#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #1 Meet the Gang

I will be playing this challenge with a slight twist.  I am going to play all 8 characters and they will compete to see who gets released first (by completing their Life Time Aspiration).

Meet the girls:

the girls

sol ha 2


Sol was the lovely insane violinist in the recent bachelorette showdown.  Although she still loves to play she has decided upon a criminal career and desired to be Public enemy #1.  Her insanity is questionable.  Some think she might just be hiding out in here.  Is the whole kitty cat shirt thing legit insane or perhaps is she trying a bit too hard to convince us??alexa


Again you might remember her from the bachelor challenge.  Mean girl Alexa came in second and just has NOT been able to come to grips with her loss.  She got confused and followed Sol to this place thinking the bachelor challenge was still going on.  They kept her.  She wanders the halls always dressed and ready for her wedding.



UH HELLO?? She lived with 7 dwarves!  I mean really … need I go farther??



While on a spiritual quest Lillian was found wandering thru the forest babbling about encountering little green men.  It is thought that perhaps she had eaten some strange berries???  She is from very old money (proves money cannot buy everything .. especially not sanity).  Her quest to find the little green men continues.

Now the boys:

the boys



Geo is ready for the invasion.  He has made all the necessary preparations to stay safe.  With his special mind protective hat on and his gear all on he is ready for the battle.  Maybe he knows Lillian’s little green men??



Seems the jolly old elf is not so jolly.  When the elves did not get the rocking horse order done by deadline Santa busted up the workshop.  They rushed him here … sure hope he is better before Christmas!



Honestly, Abe is a little confused.  He runs around the asylum muttering something about looking for lost theater tickets.  UMMM Abe might we suggest a search for your PANTS would be more beneficial??



Boy genius! He hates being around people!  Roy is able to disappear into any crowd.  The hospital staff spends many an hour playing “where’s Frogger”

the gang mid game

There you have them … who will win .. NO CLUE!

** The following sims are not my originals .. I only creatively adjusted them to fit my story line.
                     ABE Lincoln is the wonderful work of Simgurujill
                     Frogger is by Maddiestar
                     Santa is LOOSLY based on a sim created by Se7enSims

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#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #2 It begins

Our first peek into the asylum is quite interesting!

06-17-15_12-20 AM

Giovanni has made a very good friend .. the bathroom sink!  He spends most of the day discussing the imminent alien invasion with her .. er .. him .. uh it(?).   This has been problematic for the residents.  First off there is only one bathroom in this asylum (I am sure you can imagine how many near mishaps have happens)  AND besides why is he so special that he gets a good friend like that?

06-17-15_12-21 AM

Geo has been trying to give good relationship counsel to Abe.   Abe is in a battle with the bookshelf and it has everyone on edge.  Each of them demanding that the residents take a side.  No one know what happened but Abe is MAD!

06-17-15_12-22 AM

06-17-15_12-27 AM

Alexa spends her days in the yard hustling chess.  Poor ole Lillian just lost all her goodies to Alexa’s  slight of hand.

06-17-15_12-56 AM

06-17-15_12-57 AM

Sol has busied herself in the kitchen but no one will trust her food .. wonder why???

06-17-15_12-29 AM

06-17-15_12-31 AM

Snow enjoys making the boorish little blocks explode on the computer screen.  Augh but sometimes they keep coming faster and faster .. just mocking her and then she is one who is dead.  It is maddening.

06-17-15_12-28 AM

Roy opens his book and disappears.  HA!  Let them try to find him THIS time!

The residents are all a buzz.  Tomorrow they are to have an outing to a park! (So glad no deaths so far).

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#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #3 Park Outing

The asylum staff decided it would help the enrich the lives of the residents by exposing them to some normal everyday activity.  A lovely near by park was chosen for a short outing.

07-05-15_11-20 PM

Geo stayed back.  He had an argument with the lavatory sink and was feeling a bit blue.  He thought maybe he needed to do a little reading and then spend some quality  time with his pal.  Relationships can be so difficult!

06-17-15_1-23 AM

The children playing in the park scattered when Snow White marched right in to the play area and totally demolished the playhouse castle.  If the mere sight of a castle bring this much aggression the staff is thinking perhaps she needs to work on that underlying bitterness towards her stepmother the evil Queen.

06-17-15_1-27 AM

06-17-15_1-27 AM-5

Thankfully the children left when Snow had her tirade … cause the sight of Santa beating the heck out of  Stuffy the dragon would have been seriously traumatic.  As asylum staff broke up the fight Santa kept mumbling something about knowing him before from the toy shop.   Apparently Stuffy finked on him to Mrs Clause about something?  Everyone agrees Santa has anger problems!

06-17-15_1-31 AM

It was a lovely day.  For the most part the residents just ran amok … amok .. amok .. amok …

06-17-15_1-58 AM

06-17-15_1-33 AM

A few resident went for a dip in the pool.  However, they did not remove their clothing first!  This whole swimming is new to them … I think??

06-17-15_1-24 AM

06-21-15_2-43 AM

After a long search Abe finally found a sympathetic ear.  The park trash receptacle agreed that the book shelf was definitely out of line!

06-21-15_2-47 AM

Alexa was running her chess hustle in the park and apparently SOMEONE took offense.  She may have gotten rolled for her ill gotten gains.  No one knows what happened and she is being very tight lipped about the whole thing but geesh was she a smelly mess at the end of this trip.  The bus driver considered making her walk home.

07-23-15_12-05 AM-2

It is unknown if Roy went or not.  He was not seen in the park or the asylum.

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#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #4 And the beat goes on …

Back at the asylum the evening is NOT going so well!

06-18-15_2-30 AM

Abe started a squabble with Sol.  He accused her of siding with his arch enemy the bookshelf.  He is certain that the two of them are conspiring to keep his theater tickets hidden away.

06-18-15_2-31 AM

Well Abe may have started it but Sol FINISHED it (she is NOT one to be trifled with) … AND right there in front of his enemy too!

06-18-15_2-43 AM-2

Alexa has recovered from her beat down in the park and gets out to the yard to run her chess for goodies hustle on poor Snow.

06-18-15_2-39 AM


Sadly snow lost the game and had to relinquish all of the apple cookies brought to her by her step mother earlier that day.

06-18-15_2-44 AM-2

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Please don’t think too harshly of Alexa.  Remember her devastating loss in the Bachelor Challenge.  She snapped when “her” Handsome Hank chose sweet Saige  to be his #1.  She lost her goodies then and now everyone else will too!

06-18-15_2-45 AM-2

With tears stinging her eyes Snow ran from the yard into the bathroom. UNFORTUNATELY she did not see it was already occupied by weird ole Lillian.  AWKWARD!  Both girls ended up hiding in their beds after this horrific incident!

06-21-15_2-34 AM

Bedtime approaches fast. Abe and Giovanni doze off during Abe’s recounting the terrible altercation with Sol earlier.

06-21-15_2-35 AM

They were lulled into a deep sleep by the melodic ranting of Ray as he furiously attempted to write a program called “The Chameleon” … when he is done with it he should be able to be indiscernible in any surrounding!

06-21-15_2-51 AM

Sol is the first to get an outside job.  Her public enemy aspiration requires she join the criminal career.  Her position as petty thief requires WAY too much interaction with her idiot co-workers for her taste.

06-21-15_2-52 AM (2)

The hours are LONG and she arrives home late …

06-25-15_1-04 AM

LONG after everyone has been tucked in for the night.

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#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #5 What a mess!

06-21-15_2-45 AM

Conditions in the asylum are deplorable.  Every one has suffered from the unsanitary and unsafe  surroundings.  Something had to be done!  To bring the place back to tolerable, everyone has been pitching in and trying to work together.  Which has hospital staff very pleased!

07-25-15_2-16 AM

Santa’s  quite the repairman.  The skills he gained in the toy shop have come in handy when things break around the asylum.

07-05-15_11-01 PM

As it turns out Lillian is not too shabby in the repairs department either.  For an old rich gal she can turn a wrench with the best of them.

06-26-15_1-16 AM

06-26-15_1-19 AM

Abe found his niche in the kitchen.  He got the stove in tip top condition and began to whip up a little something for dinner.  Everyone is very excited over the lovely aroma wafting from his culinary delight. (Author’s note: Seeing the dish he has selected I imagine that will NOT be the only aroma wafting in the asylum that day.)

06-26-15_1-17 AM

WELLLLLLL .. almost everybody was happy.  Lillian had been a regular at the stove for a while now.  Perhaps she was a tad offended …

06-26-15_1-20 AM

but her dishes always tasted so peculiar.
07-25-15_2-15 AM

With a happy tummy full of Abes good cooking .. Giovanni gladly does the dishes. Whistling while he worked. (Watch out Gio .. Snow is not fond of that …)

06-25-15_12-52 AM

Things were so bad that it even got Frogger out of hiding!!

07-11-15_1-24 AM

He and Alexa (dressed in her oldest gown of course)  got that bathroom as shiny as a new penny!

06-25-15_12-53 AM

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‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #6 Bad Santa

06-21-15_2-54 AM

Santa definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed the next am.  He was not used to so much manual labor .. his expertise is more upper level management.

06-21-15_2-56(2) AM

Was he imagining it or was everyone insufferably cheerful this am!  UGH reminds him of those dreadful little elves … with their incessant whistling and singing  .. their little hammers tip tapping .. tip tapping .. tip tapping …

06-21-15_2-59 AM

A little game of Candy Cane Crush (his fav .. he likes the crush part) and a computer chair nap .. ahhh just what the dr ordered!

06-21-15_2-58 AM

He felt better when he awoke … he had to pee … but he felt better!

06-25-15_12-24 AM06-25-15_12-23 AM

Giovanni is the second one to get a job.  Only he and Sol are required to have a job so far .. it is def taking a toll on him!

06-25-15_12-40 AM

Our first little bit of hankey pankey in the asylum.  OF COURSE it is Alexa!  Girl has got some smooth moves …

06-25-15_12-39 AM

And it looks as tho old Abe HONESTLY likes it.

07-24-15_3-07 AM-2

Mean while .. Snow has been busy filling the place with her pretty paintings.  You go girl!

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‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #7 Mayhem

06-25-15_1-01 AM

A good night’s sleep did not improve the tension in the asylum.   Santa awoke in a vile mood.  Observing poor old Frogger trying to disappear in the bathroom, he made a point to express his disdain of both Frogger AND his grilled cheese sandwich!

06-26-15_1-32 AM

The rebuff was more than Frogger could handle.  It was one thing to attack him but the assault on the innocent cheese sandwich was reprehensible!  That Santa…


06-25-15_1-16 AM

Now everyone is suspect to Frogger.  In the kitchen he brazenly confronted Sol regarding her attitude of respect for he own grilled cheese sandwich.   A rather foolhardy thing to do considering it IS Sol!   I have said it before .. and I will say it again …she is NOT one to be trifled with!

06-25-15_12-30 AM

A few terse questions later and Sol discovers it was Santa who had started this bruhahah.   She got eyeball to eyeball with him and told him what was what!   Santa quickly realized his predicament and conceded to Sol’s position.

06-25-15_12-31 AM

Snow was exiting the bathroom and heard the altercation.  She immediately began to have flashbacks to the pandemonium that existed in the house of the 7 dwarfs.  She moved instinctively to “correct”  Sol.  There was a stunned silence as the sound of the slap echoed thru every room of the asylum.  Everyone wisely gave Snow a WIDE berth.

06-25-15_12-50 AM

At dinner Snow tried to charm Frogger in the hopes that someone .. anyone would speak to her.  Snow is not the best a being charming.

06-25-15_12-51 AM

It backfired … Frogger was not having any of it.  He was still seething over the Santa’s offense and he was kind of hoping Sol would forget about his own foolish actions.    He was more than willing to let Snow take all of that heat!  Alexa kept her head low and concentrated on doing the dishes.  She did not want to be a part of  backlash from the melee that had occurred earlier.

06-25-15_12-52 AM-2

Poor Snow …

06-25-15_12-52 AM

it was just too much to bear!  EDITOR’S NOTE:  how appropriate is it that she is eating froot-loops-toucan-sam

06-25-15_12-54 AM

Abe just fresh off his own fracas (with the bookshelf of course) was willing and ready to talk about his on going feud.  For the very first time Snow was grateful to hear all about it.  As she listened to Abe’s tirade she became (maybe) a little bit convinced. The bookshelf has been so rude to Abe.

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‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge‬ #8 Sol’s Fury

06-21-15_2-59 AM

The whole situation in the house has Snow on edge.  If you recall that during an argument between Sol and Santa ..  Snow had “corrected” Sol with a swat.  Needless to say it did not sit well with Sol. Snow has heard rumors that Sol is breathing out venomous threats.   With Sols deviant side Snow is certain she has much to fear.  She must find a good hiding place pronto!  What would Frogger do??

06-21-15_2-60 AM

Sol is consumed with thoughts of the incident.  She is incredulous that someone would even try to slap her.  Her mind is on rapid fire as she considers ways to retaliate.  She has considered gluing Snow’s shampoo bottles closed or putting pickle juice in Santa’s milk jugs  … maybe a little cream cheese to replace Frogger’s deostick. OH she must think .. think .. think!  None of those are bad enough!

06-21-15_2-61 AM

Outside she encounters Santa.  The churl that started all of this mess.  Santa wisely does not respond to her rant.  He has heard stories of her terrible deeds as she sky rockets toward infamy as Public Enemy #1 and he does not want to see any of those deeds.  Hospital staff decided that Santa needed to go off grounds for everyone’s good.  This fracas needed to settle down.  NO ONE was in the least bit concerned that he was going …


Santa had been wanting to try rock collecting.  Now was as good a time as any to begin!

07-25-15_2-47 AM07-25-15_2-45 AM

He had NO idea that collecting was such hard work!  He felt like he must be near death he was so exhausted!

07-25-15_2-46 AM

He found a little libation in a near by dumpster.  It did not refresh him any but at least now after drinking it he did not care how he felt.

07-03-15_2-08 AM

Feeling all warm and toasty after drinking that bottle he struck up a conversation with a new friend.  Footpath light was definable a bright spot in Santa’s day!  They talked for hours.  Santa was delighted to finally find someone who actually understood him.

07-25-15_2-56 AM

There was a nice lady in the park and he tried hard to have a conversation with her.  BUT she looked so much like Mrs clause that he kind of got a bit carried away.  He may have made a slightly off color remark to her because …  uhhh .. it did not go well!

07-03-15_1-58 AM

Wanting a quick escaped from the situation Santa got back to work  digging those gems!  He was so preoccupied with his task he lost track of time.

07-25-15_2-59 AM

It was quite late when Santa returned to the asylum.  His pockets filed to max with the stones he had collected all day and hoping all had settled down.  He wondered if Frogger and Snow were still in hiding.

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#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #9 The Great Break-up

With Santa out of the picture for the day and Frogger deep in hiding (no one has seen him in hours) maybe now things would calm down in the asylum.

06-02-15_11-05 PM

Sol watched after Santa for a very long time.  She stared him down so that every time he glanced back he would see her peering out the window shooting balls of fire at him from her eyes.  She was please to see that instigator slink off … growing smaller and smaller as he got farther and farther away.

07-11-15_1-45 AM

Snow turned to her easel for comfort and security.  She would not see Sol’s eyes burning thru her (that is IF they were but she was NOT looking to find out).  Snow throws herself deep into her work.  Painting furiously for hours  she does not look up  until she is done.  Finally she has finished her self portrait and she is please to note that it is a masterpiece.   Anxious thoughts of Sol disappeared in her joy.

06-02-15_11-08 PM

Sol intuitively knew that she needed to release this pent up ire.  In an attempt to alleviate it she began to exercise madly.  Poor snow nearly stepped on her when she was grabbing a bit of lunch.  Talk about your near death experiences!

07-03-15_1-40 AM

On the other side of the kitchen Snow observed that the flirt fest between Abe and Alex was still going on.  Alexa was turning it on THICK and Abe was flying high on the wings of love!  Everyone else wanted to throw up!


06-02-16_2-12 AM

One of the Hospital staffers saw Sol trying to exhaust herself on the kitchen floor and jumps in to invite Sol to a dance off.  In no time Sol is smiling and having fun!  Both were excellent dancers and no one could decided who was the winner.

07-03-15_1-42 AM

Later that day Abe find himself in a heated conversation with the other Abe that lived in this house.  Ironically he only sees him when he goes into the bathroom but one thing for sure he can always count on the other Abe to be negative.  Today was no exception.  That not so honest Abe fired accusation after accusation against Alexa until Abe did not honestly know who was thinking what about what.

07-06-15_12-01 AM

He spent lunch arguing with himself!  Could this other Abe be correct?  Could Alexa really be playing him just so that the book shelf could gain an advantage?  HE MUST FIND OUT!

07-06-15_12-00 AM

He MARCHED up the stair and angrily confronted a stunned Alexa … he railed against her .. but Alexa is no push over .. remember??

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Alexa had many altercations during the bachelor challenge and proved over and over her ability to be a mean girl!

07-05-15_11-55 PM

In true mean girl fashion, Alexa fiercely dismisses Abe.  “BE GONE!” Abe caves into himself .. what has he done!  He makes a hasty exit and promptly …

07-06-15_12-03 AM

grabs his guitar to seek solace in his music.  (Yeah .. he can only play Home Home on the Range but that is ok he really likes that song).

07-05-15_11-56 PM

Upstairs, Alexa is crushed.  She waits til he is out of sight and breaks down in tears.  OH how she hates to cry!  That is right girl never let ’em see you cry!

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#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #10 Get A JOB!

Word of Alexa’s mean girl encounter with Abe spread thru the asylum like wild fire.  Residents spoke in respectful hushed tones about how formidable she was.  Even Sol was a bit in awe.  She had dismissed the Bachelor Challenge Alexa mean girl as just a fluke.   No one would have thought that the blonde bimbo bride could pull off something so awesome like that!

06-21-15_3-01 AM

Santa could not stand it.  He was obsessed with  not knowing what had happened when he was gone.  Truth is he was gunning for Alexa.  He wanted see how really bad she is!

06-21-15_3-02 AM

Alexa was grabbing a bowl of cereal when  Santa rounded the corner.  Seeing her halted him in his steps.  He verbally lashed out in an attempt to get her to bring the mean girl out.  Alexa stood awkwardly silent.  What the heck was wrong with this man?  She walked away leaving him just standing there feeling DUMB!  Abe was at the stove cooking during this confrontation.

06-21-15_3-04 AM

He got so side tracked watching what was going on that he set the stove ablaze with his neglected pot of beans.  Snow mustered up some bravery and extinguished the fire quickly .. way before the fired department could even show up!

Asylum staff has tired of the constant bickering and has moved to get all residents a part time job outside of the institution.  It is felt that even a small amount of time spent assimilating into regular society will be helpful to their mental health!

07-05-15_11-16 PM-2

Because of her extensive knowledge of expensive antiques, Lillian was given a position in a museum.  She would assist the curator with evaluating and cataloging  donated artifacts.

07-05-15_11-16 PM



Snow took a position at the local farmer’s market .. selling?  Why apples of course!

07-17-15_11-44 PM

Abe grabs his guitar and heads to the street.  Busking brings him joy … just NOT much money.  Seems the public is not as appreciative of “Home Home on the Range” as he is.

07-05-15_11-15 PM

Santa understands timely delivery so he was placed in a position at the post office.  Yeah .. wonder if that will end well??   I think we can all see Santa going postal!

07-05-15_11-54 PM

Alexa works with Geo at the science facility.  No one know what they do there but it is suspected that Alexa is a test subject.  She is a total mess when she gets home.

07-22-15_2-29 AM

And she has developed a very strange rash!

Asylum staff is quite happy to report that residents are much calmer …

08-19-15_3-34 PM07-25-15_2-13 AM

AND they even are all in bed early 🙂

08-19-15_11-39 PM

All except Snow.  She often works on her paintings late into he night.  She does not seem to need as much sleep as most.  Must be all those years staying vigilant when her evil step-mother was hunting her.

07-21-15_2-13 AM

Asylum staff over looks her “not in her bunk” infraction because the trade off fills the place with beauty and brings in a fairly good income too.

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