An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Roman Holiday

Their final day in Rome and Rose was feeling a bit blue!  She had fallen love with this great city and was not anxious to leave.

Mike, who always seemed to know what would make “it” better for his bride, had made arrangements for them to spend the morning in an opulent Roman bath and spa.

Even tho it had very modern amenities, one felt as tho they were transported back in time when they entered the building.

She was not sure if it was the background of tranquil music mixed with the soft gurgling of water fountains that whispered in her ears or the decor of muted warm colors bathed in candlelight that delighted the eye or the almost imperceptible aroma of sandalwood and amber that captivated her senses, whatever it was, Rose felt her mood lighten and a sense of well being rise up within her.

She changed quickly and hurried out to meet Mike.

02-08-18_2-32-23 AM02-08-18_3-47-32 AM02-09-18_2-23-04 AM02-09-18_2-36-28 AM02-13-18_2-34-00 AM02-13-18_2-34-41 AM

Yoga is NOT Mike’s cup of tea.

02-13-18_2-43-31 AM

And buddy if that little princess catches you eyeballing her man she will rip your face clean off your skull!  It will not be pretty!

02-13-18_2-46-41 AM02-13-18_2-49-33 AM02-13-18_2-51-45 AM02-13-18_2-54-53 AM02-13-18_2-58-27 AM02-13-18_3-24-30 AM


After a quick change back at the hotel, Mike and Rose grabbed a leisurely lunch before heading to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.   Mike had it on good authority that it was best to visit later in the afternoon when all the crowds had died down.

No words could describe the grandeur that met their eyes as they approached St Peter’s Basilica.  It was breathtaking!

Mike drew Rose close, and together they approached in quiet reverence.

02-13-18_3-24-35 AM02-13-18_3-24-36 AM

Purchasing a WiFi Audio Guide, Mike and Rose explored the beautiful church on their own.  The art was magnificent.  All was awe-inspiring from the Renaissance architecture of the Basilica to the Pieta of Michelangelo to the tombs of the popes.  The richness of history right in front of them.

Magnificence at every turn!

02-13-18_3-24-37 AM

Spying a small side chapel that contained a wedding arch Mike playfully pulled Rose in and guided her beneath it.  He declared anew his devotion to his radiant bride.

02-13-18_3-24-40 AM

Upon entering the central nave Mike was overcome by appreciativeness for his wife and for the position he would be entrusted with one day in the not too far off future.  Slipping into a pew and kneeling in solemn prayer, he whispered his gratitude.  Rose, who had been admiring the statue of St Peter saw him and knelt beside him.  In her heart, she sought discernment for Mike and her.  That they would govern the kingdom with grace and wisdom when the time came for them to take the throne.

02-13-18_11-07-05 PM02-13-18_11-07-06 PM


“I am engaged!”  The excited voice of her sister Violet rang thru the phone.

“I am so sorry to bother you on your honeymoon but I could not wait to share.”

02-14-18_12-53-07 AM

“Baby sister, it is OKAY! We are just getting into our room for the night.” Rose reassured.

“OHH, Rose, it was so romantic.”  Violet gushed, “The snow here is melting fast and Jack told me he wanted a day out to enjoy it before it was gone.  You know how much he loves the snow.”

“Mmmmhmm,”   Rose sounded her agreement.  Well, after all, he is Jack Frost she thought to herself!   Jack was the only one among them who loved long extended winters and late springs.

01-03-18_1-20-50 AM

We decided to do the hedge maze.  You know the one down behind the little chapel, near the cemetery?”

Rose affirmed that yes, she knew the one.  She and her sisters had played there many times growing up.

01-03-18_1-23-58 AM

“he tried to be so tricky,” Violet snickered, “but he did not know how well I knew the maze.  Was I wicked not to tell him?”

The sisters shared an impish titter as Violet continued, “I felt so bad for him.  He got a bit turned around in the middle of the maze.

01-03-18_1-25-10 AM01-03-18_1-30-18 AM01-03-18_1-31-47 AM01-03-18_1-27-11 AM

He finally caught up with me at the waterfall.

Even tho he had been quite lost, when found me he was in such a flirty romantic mood.  My heart was all a flutter!

He teased me about catching the bouquet at your wedding.  He said I snatched it from Auntie Caroline who needed its hope more than I did.”

Her tone got a bit devilish, “Silly goose, that was MY bouquet!  Anyway, he was being so charming and funny …

01-03-18_1-31-49 AM01-03-18_1-34-37 AM01-03-18_1-35-51 AM

…. all of a sudden he stopped and got so serious.  I was so worried!

01-03-18_1-36-46 AM

Then, dear sister, he proposed RIGHT then and there.  Dropped right down on one knee and declared his wish to be my love forever.  I thought my heart would stop!  I was so overcome.  Is that how you felt when Mike proposed?” She continued without waiting for Rose’s answer.

01-03-18_1-36-47 AM


01-03-18_1-37-49 AM

Oh sissy face, thank you for not picking Jack.  I adore him so!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!”  Obviously feeling emotional, Violet let her voice trail off with a sigh.

Glancing over at her beaming beloved, who was texting his congrats to Jack, Rose felt her heart swell.   “I am glad for you sweetie,” she said with a soft grace in her voice, “I know exactly how you feel!”

02-14-18_12-42-44 AM

(Valentine’s day bonus shots w/ pose links posted after the credits)

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ build credits ~~~**

TY Elke (aka Simoniona) for the wonderful builds!


necrodog funeral poses

Here are some bonus shots that were taken of the lovebirds as they celebrated a Valentines day event ❤

02-11-18_1-52-44a PM02-11-18_1-50-58 PM02-11-18_1-51-37 PM

Kissing booth    poses

01-11-18_1-38-22 PM02-11-18_1-34-51 PM02-11-18_1-34-52 PM02-11-18_1-35-54 PM02-11-18_1-37-40 PM02-11-18_1-39-40 PM02-11-18_1-41-30 PM

Poses by Joanne Bernice  This one was from either Valentine’s Day or Ultimate Couples but I liked her pose page .. she has so many FAB poses .. have fun shopping!






Sweet interview with RosemaryMarie <3

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An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Delight

The day after the wedding Mike and Rose headed back to the Chalet to finish packing for their honeymoon trip.

Upon arrival, Rose seemed very unsteady on her feet.  Mike caught her up as she appeared faint. “Bella, are you ok?”

“Yeah honey, I just feel a little light-headed is all.  I think I just need some coffee.  I will be fine.”

Mike reluctantly agreed, “Ok, you get your coffee and then we will pack.”

02-03-18_2-04-21 PM02-03-18_2-04-22 PM02-03-18_2-12-58 PM

“No coffee for you!  Drink this tea and get into bed.  You need to rest.”  A very concerned Mike was being firm with the balking princess!

Rose was in near tears, “But the trip, Mike, we leave in 3 hours.”

Mike was not hearing it!   “I will call and reschedule our reservations.  Don’t worry my love, I will take care of it.”  Then he softly added, “And I will take care of you too my angel. Now lay down and rest.”

She was feeling terrible about causing a delay in the plans Mike had so carefully planned, but she was too ill to fight it so Rose relented and lay down to recover from whatever was ailing her.

Mike tended to her needs all day, bringing her tea and medicine.  He prepared a nice chicken noodle soup for dinner and tucked her into bed to sleep for the night.

“Rest and get better my love,” he said as he gave her a peck on her warm forehead.  “Good night now.”

02-03-18_3-37-07 PM

By the time he had finished making new travel arrangements and seeing to his ailing wife, Mike was exhausted himself.

02-03-18_3-37-08 PM

Whatever had Rose down the day before was out of her system by the next day.  They had most of the day to kill.  Mike was hungry, he wanted to head downtown for coffee and grab some lunch.

I am not sure Rose had the same thing on her mind but off they went.

02-03-18_11-53-15 PM

Nice little coffee shop.  A little sweet and a little chat … no?

02-04-18_12-09-32 AM

I think Rose got her wish!

(Autor’s note:  I did not put them in those ugly PJs AND I did not direct them to the closet. YEAH!)

02-04-18_12-14-56 AM

After they worked up quite an appetite they stopped for a bite at the street food vendors.  Rose had a craving for some spicy ramen.

As  Mike ordered their food he heard a little voice beside him, “Hi Mr. Mike.”

Mike looked down and grinned at the little happy face turned up at him, “Well hello there.  What is your name?”

“My name is Stephen.  I watched your wedding on TV.  Mom let me stay up for the whole thing.  Mom thinks you are very handsome.  She loves Princess Rose so much and I think she is beautiful.”

“Well that is two of us,” Mike laughed.

“Mom cried and said she was glad you would be King and Queen when I was grown.”

Mike could feel the color rise up his neck as he looked in those adoring eyes, “You will have to tell her thank you for me and,” looking over at Rose, “tell her that we promise to do our best so that when you grow up there will still be prosperous times in Windenburg.”

The boy beamed, his eyes glowed with admiration for the man standing there.

A young girl called out in an exasperated voice, “Stephen, what are you doing?  Come over here now.”

“That is my big sister.  She gets embarrassed easily.”  Both fellas chuckled and with a wave goodbye Stephen trotted off to join his sis.

From the table Rose looked on, her heart warmed by the sight of Mike chatting with the small boy.  Like her own father, he was going to be a phenomenal dad.

02-04-18_12-25-45 AM02-04-18_12-29-36 AM

Back at the chalet, there was still a bit of time to kill.  Rose recommend a bit of relaxation in the hot tub.

02-04-18_12-29-37 AM

Relaxation?  OK .. I guess .. sure.

02-04-18_12-29-38 AM02-04-18_12-29-39 AM02-04-18_12-29-40 AM02-04-18_12-29-41 AM02-04-18_12-29-42 AM

UMMM Maybe we will just wait out here for a bit ….

02-04-18_12-29-43 AM

Three woohoos later and what does Mike want to do and what does Rose want to do …

02-04-18_12-29-45 AM

Mike sits down to relax with a movie AND Rose steps in front of the tv.

Rose is like UH BOY I am your TV now!   (I swear to you I did NOT set this up).

02-04-18_12-29-48 AM

Rose cannot procrastinate the packing any longer, it is time!  She likes going but she does not like packing to go.

02-05-18_3-15-23 AM02-05-18_3-15-24 AM02-05-18_3-15-25 AM02-05-18_3-15-41 AM02-05-18_3-23-19 AM

First stop, Rome!  The famous Trevi Fountain.

The trek begins with a quick coffee stop to ward off jet lag.

02-05-18_3-23-20 AM02-05-18_3-23-22 AM02-05-18_3-23-24 AM

(Mike is always smiling .. I wonder why)

02-05-18_3-23-25 AM

Rose was stunned by the fountain’s beauty.  As she stood lost in contemplation Mike came up behind her and he slipped his arms around her waist.  He paused momentarily just to breathe in her scent, amber soap and hairspray, it was a delight his senses.

Drawing her in more closely, he whispered, “Ciao mia bella Rosa … ti amo.”

02-05-18_3-41-35 AM02-05-18_3-41-36 AM02-05-18_3-41-40 AM02-05-18_3-41-41 AM02-05-18_3-41-37 AM02-05-18_3-55-07 AM


02-05-18_3-59-41 AM02-05-18_4-01-31 AM


The concierge recommended Giardino Fresco, a lovely traditional appearing restaurant that had an avant garde menu.

02-05-18_4-15-50 AM

To warm the evening up a very fine imported wine.  It was from the private winery of King Charming himself.  Rose had to giggle, come all this way just to drink daddy’s wine.

02-05-18_4-23-11 AM

After they are seated the waiter arrived.  UGH, don’t they have some sort of “don’t hire creepsters” policy in this place!

02-05-18_4-36-34 AM

It was an exciting dish .. Brisket with sour clover saute … mmm it smelled divine!

02-05-18_4-39-41 AM

So beautiful that they had to post it to simstagram.

02-05-18_4-40-46 AM

A delight to look at and delicious to smell does not necessarily translate to tasting good.

02-05-18_4-42-53 AM02-05-18_4-44-11 AM

Despite the “interesting” meal,  the night was pleasant and the fun was NOT over … nope Rose has plans!

02-06-18_1-03-43 AM

I think we will just wait out here in the hall ok?  Getting kind of used to it by now!

02-06-18_1-04-24 AM

Goodnight dear little love birds!

02-06-18_1-06-10 AM


02-02-18_8-34-11 PM02-02-18_10-17-59 PMa02-02-18_10-18-45 PMa02-02-18_10-19-29 PMa02-02-18_10-23-49 PM02-02-18_10-27-26 PM02-02-18_10-32-03 PMa02-02-18_10-37-31 PM02-02-18_10-37-32 PM02-02-18_10-42-37 PM02-02-18_10-43-50 PM02-02-18_10-43-52 PMa02-02-18_10-43-53 PMa02-02-18_10-46-18 PMa02-02-18_10-46-19 PMa02-02-18_11-29-49 PM02-03-18_2-35-11 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ Credits ~~~**

Kiss poses   Kisses by Joanne Bernice

Alien Costume  Cravena alien angel costume Jom Sims Creations

Apple pie dimples packing up

Neutral supply limo rendezvous


I waited over 1 year to use this GORGEOUS build by Simoniona (more from her as the honeymoon continues) .. it did not disappoint


Was very excited to find this “new” to me builder in a FB group 🙂


alien paradisealine marsh

The always lovely HatsyYT

giardino fresco

Another new to me .. stumbled upon in the gallery .. Scheinhelig1603

troop ship

TY to canadiansimmer77 for the wonderful wedding presents .. she did custom pics of the photo shoot from the wedding blog .. TY Abs

02-03-18_4-45-58 PM


An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Wedding Day!

“I cannot believe the day is finally here, Jack.  This has been the longest year of my life.”

Mike was overcome with the emotions that flooded his heart and mind as he dressed for the ceremony.

01-26-18_5-43-43 PM

“The day I met her at Prince’s concert in Windenburg, I knew right away I would fall in love with her.  For me, there was no escaping her presence.  She was like an intoxicating sweet fragrance in the air.  I was drawn in and felt dizzy around her!

12-09-16_2-59-12 AM (2)

Then I found out about the Quest to find a king.  I was dismayed!  Jack, I was was going to lose her before I ever had a chance to win her.

I knew I had to act.  I had to find my way into the quest.  It was a frightening experience.  You know the King was unhappy about my joining?  He finally relented and I truly believe our destinies were sealed that moment.

15577931_739420396205828_8869358156044231841_o (2)

Our first date on the boat I knew I already loved her more than she could ever know!   My brain screamed at me to flee, this was too risky!  OH, but my heart held me fast.  I could not bear the thought of losing her to another.  I had to fight for her.

01-26-18_5-43-44 PM

Being in the challenge house was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure.  Watching her leave on an outing with another would send me spiraling into a dark place.  Every time I made it thru another challenge I was thankful and vowed to fight on.

The times I spent alone with her were nothing short of magical.  She always chides me about the wasted moonlight that one night up on the roof,”  Mike said with a twinkle in his eyes.  “Little did she know how I was struggling to keep myself from taking her in my arms and begging her to sail away with me.  I knew she would not so I stood fast.

01-26-18_5-43-45 PM

On that final day, when it was just you and me my dear friend, I was outside of myself with grief over the thought that she might not choose me.   I thought my heart would beat out of my chest as I walked toward her to hear my fate.  A rose or no rose … this was it!  How would I go on if there was no rose?

01-26-18_5-43-46 PM

I saw the rose and my heart lept out of my chest and my feet failed me.  All I could do is hold her and cry!  My beautiful princess had chosen me.”

01-26-18_5-43-47 PM

Looking at his best friend Mike finished with sincerity, “I know I am being insensitive, Jack.  I know that you were the one rejected and I deeply regret any pain caused you in this.  I am honored that you are my dear friend and my best man!”

Jack smiled.  He was not sorry he had lost the quest.  NO, in losing he had won.

01-26-18_5-43-48 PM


01-26-18_5-52-15 PM

“Hold still Rose,” Claudia admonished, “you are going to make me poke you with this pin.”

01-26-18_5-55-07 PM

“I am sorry, it looks perfect now.”

Rose White was feeling a bit queasy and holding still for all the dress adjustments was not making her feel better.

01-26-18_5-59-15 PM

Rosie walk in to see Rose clutching her stomach.  Taking her sister in her arms she confided, “Oh honey, I was there too.  Those butterflies are just temporary.  It is all going to be wonderful.”

01-26-18_6-06-29 PM

Rose White adored her sweet sisters.  They brought so much joy to her life.  What an honor it was to share this day with them!

01-26-18_6-15-31 PM

“Sissy face what is wrong,” Violet wiped the tears she saw falling onto Rose’s cheeks.

Rose stammered tearfully, “What if I am a bad wife and a horrid mother?  What if I am a terrible queen?  I don’t know if I can do this!”

“Oh stop being a goose dear sister!  You will be wonderful at whatever you do.   Now the music is playing so wipe your face,” Violet said as she pressed a hankie into Rose’s gloved fingers, “we will see you down at the altar.  Everything is going to be just fine.”

01-26-18_6-21-27 PM


01-27-18_4-33-03 AM01-27-18_4-33-05 AM01-27-18_4-34-13 AM01-27-18_6-11-05 AM01-27-18_6-28-48 AM01-27-18_6-29-46 AM01-27-18_6-31-13 AM01-27-18_6-31-20 AM

We present to you their highnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ranieri.

01-27-18_6-31-22 AM


While Mike and Rose signed the marriage license, the family hurried off to the reception hall.  There was much to be done before the Bride and Groom arrived.

Aster had greeter duties.  Sassy Anchesenamon arrived first.  Aster thinks she is a “total crack-up” and, despite the cold, they enjoy a few moments of lively banter.

01-27-18_7-00-15 AM

Even princesses can assist the caterer with filling wine glasses (Prince’s private reserve of course) and making a refreshing iced tea (which will not get touched LOL).

01-27-18_7-00-20 AM

Claudia makes a quick check to see that everything is perfect as word of the Bride and groom’s arrival sounds.

01-27-18_7-01-49 AM01-27-18_7-08-42 AM

The food was divine!  The menu and recipes were strictly supervised by Rose White herself.


LOL I think Lexi likes those hairy knees (shhh I kinda do too ❤ ).

01-28-18_2-28-09 AM

Rosie enjoys some chat time with Mum.  She misses seeing her every day.

01-28-18_2-28-07 AM

The cake is cut .. you two be NICE! AWWW!

01-28-18_2-28-11 AM01-28-18_2-29-03 AM

“Thank you, dearies.”  Agnes was feeling a bit fatigued from the day’s festivities, so Maria brought a piece of cake to her while Lily watched over her for a few moments.

01-28-18_2-29-07 AM

Little Molly was dreaming of the cake she would have at her wedding one day (when she married that certain young redhead she has been crushing on).  Brother NO making fun!

01-28-18_2-29-08 AM

UH Molly, I think little redhead is crushing on someone too.

01-28-18_2-29-09 AM

We all will admit, Salome’ does look rather fetching in that dress!

01-28-18_2-29-10 AM

UGH!   Does anybody else smell something foul?

01-28-18_2-59-22 AM01-28-18_3-00-56 AM01-28-18_3-02-15 AM

As the clock ticks away the party gets a bit more lively.

01-28-18_3-02-16 AM01-28-18_3-02-17 AM01-28-18_3-02-18 AM

Come on ladies let’s shake it loose!

01-28-18_3-02-19 AM02-28-18_4-26-47 AM02-28-18_4-26-48 AM

Good grab Violet.  You must have REALLY wanted it and you know your Auntie Caroline needed it more than you!

02-28-18_4-26-45 AM

“Oh dear!” Caroline called out, “who left a piece of fruit on the gift table? TSK!”

02-28-18_4-26-46 AM


As the party continues for the guests downstairs the young couple sneaks upstairs for their own party.

02-28-18_4-54-04 AM

We will give them some privacy and take our leave here.

02-28-18_4-54-05 AM


A little photo shoot fun for you all!

The wedding party.

02-28-18_4-54-06 AM02-28-18_4-54-07 AM

(Princes’s sisters) The aunties and Dr. Ellie.

03-28-18_2-40-04 AM

What a guy!  He even agreed to give himself hat hair for his precious Auntie Matilde.

03-28-18_3-07-02 PM

Bruno and Rose Red!  These two have enchanted my heart ❤

03-28-18_3-23-38 AMa

Jack Frost and his NOT so shrinking violet (nope no nunnery for her).

03-28-18_3-32-39 AMa

Alexander (Goth) and Lily

03-28-18_3-38-55 AMa

My heroes .. my beloved Prince and Snow White!  Charming Legacy founders!

03-28-18_3-38-56 AMa03-28-18_3-38-57 AMa

Aster Charming.  Darling last born (later in life surprise .. to ALL of us LOL).

03-28-18_3-38-58 AMa

Be still my heart.  Our beautiful couple, Mike and Rose White ❤  Destiny brought them together (you readers KEPT them together).  I think Windenburg will be in good hands with these two on the throne!

03-28-18_4-32-16 AMa03-28-18_4-32-44 AM03-28-18_4-37-01 AMbannera013-28-18_4-34-48 AM

Next let us see what Simoniona and Mike planned for a honeymoon shall we??

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


Credits: pose links at the bottom .. along with some cc links 🙂

A note from me 🙂

Thus ends The search for a King.  Been on this journey for over one year now and what an amazing ride it has been!  I hope you all stick around for the rest of the story (or as in this case STORIES).

I thank each and every one of you who read and cheered (or boo’d or boohoo’d LOL) me along the way.  You are strong encouragers to me.   I belong to many wonderful FB Sims groups and enjoy the camaraderie we all share in them.  Especially you, my sweet SAA (Sim Addicts Anonymous)! You all are my cray crays and  I love you so!!  Honestly, I probably would have quit long ago if not for you all!!  ❤  Thank you!

As this chapter draws to a close please allow me to say a few words of thanks to a few noteworthy individuals.  

First, allow me to thank my dear friend Lyhandros (lovenovavita) who began this colab with me over one year ago.  Although your RL work has taken you from the simmer community, know you are missed every day! 

Mike and Auntie Matilde are his FAB work … many other contributions as well .. the Yacht, the dress shop, Aunties house, the royal palace, the yacht (yes I know .. so nice I had to say it twice):

dutchessAnd the fab cathedral from this update too! 


Danke meine liebe Simoniona! Du bist mein ❤ ❤ < 3 favorit. Du inspirierst mich und ish bin dankbar, dass ish dich kenne (lol Ish hofe, das ist richtig). 

Elke also has a cameo in today’s blog. Check her out in the Gallery (OID simoniona) .. you will not be sorry!  Here is her FB page Simoniona – home


A special surprise for my lovely friend Maria  (aka dopecherryblossomheart  ) ❤   A cameo++ in today’s story.    TY for being an encourager both in my simmie life but in RL as well!  I LOVE you tons my girlie!

02-26-18_4-02-58 PM

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She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from Myself.  Go get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

She just finished a 3 story shortie and had me captured!  It is so awesome (one day we will pay lots of money for her books) Rapunzel: Dullahan Dance

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds. They are slowly filling my worlds because my dear simmies need FAB homes ❤   I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Rose and Mike’s new home was a wedding gift from her ❤  So amazing!


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive (and sweetest) readers any simmer could hope for,  she admins a wonderful FB Sims group AND  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.  Stop by and visit!

Her latest Abandoned Kids Challenge


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp Chronicles.  This is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


Then in the WAY BACK machine, we find the lovely Dr Ellie .. a creation of Sanjana Tasnim.  Visit her lovely cc creations at Sanjana’sStudio



TY to the creator of Applegate Park.  I did a little reno to use it for the reception but you should check out the original too ❤

chapple gate

I had the joy of hosting my first Gallery CAS challenge.  It was so much fun!  Thank you to all who entered and to the FAB simmer friends who helped my out with votes (I could NOT choose).

I will tell you that if you are looking for a REAL fun community go find the ones who do the challenges!  So much fun!  Most are open and welcoming and just as sweet as can be! 

Attend the Royal Wedding Gallery CAS Challenge:

Challenge winner:

chal win


chal run up


Everyone is FAB and well worth a gallery follow (not only for CAS but builds too)

chal #1chal #2chal #3

Last but not least .. These FAB poses were used in the story …

Flower Chamber Wedding Project re-edit

A-lucky day wedding poses  (I just linked the S4update page that has both pose sets rather than linking them both separately .. I am lazy LOL)

Adorable sims Love before the wedding  this one is harder to find so enjoy the link ❤

Noteable cc

Rose’s dress is from the incomparable Colores Urbanos .. Colores_Urbanos

Rose’s dress is a recolor of wedding dress 10 but I linked you to her TSR front page so you can enjoy shopping 🙂 ❤

Wedding attendant dresses  … It is called Recitia By JomSimsCreations Jomsimcreations

Royal Uniforms (Mike, Prince, Bruno, Alfonso (YES the Kilts)  and Aster)  is amazing cc by Bruxel Bruxel on TSR

Again I link their TSR front page for your shopping joy

This is one that you may not have noticed but it is a VERY difficult to find bit of cc … TRUST ME!

Long cossack style priest robe Gott ist ein popstar

If there is anything else I can get for you do not hesitate to holler ❤


An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Finding Answers?

“Rosie, you promised you would go!   You have to get this checked out.  This has gone on too long.  Dr Ellie says she wants to see you today.”

Bruno was struggling to keep his cool with the stubborn princess.

01-12-18_3-19-53 AM

“Please Bruno, I AM FINE,” Rosie shot back at him,  her frustration showing clearly.  “Why is everyone insisting that there must be something wrong with me!   I just want everyone to stop,” throwing up her hands, “I am fine … just fine!”

01-12-18_3-20-25 AM

“No my Rosie,”  Bruno pleaded, “you are not just fine!   You are still hearing the singing day and night now … I can tell.  I know you aren’t sleeping well.  I hear you get up and down all night and even when you do sleep you toss fitfully and cry out.  I am so worried.  Please come to see Dr Ellie with me.”

Looking into his troubled eyes broke her heart.  She did not want to but she would go for him.

Besides she knew and trusted Dr Ellie.  Dr Ellie would be a voice of reason to her family and maybe put this all nonsense out of their heads.

01-12-18_3-19-24 AM

Prince’s sisters, Blair, Irene, and the youngest Caroline, lived in a tidy little house near the palace.  It was a warm cheerful place that always smelled of something wonderful in the oven.  It had always been a favorite getaway for the girls as they grew up.

Walking up to the house, Rosie felt that familiar comfort wash over her.  Her anxiety ebbed away in anticipation of the visit to her dear aunts.

Dr Ellie lived with her aunts ever since she arrived in Windenburg.   Although she worked at Centurion Hospital in Newcrest, she maintained a small office here at the house to care a bit more privately for friends and family.

01-12-18_3-30-52 AM


All three sisters seemed to hit the door at the same time.  Bruno and Rosie were greeted with all the fanfare of a great celebrity come to visit.

In stark contrast to the chattering excited Aunties, a smiling and serene Dr Ellie greeted Rosie.

“Come lets get started, my dear,” Ellie laughed, “the girls are busy fussing over Bruno and they will be busy for a while”

Rosie dutifully followed Ellie to her office.

01-12-18_3-35-56 AM

Sequestered away quietly in the cozy office, Rosie explained what she had been experiencing for the past few weeks.

“The singing began right before Bruno and I got married.   Near the beginning, I had an incident.  For some reason, that I cannot remember, I was outside and I don’t know if I blacked out or what but I seemed to have lost an hour.   I think I might have fallen and hit my head because I had a terrible headache when I came to.

Right after that I heard the songs.  It is not loud but it feels so urgent.

01-12-18_9-21-25 PM

I feel like I need to go find the singing.   No one else can hear it .. at least I think so.  I don’t know. I have not really asked because .. well you know.

About a week ago I started having the dreams.

01-12-18_9-22-40 PM

It is like the end of a dark tunnel opening to me and showing me a place I do not know.  There is LONG dark winding road.  I feel like I am supposed to go on that road but I don’t know where it is and I do not know why.”

01-12-18_9-22-41 PM

Dr Ellie tried to keep her face from showing the concern she had over Rosie’s recount of what was going on for her.

She felt like she was grasping at straws, “Honey, could anyone be gas-lighting you.  Maybe slipping hallucinogens into your food or drink.”

Rose was adamant that no one in her life would do that.

After an exam and some blood work, Dr Ellie sat down at her computer to look up a few things in her online medical journals.

All of a sudden she stopped abruptly, “Rosie, here is an article by a doctor who says he has been researching this very phenomenon.  The best part is that he is right near here.  I am go into the other room and give him a call to consult with him while you change back into your clothing and go get Bruno.”

Rosie sighed a sigh of relief and agreed.

01-12-18_9-34-02 PM

Ellie dialed the number and after a few minutes on hold, the secretary who answered patched him thru to a very young sounding man.

Ellie explained the situation to him.

01-12-18_9-34-03 PM

“Dr Ellie, did you say?” After Ellie affirmed, the young doctor continued, “I am doctor Zest, and yes the article is correct.  I have been conducting research on these type of auditory and visual disturbances.  They are not uncommon but it is beneficial to the patient to stop their occurrences.  I have an effective treatment plan that she will have to take every day.  I will send you the formula in an email.”

After giving him her email address, a grateful Dr Ellie thanked the kind Dr Zest** for his help with her patient.  Once the email had arrived she set about concocting the prescription exactly as he had advised.

01-12-18_9-34-07 PM

Rosie was very hesitant to take the medicine.

“Please, just try it Rosie,”  Bruno knew it would take his trump card and he played it, “For me?”

01-12-18_9-38-13 PM01-12-18_9-41-06 PM01-12-18_9-41-21 PM01-12-18_9-41-34 PM

Back upstairs, the young couple enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the funny trio.   They were an eccentric bunch but the coffee and double fudge brownies were amazing!

01-12-18_10-04-53 PM

Bruno kept a close eye on Rosie, both for adverse effects from the unknown medicine and for any signs that the delusions had returned.   Thankfully neither scenario manifested.

His heart was anxious, all he wanted his beautiful wife well again.

01-12-18_10-06-27 PM01-12-18_10-23-53 PM

“Rufus, well there you are.”  Rosie spotted the old cat  peering from under the serving table, watching vigilantly for an opportune moment to pounce and snatch a snack from that table.

01-12-18_10-31-08 PM

Rosie grabbed him up into a snuggle.  His warm chubby body, soft fur, his scent and his raspy purr (it always sounded to her as though he had loose parts inside) all a familiar comfort to her.

01-12-18_10-32-41 PM

Rosie whispered and Rufus peered at her as though he was listening, “You don’t think I am crazy, do you, Rufus boy?”  Rufus licked her nose in an answer.

01-12-18_10-33-45 PM


Aunt Blair cried out as Rose White entered the sun porch, “OH, Queenie, what are you doing here?  Two of you dearies in one day!”

Aunt Irene jumped past her sister to get her hug first.

“Hi Aunties,” Rose said cheerfully, “Dr Ellie let me in on her way out to the hospital.”

01-13-18_2-25-08 AM

Aunt Caroline entered to pick up some more dishes, “Queenie!  Please forgive the mess, darling.  Your sister and Bruno just left.  Rosie went to see Dr Ellie.  Do you think we will get to have a nooboo soon?”

“Oh Caroline,” admonished Aunt Irene, “that is not our business.”

Aunt Caroline retorted a little sharply, “Well I can hope can’t I?”

“We all can Auntie Caroline,” Rose said with a mischevious wink.

01-13-18_2-26-07 AM

“Now where are our manners,” cried Aunt Irene.  “Can we get you some coffee and a bite to eat.”

Rose declined.  Her visit would be brief and she had to get going soon.

The aunties sighed and looked crestfallen.

01-13-18_2-30-31 AM

Rose looked at the dear ladies in front of her and thought how much she loved them …  her love for them went all the way back to the cradle!



Irene                                                                             Blair

irene and blair

Rose explained, “I came by to tell you that I have ordered a Limousine to pick you ladies up on the wedding day.”

The sisters gratefully expressed their approval.

Aunt Blair responded graciously, “How sweet of you my dear to think of us.”

Aunt Caroline gushed, Oh my little Queenie, we will be there with bells on!”

“Don’t worry,” whispered Aunt Blair, “we would not really let her wear them.”

Rose laughed as she hugged each of them and bid them farewell.  She wanted to go see Mike.  It had been a fabulous three days away but she missed his smile and his arms holding her tight.

01-13-18_2-26-41 AM


“You called for me my Queen,” Evella’s dark associate snarled.

01-13-18_12-54-44 AM

Evella declared, her words contentious, “I was out today and my path crossed with those vile Charmings.  I must hear again the plan of their demise. Tell me!”

“Everything is in place.  This cannot fail,” Evella’s abettor reassured her by recounting the details of the destruction of the Charming family.

01-13-18_12-55-19 AM

Her eyes narrowed and the venomous words spit from her mouth like a cobra coiled to strike, “You little imp, you had best not foul this up.  I will ensure you are forever doomed!  Be gone now weasel!”

01-13-18_13-05-32 AM

“What ARE you looking at?” Evella mumbled.  “The little fink makes my skin crawl too but evil help is hard to come by these days.”

01-15-18_3-56-40 AM

As she sat stewing over the conversation, her thoughts were drawn back to the afternoon and her shopping stop.

01-18-18_6-34-54 PM

She rose up, bracing her resolve, emboldened she got right to work.

01-18-18_6-34-55 PM


01-18-18_6-34-57 PM01-18-18_6-38-28 PM01-18-18_6-38-30 PM01-18-18_6-38-32 PM01-18-18_6-38-33 PM01-18-18_6-49-47 PM

Yes … now she was ready for the wedding.

01-18-18_9-32-02 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


**~~~ Credits ~~~**

** TY Cathytea for inspiring this character .. Dr Zest is awesome

english dream



If any of you are interested this is my muse as I write Evella ..  Extra points for any who can say why they call it the Ashe snake .. very cool!

Snake spit venom

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Let’s Get This Party Started Part 2

With the ladies gone to SanMyshuno, Prince decided to take full advantage of the situation and have a guys night out.  He wanted to celebrate Mike joining the family soon.

A dinner of good draft beer and brats was a grand start to the evening.  Snow, being concerned for his health, did not often allow Prince such an indulgence.

The table banter was lively and fun.  He was seated next to one of his dearest friends, Alfonso and surrounded by beloved new family members.

01-11-18_2-45-27 AM

Even with all that, there was still a big void at the table. Walter (aka Officer Theis) was unable to join them as had been planned.


He and some trusted members of the WPD were pulling overtime.  There have been a number of complaints about a prowler skulking about in Windenburg.

A black-cloaked figure has been seen on surveillance cameras on the island and on the bluff.

01-11-18_2-45-28 AM

Officer Theis sighed, “Ok you guys, back to work! That video surveillance will not view itself. ”

He hated to be a grumpy Gus but this serial prowler had him shook.  He did not like this one bit.  His gut told him that he needed to find out more about this person, FAST.

01-11-18_2-45-29 AM


Now anytime Prince is involved in any event you know there will be music and singing at some point.  The local hose band hopped off the stage to take a break and Prince and the boys grabbed the opportunity to lead the Gasthaus in some rowdy rounds of pub songs.

True, Prince is a classical pianist but he still knows how to bang out some classic bar tunes.  From Sweet Caroline to The Piano Man to Don’t Stop Believing,  Prince and the boys had the crowd belting out the songs in unison.

By the time he hit Friends In Low Places, well, everyone in the pub dropped everything to sing along.  The boys had them convinced that this was the greatest song on the planet.

01-11-18_3-17-41 AM

Once the house band returned Prince and the boys hit the dance floor to show off a few moves.  When Jack led them out in the Wabadebadoo stomp and the Gerbit hop it brought the house down.

01-11-18_3-20-09 AM01-11-18_3-20-19 AM01-11-18_3-20-50 AM

In need of a bit of libation, after all that steppin’ they hit the bar.

Sadly it was Knight night and it was so frustrating trying to hear each other because of all that clanking about.

01-11-18_3-27-25 AM

So they grabbed their beers and withdrew to the relative quiet of the game tables.

01-11-18_3-43-31 AM01-11-18_3-43-59 AM01-11-18_3-45-55 AM01-11-18_3-46-24 AM

OHH Caiden!  Poor winners are just as bad as poor losers.

01-11-18_3-47-13 AM01-11-18_3-51-08 AM

“BOOYA,” Caiden shouted.

Alex muses, if he is going to keep any friends he will have to learn to be a gracious winner!

01-11-18_3-53-41 AM

“Hey son, nice sweater vest you got there.”

Bruno sensing his father’s ribbing, stammered a “Thanks, Dad!”

“Rosie get you that for Christmas?”

Bruno nodded sheepishly.  “EEYEP she did.”

“Made you wear it tonight did she, son?”

Bruno chuckled at his father’s insight, “Yeah she found it under the bed where it had fallen … uh slipped under somehow.”

Alfonso roared with laughter and gave Bruno a hardly pat on the back, “Been there too my boy.  You will get better at hiding it.”

With a wink at his boy, Alfonso returned to his darts game teammates.

01-11-18_3-55-34 AM

Father …

01-11-18_3-55-35 AM

against son …

01-11-18_3-56-10 AM

and neither of them any good at darts!

01-11-18_3-56-51 AM

To be honest none of the rest were any good either.

The only one who scored was Caiden and when he did he treated them all to his looser gooser dance.

I’ll spare you the agony of seeing that .. it was not pretty.

Neither was the midnight bowling …

02-11-18_3-00-46 AM

Beer, brats, and late-night buffoonery.  They all agreed it was a grand time and they did not go home til the wee hours of the morn!!


Rising early to beat Jeeves to the kitchen, Snow made good on her thoughts to treat everyone with her pancakes from the night before.

She has truly taken pancake making to a new level!

01-13-18_2-37-23 AM01-13-18_2-38-54 AM

“Perfection,” she whispered gleefully.

01-13-18_2-38-20 AM

A quick stop to the abbey to meet with the Father who will be officiating the nuptials and to see what arrangements have been made in the chapel so far is the first thing on today’s agenda.

Another quick stop by Auntie’s Atelier to check on the status of the bridesmaid’s dress and then on to the business of flowers.

Nope, not showing you either .. venue or dresses ;)

The flower shop was a kaleidoscope of color.

“Claudia, you are so right about this place.  It is pure perfection.”

The girls chatted, OHHing and AHHing over the different arrangements and delightful scents that met their noses.

They were early for the appointment with the floral designer who would be in charge of creating the floral arrangements and bouquets.

Rose’s head was spinning with questions and her concerns over the perfect “look” for the wedding flowers mounted!

01-13-18_2-49-40 AM

Snow and Auntie Matilde were having way too much fun in the gardening section.

“Like either one of them would ever root around in the garden,” laughed Claudia.  Both girls giggled at the thought of the two proper dames with dirt on their knees.

01-13-18_2-53-20 AM

Recollecting at the front of the store when the time for the appointment was near.  Rose’s sweet face was still showing her distress.

“Darling girl,” admonished Auntie, “you need to stop fretting so much over the details.  It is why we have hired a professional.  Now relax that face so you do not get puffy eye bags for the wedding.”

Rose smiled, Auntie was right.

01-13-18_2-54-55 AM

Rose was glad for the small distraction when Bella Goth came into the shop and stopped to greet the ladies.  She looked terrible!  She must have been crying for a long time.

01-13-18_2-59-53 AM

“Alex and Lily moved out last night,” she related tearfully to Rose.  “My heart has been so heavy with worry.  Alex just is not being himself!”

Rose gave Bella a supportive bunny hug.  “It will be ok,” Rose said reassuringly, “They will visit a lot I am certain.”

Bella seemed relieved.

One thing that was for certain, those worry bags under Bella’s eyes were enough to cause Rose to reconsider her penchant for brooding.

01-13-18_3-06-36 AM

Finally, with coffee in hand (my kind of girl), the floral artist arrived for the meeting.

“Hello,” she greeted the ladies, “my name is Katrina Caliente and I am so looking forward to this consultation.”

The gals smiled, they liked her a lot.  Snow thought she was spunky.

“Let’s go up to my office and see what we can decide.”

All four dutifully followed her up.

01-13-18_3-07-16 AM

Once they were out of sight something unsavory slithered out from behind the displays …

“OH happy nuptials indeed little princess.  Hmmm! We will see about that!” the vile scoundrel uttered to herself.

01-13-18_3-13-41 AM01-13-18_3-14-46 AM

“Simplicity, Hon.  Simplicity is best! Simplicity is what we are after,” crooned Katrina.

01-13-18_3-13-06 AM

Her plan was wonderful.

Yes, they all could see the vision!

Rose finally felt like she could breathe.

01-13-18_3-12-37 AM


“Hello.  Hello and welcome!” The bakery owner sang out, her Danish accent heavy but delightfully exotic.

The bakery was heady with the smells of sweet breads and coffee.

Rose, auntie, and Snow were drawn into distraction as they inhaled the delightful aroma.

Only Claudia kept her head about her.  Smiling she returned the owner’s greeting.

“I am Clara Bjergsen and this is my shop.  I am delighted to have you here.  This is so very exciting.”

“Charles,” Clara barked, “get over here and make the ladies a fresh french press.

The boy acknowledged and moved slowly toward the machine.

“Chop Chop,” she snapped and turning to the ladies, ” Please follow me.”

01-13-18_3-24-17 AM

The discussion lasted far longer than you might think a discussion about cake could last.  Three pots of french press in and a decision was finally made.

They would need two cakes to accommodate all requests.  The boys had made their desires known ahead of time and the girls had a far different vision of what a wedding cake would be like!

The main wedding cake would be a light, delicate almond flavored white cake with a jellied cherry filling.  It would have royal frosting (of course) and be adorned with blossoms and butterflies.

The second cake would be a dark rich chocolate cake frosted with a simple chocolate whipped cream frosting AND no adornments what so ever.

“Who wants all that in the way of the cake?”  Mike had said to Rose.  This had brought riotous approval from her father and brother.

01-13-18_3-34-16 AM

“There we are, finished,” the very patient Clara remarked, though no one seemed to be listening.  On their fourth pot of french press their brains were buzzing and their mouths moving quickly to try to catch up.

01-13-18_3-36-15 AM

In fact MUCH later that evening, Auntie Matilde, who is staying at the chalet til the wedding, was still feeling the effects.

01-04-18_3-38-42 AM

**~~~ Author’s note. ~~~**

There was so much happening in this update that I decided to split it.  I know you are all waiting for the wedding and I promise it is coming BUT I have to get this next one out before the wedding 🙂  Since it is nearly ready (I only have a few shots to go) I will post it early Saturday.  ❤

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ Credits ~~~**

A very special thank you to my dear friend Canadiansimmer77 who built the beautiful flower shop/bakery for Rose and Mike. TY Abs ❤

abby flowers

The incomparable Simoniona provides this sweet build ❤

simoniona france

Although this one has been featured before .. it has been a while and we will be seeing more of it to come in the next few weeks (or so).

zita police WPD



An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Let’s Get This Party Started

Claudia, Rose’s personal assistant,  arrived at the chalet bright and early Monday morning.  She was feeling much more lighthearted today than she had for a few weeks.  With less than two weeks left, today they would begin to take the final steps toward the wedding.

With the Charmings and Mike all gone for the holiday,  it had been a long stressful two weeks.  She was more than ready to wrap up the details and get this show on the road.  She hummed to herself as she brewed up a pot of tea and got some sweet sticky macaroon cookies from the oven.

The Dutchess Matilde, Mike’s Auntie, and Queen Snow would be here soon.  The final decisions on THE dress were being made.  Claudia mused, OH how wonderful it would be to have a dress from the famous Matilde line made by the designer herself!  Despite her intimate connections with the royal family, Claudia found her self fangirling just a tiny bit over the designer.

01-04-18_3-24-49 AM

About 20 minutes later, Rose finally came down. Sighing a bit.  She was feeling the pressure of the coming nuptials.   Hugging Claudia and stuffing a cookie in her mouth, she got down to the business of helping Claudia set up the office for morning tea with her mom and the Dutchess.

Snow arrived shortly afterward.  Claudia tried to fill them in on what had been going on for the past two weeks.  It was obvious she was a bit frazzled.  The paparazzi have been hounding her wherever she goes, trying to get any tidbits on the wedding.

“I am so glad you all are back,” she breathed.

Snow gave her a warm smile and thanked her for all she had done.  She appreciated how much effort it had taken to keep court/wedding business away from Rose and Mike during the holiday.   That family time was very important to Snow and Prince.

01-04-18_3-24-50 AM

Soon the sound of a car pulling up met their ears.  The Dutchess and Mike were here.  Everyone bustled to get everything in place.


“Now dear boy,” Auntie admonished, “no peeking at the dress plans.  You keep busy elsewhere!”

01-04-18_3-24-58 AM

Mike retorted, “it is me, Auntie.  Would I do that?”

Auntie gave him a grin and a wink.  Remembering a 10-year-old Mike, she realized he still was her little scamp!

Giving him the bum’s rush she said, “Come boy!  Get my bag and get me settled in!”

01-04-18_3-25-18 AM

Truth be told Mike had no desire to be in that “hen party.”   The cacophony of giggles, ohhs, ahhs, and chats rang out well into the surrounding rooms.  Not even Claudia’s delicious Macaroons were enough of a draw to have him intrude upon that estrogen filled room.

01-04-18_3-30-30 AM

Lunchtime approached and Mike surprised the ladies by preparing a lovely Minestrone soup for their dining pleasure.

Ahhh you didn’t know Mike could cook?  Oh yeah, he can!

01-04-18_3-48-34 AM

With a fabulous lunch behind them and the business of the dress finished, the ladies could just relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Rose, being a foodie, is feeling warm and delighted from the tasty soup she had just enjoyed.

01-04-18_3-59-42 AM


Mike has been planning the honeymoon.  He is anxious for it to be a wonderful time for him and his beautiful bride.

The task is daunting!  It is NOT going well!

01-07-18_1-04-52 PM

He needs the help of a professional!

01-07-18_1-04-58 PM

He has heard about this agency.  The proprietor is not only known to be efficient with the planning but has a knack for knowing the “whats .. wheres .. and whens” of a wonderful trip.

01-07-18_1-06-21 PM

Elke Simoniona has run this shop successfully for a few years.

She always starts her new clients with a cup of calming chamomile tea.  Getting them to relax and open up is an important first step.

01-07-18_1-10-14 PM

OHHH what do we have here?  Molly doing a bit of eavesdropping?

“I am just going to borrow this book?” She sings out innocently, “OK?”

You little rascal!

01-07-18_1-16-14 PM

Elke has him all comfy.  “Ready to begin, Mike?

Not sure if it is the tea or her self-assured manner, but Mike is feeling at ease as he lowers himself into the chair near her desk.

01-07-18_1-17-14 PM

“Now,” she begins, “just tell me what you dream of for this honeymoon.”

01-07-18_1-18-26 PM

After hearing Mike out, Elke begins her furious tapping on the keys of her computer.  She has some good ideas but can she pull them together?

01-07-18_1-19-40 PM

“Voila!”  She exclaimed, ” It is finished!  You can stop and pick the tickets up tomorrow.  Be sure your passports are current.”

Mike breathes a sigh of relief!  This one is a gem and he will remember her!

01-07-18_1-20-06 PM

The commission from a very generous Mike was substantial!  To celebrate, a delighted Elke closed up shop and went home to relax for the rest of the day!

01-07-18_1-20-07 PM


With the final decisions made Auntie got back to her workshop and made the needed amendments.

01-07-18_11-46-20 PM01-07-18_11-47-38 PM

It was a labor of love for precious Rose,  who she had been charmed by from the very first meeting!   How happy it made her that Rose would be joining her family!01-08-17_3-33-16 AM (2)

Friday came and just as planned, Rose and her entourage arrived for the dress fitting and viewing.   The dress fit to perfection and everyone seemed enthralled by it.   Rose was an angelic vision in white lace!

Violet wondered if she and Jack ever married would Auntie make her a dress too?  Dare she dream of it?


01-07-18_11-52-35 PM

Molly decided to strike while the iron was hot.  She had seen an off the rack prom dress upstairs that was just divine and while mama was here and in such a wonderful mood … maybe??

01-08-18_1-06-36 AM

“Thank you, dear friend,” Rose whispered to Claudia, “you have done so much to make this wedding beautiful.   Would you please be my maid of honor? ”

Claudia was a bit startled by the accolades but she was devoted to her dear friend and honored to be asked.  “Of course I will.  It will be my joy.”

The girls (and the moms) spent a better part of the rest of the morning looking over bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses (not to forget Auntie of the groom LOL).   So many choices but finally the matter was settled!    All agree that this is going to be a beautiful wedding!

01-08-18_1-06-37 AM

Auntie declared “So is anyone as famished as I am?”  A chorus of agreement came back from all.

“I know the perfect place down in the spice district,” Matilde assured as she led them out into the streets of SanMyShuno.

01-08-18_1-14-16 AM

OHH the shops that caught their eye!  Lily, Violet, and Snow were ready to shop but Claudia urged them on in a whisper, “Come we can check them out afterward.”

01-08-18_1-25-39 AM

Claudia, Snow, and Auntie had conspired to organize a surprise bridal shower for Rose.  Being the most talented at organizing and coordinating, most of the duties fell to Claudia.    The little venue was perfect and the food that they served was sublime!

01-08-18_1-28-12 AM

Once the “SURPRISE” was done and everyone settled a bit, Snow stood and in her gracious manner brought the festivities to order with a word of blessing and thanks.

01-08-18_1-32-19 AM

It was Roses turn to say thank you, “I cannot express how thankful I am for all of you for this kindness.  This is a sweet surprise and I am honored by your thoughtfulness.”  She was indeed overcome by the outpouring of love from her family and friends.

01-08-18_1-35-50 AM

Not sure what was in the drinks but they were not the best.

01-08-18_1-43-26 AM

Rose was so happy.  Bad drinks could not steal her joy!

01-08-18_1-45-36 AM

“Lunch is served Mrs. Theis,” the server advised Claudia.

Claudia smiled graciously at the nervous looking young woman, “Thank you so much.  We will serve ourselves when they are ready.  No need for you to wait.”

01-08-18_1-47-38 AM01-08-18_1-57-43 AM

“Madam Theis,” Rodney the manager addressed Claudia, “is everything to your parties satisfaction.”

“Yes, very much so Rodney.  Thank you.”

Claudia ommited the part about the poorly made drinks.  They had survived and the wine was divine.  They had the good discernment to serve a reserve Merlot from the King’s own vineyard.

Rodney parted with a bow under the direct smiling gaze of Claudia, who was unaware of how impressed the ladies at the table were with her.

She is regal and gracious enough to be a queen herself thought Snow.

01-08-18_2-02-02 AM

“Let’s walk that lunch off with a walking tour of the Salt district,” recommended Claudia.  Shopping!  They did love shopping.  The little shops were so wonderful.

In the square, they came upon a flea market.  “OH, how enchanting!” Rose Red was in love with everything she saw.  Even Violet who did not often spurge had to pick up a few things and admire them.  Only Lily held back.

01-08-18_2-06-01 AM

“This chair would be perfect in Prince’s office,” Snow said as she scored a deal.  Who knew the queen could haggle!

01-08-18_2-07-29 AM

On towards evening, they were all feeling a bit peckish.  The delectable aromas coming from the street food vendors were irresistible.  Rose sat down with Rosie.  Rosie always made Rose laugh.  She did everything with gusto including eating her food.   In a blink, she had finished.  “I was starving,” she laughed.

“I am glad for this time Rosie.  I don’t get to see much of you these days.  How do you like being married?  Were you scared at first? ”  Rose had so many questions.  She loved Mike but she was a bit scared of being married too.

“It was a bit scary at first,” assured Rosie.  “I wanted to go home the first week but I love Bruno and I am so happy.”

“Lily does not look so happy,” Rose came back.

“Well, sister they are still living with his parents.  That cannot be fun for Lily.”

Rose sat for a few, contemplating the situation.  “No, I guess it cannot be.”

01-08-18_2-11-20 AM

Yes, it was indeed true.  The happy day was nearly over and the closer it go to the end the sadder Lily became.

01-08-18_2-11-21 AM

This situation did not get past the watchful eye of momma Snow.  She is keenly aware of her dear daughters and Lily’s ongoing sadness is a burden to her heart.

01-08-18_2-11-22 AM

The Rose and Violet approached Lily.  “Sister dear we do not mean to pry but what is the matter?  Why are you so sad?”

“I don’t know,” came back the small soft answer.  “I just can’t seem to adjust to married life.”

Rose offered, “Maybe sister you and Alex need to be off on your own.  You know that the place living quarters are unocupied. Mom and dad do not want to live in them and Mike and I have the chalet.  Why don’t you two move in there.”

01-08-18_2-16-34 AM

Snow, overhearing the conversation, happily chimed in, “Yes heaven knows that Alina has nothing to do there but manage dust bunnies.  I am sure she would love that idea.”

“It is settled then,” said Rose.  “You and Alex can move in as soon as you wish.”

Lily was overcome with gratitude, “Thank you.  Thank you so much.”

01-08-18_2-19-28 AM

The goodbyes are said and hugs all around.

Rosie, Lily, Violet, and Paola will go back home.

Snow, Rose, and Claudia will spend the night with Auntie in her SanMyShuno penthouse.  “It will be just like a slumber party,” Auntie said gleefully.

01-08-18_2-23-14 AM

Palo leaned to Snow and whispered, “Phew, good luck with Matilde’s slumber party.  I don’t think street food agrees with her if you know what I mean.”

01-08-18_2-23-15 AM

The “slumber party” at Aunties penthouse was a blast.

Jeeves kept the wine coming  and the movies playing.

The ladies kept the chatter going (I think Jeeves stuffed cotton in his ears).

01-10-18_12-32-25 AM

After pouring another round, he prepared a late night supper of eggs benedict.

01-10-18_12-32-26 AM

Over the meal, Auntie declared that she was so tired that she felt as though she was going to fall over any second.  Jeeves wondered if she was tired or was it all that wine.

Snow thought as she ate, it is delish but it is not my pancakes.  Maybe she would get up early in the am to make some for everyone.

Claudia, ever the energizer bunny, recounted in detail the next day’s itinerary to a very sleepy Rose who was having difficulty focusing.

Auntie and Snow were not paying attention either.

Rose was indeed having trouble keeping her eyes open but the eggs benedict was the best she had ever had and she was determined that she was not going to waste a bite.

Good night sweet ladies, rest well more adventure is to be had tomorrow.

01-10-18_12-40-58 AM


Meanwhile, in Windenburg, there is a move going on.

Alex and Lily do not wait but head over to the palace quarters immediatly after Lily gave him the news.  They will arrange to have their few belongings moved over tomorrow.

02-04-18_3-16-54 PM

The housekeeper, Alina, comes to greet them.   She is glad to have company in that big old house.

02-04-18_3-18-40 PM

Alina goes over the house “policies” and her lists that include her work hours and time off.  Lily seems to have slipped into “moose mode.”  She sees Alina’s mouth moving but she is not really hearing any of it.

02-04-18_3-18-41 PM

While Lily gets the rules lecture, Alex does some exploring.

The throne room!  So this is where it all happens, he thought to himself.

Hmmmm …

02-04-18_3-18-45 PM

Come on!  You know we all would have tried the same thing!

02-04-18_3-18-47 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


**~~~~~~ credits ~~~~~~**

There are LOTS of credits today!  ALL FAB!


ascanius dress shopdutchessmelcstr brn stonemikes studypalace chateauredhotchilisimblr (tumblr) or chilisimblr (twitter)

Used this cc to convert one side of the coffee shop into a travel agency

Sue Barr Magnolia Travel Agency

simoniona asiasimonionazita pent

An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) New Year … Fresh Start

Rose was anxious to get their new house set up and get settled in before the wedding.   Mike agreed that it was a great idea and they decided to get the ball rolling two days after the new year.

Aster was still on winter break from school and was a willing volunteer.   Teenage boy power is a great thing.

01-01-18_3-38-33 PM

LOL willing when he was not taking selfies to send to Molly .. showing off the guns!

Ugh! The task seems daunting!

01-02-18_3-33-37 PM01-02-18_3-35-49 PM01-02-18_3-37-34 PM

Aster stifled a small snicker as he heard Mike gasp, “OHHH!  UHH Rose darling … wait … whaa … ”

“Yes honey?  What do you need? I have been trying to decide what color to do this room in.”

01-02-18_3-45-25 PM

“UH hon .. wait .. wait … I have an idea!  Why don’t we hire a paint crew to do this one for us?”  Mike said as he lead her out of the room.

” It would be so much … UM …… I mean  … I need you downstairs. I don’t know where to put any of your books.”

Rose shrugged her hesitant agreement and went to clean up.

Mike grabbed up his phone and made the call to hire the painters, “Come quickly!”

His love has many talents but paining rooms is NOT one of them.

01-02-18_3-46-15 PM01-02-18_6-43-06 PM01-02-18_7-21-49 PM01-02-18_7-39-06 PM

Rose looked at the boys as they worked together.  She smiled to herself.  She loved how much her little brother admired her dear Mike.

“Hey mini Mike,” Rose chided, “We need to get those boxes in.  Come on leave the master to his work and give me a hand.”   01-02-18_7-40-27 PM

Hearing a commotion outside, Mike rushed out only to find himself in the middle of an all-out snowball war.

“Help get the boxes in,” he laughed, “right.”

“Hey, he started it,” Rose said winding up her pitch.

01-02-18_7-46-28 PM01-02-18_7-49-35 PM01-02-18_7-52-52 PM01-02-18_7-55-11 PM01-02-18_7-57-20 PM01-02-18_8-06-30 PM


01-02-18_9-21-19 PM01-02-18_9-22-01 PM01-02-18_9-24-46 PM01-02-18_9-25-16 PM01-02-18_9-28-50 PM01-02-18_9-44-45 PM

Dropping the bags by the bed, Mike pauses to consider that in only a few weeks he will be waking up to this view every morning, in the arms of his beloved wife.  His sweet Rose.

01-02-18_9-45-29 PM

Rose seems to have a few pondersings of her own.

01-02-18_9-47-01 PM01-02-18_9-49-06 PM01-02-18_9-55-28 PM01-02-18_9-59-57 PM01-02-18_10-01-45 PM01-02-18_10-14-02 PM01-02-18_10-15-17 PM

Mike shook his head, Augh a broken toilet already.  Donning a wrench, Mike chuckled to himself as he made the repair,

01-02-18_10-16-27 PM

wouldn’t the gossip rags love to have a shot of this?   He could see the headlines now.


Best get my scepter out and finish the job, he muses.

01-02-18_10-17-26 PM01-02-18_10-23-04 PM

Freshen up a bit, for the Pizza (wo)man cometh.

01-02-18_10-24-20 PM01-02-18_10-26-34 PM01-02-18_10-41-21 PM

Aster heads back home to grab mom and dad for the open house later this evening.

01-02-18_10-46-21 PM


A little time alone …

01-02-18_10-49-09 PM

A boy .. a girl .. and a sunset.  Perfection!

01-02-18_11-09-20 PM01-02-18_11-10-13 PM01-02-18_11-13-11 PM01-02-18_11-21-43 PM

“I know I hear .. they are here!”  Rose batted her eyelashes.

“What if I don’t WANT to go?  What if I want to stay here?”

01-02-18_11-17-40 PM


“Oh, it is lovely!” Charlii and Violet were already looking around as the rest of the gang were arriving.

01-02-18_11-41-25 PM01-02-18_11-44-13 PM

Rose was very excited to see all the ladies BUT especially so Diana, the designer and architect who made this Rose’s Chateau happen.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the work you put into this wonderful gift for Mike and me!”

01-03-18_10-44-46 PM

“THANK you so much!”

01-03-18_10-47-16 PM01-02-18_11-41-49 PM

UH OHHH!  NO joy in Mudville!

01-02-18_11-46-22 PM01-02-18_11-48-19 PM


Salome whispers to Aster, “Well maybe if we all just pretend we cannot hear it.”

01-02-18_11-49-18 PM


“Rosie,” Bruno was shouting as he hurried down to the beach, “Everyone has been looking for you!  What are you doing out here?  Why did you leave without telling anyone where you had gone?”

01-02-18_11-56-12 PM

“I heard the singing again, Bruno.” Rose’s face was anxious and confused.  “It was drawing me here.  I cannot find … ”

“Rosie, you have to come back to the house.  You cannot be out here alone. Come on with me my love. ”

Bruno’s heart was heavy with dismay.  Rose Red had been behaving very peculiarly for the past few weeks.  He would insist she make a visit to  Doc Ellie tomorrow.

01-02-18_11-58-22 PM01-03-18_12-02-27 AM


With most of the children gone from the nest now, Prince and Snow decided to move out of the big house.  Both longed to be near the shore.

Prince had commissioned workers to renovate the old lighthouse that stood near the shore where they first met.

01-04-18_12-15-24 AM01-04-18_12-15-50 AM01-04-18_12-17-25 AM01-04-18_12-21-42 AM01-04-18_12-24-20 AM01-04-18_12-27-30 AM01-04-18_12-28-14 AM01-04-18_12-47-10 AM01-04-18_12-49-10 AM

OH MY those two.  Frost on the roof but FIRE in the furnace.

01-04-18_12-57-32 AM

Snow watched as her baby boy left for school.   This was the right move, she knew it in her heart.   He was so happy here and with Officer Theis right door, he was safe too.

01-04-19_1-01-16 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents 


**~~~ Credits ~~~**

The fab new digs are a “wedding gift” for Mike and Rose from Anchesenemon that you all can enjoy in your game (CC free).  TY dear Diana for the WONDERFUL blessing ❤  It (like all of your builds) is fantastic .. a true treat for eyes!


The lighthouse is from a builder I  was lucky enough to find (recently for me) in gallery (by accident).


Pose Links:

Story teller Pose pack by 3lodiie26

Flower Chamber snow fun

(BA) I need that for my story #5

(BA) I need that for my story #1

Cleaning set

and TY again to the lovely readers who graced Roses new home ❤

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers a Simlit blog can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!   ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her work esp  Septemus, My Son . She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from Myself.  Go get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds.  I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive readers for the blogs she follows and admins a wonderful FB Sims group,  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp Chronicles.  This is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Merry Christmas

It is Christmastime and as is their usual habit the Charmings leave Windenburg and the concerns of the court behind to take their annual Christmas break.

This year’s holiday may have may have a surprise or two in store for the family.

As is his norm, Prince personally seeks out special lodging for this time of year.  It is always a well-received delightful gift to his beloved family.

As you can see, this year was NO different!  The house is amazing (see more gallery/builder info in the credits  )

12-19-17_2-27-01 AM

As is HER norm (ahh sweet redundancy), Rose White dons her “chef hat” and grasps the cookspoon to cheerfully take over the responsibility for feeding the crew.

She has been collecting recipe ideas for months already.    She cannot wait to try them out.  It is her Christmas joy …

12-23-17_1-48-37 AM

especially since this year there are additions to the table ❤  (I do think he likes it, Rose)

12-23-17_2-05-36 AM


With full tummies and contented hearts, Prince and Snow head out on a walk down to the beach.   These two are always drawn to the water.

12-26-17_10-17-53 PM

Is anyone having FLASHBACKS .. I know I am

This is where, so long ago, they fell in love the first time (and I with them too) SNIFF!  

12-26-17_10-17-54 PM12-26-17_10-17-55 PM12-26-17_10-17-56 PM

Still my fav of my stories … long lost love found!  Blatant promo here .. 

 Snow White Table of Contents

OH SORRY, I do digress!


The others go out for a bit of fun in the sun and snow.

Snowball fights and snowmen.

Mike is feeling pretty gleeful.  He just trounced Aster and his little pals in a snowball fight.

“Three to one!” he quipped. “So they think I am an old man! HA! They better come prepared the next time.”

With a twinkle in her eye roll, Rose chastised softly, “Really Mike!

12-26-17_10-37-20 PM

It was not long before Jack and Alexander arrived to the house.  Let the party begin.

12-26-17_10-48-00 PM

Lily rushed greet to Alexander.  Drawing off to the side to chat, they seem to have something of great importance to discuss.

“It is agreed then, this is the right time.  Let’s go get mom and dad.”

12-26-17_10-48-01 PM


“Daddy .. Mum could you come here?”  Lily beckoned, “Alex and I have to speak with you a moment, please.”

(and YES this is how he entered the room and no he has NO meditation skills .. such a weird game)

12-26-17_10-48-12 PM

“WHAT!”  Prince roared his fury.

He lashed out at Alexander, “Why did you do this?  Do you not know the embarrassment this will cause in the Kingdom?  What were you thinking?”

12-26-17_10-48-02 PM

and turning to Lily, he spoke more firmly than he had ever done before, “and how could you keep this from your mother and I?”

Snow sat quietly .. her heartbreaking.  She was fearful of what Prince would do in his rage.  She had only seen him this angry once before and she hated it.  Christmas was ruined!

Alexander rose to leave.

Lily was unperplexed.  In a very calm firm voice, she said, “Alexander come sit back down!”

Turning to her father with no waiver in her composure, “Now Daddy ..

12-26-17_10-48-03 PM

You are aware that Alex and I have been in love for a while now.  In fact ..

12-26-17_10-48-04 PMe

he proposed to me two months ago.

AND Daddy, I said YES!

We kept it a secret because Rosie and Bruno deserved their time in the spotlight.   They waited a long time for their wedding.

12-26-17_10-48-05 PMe

Two weeks ago while were walking out on the bluff and talking about how Mike and Rose were getting married soon .. all the plans being made for the gala ..

and well ..

12-26-17_10-48-06 PMe

it just seemed like we would never get our turn.

Alex did not want to wait and neither did I.

So we eloped right there on the spot.

12-26-17_10-48-07 PMe12-26-17_10-48-08 PMe12-26-17_10-48-09 PMe

As the sunset over the hills of Windenburg, I became Mrs Alexander Goth.

12-26-17_10-48-10 PMe12-26-17_10-48-11 PMe

As he looked over at his bride (who had suffered so much pain as she waited long for him) dabbing her eyes, Prince’s anger abated.

“Daddy I have never wanted the spotlight and I did not intend to hurt you and Mum.  Please forgive us,” Lily implored.

He nodded slowly.  Truth was that loved his precious daughters more than life itself and if she was happy then he would try to be happy for her.

Thankfully the tension was broken by Rose calling that Christmas dinner was ready.

Prince rose and clasped Alexander’s trembling hand firmly, “Welcome to the family son.  NO more secrets!”

Alexander smiled weakly, “No sir!”

Lily and Snow embraced .. both wiping away a few happy tears.  “I am happy for you my darling,” Snow whispered into Lily’s ear.

The detectable aroma that had filled the house for hours kept its promise.  The meal was divine!

12-26-17_11-50-23 PM

After dinner, with everyone gathered it was decided to celebrate Aster’s birthday a few days early.

12-27-17_1-08-05 AM

(UH NO that look is NOT staying)

12-27-17_1-09-34 AM

Poor Snow .. she wonders what on earth will she do with a teenager .. and AT HER AGE TOO!

12-27-17_1-09-35 AM

UM feed it .. feed it a lot!

12-27-17_1-09-36 AM

Gifts given and carols sung around the piano.

Welcome, Christmas!

Love and joy filled the air ..

12-27-17_1-09-37 AM

.. and with THIS family especially the lovey- dovey part!

12-27-17_2-22-56 AM12-27-17_2-26-17 AM

“Hey guys .. Whatcha doin?”

12-27-17_2-27-24 AM12-27-17_2-27-25 AM12-27-17_2-34-09 AM

(LOL I had to add this shot.  While I was taking this smooch shot, Prince photo bombed it .. in his skivvies! WTH! LOL  Such a weird game these days.) 

12-27-17_2-34-10 AM12-27-17_2-35-47 AM

She went in for the first move (you know Jack has always been a tad bit slow in the “romantical” department).


12-27-17_2-36-31 AM

BUT Jack tied up this loose end by asking her to be his girl!  I think she is a tad bit excited!

NOPE .. no nunnery for you dear one.

12-27-17_2-45-11 AM12-27-17_2-45-12 AM

UGH awkward.   The couch snuggle bunnies need some alone time.

12-27-17_2-53-41 AM

A lovely walk on the beach perhaps.


12-27-17_2-56-00 AM

A little time away to talk and there is so much to talk about with the upcoming wedding.

Even tho Prince has strictly forbidden any court business while on holiday, Rose chatters away about upcoming plans ..

12-27-17_2-56-01 AM

but Mike remembering that lost moonrise of not so long ago ..

12-27-17_2-59-02 AM

has determined not to let another moonrise go to waste.

12-27-17_2-59-03 AM


(A little extra here) Little Orphan Molly Burden has grown up to be a gorgeous teen.

(for those who have never read her story here is another blatant story push LOL  Some of you have read it recently and some a long time ago .. for those who have no idea of what I am talking about here is the link .. The gift )

Little Molly just grew up in game .. she is a cutie who dreams of being a vet and making future red headed freckled faced babies with someone like that in the future.

(I have proof )


As you can see the Bruno’s baby brother grew up to be a cutie too .. BFFS with Aster

12-27-17_10-32-35 PM

Prince and Snow love having the teens around.

12-27-17_10-47-59 PM


All is well as 2017 draws to a close and the Charmings officiate the Windenburg 2018 Ball Drop!

13-27-17_2-34-26 AM

On behalf of all the Charmings and cray cray Lisabee too (yep she is still murking about patiently waiting for her turn in the blog lineup)  ..

13-27-17_2-34-27 AM


I would like to take a few moments to thank each and every one of you for spending time with us.  Your support means so much!  Hope you stay tuned .. more adventures on the way.

Wishing you a happy and blessed 2018 ❤

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An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Snow’s Gift

As  Snow’s elder birthday fast approaches she has been considering what legacy she is leaving for her family and for her kingdom.  She has been a very good Queen, a doting mother, and a tender loving wife.  She knows she will be remembered fondly for these wonderful things but Snow wants more!  She wants something tangible that she can bless future generations with.

After much thought, she hit upon an idea.

Now it is well known that Snow has never been what might be deemed a good cook.  In fact, she has learned only one recipe but she has perfected that one into an art.

Pancakes … Snow makes a mean Pancake!


She first learned to make them from Sneezy for the boys when she came to live with them.  They all loved hers .. mostly because no one wanted Sneezy to keep the cooking chore.

Right after her release from the asylum, with the budget tight (and the ingredients cheap) Snow began to perfect the fluffy (almost) discs in earnest.

After she Married Prince in their first life she discovered he LOVED pancakes (oh dear providence how sweet you were <3) and he LOVED HER PANCAKES most of all.  From the beginning to the very end there was no meal he desired more!

This passion for hotcakes (outdone only by their passion for each other) continued in la vie redux … well into the season that brought them children to love and bless with her delectable Flapjacks.  Her family adores them.

You see Snow’s pancakes not only drip with butter and syrup but also with all of the love she pours into them.

She has decided!

She will put her pancake secrets in print.

With great diligence, she set out to write a cookbook featuring her pancakes that will pass this blessing along to any who read it.

10-14-17_1-08-21 AM10-14-17_1-24-48 AM10-14-17_12-57-19 AM

After many hours, she is finally finished.  It was an instant hit.

Her readers would not only experience her wonderful johnnycakes but also the love that permeated every keystroke she struck as she wrote the The Charming Pancake Cookbook.

Queen Snow has written a bestseller!

10-14-17_12-57-20 AM

Now on the eve of her elder birthday, she would love to give each one of you a copy too.  ENJOY!


Charming Pancake Cookbook  Origin ID Lisabee2


“Happy Birthday dear Daddy.” Rose White’s sweet voice sang out to Prince.  “I am so excited about you and Mum’s party this evening.”  Prince laughed and declared that he would be more excited when all the preparations were made.

Rose White laughed, “you know I am already started on the cakes.”

Prince knew this to be true by the luscious aroma that had filled the house since early this am.  He could hardly wait!

10-24-17_3-27-25 AM

A dark rick chocolate cake for Prince and

10-15-17_4-10-20 AM10-15-17_4-10-21 AM

a light fluffy strawberry cake for Snow.

10-15-17_4-10-22 AM

Followed by a birthday kiss of course LOL …  Prince still loves his dear bride!

(LOL caption the onlooker’s reaction … priceless)

10-15-17_4-10-23 AM

The party was a modest family (plus a few close friends) affair at the house.  Everyone seemed glad after the big wedding hoopla (not to mention the plans for the next one coming) to just relax with good food and drinks.

10-24-17_3-47-41 AM10-24-17_3-55-34 AM10-24-17_3-55-35 AM

Even the boys had some bonding time!

10-24-17_3-56-47 AM

Like the sweet last rose of summer the fragrance of LOVE hung thick in the air!

10-24-17_9-10-16 PM10-25-17_8-21-09 PM10-25-17_9-03-49 PM10-25-17_9-03-50 PM

“Bruno, do you hear singing?” Rose Red queried.

“No, my love, I hear nothing,” came his retort.

“I have heard it all night.” she replied, “it quite compelling, as though someone is trying to tell me something.”

Bruno rolled over and gave his wife a soft reassuring kiss.  “I am sure it is nothing darling.  Maybe the children are playing a game.”

10-25-17_9-03-52 PM


10-25-17_9-03-53 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents


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