-17_3-56-44 AM07-01-17_4-04-49 AM07-01-17_4-05-52 AM07-01-17_4-09-31 AM

I’m pretty sure Hugo doesn’t think that’s your best look Rose

07-02-17_1-01-51 AM

Hugo had the tallest of tales to share at every point.

07-02-17_1-07-47 AM07-02-17_1-12-14 AM

Finally, they found a quiet moment together at his dad’s childhood home.  They grabbed a snack and Hugo prepared her a traditional grog.

07-02-17_1-16-27 AM

Rose pulled the book from her pocket and continue to read the story of her father and Hugo’s father.

At every turned page her heart was warmed.  Her father had never told her of these escapades.

07-02-17_1-29-03 AM

Rose became worried.  What if Hook had too great of expectations of her.  Perhaps she would not be able to live up to them when he met her in person.

Hugo gave a pensive smile, “No worries dear Rosie, I have no doubt my father will be as enchanted with you as I have become.”

07-02-17_1-34-59 AM

Rose heard a call “All hands hoay,” as she stepped onto the ship’s gangway.  Her knees shook.  This was an impressive vessel and she was feeling unusually jittery.

Everyone from Smee to his leftenant Tony & his Wife Maladi to his wife Matoaka was openly excited to meet her and warmly welcomed her aboard.

Rose thought she would crumble into a heap when Captain Hook took her hand and give it a gracious kiss. He told her right there how much her father meant to him and he vowed his allegiance not only to her father but to her as well.

07-06-17_1-29-58 AM

Once aboard she met the rest of the crew.  Hook’s beautiful wife Motoaka made Rose feel at home with her sweet kind attitude (much like her own mum Snow).

Smee and Leftenant  Tony were mates as close to Hook as anyone could be.  They had all sailed together for many years.

07-08-17_12-35-21 AM

Tony had his family along.  Maladi and their son Tee.  Tee was definitely the treasure of their eye!

07-07-17_11-26-48 PM

The traditional gathering was taking place.  The crew of the Pearl was all in attendance and some of the finer towns folks were also invited to the celebration.

Hook’s leftenant Tony was an intense man.  Rose felt as tho he was peering at something queer under a microscope when he looked at her.  No one else seemed to notice so she eventually ignored it.  Maybe he gave up trying to find a vulnerability.

07-06-17_2-00-19 AM

The food was amazing. She would have to ask Motoaka for some of her recipes.

07-06-17_2-02-40 AM

Rose was a natural at this pirate thing. Much to everyone’s delight she proposed a rowdy pirate toast (that she learned from the book), “Drink up me hearties yoho … a pirate’s life for me!”

Hook roared with laughter and turned to Hugo saying, “Blimey! She is a sweet one my boy-o!”  Indeed all of the family found her quite amusing.

07-06-17_3-39-00 AM

The music was playing softly.  Hugo reached back, took Rose’s hand and led her to the dance floor without a word.

07-07-17_10-59-53 PM

Sweeping her in his arms Hugo whirled her around the dance floor.

07-06-17_2-41-17 AM

“Smooth idea there Hugo,” chirped a grinning Tony.

Both he and Hook got up to fetch their ladies to the dance floor.

07-06-17_2-44-05 AM

Soon the floor was filled with romance!

07-06-17_3-07-03 AM

Again (and more strongly now) Hugo wished he could take back his churlish words.  He fully regretted saying each and every one of them.  Compete for her?  Gladly!  He would even slay the Kraken for her!  He could not imagine not seeing this beautiful rose again.

07-06-17_3-08-09 AM

The party was too crowded so Hugo suggested a ship tour.  After showing her around, Hugo took her up to the crows nest to have a quiet moment together. They watch the moon rise in silence.

Although they had heretofore chatted endlessly, now the time spent together seemed too valuable for words to get in the way.

The height was a little dizzying for Rose but Hugo caught her up and held her closely.  He desired nothing more than to just breathe the very air around her.

07-06-17_2-16-59 AM

A walk on the beach in the moonlight and a little time by a fire before returning her to her train was a perfect end to a perfect day.

07-06-17_3-50-55 AM

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

***** Credits **********************


TY Munter Bacon for the FAB Hugo .. be sure to check out his boredom cuties in gallery!


Virtualee .. if you want MORE Hook (and don’t we all) visit his story at Disney Bachelor Challenge – Virtualee .. You will NOT be sorry!

hook n girls

Maladi .. If you want MORE of Tony (and again don’t we all) you can read about him in Maladi’s awesome story blog (one of my personal FAVs) Heffner Legacy




Brennachan .. for more from Brenna might I suggest you check out Murkland  .. POST-APOCALYPTIC MURKLAND: THE STARTER CHALLENGE

mazepirates abodewarf


pearl hatsy


pearl 1



Jay Ocean



angry hen

Poses by:

Joanne Bernice

Nice to Meet you


Walking talking


couples pose 7

Azentase (Golzen)

Bottoms up

Princess Paranoia

Cane poses

Rethdis-love Random 2 and slow dance

rethdis-love poses


Bench couple



The Embrace (A Short Short Short Story)

The following very short story was written for a short story challenge in the EA forum called “A picture is worth a thousand words” (but in this case we only got 500 .. I brought it in at 494).

She stood in the store, a scowl on her face, staring holes into the lazy clerk behind the counter (something, that in retrospect, she would regret) just waiting.  Suddenly there was a sharp firm tug on the back hem of her shirt.  She swung around a bit too quickly, the scowl not leaving her face (again something she would regret later), to face the rogue.  With a start, she found herself face to face with a pair of twinkling blue eyes that she had not looked into for 20 years.  A loud audible gasp escaped her before she could clamp down on it.  “So I had to speak to you three times to get you to remember me,” his all too familiar voice softly met her ears.

06-25-17_2-36-34 AM

No words came only a long embrace.  As they remained for a moment, maybe too long for this retail environment, the thoughts rushed in.  OH I HAVE MISSED you was there in heart but again no words came.

Memories came crashing back in an instant. They had been deeply in love but they had never been lovers.  Both married at that time so neither would compromise by doing such a thing. The marriages were bad it was true. She married to what she feared was a monster and he married to one who had already abandoned him for another.

They had spoken longingly of a life together in a faraway place where no one knew them.  How many times over the years had each one of them stopped and daydreamed for just a moment about how that might’ve been if different choices had been made.  That would be impossible to number.  The count would be too high.

Both had wrestled with this love of theirs.  Seeking the right thing to do for both of their families. In the end, she walked away from him and back to the arms of her husband. She did not look back but she never forgot him.  They knew it could not be. There were just too many who counted on them.  Although it was horribly difficult, they had to let it go. She knew he would never understand and true enough he did not.  The look on his face as she told him of her choice has never left her heart.

That one embrace, standing there in the store, spoke volumes.  No, it screamed volumes. The love was still present and the flame burned as brightly at that moment as it had 20 years ago when they last looked into each other’s eyes.  There were no how ya been’s nor family inquiries. There was no need.  They both knew life had gone on.

As they pulled slowly away from the embrace there was only a quiet lingering moment between them.

Could they?

Should they?

Maybe it was not too late.

No, sadly the time for choices had long passed.

Goodbye, although a tiny bit easier this time, was all they got.

***************************** credits and admin **********************************

Short Stories (current) Table of Contents



zita store


Dreacia Model Pose 1 (no link because Dreacia removed them 😦   We hope she returns to community soon!)

If you are a simlit writer and are interested in participating here is the link:

Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #14 Meet Darren

OH dear readers .. we are sooooo close now.  Only one more suitor to be introduced and then that BIG vote!  I am excited to get to the actual challenge.  Stay tuned!


The old fire station has always been one of Rose’s favorite buildings in Windenburg.  She has always been curious about what the inside looks like and today she will find out.

She was here to meet Darren Childs, the next suitor.

Darren plays baseball for the Windenburg Royals, a franchise team that the Laandgrabs had purchased from America 2 years ago.  Baseball has had a slow start in this place but has steadily gained popularity thanks in large part to their “Royal boyz.”

06-22-17_1-18-38 AM

Today finds Darren and his teammates concluding a shift as volunteer firefighters.  The team is well known for their volunteerism.  They feel it is important to give back to their community.

Darren explained their philanthropy, “this helps us feel connected to our community and truthfully we all enjoy it.”

Having a very benevolent Father, she was not unaccustomed to such thoughts.  However, at the moment Rose struggled to focus in on what he was saying.  NOT  because she had no interest or understanding BUT  because she was having an issue on where to rest her eyes.  She was not accustomed to being in the presence of so many handsome shirtless men and she coudl feel the burn in her cheeks.

Darren gave her the nickel tour of the station and introduced her to the rest of the team. They were a great bunch of (shirtless) guys, each one big chested .. uh I mean big-hearted fellas.

06-22-17_1-25-00 AM06-22-17_1-40-45 AM

Rose was especially interested in the fire engines. She related, “my dad was the one who donated these.  I am certain he will be pleased with how well they are maintained.”

Darren was amused with Rose and her enthusiasm for the station.  A Princess firefighter perhaps .. no!

“Would you like to see my favorite spot in the building?”

Yes, she affirmed, indeed she would like that.

06-22-17_1-40-46 AM

Rose found herself perched on a small bit of the façade that graced the front of that magnificent old building.  The view of her lovely Windenburg was breathtaking.  You could see for miles from this vantage point. She could understand why this was Darren’s favorite spot.

“Makes you feel on top of the world, doesn’t it?”  Rose smiled her agreement.

She did have to confess that she was feeling rather anxious up so high but she kept a white-knuckled grip on Darren, who seemed to have no difficulty with it at all.

06-22-17_1-46-41 AM06-22-17_1-50-23 AM

Rose had agreed to arrive early so that she could go for a morning run with Darren.  Soon they were off.

06-21-17_3-19-30 AM

It was a perfect morning for it.

06-21-17_3-19-31 AM06-21-17_3-19-32 AM

They jogged past a small fenced-in basketball court.  He paused for a moment to reminisce, “This is where I played basketball as a kid. I spent many long happy summer days here.”

Rose had to confess that she had never played basketball in her life!

06-21-17_3-24-48 AM

“What? Really?” He was incredulous. “Come on princess let me give you a few tips and pointers on the fine game of basketball!  You have been missing out!”

06-21-17_3-25-17 AM06-21-17_3-00-51 AM06-21-17_3-02-43 AM06-21-17_3-03-16 AM06-21-17_3-08-07 AM06-21-17_3-08-34 AM

Later that afternoon the team had practice.  Coach had been adamant that he attend, despite his special visitor.   “I am so sorry,” he began woefully.  Rose not only understood but appreciated being committed and dedicated.   She quickly dismissed his apology and said she would love to come and watch.

Although he feigned dismay he was secretly thrilled to have Princess Rose at his practice.

06-22-17_2-29-46 AM06-22-17_2-30-25 AM

Although Darren was trying his hardest to impress, Rose does not seem to be paying much attention. Perhaps she is dreaming of the lovely frock that she will be wearing as Darren escorts her to the team gala hosted by the Laandgrabs this evening.

06-22-17_2-31-41 AM

“We are all done and a bit early too! Quickly go get changed and let’s go visit that climbing wall I promised I would take you to if we had time.”

06-22-17_2-34-58 AM06-22-17_2-46-20 AM06-22-17_2-49-15 AM06-22-17_2-50-18 AM

Apparently, she is a baseball fan.. a flirty baseball fan.  Honey you had best move on cause it seems Darren has eyes for only one!

06-22-17_2-51-50 AM

Wow this was some swanky joint. The boys stepped off the elevator with their mouths gaping open … looking like cod fish.


“The Laandgrabs really know how to throw a shindig.” One of the teammates said to no one in particular.  With all this swag you knew someone was going to embarrass themselves tonight.

Rose White was just stunning in her beautiful gown.  She looked every bit of being a royal Princess.  Darren was thrilled to be her escort and had to keep himself from gloating over it.

This time it was the boyz who had trouble finding the proper place to rest their eyes.

06-22-17_3-05-16 AM

The menu was so strange.  “No burgers,” one of the Royal boyz whispered, “what weird stuff rich folks eat.”

They did the best they could and made their choices.  None had any idea what exactly they had ordered.

06-22-17_3-42-18 AM

While they waited for the food to arrive Darren and Rose took a quiet moment together to look over the city and get to know each other better.  Was it the city lights or the angel that stood near him?  He was not sure but something had him breathless!

06-22-17_3-42-19 AM

Hmmm … interesting.

06-22-17_4-01-47 AM

Darren stared woefully at his plate.  He leaned over and whispered, “Princess, I am starving!  do you want to go get some real food?”

Rose, who had attempted a bite of her strange egg, was quite agreeable to his suggestion.

“Well let’s make a run for it then,” he whispered with a soft chuckle.

06-22-17_4-04-11 AM
06-20-17_3-28-57 AM06-22-17_12-11-08 AM

Well, the atmosphere was not “uptown” but the food sure was delicious.

Careful Rose!  You do not want to stain your beautiful gown!

06-22-17_12-18-49 AM

“The night is still young, princess, would you care to accompany me to that little Cantina for a nightcap?”  Darren gestured towards a little old dilapidated building that stood next door.

Although she was at first a bit alarmed at the appearance of the building,  but then Rose thought to herself, this certainly has been a day of odd adventure so why not end with one.

“I would love to, ” she replied.

(OHHH NOT another flirty fan!  OBNOXIOUS!)

06-20-17_3-46-37 AM06-20-17_3-50-59 AM06-20-17_3-51-55 AM06-20-17_3-52-13 AM06-21-17_2-00-33 AM06-21-17_2-02-02 AM06-21-17_2-04-37 AM06-21-17_2-10-50 AM06-21-17_2-12-10 AM

“Thank you for a day to remember dear Rose.”

06-21-17_2-15-46 AM


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

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Rinvalee Getting ready to run #20

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Bexo Basketball couples

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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 Meet Prince and Jesse

(Only two more updates til the vote .. are you all ready to pick your top THREE favs?   I am so ready for the challenge to begin but we have 2 more wonderful suitors submitted by 2 awesome simmers so … off I go to work on the updates!)

“Welcome, Princess.  I see you made it safely thru the teeny bopper brigade downstairs.  We do not know how they found out the band was recording here BUT they did!”

With a small laugh, Rose excitedly declared,  “I did try to obscure my identity a bit.”  Looking at her with a smile, he thought to himself, well you sure could have done a better job with the disguise.

Instead, he said, “that was a very good idea, ma’am.  My name is Kroft and I am in charge of security for you and the band while you are guests at here the artist house.”

06-09-17_3-15-14 AM

Kroft escorted Rose to the studio room.  “This is the recording studio and the band, Internal Tantrum, also known by the name IT, is in-house recording a new CD ma’am.”

06-09-17_3-21-56 AM

For Rose, there was no introduction needed.  She has followed IT since they won the “Bridgeport’s Got Talent” competition nearly 5 years ago.   Their faces are as well known in her home of Windenburg as her own is.

collage it color

Prince glanced up to see Princess Rose looking in and he rushed out to say hello.  He was uncharacteristically flustered as he introduced himself.

As he observed the greeting Kroft wondered who was more starstruck .. the princess over the band or the band over the princess.

06-09-17_3-24-38 AM

Prince was still tripping over his words of salutation when Jesse popped out to greet her as well.  He was a bit suaver and quite comfortable speaking to Rose.  “Good afternoon Princess.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Rose was here to get to know both of these boys as both are candidates for the quest for the King.   She was pretty excited to meet them!

Jesse continued, “After you are finished settling into your room we will go into San Myshuno for dinner.  My childhood friend Grayson owns a wonderful restaurant and has invited us to come dine before the show tonight.”

Truth be told Rose could not wait for either so she hurriedly got freshened up and made her way back to the studio!

06-09-17_3-27-10 AM

Simslover grasped the princess’ hand gently but firmly enough and said with a small bow of the head,”Welcome to Exotic Food Utopia princess.  I hope you enjoy your meal at my humble establishment.  I, myself, will be at yours and the band’s service tonight.”

Jesse grinned at his friend.  Man, that was smooth!

06-09-17_3-35-57 AM

While brothers Ben and Jesse confer over venue backline,  Alex and Jenny seemed to be having a bit of a disagreement over tonight’s set.  Prince and Simslover looked a bit uncomfortable but Rose watched with keen interest in the process.  Even though she understood very little of what they discussed, she thought it was fascinating.

06-09-17_3-49-20 AM

Simslover to the rescue!  He quickly brought out his best bottle of bubbly.  The toasts began and the tensions settled!   Soon all were laughing and chatting over the scrumptious meal.

06-09-17_4-04-11 AM

The house was pack at the Okie Dokie that night.  A sell-out, it would be the only gig IT would do while they were in San Myshuno recording.

The crowd was eager and receptive to have “their hometown band” perform and the band was just as eager to deliver.

They waited …

Suddenly the lights came up and Alex sat at the drums, his sticks raised to the ready.  The crowd erupted.  Girls began to scream his name.  True to form, always loving the show, IT’s wild man drummer began his crazy beat!  The heartbeat of the show!

06-14-17_3-32-36 PM

The lovebirds were next on the stage.  Bennie bringing the bass line alongside Wildman’s bass drum beat …

06-14-17_3-32-01 PM

and crazy little Jenny flew out wailing on her electric pink axe.  Her screaming riff barely heard above the clamor of the crowd.

06-14-17_3-33-57 PM

From the shadows, quietly slipping into place and weaving in the sweet melody on the keys was “Blondie.”

Seeing the lights shining on his gold locks caused not just a few squeals of delight from fans.  You will note that he wears his cans low so as not to muss his coiffure.

06-14-17_3-29-37 PM

By the time a beaming Prince hit the stage it was obvious that this was going to be an epic show!

06-14-17_3-23-16 PM

After playing a few favs from their previous CDs Prince shouted to the crowd … “Anyone want to hear a tune from the new CD?”

Cupping his ear to hear their response, it came back to him a THUNDEROUS YES!

06-14-17_3-28-12 PM

“The band and I would like to dedicate this song, “SanMyshuno Dreams,” to all of you!”  Prince pointed out the crowd who roared back its approval!  “You gave us our start and never stopped believing in us!  Even today you continue to inspire us to be our best!”

06-14-17_3-31-25 PM

Perched high above the fray, well out of harm’s way, Rose White happily watched the show.  She knew their music well but seeing them live was a dizzying experience.  The very air around her felt almost electric.

Stone-faced, the faithful Kroft never left her side.  NO one was getting near to the princess .. BAND’s orders!

06-14-17_3-35-49 PM

The show is finished and the gear was being loaded by the roadies so the boys take a moment to find a quiet corner and over a post-concert beverage get to know Rose a bit better.

OHHH BUT what is this we have here?  Paparazzi?  Seems this one got past Kroft.

06-14-17_5-18-53 PM

The gear is loaded and the limo is around back waiting.  Kroft escorts the band and Rose thru backstage and out the door.

All of a sudden there are camera flashes going off and people pressing in.  Someone is shouting Rose’s name and she can hear a barrage of questions flying at her.

The boys in the band jump to the defense of Rose and Jenny.   Kroft manages to get the girls in the limo and comes back to break up the brawl between the paparazzi and the band but not before blows were landed by the band and on the band.

06-14-17_11-38-41 AM

After the brawl with the paparazzi, their adrenaline was pumping.  Back at the artist house it was time to hit the gym.  A  little physical exertion would release that head of steam.

06-14-17_11-38-42 AM

A late night light meal of blackened salmon prepared by Kroft (his specialty) and listening to the band rehash the show would close the day on a high point for Rose White.

She had to laugh, even after a long tiring day Jenny and Benjamine were still in the mood to flirt with each other.  She mused to herself would she have a love like that with this King she sought?  She sure hoped so!

06-14-17_11-45-50 AM

The next am in the studio they were still at it.  Joaquin was trying to keep his cool but he was ready to wrap this work up!

06-12-17_3-06-08 AM

Prince was warming up for his vocal session

06-12-17_3-10-36 AM

and Alex (sporting shades because of his black eye) was tuning up the heads of his drums.

06-12-17_3-08-22 AM

Jesse had already laid down keys so it fell to him to keep the princess company.   He was NOT sad.  They passed the time talking and playing games.  They found that they BOTH were quite competitive!

06-12-17_3-17-39 AM

After Rose mentioned that she had often wished she could play guitar Jesse took that opportunity to give her a few lessons.  He was glad that she was not a quick learner.  Sitting out on the sunny balcony with Rose made him happier than he thought he had ever felt.

06-12-17_3-17-40 AM

Jesse is one of the band songwriters and he asked if she would like to hear the latest song that he was working on .. a romantic piano-driven love song.  Oh yes, she was more than happy to!

06-12-17_3-17-41 AM

Man those must be some smoking hot tunes they are laying down in the studio!

06-12-17_3-17-45 AM

Recording was done til the equipment would be replaced later in the afternoon.

Time for a few bubbles??

UUUM Bad company Kroft …

06-12-17_3-27-16 AM

Princess is def not used to it either!

06-12-17_3-32-33 AM06-12-17_3-33-13 AM

Alexander does not need bubbles to get him feeling good .. a nice steaming cup of healthy green does it for him!

06-12-17_3-38-31 AM

Ben and Jenny know how to get to “feeling good” too!  Video games .. right?

Poor Kroft .. AWKWARD! (The cloud is so appropriate don’t you think?)

06-12-17_3-06-09 AM

Not all video games are THAT good though …

06-12-17_3-45-20 AM

Movie time …

06-12-17_3-43-27 AM

Jesse is no fan of zombies ..

Shhh, Prince and Rose, some are enjoying the movie.

06-12-17_3-45-19 AM

After being expelled from the movie Rose and Prince found a little alone time by the pool.

06-16-17_1-25-45 AM

“My dad and you have the same name.  It is not very common.”

“Yes, Princess, I am named after him.  Mi Madre is a royal watcher and she adores your family.  It is how I came to know about this quest.   She knows all the history.

06-16-17_1-32-15 AM

She would tell me the stories of your family when I was only a young boy.  How your Mother was unfairly imprisoned in an institution because the dwarves had driven her to madness.

06-25-15_12-52 AM-2

Then after her release how your parents met by chance as elders on that lonely beach … fell in love and

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

they loved each other even unto death!

01-16-16_4-09-29 AM

Then they were given a gift of a new life .. a redux.

02-12-16_12-37-35 AM

I heard of your birth and how cherished you were.

03-18-16_3-27-38 AM

She told of the horror of your mother’s imprisonment by your evil step-grandmother.

06-10-16_3-20-31 AM

I know that even now this evil woman breathes out murderous threats against your sister and her unusual fiance Bruno.”

02-22-17_3-43-17 AM

Rose blushed.  She was feeling a little shy under the adoring gaze of Prince and quite moved by his mother’s devotion to her family.

“I have an idea, Prince.  Let’s go see her.  You do not have anything on the studio schedule til later this pm.”

Prince looked stunned.  “Of course Princess .. she will be so pleased to meet you!  I will call and let her know we are on the way in a bit.”

The afternoon passed sweetly.  Tea and cookies primed the conversation.  Rose found the company of Prince and his Madre delightful!

06-09-17_10-26-11 PM

She did know all the stories and it was joyful to hear her recount them.

06-09-17_10-26-12 PM

She had a few to share about her son too!

06-09-17_10-27-27 PM

It was drawing close to dinner and everyone was feeling a bit peckish so Rose offered up her culinary skills to whip a little something.

06-09-17_11-32-06 PM

Of course it was delightful.

06-09-17_11-44-25 PM06-09-17_11-47-22 PM

Sunset!  Time to head back to the house.  Maybe just a moment longer.

06-09-17_11-59-09 PM

The new studio equipment was nearly ready to go ..  just chillin’ til then.

Kroft felt a long night coming so he headed to bed.

06-16-17_12-39-06 AM06-16-17_12-39-07 AM

The sun was rising and the crew finally got to sit down.

“Cannot believe it is a wrap!”  Ben was so happy he could hardly contain himself.  “It took all night but we did it.  Rose thank you so much for keeping the coffee coming .. we could not have done it without your help.”

Rose smiled shyly, “It was so much fun.  Thank you all for including me!”

06-16-17_12-59-23 AM

It was nearly time for Rose to take off.  One last shot of the crew for the band scrapbook.  It would be a time to remember for all of them!

06-16-17_12-59-25 AM

Goodbyes are difficult and Prince is feeling a bit down.  They are all leaving San Myshuno today.

Jesse reminds him, “Come on bro, cheer up.  Rose has a free concert pass anytime she wants to come see a show AND US!”  They all laughed!

They all hope to see each other very soon!

06-16-17_12-59-28 AM

(Rose also did a photo shoot for their band merch .. she loves her tee and has been seen wearing it in Windenburg)

06-16-17_12-59-29 AM


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Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) (current) Table of Contents

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