An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Rotations Table of Contents

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This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow White Charming. 

The primary Charming tales rotations are:

  • Mike & Rose White (Dagon’s Challenge)
  • Bruno & Rose Red (Alien Adoption Challenge)
  • Jack & Violet (Wonderchild Challenge)
  • Aster & the Rebellion Army (Strangerville)
  • Evella (Bachelorette Challenge with a twist) – not started yet

 Other related stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

If you are new, you may find this little recap helpful to read before you jump in ..

The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”

The adventures are just getting started … 

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An Era of Charming Tales: The Island (Mike and Rose White) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: Frozen (Jack & Violet) Table of Contents

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An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming) Table of Contents

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Evella (coming soon) (Bachelorette challenge- evil speed dating version) 

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Back in Windenburg _ Alexander Goth on the Throne OH MY (coming soon)

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While these stories will stand on their own you may want to know more the back story … here is a short cut 🙂

This is a link to an “in -a -nutshell”  story recap of most of the first and part of the second generation:

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)